1.0 Sneak Peek: Even More New Feats

We’re getting close to the end of Legend’s beta test, folks. Screws are being tightened, seams are being welded and juvenile pranks are being set up even as we speak. These feats are examples of the first two things – extra juice for abilities that your character already has, and wants to focus on more thoroughly.

3 comments on “1.0 Sneak Peek: Even More New Feats

  1. Brightside on said:

    I’m waiting on the 1.0 to come out before I start a fresh campaign with some newbies… the wait is unbearable!!!

  2. Ghostwheel on said:

    Same here… any idea when it’ll come out? Even a rough date/month would be good…

  3. Brightside on said:

    Tenativly set for this month was the last I heard, but the sooner, the better!

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