We broke 10,000 Dollars. We’re platinum sponsors of Child’s Play. We’ve moved a stupid number of books. We’re incredibly proud, and absolutely boggled. There’ll be another post soon, with more detail.

We’ve also pushed past 10,250, so I’ll be extending the pay-what-you-want period by two days. Every 250$ more we raise will extend it by another two days. In addition, we’ll be rolling out new secret donation incentives soon at every thousand dollar milestone.

2 comments on “$10,000

  1. Awesome! Gamers are the most manner and caring group of people in the world, I think this proves it even more! :D

  2. Ratpick on said:

    I just wanted to congratulate you guys both on making such an awesome game and raising so much money for a good cause!

    Also, love the new Rule of Cool and Legend System logos.

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