So along our journey to bringing out Legend 1.0, we found a scrappy young fan who really, really wanted to join our development team. We were hesitant at first, but we soon learned the error of our ways. We were awestruck at his first and only track. With his kind permission, we decided to release it right now, for you fine folks to enjoy while we get 1.0 ready. We will surely consider modeling all future content after this prodigy’s extreme design sense.

We proudly present our latest track:


Abandon all hope, all ye who enter.

Unless otherwise stated, these abilities are extraordinary.

1st Circle – The Inverse Principle: You are [Unstoppable] as long as you work alone. Even if you partner up with someone, that’s probably okay. However, if you decide to gain two or more allies with the I am One Ninjas track, then you gain a -500 penalty to your AC and d20 rolls. This penalty lasts until you all split up from the party and punish yourself for your stupid decision.

2nd Circle – No One Can Catch You: Whether by choice or by fate (oh, who are we kidding, you totally decided to do this), you are permanently, irrevocably and incurably [Burning]. However, you gain [Immunity] to [Binding] effects and being [Grappled].

3rd Circle – Only Another Ninja…: Your ninja senses are freakin’ [Keen]. You can establish line of sight to any creature in [Extreme] range, at all times, unless one of those creatures also has the I am One Ninja track. Don’t team up with them, though.

4th Circle – Ninja Power!: Ninjas are silent and deadly…who cares about their looks? It’s not like anyone’ll ever see them or anything. Your skin becomes slightly green, like the shade of a deadly reptile, and you grow a hard carapace, perfect for protection as well as camouflage. You are permanently [Full concealed], and you gain [Great resistance] against, like…everything, ever. Whenever you eat a greasy [Meal] with [Cheese] and [Tomatoes], you heal 10 HP per character level.

5th Circle – Shadow Clones: You have a myriad of clones in tacky orange jumpsuits who blindly obey your orders. The clones, not the jumpsuits. If your myriad dies, it returns at the end of the [Encounter]. Believe [It]!

6th Circle – One True Ninja: There are many who claim to walk the path of the ninja, but yours is the only true path. All those other incompetent posers can bite it. Whenever you gain line of sight to another creature with the I am One Ninja track, that creature loses that track permanently. There can only be one true ninja!

7th Circle – The Jutsu of Obligatory Reference: Once per [Encounter], as a standard action, you may flip out and kill everything. This is not a [Death] effect, it is a [Kindness].

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