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Legend is a tabletop RPG developed by an independent team of gamers over the course of two years. Building on the foundations of the Open Gaming License, Legend has created a new and novel system dedicated to cinematic combat and a smoother gameplay experience. Legend takes familiar core mechanics and incorporates them into a new system emphasizing versatility, balance and fun.

Legend was designed, as our name suggests, with the “Rule of Cool” in mind. We have a strong core game where abilities matter, classes are designed for broad appeal and customization is key. When you take a feat, you’re investing in a significant and valuable ability. Our system allows you to “multiclass” vertically rather than horizontally, exchanging part of your class for part of another wholesale rather than having to choose between concept and playability.


  • Eight Core Classes covering a wide variety of archetypes, with supplementary material ready to customize them further.
  • All-new Feats represent significant expansions of your character’s abilities – no more feat chain filler!
  • Rewritten spellcasting puts a check on “linear warriors, quadratic wizards” while still giving casters a breadth of options.
  • The Track system allows you to tailor your character to your concept, multiclassing without trading away power or utility.
  • Twelve months of free downloadable content.
  • Optional Legendary rules allow you to tailor the scope of individual encounters or even the entire game!

Still unconvinced? Read a review and take a look at some sample pages! Then, get the game!

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Here at Rule of Cool Games, we always value feedback and are eager to respond to your questions and comments. Drop us a line about anything: rules, exploits, tabletop gaming, content you’d like to see… whatever you have to say, we’d like to listen!

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3 comments on “About Legend

  1. no armor in the game? no seeing the rules for armor or and equipment list. adding BAB to AC is doesnt work for a d&d d20 sytem if your piling armor on top of it unless your forgoeing your attack and defending and parrying/dodging only and not attacking. Please clarify, thanks.

  2. Brawler Mouse on said:

    I’d really like to see a diagram of the character sheet and what everything is on it like the D&D 4E book had.

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