New Character Sheets

A new Legend edition means new character sheets! In addition to the regular printable sheet we also have an interactive sheet that autocompletes dependent sections when you make changes (Note: Download the sheet before you attempt to enter data in it, as the fields may not populate if you view it in your browser).

Happy Holidays from Rule of Cool

Well, it sure has been a year since Legend‘s previous Christmas, when it was only a month old and still wobbly on its feet. Things have quieted down a bit with the team hunkering down for the last stretch towards 1.0, but we’d like to reward you with a little something for bearing with us. We can’t tell whether you’ve been good little boys and girls or not, because Legend lacks an alignment system, so to cover all the bases, we’ve thrown some coal into your presents.

Don’t look behind you now…

Legend gives your players a fat stack of powerful, fun abilities that might make them feel invincible. For intrepid heroes like them, clearing out a spooky castle is a daily chore. So what if the locals say it’s haunted? It’s probably just the wind. The chilling howls in the darkness as they approach? It’s just some wolves. The candles in the hallways sputter out one by one? Someone just forgot to replace them. The rogue is missing? He probably just went off to steal some silverware. And then an ear-piercing shriek echoes through the halls, and the fun begins.

Kickstarter Stretch Goal: Investigations

The Death Star got blown up because the rebels got their hands on its plans. Bard took down Smaug because he learned of the dragon’s singular weak point. The reason Batman is so effective is because he’s a masterful detective as well as a ninja. Loads of heroes succeed only because they clock in the hours doing research before kicking down the bad guy’s door, or at least clock a minion across the face and then asked them for directions to said door.

The Investigations skill game took a long time to finish up, as we had to adapt it from the Comfortably Grim setting to general use for the core book. This update also features a re-worked Skill Game general rule set, and will be included in the 1.0 release of the core book along with updated Interrogation and Parkour from Osaka Street Stories and the brand new Negotiation skill game. If you loved skill games in OSS, you’ll love these even more. If you didn’t like them, you’ll hopefully like them now. If you just want us to release 1.0 already, there’s just 5 items left on the checklist before that happens. If you’re still reading this update and not the PDF, I’m not sure why, there’s nothing more to see here.

1.0 Preview: Environmental Hazards and Energy Drain

So you’ve fought your way through the hordes of the mummy king, lopped the head from his rotting undead neck, and looted the great treasury beneath his pyramid. Now, laden with heaps of gold, you emerge from the dungeon, only to remember that a hundred miles of desert separate you from the nearest market.

Sometimes it’s not the monsters that make a location memorable, but the environment. Even the weakest monsters can become challenging when the players are trying not to drown and fight them at the same time. A singular ninja might be no match for a team of trained guards, but when he uses the darkness to strike and disappear, they will have a much harder time catching him. Fighting the BBEG is one thing, but fighting him near a 500 ft cliff while an avalanche threatens to push you over is a very good argument for putting off the final confrontation.

Now, you’ll have the tools to make all these things possible. The environmental hazard preview includes rules on suffocation and starvation, falling to your doom, a list of environmental factors for magical or exotic locations, and rules for handling the wide variety of “big things that push you around” that nature has on tap.

The environmental rules also make use of the new [Energy drained] condition, which is a replacement for the role that negative levels and ability damage used to play. It is our opinion that referring to a single scaling source of penalties is a lot easier than changing half of your sheet every time a necromancer gives you a high five.

New Track: Combat Alchemist

Since the beginning, the True Mage track contained this tantalizing ability:

Alchemical MysteriesSU: If you possess the Combat Alchemist track, you can expend a consumable to convert one of your potions into a consumable item with identical effects. This consumable is usable by any ally as a swift action, has effects identical to the potion used to create it, and is treated as a Lesser Consumable.

For anyone kept awake at night and wondering what it could mean, your sleepless nights are over, because the Combat Alchemist track is now finished. In addition to the aforementioned potions, these skilled mystics can also sheathe their weapons in a variety of deadly poisons, toss cocktails that cover areas with a magical effect, and generally mess around with people, things and magical effects.

As of this point, only eight discrete things need to have their final editing passes before 1.0 is content-complete. Are you excited? Because we are.

1.0 Sneak Peek: Even More New Feats

We’re getting close to the end of Legend’s beta test, folks. Screws are being tightened, seams are being welded and juvenile pranks are being set up even as we speak. These feats are examples of the first two things – extra juice for abilities that your character already has, and wants to focus on more thoroughly.

Reddit Contest Winner 1: Wildborn!

Some of you might remember the track writing contest that we held on Reddit some months ago. While the winners were awarded their shiny badges long ago, the actual tracks were put through a rigorous process of sitting to the side while other stuff happened until someone remembered that they were a thing and actually edited them.

The first of these, voted as winner by the people, was what would eventually become the Wildborn track. If all that was missing from your Legend experience was ripping enemies to shreds with your bare (bear?) hands, then today is your lucky day. Sprinkle some Wildborn on your shaman or ranger and roll out as a ferocious druid. Spread it on a barbarian to become an even more savage warrior than you already were. Add it as a secret ingredient to your paladin just to throw people in for a loop. And if you’re too refined to care about becoming an awesome beastman, then check it out anyway for a new use of the Perception skill.

In other news, the 1.0 release of Legend is practically done – only the editing and typesetting process is standing between you and an overhaul of just about half the system. New shiny stuff includes a completely rebuilt Discipline of the Serpent, a new and improved Sentient Construct, as well as a stack of feats that gives spellcasters a much-needed helping hand.

Grapple and You

What’s that, you say? Grappling is a convoluted and arcane process that drives men mad? The last time you tried to grapple something, it took so long to figure out that you were declared legally dead by the government? Do you have a separate GM screen devoted entirely to grapple tables and special actions, with a sidebar for the profanity that grappling incites?

Well, we fixed all that. Grapple in Legend is three combat maneuvers, two conditions and absolutely no fuss. The only downside to our Grapple rules is that you can’t make jokes about them.

Point Buy Magical Items

When you’re buying your magic trinkets off the shelf, you know that you’re getting something that’s reliable, comfortable and has passed at least rudimentary testing to make sure that it won’t blow up in your face once you turn it on. This is, of course, a) boring and b) lame, and we will absolutely not stand for it! Every tinkerer, inventor and part-time gnome knows that there’s nothing quite like the barbarian’s face once she cleaves something apart with the sword you spent weeks perfecting (at least, once her eyebrows grow back from the previous time you tried testing that sword). With a roll of tape, some elbow grease and a handy dandy manual, you can turn your party from a bunch of predictably geared chumps into a band of deadly warriors wielding customized tools that are just right for the job, and that your enemies will never see coming.

Here are just a couple of ideas for new gear:

  • Gaudy Shield: With a shield like this, you don’t mind sticking out like a sore thumb.
    • Greater shield: +2 deflection bonus to Armor Class
    • Proactive: Any opponent that ends its turn within your [Melee] range takes damage equal to your KDM.
  • Propulsion Suit: Fly circles around your enemies while blasting them with waves of energy. Do not operate while under the influence of alcohol.
    • Relic armor +4 item bonus to Armor Class
    • Flying: Grants fly speed equal to your base speed and a +10 ft bonus to all movement speeds.
    • Streamlined: Grants a +20 ft bonus to all your movement speeds.
    • Forceful: Once per [Encounter], as a standard action, you may inflict [HP Reduction] equal to your level + KOM on all opponents within [Close] range and make them [Blown away]. A successful Fortitude save (DC 10 + ½ your level + your KOM) negates the [Blown away] condition.
  • Hammer of Thunder: The perfect gift for someone who likes throwing lightning almost as much as he likes throwing hammers.
    • Artifact weapon: +4 item bonus to attack rolls
    • Brutal 2: 3+1/3 character level bonus to damage
    • Throwing: Can be used in melee or thrown into [Close] range
    • Extradimensional: You may call or dismiss this weapon at any time for no action cost, be it after being disarmed, during an attack action, or at any other point.
    • Storming: Once per [Encounter], you may use call lightning, and once per [Scene], you may use lightning storm, as the spells. The DC for these spells is equal to 10 + ½ your level + your KOM.