State of The Cool

So, there’s two things really.

  1. We’ve broken 6k with the Kickstarter.
  2. We’ve decided to increase the number of design-your-monster rewards we’re offering .

The first is truly incredible. But I want to talk a little about the second, actually. The reason we increased our offerings here is pretty simple. Monsters are perhaps the most fundamental building block for many types of game. Not only do we offer fairly few options for them stock, but we’re starting to worry about our ability to actually do the Monster Guide on the schedule we had planned. By offering these incentives, we hope to ease both sides of the problem. In short, many of these monsters will be released twice.

The first release will be our usual lovely typeset monster stat-blocks, on an as-we-can basis. It should be pretty snappy, but we’re offering a lot of slots for this reward. The second will be as part of the monster manual, with illustrations and expanded discussions of usage and encounter design with the monster in question.

Finally, this is a chance to have a serious say in what kinds of monsters, at least mechanically, form the basis of Legend’s bestiary. For rights reasons, we can’t use significant portions of the existing iconic heritage of the genre. Instead, we need your help, your creativity, in our quest to build our own suite of distinct and charming terrible monstrosities.
Please, help us help you make things that stomp around like Gojira. Please, tell people about this unique opportunity to build and adopt a terror from beyond time. We need you to spread the word. We need your help.

Chip-In Is Finished!

We raised just short of 13,000 dollars for Child’s Play in the first phase of our open beta alone. I can’t tell you how incredible this is to me. For now, the beta book will remain accessible without any associated fee, charge, or required donation. Anyone who has donated will always have access to the book, and eventually we hope to publish an SRD. We’ll talk more about our larger plans when we release Osaka Street Stories. Right now, I just want to tell everyone that Legend will remain readily available, particularly to anyone who’s on the fence about the game.

Your charity, kindness, and devotion to the cause of complete strangers has let me pursue a childhood dream. And not just pursue it. Surpass it. We’ve moved over 20,000 copies of Legend so far, which is a positively insane number. We’re going to move plenty more. We’ve got some incredibly cool things waiting in the wings to show you guys, including a really clever hack that produces a seven-level lightweight version of Legend.


ChipIn Is Back

Looks like site maintenance has seen them right.

Interview With Danielle Corsetto

This is the first in what I hope will be a series of short interviews with people who helped inspire Legend directly or indirectly. This interview is with the inimitable Danielle Corsetto of Girls with Slingshots. Her example as a self-employed cartoonist and general bon vivant helped me make my decision to take a couple months off of traditional work as a programmer to finish up Legend. Find the interview after the cut!

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Download Issue Update

Should be resolved now, as we’ve switched to S3 for hosting the pdf. Please please please let us know if you still have any problems.


We broke 10,000 Dollars. We’re platinum sponsors of Child’s Play. We’ve moved a stupid number of books. We’re incredibly proud, and absolutely boggled. There’ll be another post soon, with more detail.

We’ve also pushed past 10,250, so I’ll be extending the pay-what-you-want period by two days. Every 250$ more we raise will extend it by another two days. In addition, we’ll be rolling out new secret donation incentives soon at every thousand dollar milestone.

Totally Stunned

Brian Clevinger just wrote a glowing review of Legend. Brian Clevinger, who was a huge factor in why I got into D&D in the first place. Brian fucking Clevinger who is one of my lasting childhood heroes. Brian Clevinger whose material we riff on lovingly in quite a few places in Legend.

I can’t tell you how cool this is for me. We’re still in pay-what-you-want mode, so you can just go over here to get the game now!


We’ve a new adventure module or two dropping soon, as part of our donation rewards, as well as the Dharma 6 setting coming soon. In honor of the desperate efforts of my friends to chain me, weeping, to a typewriter, we’re extending the pay-what-you-want period by one week.

Just to clarify, after that, we’ll still be donating all proceeds to Child’s Play, we’ll just be using a slightly more conventional distribution method. We’ll do everything we can to keep you guys in the loop, and any comments or questions will be answered as fast as possible.

Not All Community Is On Hiatus

Normally, I swear when I talk about things this exciting, but I really don’t want to lower the tone. This is an awesome reminder that we aren’t the first or the best to decide that maybe we could use our powers for good!

Impending Errata

The issue with Juggernaut has been resolved, but it exposed a couple of maintenance hazards that we’d like to go ahead and resolve. More on the original problem below the cut.

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