Reddit Is Awesome

Hello, most excellent denizens of /r/rpg!

The rest of you can come be stunned with me, because it looks like rednightmare is running a contest here for some of our first user-generated content. Winners will get their work polished up and added to donation incentives and DLC, as well as design credit. I still can’t believe this is happening.

Next Wave!

I can’t believe we’ve already pushed past $6,500!

The next wave of donation incentives should be dropping over the weekend. I can’t thank you guys enough for everything you’ve done, and I can’t tell you how proud I am to have worked on this project. Swing by our #Legend IRC at if you have any questions, and we’ll have a forum up soon.

Mind = Blown

We would like to apologize once again for the delay in posting the donation incentives. The speed with which your donations met our milestones has simply crushed our brains, and we are still scrambling to catch up with it. Our typesetter has been unable to process them for the past few days, but by late Friday (US Pacific time), we should have the finished products next wave starting to appear.

Here are some numbers on Legend so far:

8500 views of the pdf itself.
At least 5100 became downloads…
For a brutal 55 gigabytes worth of book moved.
This has in turn raised over $5000 dollars for charity.

I don’t even know what to say except thank you.

While I slept…

You gave. Selflessly. We’re past 3.5k, and hard at work on the donation incentives. This has been a hugely uplifting experience, and we’re not done yet.


Can’t Stop The Signal!

Oh My Gosh!

Wow, guys! I’m editing water elemental right now, and we should have it typeset later today and out to you guys by sometime early tonight! I guess I’ll go start polishing Runesong Scholar and those feats, too! Heck, I should probably go finish up the brief on Hallow too! I think I have some bonus content around, since we promised this would be in addition to our planned DLC. I need to get some rest for now, but I’ll see you soon.

We’re incredibly proud of all of you, and incredibly happy to be part of this!

Hello Slashdotters!

Thanks for dropping in! We’ve had some small connectivity issues, since we banged together this site at the last moment. Let us know if you have any problems. You can reach us at:

Character sheets available!

Here’s a working prototype of the character sheet. It’s fillable, but the design is far from final. Let us know how we can change it to make it better, please!

Donation Incentives!

As we reach donation thresholds, we’ll show our thanks with new free releases in addition to our existing DLC commitments! Here‘s a list of targets and what we’re willing to do if we can meet them.

Locked In.

The Legend core system will be released today beginning at 2:30 PM PST! Join us at in support of Child’s Play!

Rogue And Tactician!


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