Chip-In Is Finished!

We raised just short of 13,000 dollars for Child’s Play in the first phase of our open beta alone. I can’t tell you how incredible this is to me. For now, the beta book will remain accessible without any associated fee, charge, or required donation. Anyone who has donated will always have access to the book, and eventually we hope to publish an SRD. We’ll talk more about our larger plans when we release Osaka Street Stories. Right now, I just want to tell everyone that Legend will remain readily available, particularly to anyone who’s on the fence about the game.

Your charity, kindness, and devotion to the cause of complete strangers has let me pursue a childhood dream. And not just pursue it. Surpass it. We’ve moved over 20,000 copies of Legend so far, which is a positively insane number. We’re going to move plenty more. We’ve got some incredibly cool things waiting in the wings to show you guys, including a really clever hack that produces a seven-level lightweight version of Legend.


8 comments on “Chip-In Is Finished!

  1. Aharon on said:

    You guys are incredible. I love your game, and since I recently moved and found a new group, I will soon have a chance to try it out!

  2. Pharsti on said:

    Glad to hear that we all did so welling in raising those donations! I even got a few of my players to join in!

    Gotta say, Legend has become my new favorite system. We’ve spent a lot of time bouncing form system to system, trying to find something that gives our group the right balance of power, speed, and action.

    Legend just makes it so simple! It’s easy to make a character, it’s just as easy to stat up enemies, and there’s just enough crunch to cover the kind of scenarios that actually come up in a typical game, without getting you bogged down.

    I’m kinda gushing here, but keep up the great work, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the donation stuff! Oh, or a forum, so people can easily post their own monsters / campaign reports!

  3. Samuel Kirkpatrick on said:

    Is it acceptable to print out a copy of the .pdf of this game, for purposes of Group- and Personal-use?

  4. Jason Beardsley on said:

    Very amazing game! Kudos to you and your whole team!

    What are your plans for the future of this game? Will there be a book of pre-made monsters? An extra player’s guide with more classes, talents, and trees?

  5. Hey, nice job. Looking forward to more donation/purchase options!

  6. Flimblekins on said:

    Holy smokes, why haven’t you guys made a bigger deal of your Kickstarter campaign?

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