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Here at Rule of Cool Games, we always value feedback and are eager to respond to your questions and comments. Drop us a line about anything: rules, exploits, tabletop gaming, content you’d like to see… whatever you have to say, we’d like to listen!

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10 comments on “Contact us!

  1. Would like to have seen the diagonal movement rules go away. They just seem like needless complexity and really add nothing. Also, overnight healing. Don’t you think you should add your con mod to the total? Higher con = higher hp. It never made sense that a healthier character takes longer to heal.

    Other than that, I really like it. Just had a few nitpicks.

  2. Hi there, Wanted to post a rules quesetion but the link does not work for hotmail. I would ask if you could put in the email in a public thingie so I could copy paste, eitherhow, the system looks very interesting!! :D
    Ty in advance.

    ~ Golaj

  3. Dale McCoy on said:

    Hey, do you know there is another Legend RPG? Published by Mongoose Publishing. When I saw your product on DriveThruRPG, I was confused. Took me a while you renamed the d20 system.

    You need clearer markings that your product is for an entirely different game. Have you considered using the free OGL 3.5 logo? You also might consider changing the name of your system to something that is not already taken.

  4. Jack TC on said:

    First, I just want to tell you that I really love your game. I think this might truly be the start of something big. You’ve done a really good job, and the Class Circle system is amazing!
    Now, there’s a thing I want to ask: Why have you not released a physical variant of your product yet?
    Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love your free ruleset, but I want to be able to hold something like this in my hands (nothing beats a physical book!).
    Maybe you could do like Corvus Belli has done with their miniature wargame Ininity? They offer a free ruleset online, but also sell a rulebook which has included lore about the world and some sweet illustrations.
    Whatever way you choose to go, I just want you to know that I’ll be there and buy the book, should you ever release a physical one… And I hope you do!
    Best of luck

    • We’ve actually been considering the very thing. However, since the core game is still being polished and expanded, we don’t want to commit to a print run just yet. The 1.0 version of Legend core will have more content, some balance and layout tweaks, as well as more art.

  5. CLKeaton on said:

    I have written up a character sheet design for you if you want it. Just shoot me an email!

  6. Dave on said:

    wow, a month passed with no updates, i was hoping to hear how things were going especially with the great kisckstarter

  7. Riley on said:

    Great game i prefer it over D&D.
    I do have some questions about the necromancer class. do there draining ray and chill touch work with any range/melee attack or are they there own separate attacks.
    also the brutal trait to weapons seems a bit overpowered, unless i am missing something you can get 6 extra damage at level 1, sure you don’t get parrying or deft or other stuff but it is kinda hard to compete with that extra damage.
    last thing all weapons deal 1d6 damage except for the monks fists right? i just want some conformation on that.

  8. Coy Keaton on said:

    So far, loving the game. Very intelligent and such.

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