Core Document Update and 11k Kickstarter Reward

Two exciting bits of news to announce today.

First, the secret $11,000 Kickstarter reward is finally tested and approved. Meet the Dervish track, undisputed king of slashing your enemies to ribbons with maximum finesse. While an obvious fit for a multiclassing barbarian looking to give away the Path of Rage, almost all other classes will appreciate the expanded mobility, offensive and defensive options granted by the Dervish’s fearsome war dance.

Second, the Legend book has received an overhaul in addition to a routine round of typo fixes and other minor adjustments. We’ve got an entire new weapons system to show off, which allows for balanced custom weapons to be created in a modular fashion and consequently unlocks the use of [Weapon] feats for any weapon – so long as you still use one at a time. There’s also a change to how a number of abilities mitigate damage, as well as new temporary hit point rules.

These changes will be reflecting shortly in all additional material.

22 comments on “Core Document Update and 11k Kickstarter Reward

  1. twen on said:

    Please do another kickstarter event! I missed out on the last one because I wasn’t aware you guys existed. Also I wouldn’t mind help out Child’s play through you guys either.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Bye bye, tower shields!

  3. Moguri on said:

    Any idea on when OSS will get an update for the new rules (primarily the weapon changes)?

  4. Rokku on said:

    Can we get an index of what’s changed in the new version?

  5. Rokku on said:

    Also, I just noticed that the Vigilante’s “Brutal Kick” still does damage “as a main weapon”. Since those don’t exist any more and I’m a ginormous Kamen Rider fan, I hope you’ll get that fixed real quick!

  6. Alessandro on said:

    This question must have been answered somewhere already, but here it is anyway:

    Do you ever plan on integrating the bonus content within the core rulebook or a new one, or are they going to remain a collection of random PDFs?

  7. OneHandClapping on said:

    Two handed melee weapons need to be buffed by doing more damage or getting an extra property. Otherwise everyone will be running around with single handed melee weapons and a shield.

    Also, it looks like all ranged weapons are now take a free action to reload.

  8. Joshua Kronengold on said:

    Er – does it ever say how much damage weapons do now?

    There are still references to “main weapon”.

    Blacksmith should work with Guardian weapons. Or maybe get rid of shields entirely and have the Guardian property sub for it (that would handle OHC’s issue).

    issues with all editions (so far):

    Tactician circle 2 is a terrible spell circle! So you can, lets see…Glitterdust (percieve hidden things, bad blind), invis (hide from perception), Fog Cloud (block perception in an area), see invis (perieve hidden things), Status (status), and Darkvision (see things). seeing a pattern here (sorry, joke there)? With the exception of Status (which your Shamanistic friend is more likely to take, or would be if he didn’t have a selection of amazing 2nd level spells like Hold Monster and Nature’s Power) they’re all “see things” or “block perception” spells! [also, why does Shaman have Hold at 2 while tact has it at 4? Shouldn\'t tact be the buff/debuff/control the battlefield class while shaman is the heal/wrath of god/protect class? Why does shaman get better buffs, debuffs, and equivalent control the battlefield powers?]

    Also, there needs to be some consistency in how Sage/Just Blade is handled. Is it supposed to be a primary melee class with spells, or is it supposed to be a spellcaster with a secondary weapon? As it is, it feels like a primary melee class who gets spell-like abilities instead of spells, but has avenues for growth cut off at every turn — you can’t put spells in the blade so mixing with a differnet spellcaster is artificially hard; the only spell-like ability you can get without feats or items is excluded (admittedly, it’s probably broken), and you can’t use most magic swords (despite basically being a primary melee combattant). And there’s no real rule on what happens if you manifest a ranged weapon–the path seems more like an afterthought.

  9. VertigoCharades on said:

    We don’t have “handedness” anymore; anyone can use a shield with no penalty now, just like light armor. Welcome, spear-and-shield users!

    There’s no more reloading either, which means you don’t even need to spend a free action between shots from a ranged weapon.

  10. Dave on said:

    Can we see the revision notes to know what all was changed?

  11. Clint on said:

    Was leaving off the individual weapon damage intentional? Do all weapons do 1d6 base damage now?

  12. Beardy on said:

    Gotta admit, I’m torn on the new weapons properties bit.

    Having everything in terms of 1d6 seems iffy….I’m still not 100% on how the range works (Default is either melee or close? Meaning distance makes it into a medium range? Not mentioned, just assumed really…).

    I also miss my tower shields…Maybe combine the best of both worlds, having higher damage weapons have less “Properties” (1d8 could have 1-2, 2d6 0-1) to make up for raising damage. Maybe.

    Its your system and I still love it, just make the Dwarves as beardy and insane as possible. (Also booze.)

  13. Greg on said:

    How do unarmed attack weapon traits stack (or fail to stack)?

    It seems to me there are a few sources for unarmed traits:

    Path of the Serpent offers [any three traits]
    Various racial templates offer natural attacks, e.g. Dragon [brutal 3]
    A knuckleduster offers [brutal 1][magnum][traumatising]

    Do these stack or replace? On the one hand a monk with claws sounds like it should be more dangerous than a regular monk and a character shouldn’t get nothing for one of their track abilities so it should all stack, on the other hand a first level character with six weapon traits sounds like it might violate the 1=1 philosophy. I’d be tempted to houserule some halfway house (e.g. instead of gaining a natural attack with three traits PoS1 allows the character to add an additional trait to an existing natural attack.) with an eye to relaxing it if the character turned out to be less powerful than his peers.

    Also now all weapons do D6 damage what happens to the weapons master ability (Path of Serpent 2) that allows you to deal your unarmed damage while wielding a regular weapon? Those will generally be the same values now. I guess you could always pick [brutal 3] for your unarmed traits so that it’s adding a big bonus and always pick special effects for weapon traits so you’re not losing anything significant from the weapon. A quick fix it to allow monk to add his unarmed traits to the weapons, but since it was meant to be a replace ability (replace weapons damage with your own) that might have power shifted it? Maybe the monk should also give up one of the weapons traits when they do this?

  14. Greg on said:

    On weapon handedness:

    I think that an important principle that appears implicit throughout all of legends design is that of reskinning abilities so that mechnically they do the same thing, but they look however you want them to. Mechanically everyone is going to want a one handed weapon and shield, three weapon traits and a shield bonus to AC

    Flavour wise there’s no reason for people not to have different things as long as it is mechanically identical (three traits and a shield AC bonus, both of which can be disarmed). A barbarian might have a mighty two handed weapon and a heavy bracer on one arm that can deflect blows. A wizard might have a magic rod that projects a shield around him and can damage enemies at close range. A shaman might have war paint that hardens his skin and turns his hands into claws, until the intracite markings are distrupted by enemy blows (i.e. disarm attempts).

    There might not be “handedness” anymore, but two handed weapons can still be a part of anyone’s setting.

    • Joshua Kronengold on said:

      That’s not really an answer to the question. The question is whether the new weapon rules are a buff to AC for all characters (everyone uses a shield now) or whether it’s a replacement of shields from the previous set of rules.

      The answer is the latter. Shields are now just chrome over your weapon/magic shield choice — you can no longer choose to wear a heavy, light, or tower shield.

      • Greg on said:

        I only found this recently so this edition of the rules is the first edition I’ve read. Without knowing anything about the previous rules it seemed very clear that everyone can (and I imagine will) grab a mundane shield for +1AC and that there’s no mechanical difference between different classes using shield or different types of shield.

        My point was that you can cheerfully model different styles of fighting (two handed weapons, big shields, small shields, whatever) as long as you’re a little bit creative about it, without needing to step outside the bounds of that set of rules.

        • Joshua Kronengold on said:

          That isn’t the intent.

          The fact that the shield rules weren’t removed from the latest edition was an error.

  15. I’m reading a lot of conflicting information about mundane shields.
    Pray tell me which one is correct:

    1) Everbody can use a mundane shield for +1 AC.
    2) Mundane shields do not exist anymore (mechanically) but can be modeled with the [GUardian] property (which can alternatively represent a weapon which allows a defensive fighting style, or something like a gunlance ( which combines weapon and shield.

  16. werepants on said:

    Z: number 2 is correct. Mundane shields have been replaced by the Guardian property.

  17. Paul Linton on said:

    I’m not sold on the way Brutal is currently working. Larger dice sizes are cooler and more appealing than just 1d6 + larger fixed numbers.
    I’d rather see it as
    Brutal 1: d8 + (1 per 6 levels) damage
    Brutal 2: d12 + (1 per 3 levels) damage
    Brutal 3: d12+3 + (1 per 2 levels) damage
    Since an increase of one dice size (d6->d8->d10->d12) is approximately equal to +1 damage.

    Also, I think the new To Pierce the Heavens is kinda broken. In the “it doesn’t work” way. IIRC, the old version doubled your Melee range and then created an impassible (as in “no entering or leaving”) bubble equal to your OLD melee range, a trick you could use to either keep melee combatants away from you or ranged combatants stuck next to you, while continuing to be able to attack stuff outside the impassible area.
    The new version doubles your Melee range, declares your NEW Melee range impassible, then lets anyone in the area when it’s created choose to leave. So now it keeps Melee enemies next to you and pushes Ranged ones away, PLUS you can’t make Melee attacks on stuff outside the impassible area.

    Also, I second the request for revision notes.

  18. Paul Linton on said:

    I’ve got two issues (one question and one error found)
    1. (the question) The Paladin dosen’t say whether or not you can Multiclass away/into the Judgement track (it just says that it’s “common to all paladins”, which is vague since paladins get to pick from several paladin tracks), but the multiclassing section and the Shaman’s Path tracks still say that you can’t multiclass into Judgement. Who’s right?
    2. (the found error) The Multiclassing section says that tracks which can’t be multiclassed away/into will say so in the text of the track itself, but Esoterica Radica is indicated as a “no-multiclassing track” inside the general text of the Rouge class.

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