Dr. No

Many of you will have seen this announcement already via Kickstarter or on the forums. For those of you who are not already aware, we apologize for the delay in putting this on the front page:

Jake Kurzer, aka Mr. K or DocRoc, is no longer affiliated with Rule of Cool Games or participating in continued work on the Legend game system. Mr. Kurzer left the team after securing new employment that included a noncompete contract which prohibits him from contributing further to the project. He is still on the radar of some team members through social channels, and his current situation is positive save that it leaves him unable to develop Legend further.

Now for the good news: While the creative lead has stepped down (and he’s been gone for quite a while), Legend’s design and testing lead, Mr. C, remains in place and serves as the head of Rule of Cool Games. Furthermore, the current Legend team is exceptionally strong, with highly¬† talented volunteers working to develop the game who have had a lot of time to settle into their roles. This team has been responsible for the realization of version 1.0, and they’re hard at work on improving the game and adding new content to enrich your play experience. Many familiar faces from the original development period of Legend and its early alpha and beta phases remain with the game as occasional or frequent contributors, and a dedicated core team of developers has been assembled to keep us on a positive course.

I’d like to properly introduce myself at this time: I am Legend’s new creative lead. On the forums and IRC, you can find me as afroakuma, your administrator and moderator. Here on the front page, I post as Mr. A, and contribute to the Worlds’ End column as well as writing The Stuff of Legend. I’ve been affiliated with Legend for nearly two years now as a direct contributor and my casual association with the game extends back far longer. Since prior to attaining my new position, I have been a behind-the-scenes element of Legend’s development. Each member of the current development team has been handpicked by me with the approval of Mr. K or Mr. C, as are all up-and-coming contributors. In short: I’ve been working through the creative transition and handling the 1.0 versioning process without any major incident (except perhaps the strange case of the disappearing [Distant]) and things should continue to be quite stable.

As the creative lead, it is my role to take the overall blueprint set forth by the design lead and give it shape, focus and direction. In other words, my job is to make Legend more interesting. Worlds’ End shows off some of the spare creative work that my team and I generate on a near-daily basis. I outline creative priorities, which move forward to the design and development teams, who look for ways to execute my vision and make sure it fits with the game. This means that I outline and approve new tracks, oversee work on settings and modules, and listen closely to input from fans as well as people who aren’t sold on Legend to determine what works and what doesn’t. As primary oversight of anything Legend, if something’s wrong, it’s rather likely to be my fault in some way or other.

I look forward to discussing upcoming projects and shedding light on the work the team is doing presently. In the meantime, if you need me for anything or have some great idea to propose, you can find me on the forums or the IRC channel.

Mr. A

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  1. Just wondering how this affects the Kickstarter Rewards?

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