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  • Many of the incentives formerly on this page have been rolled into the Legend core book. Look for them in their relevant section.
  • The content listed here may not be current with Legend 1.0. Updates are in the works; please remain patient.

Released Incentives

Upcoming Incentives

  • Watch for caltrops underfoot as you navigate a brand-new adventure module!
  • We’ve got the Dharma 6 setting waiting for you!
  • Vote Up A Campaign Setting’s infamous designer afroakuma will release an exclusive mini-setting for Legend!
  • What’s in our bag of holding? A brand-new adventure module!
  • Spring surprise combats on the spur of the moment using a detailed encounter generator!
  • Lace on your seven-leagues boots and prepare for the long-haul as Rule of Cool commits to releasing a full adventure path!
  • We’ll prepare and release a 12000-word setting document based on Sherlock Holmes, Demonslayer!

39 comments on “New Content

  1. JonathanL on said:

    Hi there, I just “bought” your game and it looks pretty cool! I hope that you get to the $3,000 mark soon because I’m looking forward to more stuff – especially the rest of those elementals. :-) Peace.

  2. Matt Caron on said:

    When this is all done, if I might suggest – a similar modern OGL game (not unlike D20 modern) might work well.

    • Legend is a modern game. I have a modern Legend campaign right now. Most of the differences between modern and “fantasy” games are strictly narrative concerns.

  3. Eduardo Soares on said:

    Any chances of getting (after the donation time expires) an updated version of the core rulebook, with the new content included?

  4. Is there any chance that after the donation period is over, that this will be available in a print-on-demand format? I’m just one of those people who really like having a dead tree version of my rule books at the table.

    • Other Steven on said:

      This has been asked before. Essentially they’re not getting a lot of money as of right now(All proceeds from the sourcebook are set to go towards Child’s Play). So considering the high cost of production on physical hardcopies, it will have to be something that has to wait for the future. They seem willing to do it, but are just restrained by cost.

      (Do I smell a Kickstarter, perhaps!?)

      • Actually, Print-On-Demand (POD) requires little/no upfront capital, depending on what you do and how you do it. POD sites like CreateSpace and Lulu can be used to create a book with no money laid out. When people order the book, they pay for the printing of it and the author(s) get the profits.

        • The only problem is that PoD shifts those costs onto the users, which is something we’d like to avoid. I’m really uncomfortable doing anything that increases barriers to entry.

          • Adeptus on said:

            You don’t have to have ONLY print version available… keep the electronic copy available for those that want it that way, but add a PoD option as well.
            Don’t want to pay for printing it? Get the electronic version!

  5. Alex Darling on said:

    Oh my gawd. This is fantastic. Hire me.

  6. Love Legend RPG so far, can’t wait for more information to be released in the future! I’m currently trying to convince my gaming group to switch over from Pathfinder. I think I might just have to prepare my own game and gm it for them if the current gm doesnt want to. =)

  7. Stephen F on said:

    Nice work. Consider a KickStarter activity if people want hardcopies and you have the time.

  8. I immensely look forward to the coming adventure path releases, I would like to use it to test the waters with my gaming group. Some seem skeptical but that’s because they only really know 3.5/Pathfinder, I hope to open their eyes to a system that was built with fun and balance in mind :) .

  9. The Abrahammer on said:

    Can’t wait to see the adventure modules. Any word on when they’ll be up?

  10. Meadslosh on said:

    ಠ_ಠ PONIES?

    • Optional ponies that come with two bonus tracks, and a good way to model nightmares.

    • I am not an MLP-person myself, but the Pegasus and Unicorn tracks are pretty generic and can be used for more traditional monsters with no changes at all.

      • Joshua Kronengold on said:

        They’re actually not great MLP tracks (well, Unicorn isn’t, since MLP unicorns don’t do anything so crass as to -fight- with their horns), but they’re fine horse-shaped-creature tracks!

  11. Other Steven on said:

    As the deadline is fast approaching, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be receiving the $10,000 mark, is there any chance that the Sherlock Holmes/Demonslayer setting will become available for purchase/free in the future?

  12. Hi I was just wondering if there is a forum dedicated to this game? I would love to talk and share the game and see it unfold and better organize the donation procedures. I just can’t find it in the web. Thank you.

    • There isn’t yet, but soon we will shed this site’s skin like a glorious butterfly. Sooooon. Skin shedding.

      In the meantime, under contact, you can find our IRC, where I can reliably be find during the small hours of the morning.

    • Zejety on said:

      We also have a long discussion thread over at

  13. So, now what? What comes after Sherlock Holmes, Demonslayer? :D

  14. I steal souls AND secrets.

  15. You should do a character generator as one of the incentives. That would be amazing.

  16. I love this system you have crafted. It’s definitely what 4th edition should have been. Everything makes sense.

    I don’t know about you all, but my favorite campaign setting of all-time was AD&D 2nd ed’s Planescape. I believe you have finally crafted a version of D&D that one could create a campaign of that caliber for. I’m excited to see what you guys come up with. Keep up the awesome work, you guys are kicking ass!

    One day when I get the time I want to convert Planescape over to Legend’s system. Hopefully, someone beats me to it!

  17. Holy MinMax Batman! Almost at $12K!!! Congrats guys! :D

  18. I love what you did to this game. You just discarde everything that sucked in 3.5 and added the cool things of 4ED.
    And the disposable mooks bonus… You have no idea how well it comes for me.
    Just one suggestion: you shall make something similarbto the DM screen for easy access to information and game rules that the master will obviously won’t memorize (unless he’s a hardcore).

    • Blair on said:

      “I love what you did to this game. You just discarde everything that sucked in 3.5 and added the cool things of 4ED.
      And the disposable mooks bonus… You have no idea how well it comes for me.
      Just one suggestion: you shall make something similarbto the DM screen for easy access to information and game rules that the master will obviously won’t memorize (unless he’s a hardcore).” – Rick

      If I may >:P

      “I love what you did to this game. You just discarded everything that sucked in 4ED and added the cool things of Pathfinder.”

      Just messing Rick :P I do agree however that a DM screen with all the nifty conditions, DC builds and gizmos would be greatly appreciated. On a side note, I don’t really think it’s too much of 4ED OR 3.5 OR Pathfinder, it’s a perfect balance of all three with a flavorful addition of the RIFT video game in it’s ways of Multi-classing… I love it. Gotta say though, some builds can get REALLY nasty fast… >:D

  19. Mystify on said:

    I just found this. I’ve read through the content, and though I haven’t played it yet, I love it at a conceptual level. The tracks are a brilliant mechanic, an resolve a lot of the trickier issues with allowing multiclassing and powerful races beautifully.

  20. Tim W. on said:

    Really looking forward to the point-buy magical items. Also, I hope that there will eventually be a print product, since I hope to buy it for my library of alternate d20 systems (along with Trailblazer and Arcana Evolved).

  21. hi!!!

  22. The H's on said:

    Thank you so much for doing this. My son (12) is really excited with what you released with this and I was happy to donate to a worthy cause. We look forward to the full release of the game and it’s expansions.

  23. Kyle Jacobs on said:

    Can I assume you meant Jim Butcher, not Kim Butcher?

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