Interview With Danielle Corsetto

This is the first in what I hope will be a series of short interviews with people who helped inspire Legend directly or indirectly. This interview is with the inimitable Danielle Corsetto of Girls with Slingshots. Her example as a self-employed cartoonist and general bon vivant helped me make my decision to take a couple months off of traditional work as a programmer to finish up Legend. Find the interview after the cut!

Jake: What’s life like out there on the raggedy edge of self employment?
Danielle:It’s almost TOO good. I’ve had to start wearing pants again so I can at least somewhat relate to my employed friends.

If you’d like a more thorough answer to that, when I’m home from conventions and signings, I generally get up in the late morning (if I’m lucky), spend half an hour in bed with my cats checking e-mail and Twitter, spend the next hour leisurely sipping a pot of tea and catching up on my Words with Friends games, and then spend most of the afternoon setting up flights and other arrangements for conventions and workshops, answering e-mails, filling out interviews (!!), etc.

Around 8, assuming I’ve already written the strip for the night (which I try to do in batches), I’ll start working on the strip, which takes around four hours to complete… but somehow always runs me until 4 am. I tend to spend the final hours of my day (the next morning, really) working like a mad person. I have a sort of backward schedule – relax in the morning, work in the evening. While most people are settling into their sofa eating pizza and watching TV, I’m generally working.

What’s your biggest point of daily stress and your favorite alcohol?
While I hate to admit it, I’m mostly stressed out by negative e-mails. I guess some people really like knowing that they can scold, insult, or guilt people who they see to be fairly popular or powerful. Unfortunately, no matter how well I deal with it or how much I try to ignore it, hatemail (that includes passive aggressive mail!) is by far my biggest stressmaker.

Luckily, my favorite alcohol is Woodchuck cider, and it is on tap at my local bar.

What is it like being a role-model for countless creative professionals ranging from painters to programmers
Flattering! I would say “a little scary,” but I think I give some pretty good advice to those who ask, and I think I’ve done an okay job at creating a business out of my art. I hope GWS inspires people to try starting their own businesses with their artwork!

In the same vein, what prompted the start of this arc regarding Hazel’s career?
That was entirely thanks to the feedback I got from readers, actually. I ran a week-long “ask the cast” series before this arc, and the most common question was about Hazel’s writing career. Ask and thou shalt receive answers!

Finally, What Is Best In Life?
This is tough. This is really tough. But: summer nights in my yard, drinking and laughing around a fire with friends after a BBQ is, I’d say, The Best.

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  1. :D
    GWS is a fantastic strip! I look forward to reading it each day. Keep up the great work! <3

  2. Wow, you’re basically doing Legend full-time? That’s a big commitment, I didn’t know the game mattered to you that much!
    Thanks for all the great content, I enjoy it a lot .

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    Nice interview!

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