Kickstarter Stretch Goal: Investigations

The Death Star got blown up because the rebels got their hands on its plans. Bard took down Smaug because he learned of the dragon’s singular weak point. The reason Batman is so effective is because he’s a masterful detective as well as a ninja. Loads of heroes succeed only because they clock in the hours doing research before kicking down the bad guy’s door, or at least clock a minion across the face and then asked them for directions to said door.

The Investigations skill game took a long time to finish up, as we had to adapt it from the Comfortably Grim setting to general use for the core book. This update also features a re-worked Skill Game general rule set, and will be included in the 1.0 release of the core book along with updated Interrogation and Parkour from Osaka Street Stories and the brand new Negotiation skill game. If you loved skill games in OSS, you’ll love these even more. If you didn’t like them, you’ll hopefully like them now. If you just want us to release 1.0 already, there’s just 5 items left on the checklist before that happens. If you’re still reading this update and not the PDF, I’m not sure why, there’s nothing more to see here.

3 comments on “Kickstarter Stretch Goal: Investigations

  1. some guy on said:

    There’s something I need cleared up for me; I can see how all of the actions listed could be used by a party investigating a crime scene, trying to find an ancient treasure or hunting a mythical beast. I can also see how all of the actions could be used by multiple parties in a race to find an ancient treasure or hunt down an ancient beast. But what about the criminal trying to get away, or the mythical beast trying to elude the hunters (or failing that, hunt them instead)? Most of the actions wouldn’t be of much use to them.

    • gkathellar on said:

      Investigations is really a game for the players, since they’re the people engaged in the [Quest]. All of its narrative effects are decisions the GM already makes as part of his job description, so it’s kind of pointless to decide that there are NPCs who are also playing the game.

  2. Marshall cotton on said:

    Have you, the developers, decided to change weapon properties somewhat with the addition of so many new combat mechanics like grappling and environmental effects? Or is that a secret?

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