Legend is here!

It’s been a long time coming, but we are very pleased to announce that all the blood, sweat and tears have come to fruition. At long last, Legend is officially released to version 1.0, and is available through the Get The Game link available in the header above.

There are far too many people to thank for getting us this far; an intense amount of dedication and effort by fans and volunteers has helped us push through radical changes in staff and an escalating workload of balancing, errata, proofreading and rule redesign. The names you see in the credits are listed under titles that massively undervalue their individual contributions, and it’s a real pleasure to be able to announce that their work has at last brought us the completed version of Legend.

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome all Legend fans to come join us on the official Rule of Cool forums, where a small community has already drawn together to set up a great hub for this game. We hope to welcome many new members to the boards in the coming weeks as word of the Legend release spreads.

Lastly, this release represents the first step in a long road ahead of the Rule of Cool team. Our volunteers have hit the ground running on modules and the upcoming Legend Monster Guide, and we remain committed to delivering a high-quality tabletop experience to you and your group.

Thank you for all your patience and support, and enjoy Legend!

Mr. A

7 comments on “Legend is here!

  1. Sir Wiffleston on said:

    Awesome, been waiting so long for this, I can’t wait to run through my first session of this in a few days.
    Is there a changelog for 1.0?

  2. Sir Wiffleston on said:

    Awesome, is there a changelog for 1.0?

  3. Matt k on said:

    What a glorious day! Time to relearn everything, happily.

  4. Mr. W on said:

    I’ll be honest; there’ve been a *lot* of changes. Still, we’ll attempt a changelog in the coming days that’ll summarize what we’ve done.

  5. Pangloss on said:

    Oh man, it finally happened! Congrats, dudes, it was rad to watch this get worked on, and I love how responsive you folks were to feedback throughout (translation: you were exceptionally patient as I talked your ears off).

  6. Are you guys ever going to release a bestiary? Because I love your system, I adore it, there are few things as cool as this system, but I don’t want to spend hours building creatures from the ground up to run games, and I’d hate to not run this game over something so rudimentary to a great game. I mean, even Savage Worlds, the most bare bones system ever made, includes little bestiaries in their books.

    • The Legend Monster Guide is the next major release on our schedule, which will include both premade monsters as well as new content suitable for character creation. We know it’s at the top of everyone’s wishlists and are devoting a lot of resources to make it happen. Check back for more The Stuff of Legend articles detailing the ongoing process.

      Mr. A

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