Local Flavor: Garden Guerilla

by Kajhera, edited by Mr. W

Local Flavor is an article series exploring how to apply Legend to your game by taking various game mechanics and looking at them through a different lens. Our writers explore how existing Legend material can be repurposed and given a flavor that would fit into a different genre or playstyle.

The other day, I found myself searching for ways to play a character with a certain druidic bent – namely, a means to control plants. After investigating various tracks I noticed that the Professional Soldier track from the Ranger class could easily be re-flavored to my needs. How, may you ask, can you too re-flavor the Professional Soldier track for a druid, a half-plant abomination, or someone with far too green a thumb? Let me count the ways:

For the 1st Circle, Reap the Whirlwind, your enterprising plant master can grow or simply locate plants of the relevant type in preparation. Tanglefoot Paste and Tripwire shift into opportunistic grabbing vines or branches, and Fumigator works by the release of spores or scents. As you gain better mastery over the vines in the 2nd Circle, you are able to grasp with them from a distance.

Continuing onto the 3rd Circle, your “cloaking scatter of smoke, dust, and silvered shards” become a protective scattering of windblown leaves, or rapid overgrowth that catches and foils attacks. As you reach the 4th Circle you can control your plants instinctively, freeing up your thoughts for other tasks. In your 5th Circle the swirling leaves you summoned for protection can now turn razor-sharp, or ignite in a sudden firestorm.

With your final circles you unlock a deep link with the plants around you and learn to ‘listen’ in on their chemical communications. This alerts you to possible danger from a good stretch of forest away, and allows you to react swiftly when that danger arrives. The landscape itself is linked to your thoughts, and you gain an echoing link with your allies. You can shift the land so what was true for you is true for another.

In summary, if you wish to capture the mystique of the plant-manipulating druid, play a plant-based creature, or take your interest in horticulture to a new level, the Professional Soldier track may be the right choice for you.

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  1. Aden on said:

    Excellent! I love the flexible flavoring.

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