Local Flavor: Livers Need Not Apply

by Fako, edited by Mr. W

Local Flavor is an article series exploring how to apply Legend to your game by taking various game mechanics and looking at them through a different lens. Our writers explore how existing Legend material can be repurposed and given a flavor that would fit into a different genre or playstyle.

Healing effects are nice.  This is true regardless of the character you play, because it isn’t much fun when your character dies an avoidable death.  However, you cannot guarantee that the party’s healer (if any) will be able to reach you in your time of need, especially in high-danger scenarios.  Because of this, Livers Need Not Apply is an amazing option for any character wanting that little extra security, providing on-demand healing when you need it most.  Sadly, some will balk at the image it provides – not everyone drinks their pain away.  As such, here are a few “alternate flavors” for the feat:

Symbiont – You have acquired a magical symbiont. Though normally dormant, you know how to call upon it for aid, either through a thought or a gesture.  Doing so consumes one “feeding” of the symbiont.

Nanotech – Your body has been augmented with healing nanites.  They swarm through your blood, providing healing in lethal situations.  However, their power isn’t limitless, and you need to recharge them to keep them from going inert.  Each use burns one “charge” from the nanites.

Mutation – You can will your body to heal at an alarming rate.  The effect is potent but stressful, and your body can only handle so much.  Healing yourself uses one charge from your mutation pool.

Selective Thinking – You can force your body to ignore the injuries it has sustained, to the point where they almost didn’t happen at all.  This is mentally taxing, consuming one “drive” as you push yourself to fight on.

Contract – You’ve signed a demonic agreement to keep yourself alive, being able to call upon it whenever you choose, assuming you pay your end in advance.  Collecting on your end of the bargain uses a point of “favor” that you have accrued with the demon(s).

As you can see, it’s a pretty simple formula for re-flavoring the feat: you have a limited pool of resources with which you can use to heal yourself.  You’ll note that I didn’t include how to “recharge” the pool – the exact specifics will be between you and your GM, but it should be a move action to expend a unit of that resource. You can also extend this to the rest of the feats in the chain – Your Mutation could grow to allow you to temporarily become stronger (Spirited Strength), or you sign an expanded version of the Contract to be able to heal your allies as well (Seven Drunken Immortals).

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