Local Flavor: The Animal Companion

by Mystify, edited by Mr. W

Local Flavor is an article series exploring how to apply Legend to your game by taking various game mechanics and looking at them through a different lens. Our writers explore how existing Legend material can be repurposed and given a flavor that would fit into a different genre or playstyle.

The Path of Destruction is normally about cutting through multiple enemies with each swing of your axe. But have you thought about how the track can represent a ferocious animal companion by your side? Let’s look at how the various circles can reflect this.

“Beastial Strike” is our new 1st circle and represents your animal companion attacking another opponent while you deal with the one in front of you. For now, it requires you to spend a swift action to command them to attack. You don’t want to be tripping over your companion when attacking your opponent, so you use them to deal with other nearby opponents- but you don’t want them running off where you can’t protect them, so they stay in your [Melee] range. It deals the same damage as you because you train together; the stronger you are, the stronger your companion becomes.

“Double Team”, the renamed second circle, is a more coordinated ability you and your animal companion can unleash on surrounding enemies. There are several ways you can think of this. One is that you are attacking your opponent, and your companion is tearing through the other opponents nearby. Or you could be working in collaboration with them, splitting the attacks between the two of you. In either case, between the two of you all opponents in range are getting hurt.

“Arterial Lunge” is the new name for the third circle. The fast reflexes of your companion allows them to strike at opponents who are momentarily distracted by the effort of using magical abilities.

Terrifying Presence works just fine with its current name. It is the result of having a terrifying animal fighting alongside you, which can easily unnerve the less stalwart of your foes.

“Path of Fangs”, the renamed 5th circle, lets you charge forward and distract foes while your companion darts to the side and attacks them.

With the advent of “Greater Bestial Strike” at 6th circle, your companion no longer needs your swift actions to command it, and it will strike at your foes as often as possible.

“Clawed Guardian” is the 7th circle. At your command, your animal companion maintains a constant frenzy, tearing into any opponent unfortunate enough to get close to you.

As you can see, re-flavoring tracks can go beyond simple surface details and really overhaul the basic premise entirely, leaving you with an entirely new concept to build your characters with. With these changes, we have transformed the track entirely from a demonstration of martial skill to the effects of a horrid beast at your side.

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