New Errata, New Incentives

First of all, thank you all for your donations. We hit the $12,000 mark a couple days ago, and the numbers are still going up. That’s pretty cool.

Second, we have integrated the newest errata into the Legend PDF. This errata cleared up some imbalances and bad interactions in the Rage, Undead, and Utter Brute tracks, as well as clarifying some things in the Scene rules, the glossary, and the item rules. Download the PDF to catch up!

Finally, we’ve decided on new donation bonuses for the $11,000 and $12,000 dollar marks. For the $11,000 bonus content, expect a set of new feats and spells for the magically-inclined! For the $12,000 bonus content, we are releasing a new track for characters who just like to hit people with swords. A lot of you have been requesting one or both of these things, so we’ll release them as soon as possible.

As a pleasant side bonus, you no longer need to right-click on the download button in order to download the PDF – the download dialog window will appear as the default action.

3 comments on “New Errata, New Incentives

  1. dremen.solo on said:

    Any chance you can release a pdf of just the changes made? I find it easier to keep track of stuff if I’m told outright what was changed instead of having to hunt for it.

  2. crackpotTheorist on said:

    Gotta agree with dremen on this one. I mean, this post mentioned NOTHING about the change of Formal Favor from a lesser item to a greater. It gets really frustrating when we have to basically rebuild our characters from scratch, just to make absolutely sure that nothing got changed without us knowing.

    It would be far easier to just do what Wizards does. Release a separate PDF that says “Go to this page, find this power, replace what it does with whatever.”

    This makes it easy for players and GM’s to just look at the eratta, and go, for example, “Oh hey, Formal Favor is now a greater item, guess I should pick something else then.” or “Oh hey, the wording of Elven War Dance changed, I should update my character sheet.” instead of searching for everything in the actual full rules PDF.

    • This should be way less of a problem soon. I think we’re getting pretty close to a version of Legend I’m comfortable with. We’ll try to be better about releasing errata listings, too.

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