New Track: Combat Alchemist

Since the beginning, the True Mage track contained this tantalizing ability:

Alchemical MysteriesSU: If you possess the Combat Alchemist track, you can expend a consumable to convert one of your potions into a consumable item with identical effects. This consumable is usable by any ally as a swift action, has effects identical to the potion used to create it, and is treated as a Lesser Consumable.

For anyone kept awake at night and wondering what it could mean, your sleepless nights are over, because the Combat Alchemist track is now finished. In addition to the aforementioned potions, these skilled mystics can also sheathe their weapons in a variety of deadly poisons, toss cocktails that cover areas with a magical effect, and generally mess around with people, things and magical effects.

As of this point, only eight discrete things need to have their final editing passes before 1.0 is content-complete. Are you excited? Because we are.

5 comments on “New Track: Combat Alchemist

  1. Marshall on said:

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but am I correct in thinking that the total number of brews per scene at circle 7 equals 17?

  2. Philosopher’s Stone confuses me; it refers to shields, but I thought those were removed from the game (because they were rolled into the Defensive weapon property)

    • Mundane shields were, but magic shields were not. In 1.0, they provide a scaling deflection bonus proportional to the attack bonus granted by a weapon.

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