Kickstarter Update and Traps

There’s just a week left in our Kickstarter, which ends on April 1st. You guys have pledged an incredible $8,878 thus far, and we need just a little more to get to a nice round number that will fund Legend development and art for a while yet.

To show our appreciation, we’ve made you a little present. Go ahead, open it. We’ll wait.

For those of you who survived the deadly scorpions, you now have the rules for traps at your disposal. This is welcome news for all the villains out there, because now they can take a well-deserved vacation while the PCs get themselves massacred in dungeons staffed with deadly mechanical and magical hazards. Watch your campaign’s 10 foot pole market flourish, and keep an eye out for claymores in your breakfast.

Celestial Racial Track and Myriads

Remember the donation rewards? Because we haven’t forgotten them. Enjoy the Celestial racial track, hot off the virtual presses. Now you have a goody two shoes counterpart to the core book’s Demon…or an unhinged devotee of a long-dead evil god. Or both! We won’t judge.

Also, check out Myriads – the hot new way to model a squad of deadly ninjas, a swarm of bloodthirsty rats, a platoon of conscripts or just a mob of random guys out for a riot. Separately they might not be worth your time, but banded together into a Myriad, they can pose a deadly challenge for your PCs.

$8000 at Kickstarter: Operatives and Update

Thanks you your generosity, the Kickstarter has reached $8000, which means we owe you two things: a setting brief on Chion (coming later) and a new kind of mook. The Operative, in addition to basic Mook stuff, has some new dials for a GM to twiddle with: in addition to a track and two feats, each Operative gets to pick two abilities unique to this type of mook. If your PCs have keen aim, you might want to slap on some Displacer Gear, or just give the Operative the Overheat ability and watch the fireworks.

We’ve been getting hit pretty hard with spam lately. While this gives us assurance that Legend is doing well, it also means that your constructive comments get lost in a sea of ads for fake watches, acne treatment ads and, for some reason, offers from a St. Petersburg tour guide. For this reason, if you want to post something, please do it on the Kickstarter page, or hold off until we’ve gotten this whole thing under control. Thanks for your understanding.

March DLC: Transformative Races (and a sneak peek)

Big rituals that turn regular people into magical glowing creatures are a common fantasy staple. Now, if you want your character to transform into something cool, we’ve got you covered. Transformative races allow your character to transition into one of three special races during the course of a campaign – the Aetherblooded, Runed or Winterkissed. Each comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, so choose wisely.

Additionally, since the Kickstarter broke $6000, we’re ready to unveil yet another secret reward. While the final version won’t be done until its bigger brother is finalized, we’ve started typesetting Pocket Legend. Intended for smaller screens, Pocket Legend’s 3 by 4 inch page size is perfect for e-readers and netbooks. If you want to view it on a larger screen, simply hit View -> Page Display -> Two-Up (at least in Acrobat; other PDF readers will likely have similar controls) to view two pages at once, and get a two-column layout similar to the original Legend’s, minus all that pesky scrolling. Pocket Legend is optimized for digital viewing, so you probably shouldn’t start printing it out. In fact, I wouldn’t start printing out the regular Legend book either, but for a different, more secret reason.

We’ve tested Pocket Legend on a few screen sizes so far, but feel free to check out the layout on your netbook, laptop, e-reader or tablet, and tell us how it looks!

State of The Cool

So, there’s two things really.

  1. We’ve broken 6k with the Kickstarter.
  2. We’ve decided to increase the number of design-your-monster rewards we’re offering .

The first is truly incredible. But I want to talk a little about the second, actually. The reason we increased our offerings here is pretty simple. Monsters are perhaps the most fundamental building block for many types of game. Not only do we offer fairly few options for them stock, but we’re starting to worry about our ability to actually do the Monster Guide on the schedule we had planned. By offering these incentives, we hope to ease both sides of the problem. In short, many of these monsters will be released twice.

The first release will be our usual lovely typeset monster stat-blocks, on an as-we-can basis. It should be pretty snappy, but we’re offering a lot of slots for this reward. The second will be as part of the monster manual, with illustrations and expanded discussions of usage and encounter design with the monster in question.

Finally, this is a chance to have a serious say in what kinds of monsters, at least mechanically, form the basis of Legend’s bestiary. For rights reasons, we can’t use significant portions of the existing iconic heritage of the genre. Instead, we need your help, your creativity, in our quest to build our own suite of distinct and charming terrible monstrosities.
Please, help us help you make things that stomp around like Gojira. Please, tell people about this unique opportunity to build and adopt a terror from beyond time. We need you to spread the word. We need your help.

Kickstarter funded, more rewards imminent

You guys are incredible! We’ve passed the $3500 funding goal for our Kickstarter in under three days. And the more money we raise past this goal, the more awesome illustrations we can afford to commission. Also we made a video to explain more about the Kickstarter and its rewards, and a chart to track our progress. Follow the latest Kickstarter updates on the Kickstarter page!

Osaka Street Stories and Kickstarter

Legend’s very first adventure module, Osaka Street Stories, is finally complete. Take to the streets of Osaka as one of up to five 4th level characters as you solve the mystery of a missing artifact while dodging attacks from Yakuza thugs, demon snipers and sinister oni. In addition to 15 encounters, the adventure document also introduces rules for modern firearms, new consumables and an alternative system for encounter resolutions called skill-games. Skill-games provide GMs and players with a rules framework for handling complex tasks such as sniper duels, interrogations and parkour races.

As you may already know, Legend’s proceeds all go to Child’s Play. However, we are still committed to delivering a professionally designed product, and that means illustrations for our content. We’d like to be able to have more illustrations, and to offer better rates to the talented artists we work with. There are a couple of other things, such as hosting fees, which also need funding. To raise money for all of these things, we’ve made a Kickstarter with some nifty pledge rewards. Ever had an idea for a cool ability, a unique monster, or just wanted to force us to listen to your angry ranting? All that and more could be yours.

Perceptive people among you may notice that unique forum flair is one of the pledge rewards, and then remembered that there is no Legend forum. We would like you to append a big fat yet to the end of that statement. Forums are just one of the things planned for the site redesign.

Chip-In Is Finished!

We raised just short of 13,000 dollars for Child’s Play in the first phase of our open beta alone. I can’t tell you how incredible this is to me. For now, the beta book will remain accessible without any associated fee, charge, or required donation. Anyone who has donated will always have access to the book, and eventually we hope to publish an SRD. We’ll talk more about our larger plans when we release Osaka Street Stories. Right now, I just want to tell everyone that Legend will remain readily available, particularly to anyone who’s on the fence about the game.

Your charity, kindness, and devotion to the cause of complete strangers has let me pursue a childhood dream. And not just pursue it. Surpass it. We’ve moved over 20,000 copies of Legend so far, which is a positively insane number. We’re going to move plenty more. We’ve got some incredibly cool things waiting in the wings to show you guys, including a really clever hack that produces a seven-level lightweight version of Legend.


January DLC and Update

First order of business: those of you who like the feel of a good sharp sword as it cleaves through yet another dragon will find this new track of interest to you. If you prefer to blast the dragon from afar with magic, or if you would rather be the dragon, then you’ll also be interested in that link, because the Order of the Black Dragon takes both of those under its wing.

You’ll notice that this is the first DLC put out in quite a while. This is because we’ve been working on our first adventure module. And now it’s done, barring a few editing passes and art assets, and weighs in at a solid 48 pages. In addition to the 14-encounter adventure, the module also introduces Skill Games (skill-based challenges that work on a bidding system similar to what we use for Social Combat) and six brand-new Consumables.

ChipIn Is Back

Looks like site maintenance has seen them right.