Reddit Contest Winner 1: Wildborn!

Some of you might remember the track writing contest that we held on Reddit some months ago. While the winners were awarded their shiny badges long ago, the actual tracks were put through a rigorous process of sitting to the side while other stuff happened until someone remembered that they were a thing and actually edited them.

The first of these, voted as winner by the people, was what would eventually become the Wildborn track. If all that was missing from your Legend experience was ripping enemies to shreds with your bare (bear?) hands, then today is your lucky day. Sprinkle some Wildborn on your shaman or ranger and roll out as a ferocious druid. Spread it on a barbarian to become an even more savage warrior than you already were. Add it as a secret ingredient to your paladin just to throw people in for a loop. And if you’re too refined to care about becoming an awesome beastman, then check it out anyway for a new use of the Perception skill.

In other news, the 1.0 release of Legend is practically done – only the editing and typesetting process is standing between you and an overhaul of just about half the system. New shiny stuff includes a completely rebuilt Discipline of the Serpent, a new and improved Sentient Construct, as well as a stack of feats that gives spellcasters a much-needed helping hand.

4 comments on “Reddit Contest Winner 1: Wildborn!

  1. Gavinfoxx on said:

    Will Osaka Street Stories also have an overhaul with the new system??

  2. Daniel Luce on said:

    Will this include a fresh round of errata (like the shield rules I saw mentioned a few posts ago) as well as updates?

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