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« on: November 25, 2013, 07:14:29 PM »

Circle 1 -Strum: Once per [Round], as a move or swift action, you can strum your guitar. Choose a genre of music you know. You are considered playing that genre for the next [Round], and you may utilize its effect.  Your music’s effect extends to [Close] range

You know the Heavy Metal genre:
You grant every ally within range of your music 1 temporary HP per level you posses. These temporary hit points last until the end of the [Encounter]

Circle 2 - Headbang:
While playing music, as a move or swift action, you may headbang, dealing your KOM in additional damage on every attack for one [Round].
   Crowd surf: Once per [Encounter], If you have strummed during this [Encounter], you  may move yourself to anyplace that can be reached without leaving the [Melee] range of allies other than yourself.

Circle 3- Amped: When you strum, your music’s effect extends to [Long] range

Epic solo- While playing Power Metal, as a standard action, you may allow one ally within range of your music’s effect to take a standard action. They get a +1 bonus to any d20 rolls they make for 1 [Round]

You know the Power Metal genre:
Allies within range of your music get a +1 bonus to attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks for one [Round]

Circle 4- Mosh pit
When you strum, every ally within range of your music may deal their KOM in damage to a creature within their [Melee] range. That creature may deal its KOM in damage back.
You know the Thrash Metal genre:
   All allies within range of your music’s effect  gain a 10 ft bonus to its movement speed, a +1 bonus to AC, and one [Bonus attack] for one [Round].

Circle 5- Il cornuto :
   Three times per [Scene] after making a d20 roll and seeing the result, you may reroll it as an immediate action, taking the better of the two results.
   Crank it up: Once per [Encounter], when you strum, all opponents within [Close] range are [Deafened] for 3 [Rounds].
        You know the Black Metal genre:
When you strum, all Opponents within range of your music’s effect must make a will save (DC 10 + ½ level + your KOM) or be [Shaken] for 1 [Round].  Additionally, all allies deal additional [Negative] damage with weapon attacks equal to half your level. This is an [Arming] effect.

Circle 6- A substance of strength and honor: You gain 2 hit points per level and [Immunity] to [Fear], [Stunned], [Dazed], and [Deafened]

circle 7 - Death Metal: Death Growl: You can release a horrible shriek, rending the air and destroying your enemies completely. Once per [Encounter], as a standard action while you are playing the Death Metal genre, you may create a spread with a radius equal to your strum’s range,  dealing 6 damage per level and applying the [Battered] condition to all opponents within the spread. A successful Fortitude save halves the damage. This is a [Negative], [Death] ability.

You know the  Death Metal genre:
If you do not activate Death Growl this [Round], it will have a +3 bonus to the DC when you do activate it.

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