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The Engineer [Class]
« on: February 08, 2014, 04:25:46 PM »
I've been building a dieselpunk/pulp world for a little over a year now, and realized that while Rogue can kiiind of get you to that engineer character, a lot of options that would work really well would require a ton of Guild Initiation, etc. So, here's my attempt at cobbling something together from a variety of pre-existing options.

The Engineer
10 HP/level
6 skills
KOM: Int
KDM: Dex

At 1st level, an engineer chooses between either a Good Base Attack Bonus or 2 additional trained skills. This choice is permanent. 
Saves: Choose one of Will or Fortitude; that save is a Good save for you, and the other is Poor. Reflex is always a Good save for engineers.

Role: Engineers vary dramatically from individual to individual, but all are masters of items and gadgetry. Some create shields of technology to protect their allies, while others build a personal suit of armor which plows through the battlefield. Death rays, ice grenades, rocket launchers - all these and more are a potential part of the engineer's arsenal, depending on which direction one chooses to focus in.

Multiclassing Tips: Some engineers even go as far as to modify their own bodies, becoming Sentient Constructs. For a more magitek sort of feel, Arcane Secrets, Combat Alchemist, or Item Creation work well. True Mage is an excellent choice for an engineer who wants to emphasize a support role.

Item Mastery (Fast)
Choose one of the following tracks to be your Item Mastery track.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (Medium)
Choose one of the following tracks to be your Weapons of Mass Destruction track.
Demoman (CR)
Crazed Inventor
Heavy Weapon Expert

Shield of Gears (Slow)
Choose one of the following tracks to be your Shield of Gears track.
Mechanist Savant (CR)
Mecha Pilot

What's interesting about this is that while the tracks were chosen more for theme than for actual mechanics, there are no major action conflicts between the three sets of options. The class should actually work fairly well as a self-contained unit. Not 100% sure about borrowing the Rogue's schtick for the chassis, but it made more sense than anything else I tried.

Thanks to Exelixi, Timeless Error, Mystify, and DragoonWraith for their tracks, and to Exelixi for the point-buy chassis system.
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