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Moxie Princess
« on: June 17, 2014, 02:35:41 PM »
This track could be thought of as a spiritual successor to Glitz Champ, found here:,378.msg7758.html#msg7758. It's a collaborative effort between myself and Mura.

Moxie Princess

You may take this track up to three times. All numerical bonuses or weapon properties stack. (including the racial bonus, though only with itself; you cannot combine another race with the Moxie Princess race); if you take an ability with restricted activations per [Round] or [Encounter] multiple times, the number of activations multiplies by the same factor, and you may make different choices each time whenever a circle offers you a choice.

This is a racial track. It gives a +5 racial bonus to Charisma, and sets both your KOM and KDM to Charisma. It gives a Supergood Base Attack Bonus, good Will, Fortitude, and Reflex saves, 7 skills, and 11 HP/level. (A Supergood Base Attack Bonus increases by 5/4 for each level; it gains iteratives at 5th level, 9th level, 13th level, and 17th level.)

All abilities granted by this track are Supernaturally Extraordinary abilities, or SEx abilities, unless noted otherwise. You gain +2 to Charisma for every SEx ability you possess.

C1: Hellfire: You may change the map from a square grid to a hex grid, a pentagon grid, or an alicorn grid as a free action, or vice versa. In addition, you may change any existing wedges or spreads (including your ranges) into “spredges”. Whenever someone enters, leaves, observes, or interacts with a spredge, it changes between being a wedge and a spread. If it was originally a spread, the resulting wedge’s length is equal to the spread’s circumference. If it was originally a wedge, the resulting spread’s radius is equal to the wedge’s cosecant.


Hakuna Matata: As a free action, once per [Round] you may gain 3HP per point of your Charisma modifier.

C2: Go The Distance: You may voluntarily reduce your move speed by any amount with no action cost. If your move speed is negative, you move its absolute value in the opposite direction. You may also voluntarily reduce your effective level by any amount for the purposes of any effect.


Be Prepared: You gain one lesser consumable, which can be traded up as per the rules on consumables, per point of Charisma modifier per [Scene].

C3: Circle of Life: Your Unarmed Strike gains the weapon properties [Brutal], [Distant], and [Spunky]. The [Spunky] property is exclusive to the Moxie Princess track, and allows you to add the square root of your level to your weapon damage. If you have used the Go The Distance ability to render your level negative, then you deal [Complex] damage, which reduces the HP of the opponent by the Real part of your weapon damage as normal and also draws reality from them, inflicting penalties on their attack rolls and AC equal to the Imaginary part of your weapon damage. If someone dies due to [Complex] damage, they die retroactively; all damage and conditions they have inflicted, as well as any other effects they have created, are retroactively nullified. Adjust the game’s backstory accordingly. All players either lose all memory of them or take a -3 penalty to Int for sanity loss.


Be Our Guest: You gain a personal mount - Your Mom. You may summon or dismiss Your Mom as a free action at any time, and may mount Your Mom as a swift action, or, on Fridays, a free action. However, you may only stay mounted for five [Rounds], and you may only mount Your Mom once per [Encounter]. Your Mom has a movement speed 20ft greater than yours, and has the Soar movement mode, but not the Fly movement mode.

C4: Can You Feel The Love Tonight: You gain the use of the Glomp combat manﬓvᏪ. Like a Charge, a Glomp is a straight-line movement of up to your movement speed ending in a melee attack; it can be activated up to three times per [Round], as either a standard or a swift action. This melee attack, regardless of whether it hits, also inflicts the [Pinned] condition, with no save.


Everybody Wants To Be A Cat
: Once per turn, as a swift action, you may steal another creature’s turn. The next time that creature takes a turn, they may not execute any actions, and you may take a turn as your normal turn would be instead.

C5: A Whole New World: As a swift action once per [Encounter], you may transform the map into a Mobius strip, a torus, or a Klein bottle. If you do so, roll a pair of percentiles; if you roll under 50, the transformation fails, turning you into the desired shape instead and killing you. This must be activated at least once per campaign. In addition, any area effects you inflict no longer have to be contiguous.

C6: Tale as Old as Time: You may summon a version of yourself from after the [Encounter]. You each get separate turns. Any damage your past self sustains is also sustained by your future self, but not vice versa. If your future self dies, you vanish after the [Encounter] ends. If your past self dies, causality commits suicide. Your future self is also 3 levels higher, due to age. If you make a choice between abilities or items for your future self, you do not have to choose this ability or item when your present self levels up; if you do not, all other players take a -3 penalty to their Int score for sanity loss. This ability works retroactively; you need not possess it yourself to activate it provided that your future self chose this ability.


I Just Can’t Wait To Be King: You gain one each of each type of magic item: Lesser, Greater, Relic, and Artifact, and one extra item slot of each type.

C7: I Wanna Be Like You: You may swap out one of your tracks for Judgement or Esoterica Radica. If you already have either of these tracks, all numerical bonuses and limited-activation actions stack.


A Change In Me: You gain another instance of the Moxie Princess track, in the same progression. (This does not count towards the limit of three instances given at the beginning of the track.)

Racial feat: You Must Play Your Scales And Your Arpeggios: Once per [Encounter], you may select up to three skills to be considered as trained for the rest of the [Scene].

Why This Is Balanced:

One loses 100% of the battles one never fights; since any use of C5 has a 50% chance of killing you, and thus leaving you the opportunity to fight no more battles, you have a 50% chance of winning any battle.

In addition, no GM would allow Moxie Princess to be used, thus allowing it to fight no battles and thus win 0% of battles.