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One Stop Shop
« on: April 04, 2020, 10:50:37 AM »
Preamble: So as mentioned in Legend's Discord & to the admin here, I've been wanting to update One Stop Shop on a different forum than my as the one I set up is pretty f'ing horrible due to using mouseover instead of click. So I figured I'd take of RoC's original offer to host BG's guides and those that are still looking for those old guide can have a chance of finding it.

*Warning: crafting does not bypass WBL*
Variant Classes
Psionic Artificer (MoE 42)
Replaces skills & class feature references of k-arcana, spellcraft, & umd with k-psionics, psicraft, and upd.
Replaces magic item creation feats with psionic creation feats.
Gets metapsionic power trigger/completion instead metamagic spell trigger/completion.
Replaces the ability to craft magic items with psionic items (you still must have a suitable power substitution).
Substitution Levels
Warforged Artificer (RE 129)
1st - Infuse Self: +1 cl for effects that target yourself.
4th - Tools of War: infusions heal constructs, & x2 craft reserve with magic armor/weapons, replaces craft homunculus.
5th - Craft Weapon Familiar: craft an intelligent weapon that gains familiar bonuses, replaces retain essence.
Class Focused
Artificer's Monocle(MiC 72): 1,500gp for infinite identify spells.
Cannith Googles(Eb:MoE): gains low-light/darkvision if infused.
Improved Homunculus(Eb:MoE): feat, name says it all.
Rapid Infusion(Eb:MoE): feat, 1/day ignore ap cost for hastening infusions. meh.
Ring of Master Artifice(Eb:MoE): like a ring of wizardery, doubles x level infusions per day.
Spare Hand(Eb:MoE): holds things for you, powers up if infused.
Wand Bracelet(Eb:MoE): like a glove of storing, but up to four wands instead.

Assisting Item Dependency
Alchemical Tooth(CAd): drink alchemical substances as a swift action hands free, a must have for all.
Infinite Scrollcase(Eb:MoE): +4 competence to concentration checks to cast from a scroll.
Item Templates(DMGII): various cost reductions for weapon abilities.
Eilservs School(DotU): staffs with charges gain enhancement bonuses, hit twice to cast as a swift action.
Etch Schema(Eb:MoE): feat, lets you craft reusable scrolls, awesome.
Potion Bracer(EB:SCoT): holds three potions, standard action to drink with no AoO but 5% spell failure chance.
Rod of Many Wands(CM): item, three wands make a rod, one rod makes a big boom.
Spell Lens(FR:CoS): item, triple charge consumption to empower and enlarge.
Soul Charge (Online): deal a negative level to add a temporary charge to a spell-trigger item.
The Cave of Gems(Moonsea): location, flat rate flaming/frost/shock for 2k.
Wand Hilt(DS): item addition, make any weapon double up as a wand.

Magic Item Augmentation
Enhance Item(ELH): feat, use your ability score instead of the minimum for save DCs.
Double Wand Wielder(CAr): feat, you can activate two wands at once.
Prophecy's Artifex (Eb:MoE): feat, activate a standard action wand as a swift action.
Dorje Mastery(Eb:MoE): feat, augments manifested power by 4pp.
Wand Mastery(ECS): feat, improve a wand's save DC by +2.
Wand Surge(Eb:MoE): feat, spend an action point to reduce charge consumption by -1.

Magic Item Augmentation - Hardness
Obdurium: 30 hardness, 60 hp.
Matter Manipulation(SRD): +5 hardness, +15 hp.
Hardening(SRD): up to +10 hardness at cl20.
Dwarvencraft(RoS): item template, +2 hardness, +10 hp & +2 saves.
Hellforged (DMGII): item template, +1 hardness.
Soulforged (DMGII): item template, +1 hardness.
+5 Enhancement(CorE): +10 hardness, +50 hp.
Greater Crystal Of Adamant Weaponry(MiC): +10 hardness.
Augment Object(Stronghold): doubles hardness and hp for cl/days.
Sovereign Sealant (SW): wood treatment, +2 hardness.
Blood Groove (Dragon 358:39): sword property, +2 hardness.
Folded Metal (Dragon 358:40): metal weapon property, +4 hardness.
Oerthblood (Dragon 351:45): metal additive, doubles hardness.
Pure Ore (Dragon 347:47): metal additive, doubles hardness.

Cost Reduction - Gold
Apprentice[Craftsman](DMGII): feat, -10% gp costs.
Extraordinary Artisan(ECS): feat, -25% gp costs.
Hammer of the Magesmith(A&E): specific weapon, -5% gp costs.
Magical Artisan(PGF): feat, -25% xp/gp costs.
Planar Touchstone[The Blazing Forge](PH): feat, -50 gp costs, masterwork items only.
Sacrifice Reward[Dark Craft](BoVD): other, k-religion x 3 reduction in xp or gp costs.

Cost Reduction - XP
Legendary Artisan(ECS): feat, -25% xp costs.
Magical Artisan(PGF): feat, -25% xp/gp costs.
Sacrifice Reward[Dark Craft](BoVD): k-religion x 3 reduction in xp or gp costs.
The Obelisk(online): location, -20% xp costs if crafted there.

Cost Reduction - Time
Exceptional Artisan(ECS): feat, -25% time.
Research Aid (Dragon 342:55}: -50% time, initiate spell.
Note - Anything that reduces gold costs can reduce time spent (1 day per 1,000gp).

Buy Anything
Magic Item Compendium: purchase anything as long as it's within town gp limits.
Resourceful Buyer (RoD): +1 town category for the town's gp limits.
Wanderer's Diplomacy (PHBII): diplomacy check to ignore the town's gp limits, halfling only.

Abysm (Mind's Eye
Ahazu (Dungeon #148)
Arete (Mind's Eye)
Ashardalon (DM)
Astaroth (CS:Web)
Kas (Dragon #341)
Primus (Dragon #341)
The Triad (Mind's Eye)
Vanus (Design)
Zceryll (Online)
Epic Visages (Archive)

Variant Classes
Implacable (Dragon 330 pg84): Loses fast movement, gains heavy armor proficiency & altered rage with +4 Dex, +2 Con, +2 Will, & DR +1/-.
Horselord (Dragon338 pg88 ): Loses rage, gains battle ecstasy, animal companion mount, & improved mounted archery.
Hunter (UA 58 ): Lose rage & indomitable will, gain favored enemy, (greater/improved) archery combat style.
Totem Barbarian (UA 48 ): Ten various animal totems, each trades various features.
Alternative Class Features
Aquatic Barbarian (SW 48 ): Fast movement applies to racial swim speed instead of land speed.
Berserker Strength (PHB2 33): Lose normal rage, automatically enter rage-like effect when HP drops below x5 your barbarian level.
Bonus Feat (SSt 44): Lose im-canny dodge, gain a bonus feat from a certain list (that you need to meet prerequisites for).
Ferocity (CiS, web): Lose normal rage, gain ferocity which boosts Str and Dex instead of Con.
Roof Dweller (CiS, web): Lose fast movement, gain the roof walker feat and you can take roof jumper at level 6.
Spell Sense (CM 35): Lose trapsense, gain AC bonus vs spells.
Streetfighter (CiS, web): Lose damage reduction to gain special abilities and benefits while charging.
Totem Manifestation (CC 46): Lose damage reduction, gain one of the following:
Bear Totem: 1 hp/level
Eagle Totem: +1 to spot and search each level you would normally get damage reduction
Fox Totem: +1 to hide and move silently each level you would normally get damage reduction
Lion Totem: Roar, every creature within 30' must save or be shaken. Once per day, gain an additional use per day every time your damage reduction would normally increase
Wolf Totem: Gain track, and +2 to survival

Trapkiller (DS 8 ): Lose trapsense, gain trapfinding using survival-5 instead of search to find traps & attack instead of sunder to disable.
Spiritual Totem (CC 46): Lose fast movement, gain one of the following:
Bear Totem: Improved Grab ability
Eagle Totem: +4 bonus to search and spot
Fox Totem: +4 bonus to Hide and Move Silently
Lion Totem: Gain Pounce ability
Wolf Totem: +2 to attack rolls while flanking

Uncanny Bravery (DrM 14): Lose improved uncanny dodge, gain immunity to draconic presence and resistance to fear.
Unholy Fury (EoE 22): Must be CE, lose fast movement, gain smite vs. non-CE creature once per rage.
View Spirit World (CC 46): Lose uncanny dodge, once per day gain darkvision and a bonus to spot and search checks.
Wastelands Damage Reduction (SSt 44): Lose 1 usage of rage, gain DR +1/- against wasteland creatures and hazards.
Whirling Frenzy (UA 66): Lose rage, gain pseudo-rage that increases Str, Relf, AC, & gives an extra attack.
Note - "A character can't use whirling frenzy at the same time that he uses any other form of rage (or similar ability)." ~UA66
City Brawler (Dragon349 pg92): Lose proficiency with martial weapons, medium armor, shields; gain Improved Unarmed Strike (but not monk's damage), Two-Weapon Fighting while unarmed and IWF later.
Dashing Step (Dragon349 pg92): Lose trap sense; No penalty on AC on charges
Unshakable (Dragon349 pg92): Lose improved uncanny dodge; gain immunity to fear
Devil's Luck (Dragon349 pg92): Lose DR; gain luck bonus to saves equal to amount of DR you would have had
Fearsome Gaze (Dragon349 pg92): Lose Indomitable Will, Trap Sense reduced by 1; +4 on Intimidation, use Strength for Intimidation
Relentless Smash (Dragon349 pg92): Lose Mighty Rage; If you confirm a critical or hit an enemy three times in a round, they're stunned (no save) for 1d3 rounds AND they make a fortitude save (DC 10+Damage Taken) or be knocked prone.
Substitution Levels
Duskling Barbarian (MoI 43): d10 hitdice, add knowledge: the planes to class skill list
1st level: Incarnum Speed (can channel essentia to greatly increase speed), lose fast movement
7th level: Incarnum Defense (spend essentia to give damage reduction and energy resistance), lose damage reduction
11th level: Incarnum Rage (gain 2 points of essentia while raging), lose greater rage

Fangshields Barbarian Substitution Levels (CV 40): must be nonhumanoid.
3rd level: Fast Charge (increased movement when charging), replaces trap sense
5th level: Awesome Charge (make a charge attack as though with Awesome Blow), replaces uncanny dodge
7th level: Raging Vigor (spend rage to heal damage), lose 1 point of DR

Goliath Barbarian Substitution Levels (RS 150): add knowledge: nature to class list
1st level: Mountain Rage (extra size/strength while raging), replaces normal rage
5th level: Fortification (25% chance to prevent crits and such), lose uncanny dodge
8th level: Skin of Stone (x/adamantine damage reduction instead of normal)

Half-Orc Barbarian Substitution Levels (RD 159):
2nd level: Reckless Charge (+4 attack while charging, -4 AC), no uncanny dodge
5th level: Insightful Rage (+4 will vs. illusions), no improved uncanny dodge
7th level: Two-Handed Strike (+2 damage with 2 handed weapon), lose damage reduction 1/-

Planar Barbarian (PlH 28 ): Add knowledge: the planes to class list
3rd level: Portal Sense replaces trap sense
7th level: Planar Damage Reduction (improved damage reduction vs. outsiders and extraplanar creatures), reduce normal damage reduction
11th level: Menacing Rage (aura weakens extraplanar creatures), lose greater rage

Racial Barbarian (Dragon 341 pg92~93)
Dwarf Barbarian: Lose Stonecunning and Bonus vs Orcs/Goblins to get +1 attack/damage vs aberrations and undead while raging
Elf Barbarian: -2 on Initiative, but gain Rapid Shot while raging
Gnome Barbarian: Lose normal SLAs, gain Cure Minor Wounds, Guidance, Jump and Resistance (self only) as SLAs
Half Elf Barbarian: Switch +2 bonuses on Diplomacy and Gather Information to Intimidate and Survival
Half Orc Barbarian: Become permanently illiterate and never take Knowledge skills; gain +2 on Intimidation and Survival
Halfling Barbarian: Lose bonuses to Climb, Jump, Move Silently; gain scaling bonus to Hide

Halfling Barbarian (Dragon 342 pg90)
1st level: Lose +1 Size to AC and gain Powerful Build while raging
3rd level: +Intimidation instead of Trap Sense)
5th level: No penalty on Intimidation from size instead of Uncanny Dodge
Weapon Enchantments
Berseker (UE): +2 weapon's enchantment while raging.
Furious (OA): rage bonuses increase a step.
Fury (?): +1d6 damage while raging.

Blazing Berserker (SS): gain the fire subtype while raging.
Blood of Kord (Dragon 315): gain a damage pool of 2xbarbarian level that can be assigned to damage dealt.
Chaos Rage (Dragon 326): +4 to barbarian level to determine rage benefits (cannot exceed HD).
Ettercap Berserker(UE): set's rage's con boost to +6 (+8 greater).
Extend Rage (CW): +5 rounds.
Extra Rage (CW): +2 per day.
Fury of Stone (Dragon 333): x2 rage duration while underground.
Instantaneous Rage (CW): free action to rage, take uncontrollable rage & any other feat instead.
Intimidating Rage (CW): free action demoralize once per encounter.
Khyber's Fury (Dragon 332 pg45): +2 str & -2 ac while raging and you cannot end it early.
Destructive Rage (CW): +8 to break stuff while raging.
Frozen Berserker (FB): gain the cold subtype while raging.
Mad Foam Rager (PHBII): delay a single attack, spell, or ability that hit you by one round.
Rage Casting (Dragon 310): you can cast swift/immediate actions spells while raging.
Raging Bullrush/Overrun/Sunder (Dragon 310): +4 to said opposed check.
Raging Spell Penetration (Dragon 310): expend a rage use to gain +2 to spell penetration for 3+conmod rounds.
Reckless Rage (RoS): -2 AC, +2 str/con while raging.
Stone Rage (RoS): +1 enhancement bonus to AC while raging.
Tireless (Dragon 318 ): Reduce exhaustion & fatigue by one step, gaining immunity to fatigue.
Uncontrollable Rage (Dragon 325): flaw, intentionally fail a DC 15 concentration check to enter a rage when damaged.

Bands of Blood Rage (MiC 202): 3/day you/allies "blood rage" for +5 moral to damage.
Bloodroot (Dungeon 126 pg?): drug gives +2 alchmical to con, & +4 alchemical to cha and induces rage if a vampire.
Mantle of Rage (Online): +1 rage per day, or gives rage if you lack it.
Necklace of the Marauding Beast (A&E): three versions, each gives +1 round to rage duration.
Rubicund Frenzy (MiC): armor crystal, up to +5 moral to damage & feat if below 50% hp.

Specific Weapons
Axe of Anger(A&E): +2 to rage duration.
Berserker Blade (FR:MoF): +1 to the enhancement while raging and it's a +2 bastard sword for only 11k.
Soldier's Rest (A&E): Ignore fatigue while holding it, spiffy.
Trident of Serenity (FR:RoF): blocks rage, and frenzy. Give it to a party member you don't want to kill.

Battlewine (FR:LoD): +4 alchemical to str/con & -2 AC for 1 minute, than fatigues you (fits flavor).
Rage Zyme (SS): another rage-like effect that grants +4 str/con & -2 ac.
War Paint of Primal Rage (Online): +4 str/dex, doubles speed, lasts 1 hour but costs 2,500gp.
Maanvaki Grog (Online): an interesting item, 700gp/per but drink three for +6 enhance str, -6 wis, +6d6 temp hp.

Blood Frenzy (SpC): become raged, doesn't count against your uses per day.

Chakrabind[Heart] (MoI): +1 rage per day.

Variant Classes
Bardic Sage (UA 49): Adds additional spells and bonus to knowledge in exchange for reduced Bardic music abilities.
Divine Bards (UA 50): Wisdom used to determine if you can cast a spell, Charisma used for all other factors, some spells added to the the bard spell list.
Fey Bard (UA 58 ): gain animal companion, nature sense, resist nature's lure, and wild empathy as a druid. Lose bardic knowledge, inspire courage, inspire competence, inspire greatness, and inspire heroics.
Harbinger (Dragon 337 pg93): Bardic Music grants Instill Fear, Encourage Failure, Dishearten, Dirge of Binding, Drain Prowess.
Savage Bard (UA 50): Must be chaotic, good fortitude and will save, poor reflex. Modified skill and spell list. Illiterate.
Alternative Class Features
Bardic Knack (PHB2 35): Lose bardic knowledge, gain the ability to use half your class level in place of skill ranks.
Drow Bard (DU 57): Lose bardic knowledge & 1 usage of bardic music, gain poison use
Eberron Bard (ECS 34): Trade new bardic music for feats.
Healing Hymn (CC 47): Lose fascinate, boost natural healing and healing spells.
Hymn of Fortification (CC 47): Lose inspire competence, use bardic music to generate protection from evil type effects.
Inspire Awe (DrM 13): Lose inspire courage, gain inspire awe.
Inspire Hatred (EoE 21): Lose inspire greatness, gain inspire hatred
Inspire Turning (ECR 206): Replace Inspire Competence with the ability to boost an ally's ability to turn undead by spending a bardic music attempt they gain +2 levels on their turn check.
Loresong (DS 8 ): Lose bardic knowledge. Once per day (more at higher levels) add +4 bonus to an attack, save, or check roll.
Mimicking Song (DS 8 ): Lose countersong. Use bardic music to give allies a +2 bonus on move silently.
Repel Domination (ECR 206): Lose suggestion, +2 vs mind-affecting abilities of undead & if you succeed in saving they become shaken.
Spellbreaker Song (CM 35): Lose countersong, can use bardic music to disrupt casters, giving them 20% spell failure chance.
Undead Bardic Knowledge (ECS 206): Replace Bard Knowledge with specialized knowledge about the undead, works like normal bardic knowledge but with a +5 competence bonus.
Bard Schools (Dragon 332 pg85): Gain +1 bonus to two skills at expense of treating two other skills as cross-class.
Substitution Levels
Gnome Bard Substitution Levels (RS, p 147):
1st level: Gnome Cantrips (swap some 0-level spells), Counter Fear (replaces countersong)
3rd level: Inspire Defiance (resistance to mind-affecting), lose inspire competence
6th level: Phantasmal Song (fear-like song), lose suggestion
11th level: Secrets of Bardic Trickery, lose a 4th level spell known, get new spells

Half-Elf Bard Substitution Levels (RD, p 157):
1st level: Soothing voice, no countersong
6th level: Command, no suggesion
8th level: Secrets of the Diplomat (bonus spells known), lose 4th level spell known

Planar Bard (PlH, p 29):
3rd level: Planar Inspiration (can use music to protect people from planar effects), lose inspire competence
6th level: Planar Dissonance (can temporarily redirect portals to new locations), lose suggestion
12h level: Planar Discordance (can use bardic music as a precipitate breach spell), lose song of freedom

Spellscale Bard Substitution Levels (RDr, p 110):
1st level: Draconic Bardic Knowledge (bonus on bardic lore checks involving dragons)
3rd level: Inspire Arcana (music gives +1 caster levels), no inspire competence
6th level: Superior Suggestion (higher DC's with suggestion)
Alluring (SaS): +2 DCs on mind-affecting abilities and charisma based supernatural abilities.
Battle Dancer (PHBII): if your buffing an ally with music and move 5ft, you gain +2 moral to attack.
Blasphemous Utterance (Dragon 336): expend music to attempt to shaken/frighten/panic creatures.
Blackmoorian Rhymes (Dragon 315): +2 K-arcana and roll 2d20, taking highest, for bardic knowledge.
Chaos Music (Dragon 326): +4 to bard level for bardic music (cannot exceed HD).
Chant of Fortitude (CAd): expend a music use to give allies the diehard feat.
Chant of the Long Road (CS): expend a music use to ignore nonlethal damage from hustling.
Chord of Distraction (CS): expend three uses to render a target flat-footed against a single ally (this thing sucks).
Courageous Rally (HoB): when you inspire courage you can make a free rally check with inspire's bonus to it.
Dragonsong(Draco): +2 to bardic music DCs, also minor skill boosts.
Dragonfire Inspiration (DM): <inspire courage's bonus>d6 <elemental> damage added to all attacks instead of inspiring.
Extra Music (Cad): +4 bardic music uses.
Forbidden Lore (HoB): +2/+4/+6 to bardic knowledge depending on taint level if the inquiry is horror-like.
Focused Performer (Dragon 338 ): provides various bonuses to music by expended extra uses.
Green Ear (?): bardic music affects plants.
Hymnist (Dragon 325): perform is always a class skill, add your wismod to perform checks.
Ice Harmonics (FB): expend a use of music to make ice explode.
Ironskin Chant (CAd): expend a use of music to grant dr 5/- to one target.
Lingering Song (CA): +1 minute to a song's duration after you stop singing.
Music of Growth (EB:ECS): what augment summoning sounds like.
Obscure Lore (Online/CW): +4 insight to bardic knowledge.
Requiem (LM): bardic music affects undead but at half the duration.
Sickening Sonata (Dragon 336): blasphemous utterance can instead paralyze/nausea/sicken.
Snowflake Wardance (FB): expend a music use to add cha-to-att, lasts one round per perform rank.
Song of the Heart (EB:ECS): +1 bardic music bonuses.
Song of the White Raven (ToB): swift action to use inspire courage.
Soothe the Beast (EB:ECS): bard perform based version of a ranger's wild empathy.
Sound of Silence  (CS): expend a music use to deafen a target.
Speak to the Masses (Dragon 339): double the HD fasinate can affect & +2 to fasinate/suggest's DC.
Subsonics (CAd): sing solo, as in so low they can't hear you.
Sunken Song (SW): you can sing underwater.
Tested (Dragon 319): elf only, 1/day +6 to effective bard level for music.
Undertone of Hersey (Dragon 336): expend a music to boost another music's DC by +2.
Warning Shout (CAd) expend two music uses to grant a +5 bonus to the target's next reflex save.
Windsinger (SW): expend a music use to change wind direction for sailing.
Words of Creation (BoED): double bardic music bonuses.

Feats - Bardic Music Spellcasting
Arcane Accompaniment (PHBII): expend spell slots to extend music's duration.
Captivating Melody (CM): expend a use to add +2 to your next bard-only enchantment spell's dc.
Disguise Spell (CAd): disguise your verbal/somatic components as a music act.
Enchanting Song (RoS): expend a use to add +1 to your next enchantment spell's dc.
Lyric Sepll (CAd): expend bardic music uses to cast your spells.
Metamagic Song (RoS): expend bardic music uses to pay for metamagic costs.
Melodic Casting (CM): cast spells/use items while maintaining bardic music, you can also use preform for concentration checks.
Misleading Song (RoS): expend a use to add +1 to your next illusion spell's dc.
Talfirian Song (FR:RoF): a heighten/illusion only version of metamagic song.

Badge of Valor (MiC): 3/day +1 to inspire courage's bonus, can be applied after inspiring.
Dove's Harp (MiC): when you use bardic music, allies within 60ft gain fast healing 3 for one minute.
Dragonsong Instruments (Dragon 332 pg52): various badic music bonuses.
Harmonizing (MIC 35): +1 enhancement, basically lingering music and +2 to preform checks, skip the feat and buy this.
Headband of Lore (Online): +5 competence to bardic knowledge.
Headband of the Binder (Online): +4 sacred to bardic knowledge.
Masterwork Instruments (Song & Silence/CAd): improves various bardic music traits.
Vest of Legends (DMGII): +5 to bard level for bardic music.
Lantern of Artistry (DL:HOotS): +5 rounds to the duration of bardic music & +6 sacred to perform checks.

Specific Weapons
Crystal Echoblade (MiC 49): while under the effects of your own music add one half your bard level to damage.
Songblade (A&E): +1 bardic song per day for 6k. Store in an extra dimensional pocket while sneaking.

Inspirational Boost (SpC): +1 to inspire courage's bonus.
Harmony (FR:PGtF): +1 to inspire courage's bonus, can delay using it for up to a minute. Replaced by inspirational boost per SpC6
Harmonize (RoS): maintains bardic music for a bit, there is a greater version too.

Bardic Sage (UA): +2 to bardic knowledge.
Chakrabind[Crown] (MoI): +2 insight to bardic knowledge checks.
Chakrabind[Throat] (MoI): +1 bardic music per day.

Note: an 8th level bard with masterwork lute, song of heart, badge of valor, focused performer(individual performance) and words of creation grants a +15 attack bonus for dragonfire inspiration to a single ally.

Variant Classes
Faces of Faith (Dragon 311, p47): Variant cleric progressions with different class features.
Ancestral Speaker: Gains divination-type bonuses, does not need a Divine Focus, Resurrection spells cause target to lose less experience, bonus on skills interacting with spirits
Arcane Disciple: Gains one arcane spell every level from the bard or wiz/sorc spell list one level lower than your maximum and gains all the spells of the Magic domain automatically.
Aspirant: Gains ability to spontaneously convert one spell into another a limited number of times per day, divine counterspell, Shield of the Divine (Bonus AC scaling with level)
Benevolent: Can spontaneously convert spells into a wider range of spells, Luck rerolls as per Luck domain power several times per day.
Crusader: +4 bonus vs enemy god's worshippers, turn enemy's worshippers instead of undead, Bonus feats, Smite
Evangelist: Domains and more domains, also has spontaneous casting like sorcerer making it a superior favored soul.

Champion Cleric (UA 58): Lose tun undead, gain smiting, & aura of courage like a paladin.
Cloistered Cleric (UA 50): d6 hitdice, poor BAB, only light armor, modified skill list, gets "bardic" lore, bonus spells & knowledge domain.
Rage Cleric (Dragon 333, p86): Lose turn undead, multiple weapon/armor proficiency, gain (greater/tireless/mighty) rage, indominable will, & levels stack with barbarian for rage.
Alternative Class Features
Blasphemous Incantation (EoE, p 20): must be evil; lose rebuke undead, gain ability to sicken good creatures
Destroy Undead (ECR, p 206): Destroy undead (deal 1d6 damage per cleric level, save for half) instead of turning them.
Divine Counter Spell (CM, p 33): Lose turn undead, instead channel energy to counter spells.
Divine Magician (CM, p 33): lose one of your domains, instead pick spells known for wizard list in the schools: abjuration, divination, or necromancy.
Divine Restoration (DS 9): Lose a domain granted power. Gain the ability to spontaneously cast restoration spells.
Drow Cleric (DU 57): Rebuke vermin instead of undead.
Eberron Cleric (ECS 35): Can choose to worship the pantheon of the Sovereign Host rather than specific deity. Choose two domains from among all offered by the pantheon.
Pool of Healing (CC 47): lose 4th level spell slot, gain a pool of healing to use at will (equal to 5 time your divine caster level +1)
Positive Healing (ECS 207): Lose one domain granted power. Spend a turn attempt to gain fast healing 2 for 5 rounds.
Rebuke Dragons (DrM 14): Instead of turn undead, instead gain the ability to rebuke dragons.
Spontaneous Domain Casting (PHB2 37): Lose the ability to spontaneously cast cure spells, cast domain spells instead.
True Daylight (ECS 207): Lose one domain granted power. Spend a turn attempt to channel positive energy into a daylight spell that you cast.
Peripheral Beliefs (Dragon 328, p86): Take flaw-like restrictions for minor benefits as a cleric such as always knowing north, save bonus vs sleep, save bonus vs poison/disease, cha bonus vs a sacred animal, cha bonus vs other followers of your god
Improved Domains (Dragon 342, p21): Take the Improved Power feat to gain an improved granted power of a chosen domain.
Lost Ones' Domain Focus (Dragon 347, p 91): Lose one domain, spells on that domain are no longer on your spell list at all; gain double effect on remaining domain granted power (double bonus or double uses)

No Turning (Dragon 353, p 88): Trade Turn Undead for something else
Cultist: +2 bonus on Bluff, immune to spells that discover lies such as Discern Lies
Evangelist: +2 Diplomacy, 2/day Comprehend Languages, 1/day Tongues
Fanatic: +2 Intimidate, 1/day True Strike
Healer: +2 Heal, casting healing spells on other people gives you +2 Sacred AC/+2 Concentration to cast defensively
Justicar: +2 Sense Motive, Creatures you drop to negative HP automatically stabilize
Mystic: One extra spell per day one level lower than your maximum
Relic Hunter: 1+Wisdom to Reflex vs Traps and Knowledge(Dungeoneering), Search are class skills
Sage: +2 Knowledge(Religion), can reroll Knowledge checks
Scribe: Gain Scribe Scroll, make scrolls for less cost
Shaman: Animal companion of half your level
Theologian: +2 Knowledge(Religion), +2 vs Divine Spells while holding holy symbol
Wanderer: Knowledge(Geography), Knowledge(Local), Speak Language and Survival are class skills, Endurance as bonus feat
Warrior Priest: Sudden Quicken 1/day for a spell targeting your weapon, shield or armor
Weaponmaster: +2 Craft(Weaponsmith), do not need a free hand to cast spells while holding deity's weapon
Substitution Levels
Azurin Cleric (MoI 42): add knowledge: the planes
1st level: Channel Incarnum (replace turn undead with the ability to increase your essemtia pool), can only cast alignment spells that match cleric's alignment
4th level: Soultouched Weapon (weapon becomes aligned, and can be improved with essentia), lose a second level spell slot
9th level: Distribute Incarnum (sacrifice a spell to boost allies' essentia), lose the ability to spontaneously cast cure spells higher than 5th level.

Dragonblood Cleric Substitution Levels (RotD 106)
1st level: Turn Energy (energy resistance instead of turn undead)
5th level: Energy Barrier (make walls of energy, lose 3rd level slot)
9th level: Energy Sustenance (use turns to heal), lose a 5th level slot

Dwarf Cleric Substitution Levels (RoS 146): d10 hitdice, add Knowledge: dungeoneering
1st level: Smite Giants, lose turn undead
4th level: Hammer Specialist (weapon proficiency, +2 damage with hammers), lose 2nd level spell slot
8th level: Earthen Spell Power (+1 caster level for earth spells), lose 4th level spell slot

Planar Cleric (PlH 30):
4th level: Planar Dismissal (Can use turn attempts to attempt to dismiss summoned planar creatures, but turns undead at -3 levels)
7th level: Planar Domain (give up two domains to gain a planar domain)
11th level: Planar Banishment (lose the ability to spontaneously cast cure spells higher than 6th level, can instead spontaneously cast banishment)

Purple Staff Substitution Levels (CV 47):
4th level: Spontaneous Faith Healing, lose 2nd-level spell slot
6th level: Imbue with Spell Ability, lose 3rd-level spell slot
9th level: Turn Invader (turn enemies at country border)

Raptorian Cleric Substitution Levels (RW 160): d6 hitdice
1st level: Air Master (air creatures take a penalty while attacking), lose heavy weapon proficiency
3rd level: Air Summoning Talent (add air creatures to summon monster list, remove earth creatures)
7th level: Open the Wind Gate (can call more powerful air creatures with planar ally spells, can't use planar ally to call other creatures)
*There are way to many divine feats & domains to list within text limits*

Combine Turning (Online): Spend additional turns for a stacking +4 bonus to check/damage.
Customize Domain (Dragon 325): swap a domain's spells to any you want provided it fits the theme/decriptor.
Exalted Turning (BoED): deal 3d6 damage to turned undead.
Extra Turning (SRD): +4 turn/day.
Improved Turning (SRD): +1 to turning level.

Divine Feats (tmtl)
Divine Metamagic(CD): spend turning uses to pay metamagic costs.

Nightstick(LM): +4 turn/day.
Reliquary Holy Symbol(MiC 120): up to +3 turn/day for 1k.
Perfect's Vestment (Raven): +1 turn/day for 6k.
Ephod of Authority (MiC 215): +1 to turning level for 800gp.
Flametouched Iron Holy Symbol (ECS): +1 to turning level for 750gp.
Icon of Ravenloft (Raven): +4 to turning level.
Sacred Armor/Shield Enhancement (A&E): +2 to turning level.
Scepter of the Netherworld (LM): +3 to turning level.
Phylactery of Undead Turning (Core): +4 to turning level.
Moonfriend (Raven): +3 to turning level (doesn't work with rebuke).
Rod of Defiance (LM): opponents have -4 to turn resistance.
Lyre of the Restful Soul (LM): DC 15 perform(string) check to bestow -4 turn resistance.
Greater Holy Symbol (DotF): empower turning at will.
Note, anything that grants a bonus to charisma checks are added to your turning check as well.

Specific Weapons
Breastplate of Command (SRD): not exactly a weapon but +2 competence to turning checks.
Erythnul's Slaughter (A&E): gain access to the war domain as long as you own it.
Hand of Heironeous (A&E): spend a turn use to deal +1d6 per chamod with an attack.
Mace of the Brightwalkers (FR:CoV): +6 sacred to turn or destroy undead checks.
Mace of the Darkchildren (FR:MoF): +6 Profane to turning checks & +2 to your level for max HD limits for only 17k.
Mace of Unlife (A&E): kill someone then animate them for free, 20HD can be controlled by this thing, amazing but expensive (138k).
Sword of Crypts (A&E): +1 turn/day if you are a cleric, worship heironeous for +2 to turn damage too.
Sword of the Glorious Pearl (SW): gives extra turning, expensive but if the DM rules nightsticks don't stack look into it.
Tiny Death Spear (DotU): infinite healing for undead for 11k, greater version costs the exact same price as 10 scrolls of it's ability too.

Light of Purity (CC): up to +5d6 to turning damage.
Subsitute Domain (CC): replace one domain with another offered by your deity.

Chakrabind[Soul] (MoI): +1 turn undead or +2 insight to turn undead checks.
Church of Mystra (FR:F&P): apply any one metamagic for free if in a worship dedicated site.

Domains (turn based)
Cold (SpC): turn/rebuke fire creatures, see also pryohydra and red dragon.
Glory Domain (SRD): +2 to turning check, +1d6 to turning damage.
Planning Domain (SpC): gives the extend metamagic feat, helps pick up persist at level 1.
Undead Domain (LM): gives extra turning.

Domains (not a full list, just ones I like)
Celerity (SpC) +10 to land speed.
Knowledge (SRD): adds all knowledge skills to class list, for use with knowledge devotion.
Magic (SRD): replaces the need to UMD lower level wizard/sorcerer spells.
Rune (SpC): access to planar binding.
Spell (SpC): access to anyspell, which allows you to cast any arcane spell.
Summon-ing/er (CD/SpC): +2 to cl with summoning spells.
Time (SpC): gives improved initiative.
TODO finish.

Worship Benefits
Mystra (FR:FaP 51): when casting a spell, apply any one known metamagic for free in her temples.

Dragon Shaman
Alternative Class Features
Shamanic Invocation (DrM 14): Give up an aura, learn a draconic invocation.
Dragon Spirit Amulet (MiC, 95): 3/day draconic aura has a 60ft range for one round.

Draconic Auras (DM): You can learn one of the auras published in this book.

Dragonfire Adept
Breath of Syberis (EB:Dragonmarked): +1d6 breath, +2d6 if you prc'ed into syberis.
Empower Spell-Like Ability: 3/day empower eldritch blast, great with eldritch glaive as it consumes one use per full attack.
Maximize Spell-Like Ability: 3/day maximize eldritch blast, great with eldritch glaive as it consumes one use per full attack.
Quicken Spell-Like Ability: 3/day quicken eldritch blast, great with eldritch glaive as it consumes one use per full attack.
Mortalbane (BoVD): 5/day +2d6 damage against a living target or halved if not.
Infernal Adept (Online): learn an invocation from another class two "levels" lower than you have access to.
Power Surge (Dragon 313): three options, +1 to dc, +1/die dmg, +50% duration, adds +1 to breath cooldown.

Feats - Breath Channeling
Entangling Exhalation (RotD): 1/2 damage but entangles and deals 1d6 for 1d4 rounds.
Exhaled Barrier (RotD): breath becomes a 10x10 wall, reflex halves & lasts 1d4 rounds.
Exhaled Immunity (RotD): grant immunity to your breath's energy, lasts 1d4 rounds.
Furious Inhalation (RotD): while raging +2d6 damage to bite attacks.

Dragon Spirit Cincture (MiC): +1d6 breath, +1 to it's save dc too.
Codex Advocate (Raven): learn an extra least invocation.

Variant Classes
Deadly Hunter (UA, p 58): Gain bonus to AC when unarmored and fast movement (as monk). Gain favored enemy, track, and swift tracker as a ranger. Lose armor and shield proficiency and wild shape.
Druidic Avenger (UA, p 51): no animal companion or spontaneous casting, penalty to wild empathy. Gain fast movement and rage.
Changing Nature's Design (Dragon 311 pg55) (Variant divine casters that count as Druids and have druidic casting with different class features)
*Metal Master: Can use metallic gear, Spontaneous casting of metal spells, Mine Sense, Metal Sense, Damage Reduction, Major Creation, Timeless Body, Iron Body
*Wild Reaper: Gain Fast Healing, bonus vs Death effects, Wild Shape, Animal Companion, Woodland Stride, Ability Damage Healing, Spontaneous casting (more than just summon spells), Turn Undead, Timeless Body
*Wind Walker: Aerial Companion, Aerial Empathy, Zephyr Spellcasting, Air Domain, a lot of air SLAs instead of Wild Shape, Elemental Shape, Air spell immunity.
*Winter Warden: Similar to druid, but gain Cold Casting, a series of cold spells as SLAs, Drift Stride, Trackless Step, Ice Step, Resistance to Cold, Wild Shape.

Totem Druid (Dragon 335 pg87): Totem Animal Companion, Nature Sense, Totem Shape, Wild Empathy, Natural Spell, Woodland Stride, Totem Shape, Trackless Step, Resist Nature's Lure, Venom Immunity, Timeless Body, A thousand faces)
Sidhe Scholar (Dragon 339 pg90): Has Intelligentsia, Nature Sense, Wild One, Blessing of the Fey, Sylvan Gifts, Otherworldly Shifting, Wild Shape, Dark Moon's Secret, Venom Immunity, Sylvan Craft, A Thousand Faces, Timeless Body)
Storm Druid (Dragon 328 pg87): spontaneously casts weather-type spells, immune to deafness, frightful presence, Thunder Strike, Wind Sense, Electrical Resistance, Improved Initiative)
Urban Druid (Dragon 317, pg30): Gains Urban Shape, Crowdwalking, Alley Fighting, City Sense, Favored City, and Urban Companion.
Alternative Class Features
Aspect of the Dragon (DrM 11): You don't gain wildshape. Instead take on various aspects of dragons.
Aquatic Druid: (SW 50): Choose an aquatic animal companion.
City-Shape (City, web): Smaller wild shapes, but gain the ability to change into vermin.
City-Soul (City, web): Lose the ability to wild shape into an elemental, turn into animated objects instead.
Crowd-Walker (CiS, web): Exchange woodland stride for the ability to move in crowds more easily.
Drow Druid (DU 58): Wildshape into a monstrous spider instead of animals.
Elemental Companion (CM 33): Gain an Elemental as a companion instead of an animal.
Go to Ground (CiS, web): Lose trackless step, gain the ability to hide from Urban Tracking.
Heat Endurance (SSt 47): Gain Heat Endurance, lose resist nature's lure.
Iron Constitution (CiS, web): Lose resist nature's lure. Gain the strong stomach feat, and +2 bonus to saves against disease.
Root Walker (DS 9): Lose woodland strike, resist nature's lure, wild empathy works on vermin, +4 saves vs SLAs of apperations, and can move over stone debris.
Phynxkin Companion (DrM 13): Gain a phynxkin instead of your normal animal companion.
Sandskimmer (SSt 47): Gain Sandskimmer, lose woodland stride.
Shapeshifter (PHB2 39): Lose animal companion & wildshape, several different forms, with set bonuses, at-will.
Spontaneous Affliction (EoE 21): lose ability to spontaneous SNA, gain ability to sicken humanoids.
Spontaneous Rejuvenation (PHB2 39): Lose spontaneous SNA spells. Gain the ability to sacrifice spells to give allies fast healing.
Urban Companion (CiS, web): Instead of a normal animal companion, instead gain something similar to a familiar.
Urban Sense (CiS, web): Lose nature's sense, gain a +2 bonus to sense motive and knowledge: local checks.
Voice of the City (CiS, web): Lose wild empathy to gain the ability to communicate with people who speak languages you do not know.
Waste Vermin Wildshape (SSt, p 47): Wildshape into a wasteland vermin, lose 1 wildshape/day.
Animal Allies (Dragon 327 pg87) (Alternate Animal Companions): Moose, Flying Squirrel, Seahorse
Environmental Weapon List (Dragon 331 pg87)
Trade standard druid’s weapon proficiencies for weapon proficiencies based on different environments.
Aquatic/Coastal: Club, dagger, dart, longspear, net, quarterstaff, sling, spear, shortspear, trident
Arctic/Tundra: club, dagger, handaxe, light pick, morningstar, quarterstaff, scythe, sickle, sling, spear, throwing axe
Desert/Wasteland: Falchion, javelin, kukri, scimitar, shortspear, sling, spear, whip
Grassland/Savannah: Bolas, javelin, longspear, scythe, shortbow, shortspear, sickle, sling, spear
Mountain: Battleaxe, club, dagger, handaxe, heavy pick, light pick, quarterstaff, sling, warhammer
Subterranean/Underdark: Club, dagger, heavy pick, light pick, shortspear, shortsword, sling, whip

The Mounted Druid (Dragon 333 pg87): Gives Elk as an animal companion option
(Dragon 347 pg91): Lost Ones (Variants for divine characters who've lost their faith)
*Focused Animal (L1 Druid: Lose trackless step, wild shape, woodland stride; gain continuous Speak with Animals, Count as druid two levels higher for your animal companion)
(Dragon 357 pg90):
Plant Companions (New abilities that cost progression in your animal companion's secondary bonuses)
*Alacrity (Extra attack; 2 levels)
*Bioluminescent (Glow in the dark; 1 level)
*Blindsight (30 feet; 2 levels)
*Blunting Mold (If attacks, attacker's weapon deals half damage until cleaned; 3 levels)
*Bonus Feat (Any feat; 1 level)
*Cactus Spurs (Grappling deals damage; 1 level)
*Darkvision (60 feet; 1 level)
*Distracting Pollen (Create concealment cloud; 2 levels)
*Eldritch Fibers (Overs DR/Magic; 1 level)
*Growth Spurt (Increases to large size; 3 levels)
*Ironbark (Natural Armor +3, 2 levels)
*Mirrored Bark (+2 AC vs Rays, +2 Reflex vs Spells/SLAs; 2 levels)
*Oakenbough (Strength +2, Constitution +2; +2 levels)
*Poisonous (Gains a poison attack; +3 levels)
*Powerful (+1 HD; +1 level)
*Roots (Fast Healing 1; +3 levels)
*Scent (As the ability; 1 level)
*Spines (Ranged attack; 1 level)
*Sticky Sap (Attackers must make strength checks to free their weapons; 5 levels)
*Swift (Speed +10; 2 levels)
*Tendrils (Reach doubles; 2 levels)
*Thorns (Every attack deals +1 damage and is piercing; 1 level)
*Tremorsense (60 feet; 1 level)
Substitution Levels
Halfling Druid Substitution Levels (RW, p 157) add climb, jump, move silently, and hide to skill list (6 skills points per level)
1st level: Spontaneous Casting (Special list of spontaneous spells), Enhanced Link (bonus to ride animal companion)
5th level: Undersized Wildshape (wildshape limited to smaller forms, usable more times per day)
13th level: Camouflage ability, lose thousand faces

Half-Orc Druid Substitution Level (RD, 159): d10 hitdice, add intimidation as class skill.
1st level: Tough Animal Companion (companion gains toughness)
4th level: Bully Animal (use Str instead of Cha for wild empathy), lose resist nature's lure
6th level: Augmented Nature's Allies (+4 Str/Con on SNA's), lose one wildshape/day

Fangshields Druid Substitution Levels (CV, p 40): must be nonhumanoid
4th level: Spontaneous Curing, replaces resist nature's lure
5th level: Wild Shape Hands (form hands while wildshaping)
7th level: Wild Shape (Humanoid), lose 1 use of wild shape

Goliath Druid Substitution Levels (RS, p 151)
1st level: Elemental Bond (better earth summons, can't summon other elements)
6th level: Earth Companion (animal companion gains earth-type and some stat changes
12th level: Earth Wild Shape (change into an earth elemental instead of plant)

Planar Druid (PlH, p 31): gain knowledge: the planes as class skill
4th level: Resist Planar Might (+2 bonus to saves to resist spell-like abilities of outsiders), lose resist nature's lure
9th level: Planar Tolerance (become attuned to planes), lose venom immunity
13th level: Counter Summoning (counter summon monster spells), lose thousand faces

Shifter Druid Substitution Levels (RE, p 126): add balance, climb, and jump to class skills
1st level: Beast Spirit (grants powers and abilities as level increase), replaces animal companion
4th level: Reckless Nature (+2 initiative checks and reflex saves, -2 to will saves), replaces resist nature's lure
5th level: Wild Shifting (can use racial shifting an extra time per day, and add wisdom bonus to duration. At 8th level claws are treated as one size larger, at 15th level they are treated as two sizes larger. Gain additional uses each time you would gain more uses of wildshape.), replaces normal wildshape ability. At 16th level, gain the ability to change into an elemental as normal.
Savage Empathy (Dragon 326): you can use wild empathy on animal, construct, humanoid, or undead.

Feats - Animal Companion
Companion Spellbond (PHBII): extended share spell range.
Exalted Companion (BoED): additional exalted choices.
Feral Animal Companion (FR:CoR): +2 str and it's bite inflicts red ache, -10 to handle animal checks against it.
Natural Bond (CAd): +3 to your level for your animal companion bonuses, capped by HD.
Spider Companion (DotU): you can get a spider.
Totem Companion (EB:ECS): additional magical beast choices.
Vermin Companion (EB:ECS): additional vermin choices.

Feats - Wild Shape
Aberration Wild Shape (LoM): you can wild shape into an aberration.
Corrupted Wild Shape (LM): you can wild shape into undead versions of animals if you're undead.
Dragon Wild Shape (Draco): you can wild shape into a dragon.
Exalted Wild Shape (BoED): you can wild shape into celestial versions of animals.
Improved Elemental Wild Shape (ELH): does anyone play epics?
Magical Beast Wild Shape (ELH): *sighes*, shame it's epic.
Plant Wild Shape (ELH): i guess 3.5 turned an epic feat into a 12th level class feature?
Azure Wild Shape (MoI): invested essentia as an insight bonus to damage.
Extra Wild Shape (CD): +1/day.
Fast Wild Shape (CD): wild shape is a move action.
Frozen Wild Shape (FB): you gain the cold subtype while wild shaped.
Powerful Wild Shape (RoS): keep powerful build while wild shaped.
Primeval Wild Shape (FB): additional +2 str/amor & resist cold 10, reduces duration to rounds instead of hours.
Proportionate Wild Shape (MotW): if you are larger than the creature, it becomes your size.
Savage Mobility (Dragon 326): +10 to wild shape's speed.
Speaking Wild Shape (MotW): you can talk to similar creatures.
Swift Wild Shape (CC): and now it's a swift action, requires fast wild shape.

Feats - Wild (to many to list)
Blindsight (MotW): gain a sound based blindsight 120ft.
Natural Spell (Core): must have, cast spells while in Wild Shape.
Nature's Fists (Dragon 343): gain a 1d4 slam then, air deafens, earth ignores hardness, fire burns, water fatigues.

Items (non-summoning)
Beastfriend Collar (Dragon 356:68): share spell range is increased to 5ft/2lvls, immediate action swap spaces.
Wild Shape Amulet (FR:MoF): +4 to your wild shape level, still caps at 20th through.
Wilding Clasp (MiC, ?): attach this to an item to keep it while in wild shape.

Enhance Wild Shape (SpC): next wild shape use can be used to turn into a plant, obtain ex qualities, or +2 to any physical stat.

Summoning - Items
Special Holy Symbol[Elhonna's Brooch] (CC): Gives your summons +1 hp/HD for 100gp, only works if you worship Elhonna.
Ring of Mighty Summons (CM): 3/day max hp but 1/2 duration.
Ring of the Beast (CC): summon nature's ally spell improves by an entire level (ie SNA-IV to SNA-V).
Summoner's Totem (MiC, 187): pretty much imbued summoning for 3k, summon nature's ally only.
Worldmeet Glade (CM): magical location, +2 hp per HD and +2 to saves/skills/checks/attack/damage for 18k.

Summoning - Feats
Ashbound (ECS): double duration and +3 luck to attack rolls, summon nature's ally only.
Augment Elemental (EB:MoE): elemental summons gain a +2 enhancement bonus to attack and damage as well as temp hp.
Augment Summoning (Core): summons gain a +4 enhancement bonus to strength and constitution.
Ashbound (EB:ECS): doubles the duration of summons and gives them a +3 luck bonus to attack.
Beckon the Frozen (FB): summons gain the cold subtype and deal +1d6 cold damage.
Icy Calling (FB): requires cold weather but can give max hp & +4 enhance to strength and dexterity.
Imbued Summoning (PHBII): can cast up to a 3rd level spell as a swift action to buff your summon.
Rashemi Elemental Summoning (UE): lets you summon Orglash or Thomils instead of an air or earth elemental.
Stalwart Planar Ally (PlH): possible +4 to ac/saves if you have planar touchstone.
Greenbound Summoning (LEoF): adds greenbound template, summon nature's ally only.
~Greenbound Template; type is changed to plant, uses d8s for hp, +6 str, +4 con/cha, +2 dex, DR 10/magic & slashing, fast healing 3, resistance to cold/electricity 10, +4 to grapples, tremor sense 60ft, gets entangle at will and wall of thorns once per day as SLAs too. Simply amazing, take it at level 1 and learn why druids rock.

Font of Inspiration (Online): extra inspiration points.
Note - If a character has the same feat more than once, its benefits do not stack unless indicated otherwise in the description. ~PHB89
In other words, the 2 points for taking the feat a second time does not stack with benefit of the first feat, aka +1 point per feat.

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Re: One Stop Shop
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Favored Soul
Alternative Class Features
Dead Levels (Online): Heal's first aid can heal HP, gain either k-arcana or k-religion, bonus to charisma checks with worshippers.
Deity's Favor (PHB2 43): Lose weapon focus/specialization, any spell you cast give x3 it's level as temp HP to one target (or all at lv12).
Drow Favored Soul (DU 58): Lose energy resistance, gain tremorsense.
Favored of Bahamut/Tiamat (DM?):Lose weapon focus/specialization, gain claws, a 1st level sorcerer spell, the dragontouched feat, your DR will be 10/epic, and at lvl 12 you can learn another sorcerer spell.
Favored of the Fiends (EoE 20): Lose weapon focus/specialization, gain evil-aligned claw & bite attacks.

Fighter (also Warblade)
Variant Classes
Specialist Fighters (Dragon 310 pg33):
Limited feat lists but replaces some feat options with special abilities.
*Bodyguard: Cover and Clear the Path, more class skills
*Commander: Helpful Hints, Rousing Speech, more class skills
*Corsair: (One of these for free at L1&2): Climb-Fighting, Rope Movement, Slow Fall, Swinging bull Rush, Big Breath, Ocean Tangle, only uses light armor, different skills
*Exoticist: Dazzling Display, Exotic Attack, Strange Strike, Loses Martial Weapon Proficiency, gains four Exotic Weapon Proficiencies.
*Fencer: Encouraging Blow, Denigrating Banter, Insurmountable Counter, only uses light armor and bucklers, gains skills.
*Horseman: Quick Turn, Share Shield, Spur, Steady Hand, can't use medium or heavy armor.
*Kensai: Rain of Blows, Storm of Blows. Loses Martial Weapon, Medium and Heavy Armor, and Shield Proficiency. Proficient in one martial or exotic weapon of your choice. Replace first level feat with +1/5 levels on attacks/damage.
*Knight: Hard Charge, Jousting Charge, Staggering Gait, Vicious Mount.
*Pugilist: Combo, Heavy Hitting, Iron Jaw, Shake it Off. Lose Martial and Shield Proficiency, gain Improved Unarmed Strike, Endurance at L1. Unarmed strikes deal 1d4 damage at Medium.
*Shield Bearer: Armored Gait, Armored Grace, Armor Optimization, Fortification, Shield Strike. Gain Tower Shield and Armor Spike proficiency.
*Survivalist: Lose heavy armor proficiency, gain class skills, no special abilities.
*Targetteer: Arrow Swarm, Sniper, Vital Aim. Loses Martial Melee and heavier shield proficiency (keeps buckler). Gains two exotic ranged weapon proficiencies.

Thug (UA 51): No first-level bonus feat, only light armor. Extra class skills, adds Urban Tracking to bonus feat list.  Can explicitly be used with Stealthy.
The Thane (Dragon 323 pg96): Different skills, treats Aura of Bravery, Improved Aid Another, and Stalwart feats as fighter bonus feats, Thane’s Vow (must serve a master, if they die geas until revenged).
The Janissary (Dragon 334 pg96): Gain Speak Language, Two Knowledges; Lose Handle Animal, Intimidate, Swim.
Alternative Class Features
Aligned Strike (CC 48): Lose a bonus feat, gain ability to align your weapon.
Armor of God (CC 48): Lose a bonus feat. As a immediate action, lower your will save to +0 and add your normal bonus to your AC.
Armored Mage (CM 32): Lose medium & heavy armor, choosen arcane class can cast spells in light armor if level < fighter+1.
Counter Attack (PHB2 45): Lose bonus feat. Use a full round action to make an attack, when you're attacked during that round you may attack your attacker as an immediate action.
Dragonscale Husk (DrM 12): Lose armor proficiency, gain scaly hide.
Drow Fighter (DotU 58): Lose heavy armor & tower shield, gain +2 initiative and Dex to damage against flat-footed enemies.
Dungeon Crasher (DS 10): Lose bonus feats, gain bonuses to break doors and traps. Gain a bonus on bullrush and do extra damage.
Elusive Attack (PHB2 44): Lose bonus feat. Full-round action attacks once with +2 dodge to AC, increases with level.
Overpowering Attack (PHB2 45): Lose bonus feat. Make a full round action to make one attack which deals double damage.
Resolute (CC 48): lose a bonus feat. As an immediate action, reduce your BAB by half and add that amount to your will save.
Stealthy (UA 58): Lose bonus feats, gain sneak attack as Rogue.  Can explicitly be used with Thug.
Eldritch Warriors (Dragon 355 pg92):
*Armored Savant (L1: Lose feat; ignore weight of armor for encumberance, armor slows you down as if one category lighter, maximum dexterity bonus +1, half normal ACF)
*Bonded Armor (L8: Lose feat; Bond to suit of armor, speeding donning and removing to full action, scaling insight to AC when worn)
*Eldritch Grace (L4: Evasion against spells and magical effects while only lightly encumbered)
*Eldritch Juggernaut (L18: Lose feat; gain spell resistance 11+HD in medium or heavy armor)
*Fortification (L10: Lose feats at L10,14,18; Gain Light, Medium, Heavy Fortificiation)
*Warrior of Air (L2: Lose feats at L2,6,12,20; Gain Electricity Resistance 5/10/20, Feather Fall, Freedom of Movement, Deal extra electrical damage on melee/unarmed attacks)
*Warrior of Earth (L2: Lose feats at L2,6,12,20; Gain Acid Resistance 5/10/20, Magic Stone, Deal extra acid damage on melee/unarmed attacks, Stone Shape)
*Warrior of Fire (L2: Lose feats at L2,6,12,20; Gain Fire Resistance 5/10/20, Burning Hands, deal extra fire damage on melee/unarmed attacks; Fire Shield (self only)
*Warrior of Water (L2: Lose feats at L2,6,12,20; Gain Cold Resistance 5/10/20, Obscuring Mist, Deal extra cold damage on melee/unarmed attacks, Water Breathing)
Substitution Levels
Darksong Knight Substitution Levels (CV, p 38): d8 HD, add Perform (dance)
2nd level: Dancing Feint (use Perform (dance) to feint)
6th level: Favored Enemy (yochlol)
8th level: Combat Dancing (+2 dodge bonus against AoOs, +2 attacks using Spring Attack)

Dwarf Fighter Substitution Levels (RS, p 146): d12 hitdice, gain knowledge: dungeoneering
1st level: Axe Focus (+1 attack with axes), lose feat
2nd level: Racial Foes (+2 damage vs orcs, goblins, and giants), lose feat
8th level: Heavy Armor Expertise (+1 AC in heavy armor), lose a feat

Half-Elf Fighter Substitution Levels (RD, p 157): d8 hitdice, extra skills
1st level: Blade focus (+1 attack with longsword and rapier), lose a feat
2nd level: Main Gauche (AC bonus from TWF), lose a feat
6th level: Confusing Banter (bluff or diplomacy check while fighting to add to attack), lose a feat

Kobold Fighter Substitution Levels (RDr, p 108): gain profession: miner and search
1st level: Spear focus (+1 attack with spears), Dodge. Lose bonus feat, medium, and heavy armor proficiency
2nd level: Constitution Boost (+2 Con), lose feat
4th level: Strength Boost (+2 Str), lose feat

Planar Fighter (PlH, p 32): gain knowledge: the planes as class skill
4th level: Planar Study (+2 bonus damage vs outsiders and extraplanars), lose bonus feat
8th level: Align Puissnance (make weapon aligned), lose bonus feat
12th level: Aura of Stability (dimensional anchor on self), lose bonus feat

Raptorian Fighter Substitution Levels (RW, p 161):
1st level: Encumbered Flight (can carry medium load flying), lose heavy armor weapon proficiency
4th level: Airborne Strike (+2 damage when flying higher than opponent), lose feat
8th level: Fast Flight (+10' to glide speed), lose feat

Warforged Fighter Substitution Levels (RE, p 130): d12 hitdice. Add craft and intimidate to class skills (both are already on fighter list)
1st level: Battle Hardened (+3 to initiative checks and saves vs fear), lose bonus feat
2nd level: Bonus Warforged Feat, replaces fighter feat
4th level: Body as Weapon (+2 damage with slams or warforged weapons), lose bonus feat

Zhentarim Fighter Substitution Levels (CV, web): Add bluff and diplomacy to class skills.
3rd level: Bonus Feat: Skill Focus(intimidation)
5th level: Extended Intimidation: intimidation lasts longer
9th level: Swift Demoralization: itimidate as a swift action
Fighter-Only Feats
Weapon Focus (Core): +1 to attack.
Weapon Specialization (Core): +2 damage.
Melee Weapon Mastery (PHBII): +2 attack & damage with a melee weapon damage type (pierce, blud, or slash).
Ranged Weapon Mastery (PHBII): as above but also +20ft to range and yes you have to choose a damage type.
Greater Weapon Focus (Core): another +1 attack.
Greater Weapon Specialization (Core): another +2 damage.
Weapon Supremacy (PHBII): +4 vs disarm, +1 AC, can use the weapon in a grapple, 1/rnd; +5 to an attack, take 10 on an attack.
Crushing Attack (PHBII): bludgeoning-only, +1 to attack rolls per successful hit that round.
Driving Attack (PHBII): piercing-only, full-round action to attack once and bullrush using your damage for the modifier.
Slashing Furry (PHBII): slashing-only, extra attack but -5 to att rolls, specifically allowed to use with a standard action at -10/-5.
Necropotent (LM): against undead-only, +4 damage with a weapon you're specialized with.

Martial Adapt Access Feats
Martial Study (ToB): learn a martial maneuver, awesome.
Martial Stance (ToB): learn a martial stance, just as awesome.

Martial Adapt Access Items (Some FYI data)
Effect: teaches you a martial maneuver provided you meet the prerequisites (il, maneuvers known, etc).
Cost: lv1~3 is 3k, lv4~6 is 15k, lv6~9 is 45k.
Slots: Crown Of White Ravens, Desert Wind Cloak, Devoted Spirit Amulet, Iron Heart Vest, Ring Of The Diamond Mind, Shadow Hands (gloves), Slippers Of The Setting Sun, Stone Dragon Belt, Tiger Claw Bracers

Alternative Class Features
Dark Companion
Dead Levels (Online) -> Forced Omens: Learn prestidigitation as a bonus spell, later gains silent spell & cast at-will.
Dark Companion (PHB2 47): Lose familiar to gain a combat orientated companion.
Drakken Familiar (DrM 12): Don't gain a normal familiar, gain a familiar with the dragon subtype. It doesn't gain normal special abilities, but can breathe fire instead.
Unfamiliar Territory (Dragon 348 pg88): trades away your familiar.
* Arcane Reabsorption (Lose familiar; If you fail a Spell Resistance check, make a Spellcraft check to regain the spell as if you had not cast it)
* Focus Caster (Lose familiar); Bond to object, gain proficiency with that object, object becomes focus for your spells, gain one of various school-themed benefits, doesn't require specialization)

Traversed Arcana (Dragon 357 pg88):
*Aligned Spellcaster (L4: Lose familiar; Spells you cast gain one of your non-neutral alignments as a descriptor and gain +1 CL against enemies of opposite alignment subtype)
*Beleagered Spellcaster (L4: Lose familiar; If you take more than 3xCL, next spell is automatically maximized or extended for free.)
*Disciple of Boccob (L4: Lose familiar; Take item creation feats one level sooner, items you create act as +1 CL for free, cannot destroy magic items or lose spellcasting for several days)
*Impromptu Metamagic (L4: Lose familiar; Chose one metamagic feat each morning, no level increase when applying it, usable 4-Level Increase times a day)
*School Mastery (L4: Lose familiar; Choose a school (does not require specialization, but is your specialist school if you are), gain benefit related to that school)

Unofficial Fix From An Official Content Creator
Quote from: WotC_Mearls (aka mike mearls)
The hexblade suffers a little because he came on the scene relatively early in 3.5's life. As R&D pushes the boundaries of the game, we learn that some things we thought were risky or potentially broken aren't. Other times, we learn things that look fine don't actually work in play. Armored mages fall into the first category. Them seem really powerful, but in the long run they aren't. Spells and magic items allow an unarmored mage to build great defenses. The spell mage armor is as good as medium armor, and its duration allows most mages to keep it active at all times. If you compare the hexblade to the duskblade from PH 2, you can see how the thinking has changed. If you want to boost the hexblade, I'd try the following changes:
* Good Fortitude save
* Curse ability usable 1 + the hexblade's Cha modifier per day
* Curse ability usable as a swift action
* Curse ability does not count as used if the target makes his saving throw
* Ability to cast in light or medium armor and while carrying a light shield or buckler
* At 6th level, the hexblade can cast one hexblade spell per day as a swift action, as long as its original casting time is a standard action or faster. He gains an additional use of this power at levels 8, 11, 14, and 18.
Feats - Hex
Curse of Distraction (Dragon 339): target much make a 15/20/25+lvl concentration check to cast.
Curse of Failure (Dragon 339): -4/-6/-8 to one save.
Curse of Ignorance (Dragon 339): target has a -5/-10/-15 penalty to two skills.
Curse of Paranoia (Dragon 339): flanking bonus increases by +3/+4/+6 against the target.
Curse of the Sloth (Dragon 339): -25%/-50%/-75% speed (min 5ft).
Curse of the Softened Blade (Dragon 339): -2/-4/-6 damage (min 1).
Curse of the Stricken (Dragon 339): -2/-4/-6 armor bonus to AC (min +0).
Empower Curse (Dragon 339): curse's penalties improve by -1 more.
Extend Curse (Dragon 339): curse lasts one day instead of one hour.
Extra Curse (Dragon 339): +1 use per day.
Foe of the Unlucky (Dragon 339): expend a use to force a crit confirmation reroll.

Hexbands (MiC): +1 DC to hexcurse, cha to damage on hexed foes 5/day.
Tabard of Valor (CC): At 1/2 HP or less gain Mettle, or if you have it gain Improved Mettle.

Variant Classes
Class Variants (Dragon 310 pg45):
*Holy Monk: Lose bonus feats, gain smite evil, turn undead, & can multiclass with paladin.
*Hunter Monk: Lose a bonus feat & slow fall, gain favored enemy & survival as a class skill, & can multiclass with ranger.
*Martial Monk: Lose 1 skill, gain intimidate as a class skill, can choose any fighter feat for bonus feats, & can multiclass with fighter.
*Raging Monk: Lose flurry of blows, still mind, & quivering palm for rage chain & can multiclass with barbarian.
*Steadfast Monk: Lose speed bonus and extra AC (keep wis-to-ac), gain barbarian's DR.
*Vigilant Monk: Lose 2nd/6th feats, gain detect chaos at-will & (improved) uncanny dodge.

Chaos Monk (Dragon 335 pg89): Chaotically aligned monk, notably gains flailing strike for +1d4-1 attacks per round.
Wild Monk (Dragon 324 pg97): Known of it's ability to give wild shape.
Sidewinder Monk (Dragon 331 pg89): More roguish tilt, keeps flurry of blows and gains sneak attack 1d6/3lvls.
Alternative Class Features
Aquatic Monk (SW 50): Walk across water at slow fall speed, lose slow fall.
Decisive Strike (PHB2 51): Lose flurry of blows, gain ability to make one attack that deals double damage.
Draconic Fist (DrM 11): Lose Bonus Feat. Your attacks deal energy damage.
Durable (UA 58 ): Gain damage reduction as barbarian. Lose speed enhancement bonus and bonus to AC (but not wisdom to AC).
Eberron Monk (ECS 38 ): Lose 2nd or 6st feat, gain whirling steel or flensing strike.
Feign Death (EoE 21): Lose evasion, gain ability to appear dead
Holy Strike (CC 48): Lose ki strike, unarmed deals +1d6 vs good or evil.
Invisible Fist (EoE 21): Lose evasion, gain ability to turn invisible, gain blink at 9th level.
Prayerful Meditation (CC 48): Lose still mind, gain bonus on saves vs spells from opposed/chaotic aligned creatures.
Soulwarp Strike (CM 34): Lose bonus feat. Once per level, can cause sickness with attack.
Spell Reflection (CM 35): Lose evasion, gain the ability to reflect spells targeted at you that miss.
Standing Jump (DS 10): Reduce fast movement ability to improve jumping ability.
Variant Fighting Styles (UA 52): Exchange bonus feats for select styles of learning.
Wall Walker (DS 11): Lose slowfall, gain the ability to run up and down walls.
Warforged Monk (ECS 38): Can use wholeness of body to repair damage.
(Dragon 310 pg41): Variant Fist (Fighting styles that replace your feats at L1,2,6 with specific combinations of feats and grant an additional bonus)
*Cobra Strike: Escape Artist, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Increased Dodge Bonus from Dodge
*Denying Stance: Tumble, Improved Grapple, Combat Reflexes, Improved Disarm, Bonus on Disarm and Grapple when defensive
*Hand and Foot: Balance, Stunning Fist, Deflect Arrows, Improved Trip, Bonus to resist combat maneuvers
*Invisible Eye: Listen, Combat Reflexes, Lightning Reflexes, Blind-Fight, +1 AC when defensive
*Overwhelming Attack: Intimidate, Power Attack, Bull Rush, Improved Overrun, bonus on Bull Rush checks against recently demoralized enemies
*Passive Way: Bluff, Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Improved Feint, +4 on trips vs flatfooted enemies
*Sleeping Tiger: Hide, Weapon Finesse, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Extra damage vs flatfooted enemies with a light weapon
*Undying Way: Concentration, Toughness, Endurance, Diehard, DR 2/- when defensive

Weapons (Dragon 330 pg90):
Ghurka (Nepalese): Lose proficiencies in kama, nunchaku, sai, shuriken, and siangham.  Gain proficiencies with kukri, short sword, and short bow.  Treat kukri, short sword, and club as special monk weapons.
Arnis, Kali, Escrima (Filipino): Lose proficiencies in kama, nunchaku, sai, shuriken, and siangham.  Gain proficiencies with short sword, longsword, and whip.  Treat club, dagger, quarterstaff, and short sword as special monk weapons.
Krabi-Krabong (Thai): Lose proficiencies in kama, nunchaku, sai, shuriken, and siangham.  Gain proficiencies with short sword, spear, and short spear.  Treat short sword, spear, short spear, club, and quarterstaff as special monk weapons.  Also gain proficiencies with all shields except tower shields.

Worldly Styles  (Dragon 334 pg89): (Monk combat styles)
* Kyokushkai Karate (Survival, Endurance, Toughness, Weapon Focus (unarmed strike), +6 HP)
* Wing Chun Kuen (Listen, Combat Reflexes, Cleave, Improved Critical (unarmed strike), Wis to Init when not surprised)
* Wushu (Tumble, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Improved Feint, Half your monk level on feint checks)

The Metered Style (Dragon 337 pg97):
*Concentration, Defensive Metered Foot, Offensive Metered Foot, Toughness, May take 10 on any Strength or Dexterity based skill check.
Backgrounds (Dragon 338 pg93):  (Monk backgrounds: +1 damage vs objects, +1 bonus on Jump checks, +1 Knowledge(History), +1 vs Stunning Fist, or +1 vs Entangled)
The Eternal Light (Dragon 340 pg47):
*Illuminated Monk (L1: Bonus Feat(Skill Focus), Flurry of Blows, Unarmed Strike; L2: Bonus Feat(Negotiator or Investigator), Evasion; L6: Meditative Focus, Slow Fall 30 ft)
Sacred Enforcers (Dragon 346 pg90): (Monk fighting styles)
*Sacred Path of Heironeous (Diplomacy, Endurance, Negotiator, Weapon Specialization(Longsword), Flurry with longswords)
*Sacred Path of Hextor (Intimidate, Endurance, Persuasive, Weapon Specialization (Flail), Flurry with flails)
*Sacred Path of Moradin (Balance, Improved Sunder, Cleave, Diehard, Half monk level to sunder damage)
*Sacred Path of St. Cuthbert (Survival, Track, Alertness, Power Attack, Natural 20s on attack rolls inflict -1 on saves and AC for half monk level in rounds)
*Sacred Path of Wee Jas (Use Magic Device, Improved Initiative, Skill Focus(Use Magic Device), Half monk level to UMD checks)
*Sacred Path of Yondalla (Jump, Improved Initiative, Weapon Finesse, Mobility, +1 on Saves after Flurrying for one round)

Monk Alternate Class Features (Dragon 346 pg90): :
*Sacred Strike (Lose Ki Strike, Improved Evasion, gain Smite Good/Chaos/Evil 1+Wisdom times per day, later gains stun and blind)
*Unwavering Dedication (Lose Still Mind, can multiclass with Paladin, Cleric or Blackguard)
*Wholeness of Others (Lose Wholeness of Body, gain Lay on Hands equivalent (but not on yourself))

Bane of the Clockwork (Dragon 351 pg93): (Alternate Monk class feature; L3: Lose Slow Fall and 6th level feat; can crit on constructs with unarmed strikes, can use stunning fist and quivering palm on constructs)
Way of the Shackled Beast (Dragon 355 pg74): (Shifter Monk Substitution levels)
*Way of the Shackled Beast Style (Jump, Fear No Binds, Beast Strike, Disruptive Strike, Use Flurry of Blows with a charge)
Beyond Kung-Fu (Dragon 358 pg84): (Monk styles)
*Buddhist Monk (Sense Motive, Iron Will, Combat Expertise, Intuitive Attack, +5 on Still Mind)
*Franciscan Friar (Heal, Self-Sufficient, Vow of Chastity, Die Hard, Gain CLW, purify food, & remove disease SLAs)
*Knight Hospitaler (Spot, Weapon Focus (Any), Combat Expertise, Weapon Specialization (Same as Focus), Can use Combat Expertise on allies)
*Shinto Monk (Knowledge(Nature), Animal Affinity, Vow of Purity, Nymph's Kiss, Animal Companion using 1/3 Monk Level as Druid Level)
Substitution Levels
Broken One Substitution Levels (CV, p 36): add Heal and Survival
3rd level: Lay on Hands, replaces still mind
6th level: Tenacious Tracker, replaces bonus feat
7th level: Locate creature, replaces wholeness of body

Dark Moon Disciple Substitution Levels (CV, web): d6 HD
3rd level: Darkvision: Gain darkvision 60', lose still mind
7th level: Shadow Blend: Gain total concealment in less than full daylight, lose wholeness of body
12th level: Walk the Shadows: Gain dimension door to/from shadow, lose abundant step

Halfling Monk Substitution Levels (RW, p 158)
1st level: Skirmish (extra damage while moving)
2nd level: Mobility instead of normal bonus feat
7th level: Size Matters Not (bonuses to grapple or use stunning fist on larger creatures), lose wholeness of body

Hin Disciple Substitution Levels (CV, web): d6 HD, halfling only
1st level: Bonus Feat: Stunning Fist or Underfoot Combat;
2nd level Combat Reflexes or Improved Trip
6th level: Blur of Motion: Gain ability to attack a Large or larger foe while using total defense, lose bonus feat, requires 5 ranks of tumble
9th level: The Harder They Fall: Nearby allies can attack a foe you trip while occupying its square, lose improved evasion (and the ability to gain it from other sources)

Kalashtar Monk (RE 124): gain autohypnosis and knowledge: psionics as class skills
1st level: Psychic Insight (spend power points to improve grapple and stunning fist attacks), replace flurry blow
2nd level: Can select psionic feat as bonus feat
7th level: Wholeness of Body (can spend power points to augment wholeness of body healing)

Phoenix Disciple Substitution Levels (CV 46): must be lawful good
1st level: Purifying Flame (add 1d6 fire damage to unarmed attack 1/day per monk level), replaces bonus feat
3rd level: Resistance to Fire (5), replaces still mind
12th level: Fire Stride, replaces abundant step

Planar Monk (PlH 32): gain knowledge: the planes as class skill
5th level: Resistant Body (gain energy resistance), lose purity of body
13th level: Axiomatic Soul (gain spell resistance of class level +15), lose diamond soul
16th level: Ki Strike (unarmed attack treated as cold iron), replaces normal ki strike

Skarn Monk Substitution Levels (MoI 47): add intimidate to class skills
1st level: Spine Strike (use arm spines instead of normal unarmed attacks)
5th level: Defensive Insight (+1 insight to AC for each point of essentia invested), essentia pool increases by 1, lose normal AC bonus
10th level: Shape Soulmeld, Chakra Bind (arms), replaces lawful Ki strike

Warforged Monk Substitution Levels (CoS 121):
5th level: Harmonious Form (meditate for 8 hours to recover 2x character level in hit points), replaces Purity of Body
11th level: Shifting Steel (unarmed strikes can do bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage), replaces Diamond Body
Carmendine Monk (CoV): use int instead of wis for ac bonus, stunning fist, & quivering palm; & +2 to monk level to one trait.
Deft Fists (Dragon 319): unarmed strike ignores cover (but not total cover).
Lightning Fists (S&F): gives two extra attacks on a full attack, but all have -5 to hit and doesn't stack with Flurry.
Mantis Leap(S&F): charge using a move action if you can jump to them before moving, also +(strmod*2) to the damage.
Pole Fighter (Dragon 331): treat a polearm as a monk's special weapon and flurry with it.
Roundabout Kick (CW): give an extra attack when you critically hit, combine with disciple of dispator.
Snap Kick (ToB): gives an extra unarmed attack, but all have -2 to hit.
Superior Unarmed Strike (ToB): +4 monk level for unarmed damage.
Stonewalker Fist (FR:RoF): ignore +4 armor/shield bonus from metal & stone, can be taken again to ignore up to +8.
Stone Monkey (Dragon 309): grapple check disables limbs, -5spd & -2 all check using the limb for 1d6+1 rnds on failed save.
Sun School (CW): tactical feat.

Bones of Li-Peng (WoL): +5 to monk level for unarmed damage and AC, also +1 stunning per day.
Gauntlets of the Talon (CD): relic of bahamut, +5 to monk stuff, notes it stacks with monk's belt and improves ki strike which is nice.
Monk's Belt (Core): +4 to monk level for unarmed damage and AC.
Monk's Tattoo (FR:MoF): +4 to monk level for unarmed damage and AC, don't buy it and just go slot less on the belt to save 70k or w/e.
Ki Straps (MiC): +2 enhancement to stun DCs, cheaper and lower bonus (updated) alternative to S&Fs.
Ki Straps (S&F): +5 enhancement to stun DCs, if your DM lets you buy (or stack) these your stun DCs can be amazing.
Scorpion Kama (MiC): kama, deals as much as you unarmed attack so buy a large version for thf with your unarmed damage.
Sparing Dummy of the Master (A&E): move 10ft when you would make 5ft steps, handy.
Bracers of Majere (DL:HOotS): additional attack during furry of blows.

Stunning Fist Feats
Ability Focus (Core): +2 stunning DC.
Black Panda Mastery I (Dragon 309): extensive requirements, gives +2 to stunning fist DCs.
Falling Star Strike (OA): stunning vs humanoids can blind, fort negs.
Fist of the Heavens (BoED): +2 stunning DC.
Fists of Iron (CW): +1d6 damage instead of stunning.
Freezing The Lifeblood (CW): paralyze for 1d4+1 rounds instead of stunning.
Meditation of War Mastery (OA): +2 to stun DCs and you also gain weapon focus.
Pain Touch (CW): nauseate foes for one round after stunning.
Rapid Stunning (CW): you can use an extra stun per round.
Ring the Golden Bell (Dragon 319): wismod+1/day unarmed strike is a ranged attack.
Weakening Touch (CW): -6 str instead of stunning.
Rags of Restraint(MiC 119): magic item, spend a stun use to heal your monk/ninja level in hp.

Unarmed - As an Enhanceable Weapon
Amulet of Mighty Fists (Core): expensive, passes enhancements to [all] unarmed attacks, useful if two-weapon-fighting.
Battlefist (ECS): passes enhancements to unarmed attacks, increases unarmed size, use warforged arms (EB:FoE) if needed.
Bracers of Striking(FR:MoF): passes enhancements to unarmed attacks.
Necklace of Natural Weapons (SS): passes enhancements to unarmed attacks.
Gauntlet (Core): deals your unarmed damage, can't flurry with it.
Scorpion's Karma (MiC, ?): deals your unarmed damage, you can flurry with it.
Ward Cetus (S&F): passes enhancements to unarmed attacks.
Note: You can stack them, +1 flaming ward cetus & +a 1 frost battlefist means you have a +1 flaming frost unarmed strike.

Unarmed - Bonus Damage
Bracers of Lightning (MiC 206): bracers, adds shock to your attacks, not limited to unarmed only.
Collar of Venom (BoVD): 50kgp necklace, adds poison (dc 14, 1d10/1d10 con dmg), works with venomfire.
Demonic Domain (FCI): feat, +1 profane to attack/damage with unarmed & natural weapons.
Elixir of Flaming Fists(MiC 159): potion, +1d6 fire with unarmed attacks for three minutes, 300gp.
Fire Heritage (PH): feat, +1 to initiative and unarmed attacks deal +1 fire damage, decent excuse to ignore web I guess.
Fists of Iron (OA): +1d4 damage 3+wismod/day.
Flaming Fists (A&E): potion, +1d6 fire damage with unarmed attacks for three minutes, it is only 300 a pop so alchemical tooth it up.
Lightning Tunic (MiC, 114) 3/day charges, expend one to deal +2d6 electricity damage with unarmed for 3 rounds.
Planar Touchstone[ashardalon’s tongue] (PH, 182): feat, +1 attack, 1/day & 4/visit +1d6 fire with unarmed attacks for ECL rounds.
Roundabout Kick (CW): cirtical hits give you another attack, try using with disciple of dispater.
Rings of Force Armor (MiC): two rings worn as a set give ghost touch, +5 armor, and +1d4 force damage with unarmed attacks.
Ring of the Viper (FR:SK): ring, +1 damage and poison (dc 11, 1d6/1d6 con dmg), doesn't work with venomfire since flavor says the ring delivers it.
Stone Spikes (FF): graft, +1d4 piecing damage with unarmed attacks.
Sun Soul Monk (CoV): feat, Selune gives +1 cold damage with unarmed attacks and they count as silver.
Vile Natural Attack (BoED): feat, +1 vile damage with unarmed attacks, vile damage cannot be cured unless you are in a consecrated area.
Wreath of Flames (DM): spell, +2d6 fire with unarmed attacks & natural weapons, persistable and abusable (use a ring of mystic fire & +1/die effects for +6d6+6 or more).

Unarmed - Size Increases
Fanged Ring(DM): item, grants improved unarmed, improved natural attack(unarmed) & con damage on a crit.
Improved Natural Weapon (Core): feat, +1 size to unarmed damage.
(Eternal) Wand of Greater Mighty Wallop (MiC/RoD): 3rd lvl spell, increase the CL for +5 size to unarmed damage.
(Eternal) Wand of Mighty Wallop (RoD): 1st lvl spell, +1 size to unarmed damage. different spell & unnamed bonuses, it stacks.
Expansion (SRD:Psi): increases your size (amount varies by pp expenditure), a PsyWar give access and sets up for...
Ectoplasmic Fist (EB:ECS): slotless, requires a manifester level of 1 and a limb per addition, +1 size to unarmed damage.
~Tip: Do not line up your monk based unarmed damage on 1d6 or 2d6 if you plan to use multiple size increases at gargantuan or higher d8s deal more on average.

Pressure Point Strike (Dragon 336): greatly expands the abilities of stunning fist.
White Tiger Array (1 use, heals stun/sicken/fatigue)
Red Monkey (2 uses, removes paralyze or paralyzes 1d4 rnds)
Water Turtle Point (2 uses, removes blind/deaf, blind/deafens for 1d4 rnds)
Dragon Soul (3 uses, +1d6 SR for 1 rnd or -1d6 SR for wismod rnds)
Emerald Snake Point (3 uses, delay posion 1d4 hours or posion 1d4/- con dmg)
Royal Viper Point (4 uses, cure posion or 1+wismod penalty to saves vs poison)
Celestial Dragon Point (5 uses, targeted greater dispel magic or prevent spells/SLAs for 1d4 rounds).

Chakrabind[Hands] (MoI): +1 stunning attack per day.

Alternative Class Features
Elements of Surprise (Dragon 354 pg86): (Elemental Variant Ninjas)
*Blinding Flash: Fire (L2: Lose Ghost Step, Gain ability to blind foes; L8: Lose Ghost Strike, Gain ability to increase duration of foe’s blindness; L10: Lose improvement to Ghost Step, wreath hands and feet in flame after using Blinding Flash)
*Deceptive Mist: Water (L2: Lose Ghost Step, Gain ability to create Obscuring Mist/Solid Fog; L8: Lose Ghost Strike,  Gain ability to lace deceptive mist with poison; L10: Lose improvement to Ghost Step, Gain ability to make deceptive mist behave like Solid Fog)
*One With The Earth: Earth (L2: Lose Ghost Step, Gain ability to Meld Into Stone; L8: Lose Ghost Strike, Gain burrow speed; L10: Lose improvement to Ghost Step, gain DR 10/adamantine for 1d4 rounds after emerging from burrowing)
Enduring Ki (CS): expend 1 ki to increase the duration of a ki effect for one round, also +1 ki/day.
Expanded Ki Pool (CS): +3 ki/day.
Flurry of Throws (Dragon #344): trade X dice of sudden strike in for +X extra shuriken throws.
Intuitive Trapsmith (Dragon 351): add your wismod to search/disable checks.
One with Earth and Water (Dragon 351): add your wismod to climb/swim checks.
Zen Fortitude (Dragon 351): add your wismod to fortitude saves.

Feats - Ki Power
Hidden Kingdom Jutsu (Dragon 342): expend ki to cast hallucinatory terrain.
Jutsu Focus (Dragon 342): +2 DC to all ki powers, if any ki power lets you spend additional ki treat it as if +1 ki was spent.
Karmic Healing (Dragon 342): spend 1ki to heal (ninja_lvl x wismod) hp or reduce exhaustion/fatigue.
Ki Smite (Dragon 342): expend ki to add your wis modifier to attack & damage.
Rabbit Prince Jutsu (Dragon 342): expend ki to cast expeditious retreat.
Ringing Fist Jutsu (Dragon 342): expend ki to cast knock or shatter.
River Eel Jutsu (Dragon 342): expend ki to benefit from freedom of movement for one round.
Shadow Puppet Jutsu (Dragon 342): expend ki to distract and render a target flat-footed on a failed save.
Skill Attunement (Dragon 351): expend ki to add your wismod to all skills for a number of rounds equal to 1/5 your ninja level.
Thousand Faces Jutsu (Dragon 342): expend ki to mimic the looks of a creature.
Wind Oxen Jutsu (Dragon 342): expend ki to perform a ranged bullrush.
Wolf’s Bite (Dragon 351): expend ki to access the improved disarm, feint, & trip feats for one round.

Rags of Restraint(Mic 119): spend a stun use to heal your monk/ninja level in hp.

Variant Classes
Avenging (UA 58): Gain favored enemy as ranger. Lose lay on hands, remove disease, and turn undead.
Champions of the Divine (Dragon 310 Page 47): Variant Paladins for non-evil alignments
* Anarch (CN): Gains Aura of Chaos, Detect Law, Smite Law, Slipper Mind, Turn Construct, Special Mount, and Dispel Law.
* Avenger (CG): Gains Aura of Chaos, Detect Law, Smite Law, Lay on Hands, Slippery Mind, Turn Undead, Animal Minion, and Break Enchantment.
* Enforcer (LN): Gains Aura of Law, Detect Chaos, Smite Chaos, Subdue, Suggestion, Rebuke/Command Undead, Leadership, and Dominate Person.
* Incarnate (N): Gains Detect Imbalance, Elemental Affinity, Smite Extremist, Elemental Burst, Energy Resistance, Rebuke Outsider, Elemental Minion, and Commune with Nature.
* Sentinel (NG): Gains Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil, Resist Fiendish Lure, Celestial Fortitude, Turn Outsider, Celestial Minion, and Dispel Evil.

Blackguards Dragon 312 Page 20): Evil Paladin Variants
* Anti-Paladin (CE): Gains Aura of Evil, Detect Good, Smite Good, Slaughter the Weak, Death Knell, Turn or Rebuke Outsider, Fiendish Mount and Contagion.
* Despot (LE): Gains Aura of Law, Detect Chaos, Smite Chaos, Slippery Mind, Indomitable Will, Oppression, Leadership (yes, as the feat), and Mark of Justice.
* Corrupter (NE): Gains Aura of Evil, Detect Good, Smite Heathen, Hidden Faith, Disguise Self, Intercession, Fiendish Familiar, and Fallen Soul.

Paladins of Freedom, Tyranny, and Slaughter (UA 53): Paladins of alternate alignments and codes.
Spell-less Paladin (CW 13): Lose spellcasting, gain mount-related enhancement to lay on hands and offensive abilities.
Wyrmslayer Paladin (Dragon 322 Page 90): Can multiclass with Ranger, replaces Knowledge(Nobility and Royalty) with Knowledge(Arcana), gain uses of Resist Energy instead of Remove Disease).
Alternative Class Features
Aquatic Paladin (SW 51): Gain aquatic special mount.
Charging Smite (PHB2 53): Lose special mount, smite deals +2 damage per paladin level while charging.
Curse Breaker (CM 33): Lose remove disease, gain remove curse and break enchantment.
Detect Undead (ECR 208): Replace detect evil with detect undead.
Divine Counter Spell (CM 33): Lose turn undead, instead channel energy to counter spells.
Divine Spirit (DS 11): Lose special mount, gain a spirit that grants special abilities to you and/or your allies.
Dragonscale Husk (DrM, 12): Lose armor proficiency, gain scaly hide.
Drakkensteed Mount (DrM, 13): Gain a drakkensteed instead of a normal mount.
Halfling Paladin (ECS 39): May call a Clawfoot dinosaur to serve as special mount.
Holy Warrior (CC 49): Lose spellcasting. Gain bonus feats.
Paladin Domains (Dragon 328 Page 90): Lose turn undead, gain a domain's power.
Paladin of Light (Dragon 340 Page 47): L1: Aura of Good, Detect Night Creatures, Smite Evil 1/day; L2: Cooling Touch, Divine Grace; L6: Remove Curse 1/week.
Pelor's Blessing (ECR 208): +2 to attack roll and plus 1 damage per 2 paladin when smiting undead, replaces divine health.
Power of the Self (Dragon 347 Page 91): Lose Divine Grace, Divine Health, & Special Mount, gain bonus fighter feats every four levels.
Solstice Knight (Dragon 338 Page 94): L3: Aura of Courage, Blessed Radiance; L5: Darkvision, Strike of the Faithful, Special Mount.
Stand Fast (CiS, web): Lose special mount. Divine grace bonus to nearby allies, divine grace to bullrush/grapple/trip/sunder/disarm.
Underdark Knight (CC 49): Lose special mount, gain low-light vision, a bonus to balance/climb/jump. At 7th level, gain spike stones. At 12th level gain earth glide. At 15th level gain dimension door.
Warded Special Mount (ECR 208): Lose one weekly use of remove disease. Mount becomes immune to negative energy and death effects.
(Dragon 349 Page 93):
*Angel's Sight (L3: Lose Divine Health; gain Darkvision and Low-Light Vision).
*Aura of Banishment (L6: Lose Remove Disease; evil outsiders cannot be summoned near you as easily).
*Aura of Sanctity (L4: Lose Turn/Rebuke Undead; Become immune to compulsion, death or petrification. Nearby allies gain +4 on rolls vs same.).
*Gaze of Truth (L1: Lose Detect Evil; Gain Detect Lies).
*Hunter of Fiends (L1: Lose Smite Evil; Gain Favored Enemy (Outsider(evil)).
*Smiting Arrow (L1: Lose heavy armor and shield proficiency; your Smite Evil can be used on ranged attacks to 30 feet).
*Sword of Celestia (L5: Lose special mount; gain a magical weapon forged in celestia).
Substitution Levels
Berronar Valkyrie Substitution Levels (CV, p 35): female dwarf only
3rd level: Everbright Blessing (equipment is immune to acid and rust, provides resist acid 5), replaces divine health
4th level: Valiant Rescue (charge and make full attack against enemy threatening an ally), replaces turn undead
6th level: Binding Oath (oathbreaker suffers fatigue), Touch of Fatigue, replaces remove disease

Claw of the Sun and the Ankh Substitution Levels (CV, p 36):
1st level: Bird of Prey (gain claw attacks), replaces smite evil
6th level: Smite Minions of Set (smite a servant of Set), replaces remove disease
12th level: Horus-Re's Glory (armor shines as daylight), lose 3rd-level spell slot

Crescent Moon Knight Substitution Levels (CV, p 37): add Knowledge (local, Impiltur region)
4th level: Favored Enemy (lycanthropes) +2, replaces turn undead
6th level: Cure Lycanthropy (use remove disease ability to cure a lycanthrope within a very small timeframe after infection)
10th level: Battlesong (inspire courage), lose 2nd-level spell slot

Dragonborn Paladin Substitution Level (RDr, p 108): gain knowledge: arcana
1st level: Detect Dragonblood, replaces detect evil
4th level: Bahamut's Blessing (bonus smiting dragons), lose turn undead
5th level: Fearless Special Mount

Elf Paladin Substitution Levels (RW, p 155)
1st level: Ranged Smite
3rd level: Aura of Freedom (+4 bonus to saves vs Enchantment), lose aura of courage
5th level: Unicorn Mount

Eternal Order Substitution Levels (CV, p 39):
1st level: Corpsestrike (ignore undead creature's DR), Undead Knowledge, replaces smite evil
3rd level: Eternal Vigor (ignore negative levels from undead creature), replaces divine health
6th level: Greater Turning (as Sun domain power), replaces remove disease

Golden Cup Substitution Levels (CV, p 42):
3rd level: Defend the Weak (grant dodge bonus from fighting defensively to adjacent creature), replaces aura of courage
4th level: Shield Other, replaces turn undead
10th level: Expanded Healing (+3 level for lay on hands and healing spells), lose 1 use of smite evil

Golden Lion Substitution Levels (CV, p 43): aid good temple of another faith 1/month
1st level: Detect Magic, replaces detect evil
4th level: Enemy of Strife (smite evil ignores miss chance and bypasses DR as though good against Zhentarim & followers of Bane or Cyric), replaces turn undead
6th level: Restore the Weave (repair a square of dead or wild magic area), replaces remove disease

Half-Orc Paladin Substitution Levels (RD, p 160): d12 HD, switch Diplomacy for Intimidate
1st level: Righteous Fury (bonus damage, increases by level, has duration), lose smite evil
3rd level: Aura of Awe (-2 to enemy's fear saves), lose aura of courage
6th level: Remove Fatigue, replaces remove disease

Harmonious Knight Substitution Levels (CV, web): add perform to list of class skills
1st level: Inspire Courage: replaces detect evil
6th level: Inspire Competence: replaces remove disease
9th level: Inspire Greatness: replaces remove disease

Holy Judge Substitution Levels (CV, p 44): add Knowledge (the planes)
1st level: Favored Enemy (devils), replaces smite evil
4th level: Censure Devil (daze devil within 30'), intended to replace turn undead?
6th level: Zone of Truth, replaces remove disease

Lion Legionairre Substitution Levels (CV, p 44): add Knowledge (nature)
3rd level: Firemane Aura (damages attacker), replaces aura of courage
4th level: Wild Fighting (make extra attacks), replaces turn undead
5th level: Flying Lion (fly 1/day), replaces special mount

Mystic Fire Knight Substitution Levels (CV, p 45): d8 HD, add Knowledge (arcana) and Spellcraft
4th level: Bonus Spells, Improved Spellcasting, replaces turn undead
5th level: Smite Evil (normal smite plus disrupt spellcasting)
6th level: Spellshatter (greater dispel magic on melee attack) replaces remove disease

Noble Heart Substitution Levels (CV, p 46): add Survival
3rd level: Tenacious Tracker (Track, +20 to track Loviatar's followers), replaces divine health
4th level: Sunder the Sadistic (gain ability to smite and/or ignore hardness of objects dedicated to, or owned by followers of, Loviatar), replaces turn undead
6th level: Delay Poison, replaces remove disease

Planar Paladin (PlH, p 33): gain knowledge: the planes as a class skill
4th level: Smite Evil Outsider, lose turn undead
6th level: Celestial Mount (mount gains bonuses), lose remove disease
10th level: Alignment Purity (avoid alignment-related penalties on certain planes), lose one smite evil attempt per day.

Red Falcon Substitution Levels (CV, p 48): add Knowledge (history)
2nd level: Brilliant Strategy (increase AC by Cha mod for 1 round), Military Knowledge, replaces divine grace
4th level: Expanded Spell List (augury, deatwatch, status), Military Knowledge, lose 3 uses of turn undead.
6th level: Military Knowledge, Spontaneous Extend Spell, Trained Militia, lose 1st-level spell slot

Ruby Rose Knight Substitution Levels (CV, p 49): d8 HD, add Bluff and Perform (dance, oratory, sing, string instrument)
3rd level: Enduring Personality (immune to Cha damage/drain), Expanded Spell List (love bite), replaces divine health
6th level: Heroism (1/week), replaces remove disease
12th level: Heroic Rapture (grant another creature +4 to attacks, saves and skill checks, immunity to fear, and temporary hp), lose 3rd-level spell slot

Shadow Cloak Knight Substitution Levels (CV, web): gnome only, add Hide and Move Silently to class skill list
4th level: Favored Enemy
6th level: Hide in Plain Sight
9th level: One With the Darkness: gain invisibility 1/day

Vigilant Eye of Helm Substitution Levels (CV, p 51):
1st level: Expanded Spell List (see invisibility), Know Greatest enemy, replaces detect evil
3rd level: Vigilant Aid (increase ally's AC as a move action), replaces divine health
4th level: Awesome Smite (smite as with Awesome Blow), replaces turn undead

Warforged Paladin Substitution Levels (RE, p 130): add concentration, craft, knowledge: nobility and royalty, profession, and ride to class skills
1st level: Smite Construct (may smite constructs no matter what their alignment)
2nd level: Durable Will (Con bonus to will saves), replaces divine grace. Repair damage (can repair damage to constructs instead of laying on hands)
3rd level: Immunity to Stunning, replaces divine health

Wary Swordknight Substitution Levels (CV, p 51): halfling, 4 skill points per level, add Listen and Spot
3rd level: Tougher than Small (be treated as one size larger, if advantageous, for some effects), replaces aura of courage
4th level: Uncanny Dodge, replaces turn undead
6th level: Haste, replaces remove disease

Wayward Warden Substitution Levels (CV, web): halfling only
3rd level: Distracting Presence: enemies take a -4 penalty on spot and listen checks, lose aura of courage
5th level: Use Your Allies: Gain sneak attack against larger flanked enemies, lose daily use of smite
10th level: Commanding Presence: Grant allies a bonus on attack rolls, lose daily use of smite
Action Healing (Eb:FoE): spend an action point to empower lay on hands.
Awesome Smite (CC): either ignore some DR, ignore miss chances (Smite a mirror image and hit them anyway?), or free trip when you smite.
Azure Touch (MoI): invest essentia to increase your paladin level for lay on hands.
Battle Blessing (CC): paladin spells are a swift action to cast, shame you only get 4th level spells huh.
Celestial Mount (BoED): mount gains celestial creature template
Exalted Smite (BoED): smite is good aligned.
Extra Smiting (CW): +2 smites/day (works for crusaders, fists of raziel, and which hunters, how what about ordained champion?).
Exalted Turning (BoED): deal 3d6 damage to turned undead.
From Smite to Song (CoV): smite evil to inspire courage, paladin level = bard level.
Gift of Grace (BoED): let others use you divine grace.
Hands of a Healer (BoED): +2 cha for lay on hands only.
Ranged Smite Evil (BoED): the name says all.
Sapphire Smite (MoI): +x damage and +x uses per day where x is essentia invested in this feat, also +1 essentia.
Sword Of The Arcane Order (): gain access to wizard/sorcerer spells as paladin spells, see also battle blessing.
Touch of Silver (Eb:FoE): spend a turn use, lay on hands can hurt lycanthropes and evil outsiders.

Feats - Purification
Bane of Decay (Dragon 337): melee weapon becomes +1 undead bane or +1 vermin bane for 1min.
Detoxifying Touch (Dragon 337): expend to uses to cast neutralize posion.
Extra Remove Disease (Dragon 337): +2 uses of remove disease per week.
Smite Carrier (Dragon 337): you can smite a nongood creature provided it has a poison or infection attack.
Strengthed Resilience (Dragon 337): you & two allies gain a +4 sacred on fort vs disease & posion for 1 hour.
Wholesome Fare (Dragon 337): cast purify food and drink as an SLA five times over the next 24hrs.

Perfect's Vestment (Raven): +1 turn & smite per day for 6k.
Noble Pennon (MiC 166): +2 to smite evil damage.
Mighty Smiting (MiC 39): +2 to attack/damage while smiting, also +1 use per day.
Sacrificial Smiting (FR:CoV): accept a neg level that cannot be overcome to smite evil, technically infinite use.
Unicorn Pendant (FR:MoF): +4 cha for lay on hands only.
Caduceus Bracers (MiC): 5 points of lay on hands can cure fatigue, exhaustion, and ability damage.

Specific Weapons
Blackguard's Blade (BoVD): +10 to smite good damage.
Vigilant Halberd (A&E): doubles smite damage.
Hammer of Sacrifice (A&E): take 5 damage per round for +5 to damage.
Holy Avenger (Core): +5 & holy for a little over 100k, also gives sr 15 & can cast dispel magic.
Hand of Heironeous (A&E): Expend a turn as a standard action for+(chamod)d6 damage against undead.
Gruumsh's Revenge (A&E): Like the above but for elves. Imbue which every after each combat and kill them all.
Larethian Protector (A&E): As Heironeous from above, but it's a bow, talk about copy and paste...
Sword of Zeal (A&E): Channel your lay on hands to damage to evil outsiders and undead, so lame.

Conduit of Life (CC): next lay on hands also heals you for 2d10+cl.
Devastating Smite (Eb:FoW): doubles smite damage.
Sacred Haven (SpC): you and allies gain +2 scared to ac, you gain status on your allies, and lay on hands has no range limit on them.
Seek Eternal Rest (FR:MoF): +2 to your turn undead level.
Touch of Restoration (CC): spend lay on hands to cure ability damage using a 2nd level spell, or just cast lesser restoration (srsly).

Chakrabind[Soul] (MoI): +1 smite evil.
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Variant Classes
Mystic Ranger (Dragon 336 Page 105): Slows progression of other class features, gain 5th level spells, cantrips, spellcraft.
Planar Ranger (UA 55): Wild empathy works better on fiendish/celestial creatures than it does on regular animals, may aquire a fiendish or celestial animal as a companion.
Shape-changing (UA 58): Lose combat styles, gain wildshape as druid (small and medium animals only) & fast movement.
Urban Ranger (Dragon 310 Page 59): Lose k-geo, k-nature, & track, gain k-local, gather info, & stealthy, bard instead of ranger spells, & FE:organizations.
Urban Ranger (UA 55): No animal companion greater than medium, replace tracking with urban tracking, no woodland stride or camouflage. Add only one half level to wild empathy checks. Gain Hide in Plain Site in any area, and additional spellcasting.
Spell-less Ranger (CW, 13): Lose spellcasting, gain fast movement and spell-like abilities.
Wild Defender (Dragon 324 Page 95): Loses FE, feats, combat styles, & stealth for smite evil, rebuke nature, & some druid features.
Optional Combat Styles (Dragon 326 Page 97): Replaces combat style feats.
*Beast-Wrestling Style: Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Stunning Fist.
*Mounted Combat Style: Ride-By Attack, Spirited Charge, Trample.
*Piscator Style: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Net), Improved Trip, Improved Critical.
*Strong Arm Style: Power Attack, Improved Sunder, Great Cleave.
*Throwing Style: Quick Draw, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot.
Alternative Class Features
Animal Allies (Dragon 327 Page 87): alternate animal companions, moose, flying squirrel, or seahorse.
Arcane Hunter (CM 32): Lose normal favored enemy, gain "Favored Enemy (Arcanists)"
Aquatic Ranger (SW 51): Track in water, apply woodland stride to aquatic terrain instead of woodland terrain.
Celestial Slayer (EoE 20): Must be evil; lose wild empathy, animal companion, and woodland stride, gain SR vs. good spells/spell-likes and +4 to confirm crit. vs. good creatures
Champion of the Wild (CC 50): Lose spellcasting for bonus feats.
Crowd-Walker (CiS, web): Exchange woodland stride for the ability to move in crowds more easily.
Distracting Attack (PHB2 55): Lose animal companion. Whenever you hit with an attack, the enemy is then considered flanked.
Heat Endurance (SSt 48): Gain Heat Endurance, lose Endurance.
Feign Death (EoE 21): lose evasion, gain ability to appear dead
Hidden Stalker (CiS, web): Lose camouflage and normal hide in plain sight, gain the ability to hide more easily in urban settings.
Moon-Warded Ranger (Dragon 340 Page 55): L2: Armor of the Senses; L6: Skin of the Moon; L11: Indomitable Mind.
Phynxkin Companion (DrM 13): Gain a phynxkin instead of your normal animal companion.
Racial Ranger (Dragon 341 Page 92):
*Dwarf Ranger (Lose Stonecunning, Skill bonuses, AC vs Giants to get scaling AC bonus vs Favored Enemies).
*Elf Ranger (Gain a favored terrain, but take -1 on Int and Wis-based skills outside it).
*Gnome Ranger (Lose all SLAs but Speak With Animals, gain Create Water, Detect Poison, Purify Food and Drink as SLAs).
*Half Elf Ranger (Switch +2 bonuses on Diplomacy and Gather Information to Handle Animal and Ride).
*Half Orc Ranger (Gain Favored Enemy (Orc) or (Human) but take Charisma penalty with that race).
*Halfling Ranger (Lose luck bonus to saves; gain scaling bonus to saves vs their favored enemies).

Rival Organization (CiS, web): Do not gain favored enemies. Instead, gain bonuses when fighting members of an organization which you have studied.
Sandskimmer (SSt 49): Gain Sandskimmer, lose woodland stride.
Solitary Hunting (Dragon 347 Page 91): Lose animal companion; gain Favored Enemy bonus on attack rolls.
Spell Reflection (CM 35): Lose evasion, gain the ability to reflect spells targeted at you that miss.
Spiritual Connection (CC 50): Lose wild empathy, gain speak with plants and speak with animals spell effects.
Spiritual Guide (CC 50): Lose animal companion. As long as you're in natural settings, gain a bonus on several skills. Use commune with nature once per day.
Trap Expert (DS 12): Lose tracking. Gain trap finding, and disable device as a class skill.
Urban Companion (CiS, web): Instead of a normal animal companion, instead gain something similar to a familiar.
Urban Tracker (CiS, web): switch normal tracking for urban tracking.
Voice of the City (CiS, web): Lose wild empathy to gain the ability to communicate with people who speak languages you do not know.
Waste Hunter (SSt 49): Choose a specific wasteland creature from among current favored enemies, gain additional benefits against that creature.
Substitution Levels
Elf Ranger Substitution Levels (RW 155): d6 hitdice, 8 skill points
1st level: Elf Favored Enemy (extra bonus vs certain races)
4th level: Elven Hound Companion
10th level: Strongheart Slayer (+4 morale bonus on will saves vs. drow and driders, +4 for bonus vs spider venoms), lose a favored enemy

Half-Elf Ranger Substitution Levels (RD 158):
1st level: Urban Tracking, lose tracking
4th level: Street magic (swap spell lists)
13th level: Skill mastery, lose camouflage

Fangshields Ranger Substitution Levels (CV 41): nonhumanoid, add Diplomacy
2nd level: Combat Style (Multiattack or Improved Natural Attack (single natural weapon), Weapon Focus (any natural weapon), Weapon Focus (any other natural weapon), or Greater Weapon Focus (single natural weapon))
4th level: Animal Companion (as druid of 1/2 ranger level +2)
5th level: Lion and the Unicorn (+1 sacred bonus to AC during day or night), replaces favored enemy

Gnome Ranger Substitution Levels (RS 149):
1st level: Gnome Favored Enemy (bonus with certain skills vs favored enemy instead of damage)
4th level: Burrowing Animal Companion (stronger animal companion, can't share spells with it)
8th level: Gnome Ranger Spells (switch some spells on list)

Kobold Ranger Substitution Levels (RDr 109):
1st level: Kobold Favored Enemy (favored enemy works with different skills)
4th level: Dire Weasel Companion, Kobold Ranger Spells (different spells)
7th level: Subterranean Stride (underground stride instead of woodland stride)

Planar Ranger (PlH, p 34): gain knowledge: the planes as a class skill
4th level: Planar Animal Companion
8th level: Portal Intuition (attempt to determine where portals lead), lose swift tracker
13th level: Planar Tracking (use plane shift to follow quarry), lose camouflage

Shadow Sword Substitution Levels (CV 49): add Knowledge (history)
3rd level: Walk in Silence (+5 Move Silently for 1 round 1 day/2 ranger levels), replaces Endurance
6th level: Bane Weapon (treat weapon as bane weapon against favored enemy), replaces improved combat style
8th level: Portal Analysis (detect portal within 10', study as with analyze portal, use as with portal well), replaces swift tracker

Shifter Ranger Substitution Levels (RE 128): add balance to list of class skills
1st level: Wild Empathy (add wisdom instead of Cha to wild empathy)
4th level: Share Shifting (share benefits of shifting with animal companion), replaces the ability to share spells
9th level: Enhanced Shifting (gain extra benefit while shifting, depending on primary shifter trait), lose evasion

Shooting Star Substitution Levels (CV 50): add Knowledge (arcana) and Spellcraft
3rd level: Weavespeak (as sending with restrictions), replaces Endurance
4th level: Bonus Spells, Improved Spellcasting, replaces animal companion
8th level: Expanded Spell List (see invisibility, word of recall), replaces swift tracker

Weapon Enchantments
Hunting (MiC): +4 damage to favored enemies.

Enemy Spirit Pouch (MiC 97): +2 to your favored enemy bonus, can grant FE to none-rangers as well.
Girlde of Hate {Dragon 314 pg22): 16,000gp, x2 favored enemy bonuses.
Mark of the Hunter (SpC) +4 to your favored enemy bonus, ignore cover/conceal if it's not full.

Azure Enmity (MoI): essentia invested as insight to skills and damage to all favored enemies.
Disabling Strike (Dragon 339): crits against favored enemies also stun on a failed fort save.
Improved Favored Enemy (CW): +3 damage to favored enemies.
Extra Favored Enemy (MofW): they didn't get creative with the name did they?
Favored Critical (MotW): doubles threat range against one favored enemy and stacks with Keen, like scimitars with a 11~20 range.
Favored Dodge (Dragon 335): favored enemy bonus as a dodge bonus to AC against favored enemies.
Favored Magic Foe (CM): favored enemy bonus to spell penetration.
Favored Power Attack (CS): x2 to PA damage against favored enemies.
Intimidate the Enemy (Dragon 335): demolize favored enemies as a move action with your favored enemy bonus to the check.
Nemesis (BoED): +1d6 against evil favored enemies and the ability to detect them.
No Threat To Me (Dragon 335): you don't provoke AoOs for ranged attacks from favored enemies.
Mystic Companion (Dragon 339): +4 to CL (max ranger level) while your companion can see you.
Supernatural Blow (MotW): +1d6 per crit mod vs creatures immune to crits, still works even if you bypass immunity too.
Tactical Advantage (Dragon 335): add favored enemy bonus to attack, bullrush, disarm, & trip.
Trophy Hunter (Dragon 332): gain various bonuses for displaying a corpse's body parts.
Unquenchable Flame of Life (LM): +2 or favored enemy bonus to saves against undead.
Unyielding Bond of Soul (EB:FoE): +2 or favored enemy bonus to saves against outsiders.
Wise to Your Ways (GW): favored enemy bonus to saves.

Feats (feats that give benefits without needing the favored enemy class feature)
Foe Specialist (MH): +1d6 SA against a favored enemy.
Foe Hunter (PgtF): gain favored enemy, limited list but dragons and demons is on it.
Vow of Vengeance (DotU): +2 profane to damage & +4 profane to crit confirm against a favored enemy.

Chakrabind[Crown] (MoI): +1 insight to damage vs favored enemies.

Variant Classes
Martial Rogue (UA 58): Lose sneak attack and gain bonus feats as a fighter.
Wilderness Rogue (UA 56): Modified skill list. Add camouflage, woodland stride, and hide in plain site to the list of abilities rogues can pick.
Alternative Class Features
Antiquarian (CC 51): Lose trapfinding, gain wismod to appraise checks and can identify divine items.
Breathstealer (DrM 11): Special ability choice, use sneak attack to prevent a dragon from using its breath weapon.
Criminal Specialists (Dragon 352 Page 93): Bans two skills to gain certain skill bonuses.
Death's Ruin (CC 51): Lose trapsense, can use sneak-attack on undead at one half damage.
Disruptive Attack (PHB2 57): Lose uncanny dodge, gain the ability to subsitute SA for -5 to AC.
Dwarf Rogues (Dragon 338 Page 96)
1st: Demolitionist, Trapfinding
3rd: Expert Demolitionist, Trap Sense +1
5th: Rapid Demolitionist

Drow Rogue (DU 58): Lose trapfinding, gain poison use.
Feign Death (EoE 21): Lose evasion, gain ability to appear dead.
Friend's Evasion (CC 51): Lose improved evasion as a special ability option. Every ally adjacent to you gains evasion.
Frostfell Terrain Mastery (FB 45): +2 initiative and +10 land speed in cold terrain, gained as special ability.
Holy Stalker (CC 51): Replaces crippling strike, +2 damage per SA die vs undead.
Lightbringer Penetrating Strike (ECR, p 208): Deal 1/2 your SA vs flanked creatures even if they are immune to crits.
Lunar Rogue (Dragon 340 Page 55)
4th level: Raging Rogue
8th level: Changing Rogue
10th level: Empowered Rogue

Mimic (EoE 21): Lose trapfinding, gain disguise self.
Penetrating Strike (DS 13): Lose trap sense, deal 1/2 your SA against creatures normally immune to SA.
Quick Fingers (DS 13): Lose one level of trap sense to reduce the time needed to disarm traps.
Spell Reflection (CM 35): Lose evasion, gain the ability to reflect spells targeted at you that miss.
Spell Sense (CM 35): Lose trapsense. Gain AC bonus vs spells.
Uncanny Bravery (DrM 14): Gain immunity to draconic presence and resistance to fear instead of uncanny dodge.
Substitution Levels
Golden Hands of Vergadain Substitution Levels (CV, web): must be a dwarf; add Survival to class skills
2nd level: lose +1 to Reflex save from your level, get FE bonuses vs a certain organization.
3rd level: gain Track, lose trap sense. Gain bonuses to tracking in place of trap sense
6th level: lose the BAB bonus from the level, gain Urban Tracking

Goliath Rogue Substitution Levels (RS 152): d8 hitdice, add survival to class skills
2nd level: Mettle of Mountains (+4 bonus to For, Mettle), no evasion
3rd level: Wild Sense (bonus to knowledge: nature checks), lose trap sense
8th level: Fortification (25% chance to prevent crits and such), lose uncanny dodge

Halfling Rogue Substitution Levels (RW 160)
1st level: Ranged Sneak Attack
3rd level: Thief's Luck (can reroll reflex saves), lose trapsense
10th level: Sniping Mastery (can take ranged attacks while hiding), lose special ability

Kobold Rogue (RDr 109): d4 hitdice, add knowledge: dungeoneering to class list
1st level: Rapid Retreat (+5' while withdrawing), Shrewd Trapfinding (+2 bonus to find/disable traps)
3rd level: Improved Trap Sense (bonus to saves vs. traps), Shrewd Trapfinding
8th level: Evasive Skitter (can move out of area of effects), Shrewd Trapfinding

Changeling Rogue (RE 121): Add one knowledge skill to class list, 10 skills per level
1st level: Social Intuition (grants bonuses to a number of social skill checks), lose trapfinding
3rd level: Minor Lore (+1 to knowledge checks, +1 every 3 levels), lose trap sense
8th level: Mutable Anatomy (50% chance to negate extra damage from a critical or sneak attack), lose uncanny dodge

Planar Rogue (PlH 34): gain knowledge: the planes as a class skill
6th level: Breach Sense (detect activation of portals and spells that cross planes)
10th level: Slip the Bonds (turn ethereal once per day), replaces normal special ability
16th level: Blink once per day, replaces normal special ability

Rilkan Rogue Substitution Levels (MoI 47): add speak languages to class skills
1st level: Improved Flanking (+4 bonus while flanking), lose one die of sneak attack
3rd level: Bardic Knowledge, Bonus feat, lose trap sense
10th level: Fortunate Reflexes (reroll reflex saves), replaces normal special ability
Weapon Enchantments
Deadly Percision (CAd): +2d6 SA.
Deadly Percision (MiC): +1d6 SA.
Assassination(Online): +1d6 SA, also enhancement bonus to poison save DCs.

Craven (CoRuin): +ECL on SA.
Deadly Precision (Epsi): reroll SA's 1s.
Sacred Strike (BoED): SA uses d8s vs evil creatures.
Savvy Rogue (CS): 10th level rogue abilities are increased.
Staggering Strike(CAd): Fort save (DC damage dealt) or become Staggered for one round.

Ambush Feats (not all listed)
Aleval School (DotU): -2 on one save for one round.
Burning Link (Dragon #344): your remaining sneak attack damage dealt to familiar/companion hits it's master.
Dazzling Strike (Dragon #344): dazzles for a number or rounds equal to SA dice traded in.
Deafening Strike (CS): deafen for three rounds.
Disemboweling Strike (CS): 1d4 con damage.
Eldritch Erosion (Dragon #344): reduces SR by -5 for one minute.
Gloom Strike (DotU): blind for three rounds.
Hamstring (CW): Half speed.
Head Shot (CS): confuse for one round.
Lacerate (Dragon #344): prevents usage of one hand.
Maiming Strike (EoE): deal one charisma damage per SA two dice traded in. ~+20d6 SA becomes a coma 90% of the time.
Painful Strike (Dragon #344): -2 penalty to attack, skills, & ability checks for one minute.
Persistent Attacker (CW): next rounds 1st attack SAs on them no matter what.
Ring the Ear (Dragon #344): uses unarmed strike, deafens for one minute on a failed save.
Sickening Strike (DotU): sicken for one round.
Terrifying Strike (DotU): shaken for one round.
Throat Punch (CW): speechless for one round.
Venomous Strike (DotU): +2 to posion's DC (if any).
Weaken The Heart (Dragon #344): fatigues (stacks to exhausted) the target on a failed save.

Bracers of the Hunter (EB:SoX): +1d6 SA, +5 hide & +2 initiative.
Bracers of Murder (DotU): +2 profane to attack/damage vs flat-footed foes, reroll SA's 1s, +2 to Death Attack save DCs too.
Rogue's Vest (MiC): +1d6 SA, +2 hide/move/reflex.
Murderer's Gloves (?): 3/day swift action, one round invisibily after SAing.
Umbral Awn or Custom Legacy (ToB/WoL): +3d6 SA.
Full Mon's Trick or Custom Legacy (WoL): +4 to attack/damage while SAing.
Shadowstealer's Cloak (Dragon 356:69): +10 com to hide, immediate action gain concealment, 5rnd cooldown.
Sword of Subtlety (Core): +1 short sword, +4 to attack/damage while SAing.

Grave Strike (SpC): can SA undead.
Golem Strike (SpC?): can SA golems.
Hunter's Eye (PHBII): +<cl/3>d6 SA, bump the cl up for an easy +6d6 :)
Increase Virulence (PHBII): +2 to poison DCs is that's your thing.
Nightstalker's Transformation (CAd): Bonuses to dex, ac, reflex, skills, gives weapon finesse and evansion, and 3d6 SA in exchange for spellcasting (including casting off items).
Shapechange[gloom] (ELH): +13d6 SA.
Tactical Precision (SpC): effectively +1d6 SA & +2 insight while flanking.

Distraction (Online): +1d6 SA.
Find the Heart (Online): +2d6 SA.

Concealment Breakers
Bracers of Accuracy (Mic, 79): another 3 charge item, nova it to ignore none-incorp concealment.
Crystal Mask of Visual Insight (MiC, 92): swift action to negate none-invisible granted concealment.
Rapier of Unerring Direction (MiC, 55): relic, ignores all miss chances. Exemplifies concealment and incorporeal so yeah it's serious.
Revelation Crystal (MiC, 66): breaks non-environmental concealment on the target for one round, after you hit once.

Other Noteable Stuff
Mantle of the Predator (MiC, item): +1d6 SS on melee only, +5 hide/move.
Shadow Veil (MiC, item): while in shadows, gain concealment against stuff that does not use light to find you.
Ring of DarkHidden (MiC, item): darkvision cannot see you.
Darkstalker (LoM, feat): blindsense, blindsight, scent, or tremorsense still has to roll to find you, flank creatures with all around vision.
Assassins Stance (ToB): 3rd level shadow hand stance, grants +2d6 SA.

Alternative Class Features
Aquatic Scout (?): Fast movement applies to your swim speed.
Dungeon Specialist (PHB2 59): Lose fast movement & evasion, gain a climb speed & keep AC, also gain AC while confined.
Go to Ground (CS, web): Lose trackless step, gain the ability to hide from Urban Tracking.
Hidden Stalker (CS, web): Lose camouflage to ignore movement penalty to hide, HiPS changes to urban based.
Light Cavalry (Dragon 346 Page 87): Lose stealth/movement for a special mount that gains movement bonuses.
Riposte (CS, web): Lose skirmish, gain retaliation damage (aka skirmish triggers if someone attacked you).
Skilled City Dweller (CS, web): Lose nature skills, gain urban skills.
Sniper (Dragon 346 Page 87): Lose skirmish & movement, gain sniping (aka full-round ranged attck, deals skirkmish damage).
Spell Reflection (CM 35): Lose evasion, gain the ability to reflect spells targeted at you that miss.
Acrobatic Skirmisher (Dragon 346): tumble through an opponent for +1d6 skirmish next round.
Improved Acrobatic Skirmisher (Dragon 346): tumble through an opponent for +2d6 skirmish next round.
Hinder (Dragon 344): reduces land speed by -10ft, stacks to a minimium of 5ft, but doesn't affect other speeds.
Ranged Skirmish (Dragon 346): skirmish range is increased to 60ft.
Telling Blow (PHBII): when you score a critical hit you automatically deal skirmish damage.

Gloves of Agile Striking (MiC 105): 2/day +1d6 with finessable weapons or +2d6 to skirmish damage instead.
Skirmisher Boots (MiC 136): +2 to skirmish damage, 2/day swift action to attack action.

Variant Classes
Battle Sorcerer (UA 56): Lose 1 spell slot/known per level, gain d8 for HD, medium BAB, proficiency one melee weapon & light armor (ignore ASF), and swaps bluff with intimidate.
Wu Jen Sorcerer (OA 30): Use the wu jen spell list.
Alternative Class Features
Aligned Spellcaster (Dragon 357 pg88): Lose familiar, your spells gain one alignment descriptor and +1CL against opposing creatures.
Arcane Reabsorption (Dragon 348 pg88): Lose familiar, if a spell fails to penetrate SR make a spellcraft check to recover the slot.
Beleagered Spellcaster (Dragon 357 pg88): Lose familiar, take more than CLx3 damage, next spell is maximized/extended for free.
Blood of Eberron (Dragon 351 pg77): Lose familiar, modifies skills and you gain an animal companion.
Blood of Khyber (Dragon 351 pg77): Lose familiar, modifies skills and +1CL with summon/transmutation but -1CL abjuration/divination.
Blood of Siberys (Dragon 351 pg77): Lose familiar, modifies skills and +4 to charisma to determine bonus spells.
Dead Level (Online): Magical Affinity gives (2+lvl) to knowledge arcana checks on a creature type.
Disciple of Boccob (Dragon 357 pg88): Lose familiar, gain +1 level for crafting feat eligibility & magic items gain a free +1 CL bonus.
Divine Companion (CC 51): Lose familiar, gain a a spirit that stores spell energy and turns it into healing or deflection bonuses.
Domain Access (CC 52): -1 known spell per level, gain a domain's power and add it's spells to your known spells.
Draconic Ray (Dragon 332 pg93): Lose familiar, gain 1/day ray that deals 1d4+(lvl) damage and save vs a secondary debuff effect.
Drakken Familiar (DrM 12): Lose normal familiar, gain one with dragon subtype with no special abilities but a breath weapon.
Focus Caster (Dragon 348 pg88): Lose familiar, bond to an object and gain benefits based on school at lv1/lv7/lv15.
* Abjuration (bracer/shield): +1 target with nonpersonal abjuration half/full duration, can cast personal abjuration as touch.
* Conjuration (staff): +1/+2/+3 rounds to the duration to conjuration spells, works with concentration as well.
* Divination (holy symbol): +1CL with divinations, x2 duration, & +(intmod) to resist divinations.
* Enchantment (ornate clothing): +1/+2 rounds to the duration to enchantment spells, then +2 to save DCs.
* Evocation (bladed weapon): evocation spells deal +1 damage, ignore 5 points of resist, ignore immunity.
* Illusion (concealing clothing): +1CL with illusion, +(1/2 lvl) to overcome SR with illusion, can cast personal illusion as touch.
* Necromancy (crop harvest weapon): +25% range, +1 ability damage or additional -1 with penalties, additional fatigue on fail saved.
* Transmutation (tool): +1 target with nonpersonal transmutation half/full duration, 1/day double ability bonuses from a transmutation.

Githyanki Sorcerer (Dragon ?): Githyanki only, lose familiar, gain im-unarmed strike, alertness, +1 AC, 120ft darkv, +1CL/resist5 fire.
Imbued Staff (Dragon 338): Lose familiar, gain a qstaff as a familiar & +20% cost to make it spell trigger but has nice feat options.
Impromptu Metamagic (Dragon 357 pg88): Lose familiar, gain metamagic feat with no cost using (4-cost)/day.
Metamagic Specialist (PHB2 61): Lose familiar, gain the ability to apply metamagic without increasing casting time (3+intmod)/day.
Poltergeists (Dragon 336 pg107): Trade two cantrips for one alternative cantrip.
School Mastery (Dragon 357 pg88): Lose familiar, +1CL with chosen school and one beenfit based on school.
* Abjuration: x2 duration (does not stack with extend/concentration).
* Conjuration: summons gain +2 enhancement to dex/wis.
* Divination: when you cast a divination, gain +2 insight to listen/spot for one hour per spell level.
* Enchantment: one creature has a -2 penalty to will saves to resist your spells after an enchantment lapses on them.
* Evocation: Deals +1 damage.
* Illusion: shadow spells are +10% more real.
* Necromancy: undead created with any evil spell gain CL temp HP with an indefinite duration.
* Transmutation: +1 to save DC if it changes their form.

Sphere of Power (Dragon 330 pg94): Bonus +1 CL with a "sphere" (aka subschool or descriptor), -2 with opposed.
Spell Shield (DS 13): Lose familiar, intimidate action to sacrifice a spell to prevent (lvlx5) damage.
Stalwart Sorcerer (CM 36): Lose 1 highest known spell, gain proficiency & focus with one martial weapon & +2hp/lvl.
Aquatic Sorcerer (SW 51): Lose normal familiar, gain an aquatic familiar.
Frostfell Familiar (FB, p 45): Lose normal familiar, gain cold-climate familiar.
Wasteland Familiar (SSt, p 49): Lose normal familiar, gain horned lizard familiar.
Wilderness Companion (UA, p 58): Lose familiar, gain animal companion.
Familiarity Breeds (Dragon 331 pg93): Improved Familiar feat with normal familiars give extra benefits.
* Bat->Blindsense
* Toad->Hallucinatory Perspiration(creatures biting you make fort vs confusion)
* Cat->Nine Lives (50% chance to stabilize)
* Toad->Regrow(Lay on Hands)
* Weasel->Scent
* Raven->Second Memory(Reroll Knowledge checks)
* Rat->Self-Cannibalize(Sacrifice spell slot to convert lethal to nonlethal)
* Hawk or Owl->Tracker(+2 Move Silently, Low Light Vision)
Substitution Levels
Dragonblood Sorcerer Substitution Levels (RDr 107): Lose craft and profession, gain UMD.
1st level: Arcane Insight (+2 knowledge: arcana), Dragon Heritage (the feat), lose familiar
4th level: Arcane Insight, Spell-Like Ability (turn spell slots into SLA)
7th level: Arcane Insight, Bonus Spells Known

Dwarf Sorcerer Substitution Levels (RS 161): d6 hitdice, add knowledge: dungeoneering
1st level: Arcane Earthblood (alertness feat, damage reduction), lose familiar
5th level: Power of Stone (increase range and DC for spells), lose 2nd level spell known
9th level: Earth Meditation (add Con bonus to Cha to determine bonus spells), lose a 4th level spell known

Planar Sorcerer (PlH35): add knowledge: the planes to class list
5th level: Force Charged Energy (half damage of spells is force damage), lose 2nd level spell known
9th level: Extraplanar Spell Penetration (add Cha bonus to caster level to pierce SR of extraplanar creatures), lose a 4th level spell known
13th level: Spontaneous Planar Summoning (use any spell slot to spontaneously cast Summon Monster, picking from a select list), lose a 6th level spell known

Raptorian Sorcerer Substitution Level (RW 162):
1st level: Air Magic (add spells to spells known), Elemental Familiar (air elemental familiar), lose normal familiar
5th level: Air Magic, Command the Winds (lose 2nd level spell known, add other spells)
11th level: Air Magic, Spell on the Wing (can fly and cast), lose a 5th level spell known

Warforged Sorcerer (CoS 119): Lose familiar, gain the Wand Bonding feat.
Accelerate Metamagic (RotD): reduce the casting time of one metamagic feat.
Arcane Preparation (CAr): you can prepare your spells, useful for exalted spells, prcs, metamagics, etc.
Bloodline (Dragon Comp): gives +9 spells, from for each level, from a limited list.
Bronze Solaris Member (Dragon 334): k-religion is a class skill, +3 to checks involving your deity, proficiency with favored weapon.
Celestial Sorcerer Lore (PHBII): learn magic circle against evil, tongues, & teleport.
Dragon Totem Lorekeeper (EB:MoE): you can perform dragon totem rituals.
Draconic Legacy (CAr/RotD): requires four draconic feats, gain three extra spells known from a limited list.
Divine Sorcery (Dragon 343 pg88): gain a domain power and access to one of it's spells each day.
Dragonmarked Sorcerer (Dragon #351 pg71): Add a dragonmark's SLAs to your list of spells known.
Extra Spell (CAr): learn one extra class spell lower than the highest you can cast.
Jinnbond (Dragon 319): +4 vs four specific spells & +2 to save DCs of an elemental descriptor.
Kin Mastery (Dragon 311 pg40): 1/day turn or rebuke heritage type & command powerful monsters.
Practical Metamagic (RotD): reduce the cost of a metamagic feat.
Rapid Metamagic (CM): reduce the casting times of all metamagics, 9th lvl+.
Spellcasting Prodigy (DL:AoM): effectively +2 to your spellcasting ability score.
Versatile Spellcaster (RotD): spend lower level slots for higher ones when casting spells.
Wedded to Light (Dragon 358): good aligned, familiar gains healing based on lvl, 13+ it can resurrect you to -1hp 1/month.

Blood Claw Choker (MiC): +2 enhance to con & 1/day recover up to a 5th spell by taking twice the level in damage.
Beastfriend Collar (Dragon 356:68): share spell range is increased to 5ft/2lvls, immediate action swap spaces.
Drake Helm (EB:EH): uses dragon shards to add extra known spells.
Knowstones (Dragon#333, pg93): adds extra known spells.
Memento Magicas (RotD): recover x level slot.
Spellwurm (EB:MoE): symbiont adds ancient knowledge, blur, & mage armor to known spells.
See also: wizard -> items - substitute spell cast.

Unique Sorcerer Spells
Aspect of the Platinum Dragon (DM): polymorph into an aspect of bahamut and gain 110 temp hp.
(Greater) Arcane Fusion (CM): invoke the effects of two spells simultaneously.
Arcane Spellsurge (DM): cast spells as a swift action (combine it with invisible spell for doublecast).
Dragoncall (FR:DoF): calls a dragon to help you.
Dragonblood Affinity (FR:DoF: dragonblooded gain +2 saves/checks/attacks/damage.
Dragonblood Spell-Pact (FR:DoF): trade spells known, has no limit on class list.
Essence Of The Dragon (RotD): gain the dragonblood subtype, darkvision, & immunity to sleep/paralyze/frightful presence.
Ghostly Tail (RotD): tail makes AoOs for you using touch attacks and deals 2d6+cl.
Tail Slap (RotD): summon a tail you can attack with, deals up to 10d6 damage & shoves targets away.
Hoard Life (RotD): take CLx2 nonlethal damage & fatigue to imbue gem, standard action heals same amount.
Magic of the Dragonheart (DM): become treated as if you have +2 more draconic feats.
(Greater) Manifest Dragon Heritage (RotD): summon a wyvern, greater version gives a dragon turtle.
Primal Instinct (DM): not unique but not a wizard spell, +5 comp to initiative, survival, & any one knowledge.
Primal Senses (DM): not unique but not a wizard spell, +5 comp spot/listen & blindsense 10ft. primal spells can grant uncanny dodge.
Primal Speed (DM): not unique but not a wizard spell, +5 resist to reflex & +10 enhance to spd.
Summon Aspect of Bahamut (RotD/DM): summon an aspect of bahamut (updated in DM), requires concentration.
Tail Sweep (RotD): furry's cousin, trips instead of dazes through.
Undying Vigor of the Dragonlords (DM): heal up to 5d6+cl, also lets you spend extra spell levels to heal 1d6 per.
Wall of Scales (RotD): wall spell that's immune to acid/fire and has up to DR 20/magic.
Wings of Bounding (RotD): up to +30 to a jump check.
Wings of Cover (RotD): negate any attack or effect targeting you.
Wings of Furry (RotD): area of effect deals 1d6*CL damage and dazes.
Wings of Swift Flying (RotD): +30ft to fly speed.

Spells (sorcerers gain +1 to cl with these spells)
Draconic Might (SpC): +4 enhance str/dex/con & immunity to sleep/paralyze.
Dragon Ally (SpC): similar to planar ally but calls dragons.
Dragon Breath (Draco): updated to sor/wiz5 with no sorcerer benefits in the SpC.
Dragonskin (SpC): enhances natural armor and gives resistance to one energy type.
Flight of the Dragon (SpC): gain a 100ft (average) fly speed.
Voice of the Dragon: +10 to bluff/diplomacy/intimidate, can also cast suggestion.

Dragonpact (DM): trade a spell slot to gain additional spells known.
Greater Draconic Rite of Passage (RotD/Online): kobolds only & costs a feat but +1 level of sorcerer spellcasting.
Dragonspawn (DL:CS): white template gives +2 dex/con, +7 na-ac, bite/claws, 2d6 cone of breath, +1 level of sorcerer spellcasting for +1 la.
Dragonspawn Abomination (DL:BoYR): template's random table gives +1~+2(~+NI?) levels of sorcerer spellcasting for +1 la.

Divine Sorcerer (Dragon 343 pg88): Take a feat to gain another feat (or ability) and access an extra known spell? Hecks yeah!
Air/Earth/Fire/Water/Plants/Scalykind/Slime/Spider (Core/SpC): rebuke/command elementals, plants, snakes, oozes, & spiders.
Darkness/Shadow (SpD/ECS): gain blind-fight.
Domination (SpC): gain spell focus(illusion).
Dragon Below Domain (ECS): gain augment summoning.
Drow (SpC): gain lightning reflexes.
Dwarf (SpC): gain great fortitude.
Elf (SpC): gain point blank shot.
Metal (SpC): gain martial proficiency & weapon focus for either the light hammer or the warhammer.
Meditation (ECS): 1/day free empower spell so it's like gaining sudden empower.
Planning (SpC): gain extend spell.
Rune (SpC): gain scribe scroll.
Time (SpC): gain improved initiative.
Wealth (SpC): gain skill focus(appraise).
War (Core): gain martial proficiency & weapon focus with your deity's favored weapon.
Charm (SpC): 1/day +4 unnamed to charisma for one minute.
Dream (SpC): immunity to fear.
Kobold (Online): gain trapfinding and disable & search as a class skills.
Fate (SpC): gain uncanny dodge.
Lust (SpC): 1/day gain your "cleric" level as an enhancement bonus to charisma for one minute.
Mysticism (spC): 1/day all your charisma modifier as a luck bonus to all saves for one round per level.
Pestilence (SpC): gain immunity to disease, but you can collect them all to pass to others.
Renewal (SpC): 1/day gain 1d8+cha hp if you drop below 0 without dying.
Spell (SpC): +2 concentration & spellcraft, list includes anyspell, greater anyspell, & limited wish to TO downtime like a wizard.

Alternative Class Features
Spellthief Substitutions (Dragon 353 Page 84)
* Cursed Blow: level 5, -1d6 SA, can curse attack/save/skill by spell level, lasts spell level in rounds.
* Hamper Magic: level 3, lose stealing eneergy resist & spell-like to damage target's caster level.
* Spelleater: level 7, lose absorb spell to gain an absorb ability to heal 2hp per level of absorbed spell.
* Spellskill: level 4, lose spellcasting to gain enhancement bonuses to skills.
* Trickster: level 1, lose -2 skills & SA is capped at 1d6, gain bardic spellcasting and full CL.

Godsblood Spellthief (Online): substitute a stolen spell for a domain spell.

Belt of Theft-Healing (MiC, 74): 3/day heal hp equal to level of spell stolen.

Alternative Class Features
Arcane Stunt (CM 32): Cast blur, expeditious retreat, feather fall, jump, or spider climb as a swift action (1+int)/day, lasts 1rnd.
Dead Levels (Online): Adds a "seduction" use to bluff that works like gather information, 4th level.
Drow Swashbuckler (DotU 59): Lose acrobatic charge, if you hit with two weapons you can take an extra 5ft step.
Shield of Blades (PH2 63): Lose dodge, gain a shield bonus to AC while using two weapons.

Alternative Class Features
Drow Warlock (DU 59): Lose fiendish resilience, gain poisonous blood.
Fiendish Flamewreath (PHB2 65): Lose fiendish resilience, 1/day sheath of flames deals 1d6 or more damage with more damage.
Eldritch Claws (Dragon 358): gain two claws that deal your eldritch blast & unarmed damage, use with beast strike (dragon 355).
Empower Spell-Like Ability: 3/day empower eldritch blast, great with eldritch glaive as it consumes one use per full attack.
Grappling Blast (Dragon 358): successful grapple check deals unshaped eldritch blast's damage, gain 1/2 damage dealt as a circumstance bonus to next round's grapple check.
Maximize Spell-Like Ability: 3/day maximize eldritch blast, great with eldritch glaive as it consumes one use per full attack.
Quicken Spell-Like Ability: 3/day quicken eldritch blast, great with eldritch glaive as it consumes one use per full attack.
Mortalbane (BoVD): 5/day +2d6 damage against a living target or halved if not.
Infernal Adept (Online): learn an invocation from another class two "levels" lower than you have access to.

Chasuble of Fell Power, Lesser (CAr & MiC): +1d6 eldritch blast.
Chasuble of Fell Power, Greater (CAr & MiC): +2d6 eldritch blast.
Gloves of Eldritch Admixture (MiC): 3 charges daily, <1+charges spent>d6 eldritch blast.
Rod of Eldritch Power (CM): 5/day use of a single Blast Shape.
Warlock’s Scepter (CAr): gives +2 profane to attack but only 5 charges can be used per day (thus +4d6 cap), just buy two.
Codex Advocate (Raven): learn an extra least invocation.

Eclectic Learning (PHB 2, p 67): Use your advanced learning to learn a wizard spell you normally couldn't learn, must one level lower than you could normally learn.

Variant Classes
Anagakok (Dragon 344 Page 104): Alt specialist, bans illusion & necromancy to focus on wilderness survival spells, ironically it can't read.
Combat Wizard (UA 59): Lose scribe scroll and wizard bonus feats, get bonus feats as a fighter.
Deathwalker (Dragon 312 Page 29): Alt necromancer, command an extra 5HD x lvl of skeletons & zombies as you become undead.
Domain Wizard (UA 57): Lose specialist, gain a domain & bonus slot for them.
Filidh (Dragon 324 Page 90): Lose bonus feats & familiar for bardic knowledge and a CL bonus to divination spells.
Fleshcrafter (Dragon 312 Page 29): Alt necromancer, gets inverted heal uses and can build furniture out of animated corpses.
High Specialist (UA 59): Enhanced specialists, trades your familiar, bonus feats, and bonus spells around for more specialist benefits.
Abjuration: familiar for resistance to energy; feats for a deflection bonus; spells for "spontaneous" summons.
Conjuration: familiar to summon faster; feats for augment summoning++; spells for "spontaneous" summons.
Divination: familiar minor buff to some certain divinations; feats different ones; 1/day int to a check.
Enchantment: familiar for a cohort; feats for skills & a +2 bonus to one skill per five levels; spells 1/day extend spell for free.
Evocation: familiar for +1CL with certain descriptors; feats for limited energy substitution; spells to help deal with energy resist.
Illusion: familiar to prevent disbelieving allies from giving bonuses; feats bonus stealth including HiPS; spells learn +2 illusions per level.
Necromancy: familiar for a skeleton minion; feats for undead benefits; spells for buffs to created undead.
Transmutation: familiar for +2 enhance to an ability; feats to change the school of a spell to transmutation; spells for "spontaneous" spells.

Soul Reaper (Dragon 312 Page 29): Alt necromancer, more of a classic talks to undead deal but can bind spirits to zombies.
Alternative Class Features
Aligned Spellcaster, Arcane Reabsorption, Beleaguered Spellcaster, Disciple of Boccob, Drakken Familar, Focus Caster, Impromptu Metamagic, School Mastery: See Hexblade.
Dead Levels (Online): Your spellbook is harder for others to copy.
Domain Granted Power (CC 53): Lose a bonus feat, gain a domain granted power.
Drow Wizard (DU 59): Alt specialist, specialize in chaotic, compulsion, darkness, evil, and fear spells.
Eidetic Spellcaster (Dragon 332 Page 94): Lose spellbook, familiar, & scribe scroll, you memorize spells in your head.
Aquatic Wizard (SW 52): Gain aquatic familiar.
Frostfell Familiar (FB 45): Gain cold-climate familiar.
Wasteland Familiar (SSt 49): Gain horned lizard familiar.

Focused Specialist (CM 34): Requires specialist, lose another school & spell slot for another +2 specalist spells.
Imbued Staff: See Sorcerer.
Immediate Magic (PHB2 68): Requires specialist, lose familiar, gain an immediate action magical effect.
Abjuration: Generate a shield effect.
Conjuration: Short range teleport.
Divination: Saving throw bonus.
Enchantment: Daze an enemy.
Evocation: Shoot fire at someone targeting you with a spell.
Illusion: Make a mirror image of yourself.
Necromancy: give enemy a penalty to AC and saves.
Transmutation: Give yourself special movement abilities.

Spontaneous Divination (CC 53): Lose a bonus feat, can spontaneously cast divination spells.
Wilderness Companion (UA 58): Trade familiar for animal companion.
Wizard of Sun and Moon (DS 14): Lose familiar, gain a slot that can store a "sun" spell & "moon" spell.
Substitution Levels
Changeling Wizard (RE 123): Add bluff, disguise, and sleight of hand to class skills. 4 skills per level
1st level: Dual Specialization (specialize in illusion and transmutation, give up 3 other schools)
5th level: Limited Spell Knowledge (learn 3 spells of illusion and transmutation school instead of normal selection), Morphic Familiar (familiar can alter form to other creatures on familiar list), lose bonus feat
10th level: Limited Spell Knowledge, Override Transmutation (if you fail a save vs transmutation effect with a duration other than instantaneous you may make a new save the next round)

Dukar Substitution Levels (CV 38): add Swim
5th level: Bonus Spells, Coral Claw, replaces bonus feat
10th level: Bonus Spells, Coral Power, replaces bonus feat
15th level: Bonus Spells, Coral Power, replaces bonus feat

Elf Wizard Substitution Levels (RW 157)
1st level: Extra highest-level spell, can't specialize
3rd level: Natural Link (extra bonus from familiar bonuses), familiar can't deliver touch spells
5th level: Bonus Feat (choose a ranged attack feat instead of normal wizard list)

Gnome Illusionist Substitution Levels (RS 148):
1st level: Gnome Illusion Spells (some illusion spells lower level), -1 caster level for another school.
5th level: Extended Illusion (longer lasting illusions), lose feat.
10th level: Insidious Illusions (illusions harder to detect), lose feat and two spells learned.

Halfling Wizard (Dragon 337 Page 102)
* Alternative Spell (Learn a L1 spell from ANY list)
* Lore(Bardic Knowledge)
* Greater Alternative Spell(Learn a L5 or lower spell from ANY list)

High One Warrior-Wizard Substitution Levels (CV, web): Add Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Heal and Ride to class list; requires at least two paladin levels.
2nd level: Wizardly Smiting: Wizard levels stack with paladin levels for number of smite attempts, lose 1st-level spell slot.
4th level: Reduce Armor Hindrances: ASF reduced by 20%, lose 2nd-level spell slot.
5th level: Familiar Mount: Special mount gains familiar benefits, lose normal familiar and bonus feat.
Alacritous Cogitation (CM): 1/day cast any spell from any spellbook as a full-round action from an open slot.
Chaotic Spell Recall (FC1): recast any spell chaotic descriptor (abyssal inheritor feats /2)+1/day.
Faerie Mysteries Initiate (Dragon 319): use your intelligence modifier instead of constitution to determine bonus HP.
Spell Mastery (Core): required for some of these feats.
Signature Spell (FR:PGtF): pick on spell selected via spell mastery, can convert prepared spells to it.
Uncanny Forethought (EoE): (intmod)/day cast any spell mastery spell from an open slot.

Feats - Specialization
Ability Enhancer (Dragon 325): transmuter, transmutation spells give an extra +2 bonus to ability scores.
Abjuration Potency (Dragon 325): abjurer, abjuration spells give an extra +1 bonus to AC.
Enhanced Shadow Reality (Dragon 325): illusionist, shadow spells deal 20% more damage.
Evocation Resistance (Dragon 325): evoker, take one less point of damage per die rolled from evocation spells.
Girded Soul (Dragon 325): necromancer, +4 saves vs energy drain and death effects.
Heavy Teleport (Dragon 325): conjurer, you can teleport more creatures than normal.
Hidden Thoughts (Dragon 325): diviner, +4 on saves vs divination spells.
Potent Enchantment (Dragon 325): enchanter, enhancement spells affect +1 creature.

Mage’s Lucubration (core): 6th, regain any 5th or lower cast in the last 24 hours.
Rary's Arcane Conversion (CM): exchange a prepared spell for another.
Spell Engine (SpC): reprepare everything, takes half the time as normal.
Shalantha's Delicate Disk (FR:LEoF): creates a spell storing disk, holds up to 5th level, standard action to break & cast. Amazing.

Spells - Mindset (preparing these spells grant extra benefits until cast)
Aspect of the Werebeast (Eb:RoE): druid or ranger, +1 to shifting duration.
Doppelganger Transformation (Eb:RoE): transformation domain, +2 bluff/disguise & +2 saves vs sleep/charm.
Furnace Within (Eb:RoE): wiz/sor 2nd, melee deals +1 fire.
Insidious Suggestion (Eb:RoE): bard 4th, wiz/sor 5th, +2 competence to bluff, diplomacy, & intimidate.
Wild Instincts (Eb:RoE): druid or ranger, +1 insight to listen/spot (+2 if shifter).

Pearl of Power (Core): recover x level slot.
Circlet of Mages (MiC, ?): x/charge per day item, prevents a slot from being expended.

Items - Substitute Spell Cast
Amulet of Spell Conversion (CM): 3/day, any, replace a prepared spell with another.
Belt of the Wide Earth (MiC, 204): 2/day, 5th, teleport.
Gloves of the Starry Sky (MiC, 204): 3/day, 1st, magic missile.
Goggles of the Golden Sun (MiC, 205): 3/day, 3rd, fireball.
Periapt of the Sullen Sea (MiC, 205): 2/day, 4th, freedom of movement.
Robe of Mysterious Conjuration (MiC, 130): 3/day, any, summon monster x.
Seven Veils (MiC, 210): 1/day each, any, cone of cold, daylight, disintegrate, dispel magic, gust of wind, magic missile, and passwall.
Vest of the Archmage (MiC, 145): any, heal (5xlvl).

Items - Spell Storing
Spell Storing (core, +1 bonus): up to 3rd level, casts when opponent is hit with it.
Ring of Spell Storing, Minor (core): 3 spell levels.
Ring of Spell Storing (core): 5 spell levels.
Ring of Spell Storing, Major (core): 10 spell levels.
Ring Of Therurgy (CA): any 3 spells, requires an equal level spell slot to cast.
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Re: One Stop Shop
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Prestigious Classes
Psionic Assassin (SoS 113): Lose spellcasting, gain manifesting.

Extra Divine Power (Dragon 343): gives +2 uses of any class ability with a daily limitation of use provided the class grants divine spells.
// PrCs

Magic of Incarnum
Aasimar Incarnate Substitution Levels (MoI 42): must be NG; d8 hit dice; add Diplomacy to class skills
1st level: Martial Weapon (gain proficiency and weapon focus with a weapon).
3rd level: Incarnum Radiance (weapon becomes good aligned, extra damage vs evil if you have the incarnate weapon soulmeld).
7th level: Share Incarnum Radiance (share radiance with any non-evil ally).

Gnome Incarnate Substitution Levels (MoI 46): must be NG; add Hide to class skill list
1st level: Racial Defense (bonus damage vs kobolds, goblins, and giants equal to half the number of soulmelds, or equal to number of soulmelds if there's another Gnome nearby); lose detect opposition.
2nd level: Detect Thoughts (use detect thoughts once per day as long as a soulmeld is bound to the crown chakra).
7th level: Share Incarnum Radiance (grant +4 AC vs giants plus normal benefits to allies).

Tiefling Incarnate Substitution Levels (MoI 48): must be NE; add Bluff and Hide to class skills; 4 skill points per level
1st level: See in Darkness (can see through magical darkness, as long as soulmeld occupies brow chakra).
3rd level: Incarnum Radiance (20% concealment when using radiance while not in areas of brightness).
7th level: Telepathy (100', as long as a soulmeld is bound to the crown chakra); replaces share radiance ability.

Dwarf Soulborn Substitution Levels (MoI 44): must be LG; d12 hit dice, add Knowledge (dungeoneering) to class skills
1st level: Smite Opposition (extra smite damage while using a hammer).
3rd level: Stoneborn Insight (bonus per soulmeld to damage vs. orcs, goblins, and giants, and on certain checks involving stone or metal).
9th level: Share Incarnum Defense (share defense with allies you can see within 30' as a free action).

Elf Soulborn Substitution Levels (MoI 45): must be CG; add Search and Spot to class skills
1st level: Smite Opposition (can smite with bows).
2nd level: Incarnum Defense (immune to enchantment (charm) effects.
7th level: Vigilance of the Ancestors (triple low-light vision, bonus to Search and Spot when a occupies the brow chakra, if soulmeld is bound there increase bow range increments by one half); lose bonus feat.

Halfling Totemist Substitution Levels (MoI 46): d6 hit dice; Climb, Hide, Jump, and Move Silently as class skills
1st level: Low-Light Vision (as long as a soulmeld occupies the brow chakra)
3rd level: Wild Vigor (+2 swim if a soulmeld occupies the arms, +2 Jump if one occupies the feet, +2 Climb if one occupies the hands); lose protection class feature
8th level: Fast Movement (as Barbarian); lose ability to rebind a soulmeld (gain at 12th level instead).

Essentia Helm (MiC, 97): 3/day increase essentia cap by one for one round, use with feats.
Gloves of the Incanum Theft (MiC, ?): touch attack to steal 1 essentia, can bind to steal 2.
Incarnum Focus (MiC, 112): +1 to essentia cap to bound soulmeld sharing the same slot as this.
Ring of Essentia (MiC, 123): like a ring of spell storing but for essentia and unabusable.
Soulstone (MiC, 137): allows you to bind soulmelds to your brow for 10k.

Psionic Melds & Dragon #350 has four more.

Dominant Ideal (Online): Lose secondary mantle, enhance the primary.
Elemental Mantles (Online): Extends the elements mantle into four specific elemental mantles.
Substitute Powers (Online): Add powers to incomplete mantles.

Tap Mantle (Cpsi): gain an extra mantle to choose powers from.
Don Mantle (Cpsi): obtain the power of a mantle chosen with tap.
Extra Aura (CPsi): gain the aura of a mantle chosen with don.
Mantle Focus (Cpsi): +1 to powers from a chosen mantle.

Divine Mind
Ectopic Ally (Online): Reduce psychic aura, gain astral construct PLA.
Hidden Talent (Online): Lose wild talent, gain hidden talent.
Stygian Path (Online): Lose divine grace, gain turn undead.

Enhanced Beneficence (CPsi): +5ft to your aura.

Convert Spell to Power (Online): Lose 1st level bonus feat, gain the ability to learn & manifest spells.
Favored Discipline (Online): Lose 1st bonus feat, gain increased access to a discipline's powers.
Mantled Erudite (Online): Lose 1st level bonus feat, gain a psionic mantle.

Tracker (Online): Lose lurk augment list, gain a tracker augment list.
True Thief (Online): Lose lurk augment list, gain a thief augment list.

Lurk Augment
Extra Lurk Augment (CPsi): +3 uses per day.
Ranged Lurk Augment (CPsi): exactly what it says in the label.
Lurk Master (CPsi): +2 to your lurk level to determine selectable abilities.

Expanded Discipline (Online): Replaces feats.
Egoist (Online): Change Shape (as changeling), True Healer (gain life mantle).
Kineticist (Online): Energy Snap (expend focus for 1d3 dmaging "cantrip"), Greater Animator (can augment control object).
Nomad (Online): Personal Space (extradimensional storage space), Temporal Grace (expend focus for +1/5lvl to save vs movement effects).
Seer (Online): Fate Points (gain action points), Psychic Knowledge (bardic knowledge).
Shaper (Online): Personal Construct (quicken construct), Trinkets (limited minor creation).
Telepath (Online): Harbringer (augment att/def), Telepathy (5ft/ml).

ACFs - Racial
Changeling Egoist Substitution Levels (RoE 121): Add Bluff and Disguise to class skills, 4 skill points per level.
1st level: Body Control (+1 manifester level when using psychometabolism powers that target yourself); replaces bonus feat.
3rd level: Everchanging Psicrystal (may change the personalities of psicrystal); lose one of the powers gained at 3rd level.
5th level: Extra Powers Known; lose bonus feat.

Kalashtar Telepath Substitution Levels (RoE 125): gain Intimidate as a class skill
1st level: Mindlink (manifest mindlink at a level equal to hit dice rather than half), Telepathic Talent (+1 manifester level with telepathy powers); lose bonus feats.
3rd level: Mindlink, Compound Psicrystal (psicrystal has two personalities); lose one power known.
5th level: Mindlink, Extra Powers Known (learn 2 extra telepathy powers); lose bonus feat.

Psicrystal Affinity (ExP): summon a psicrystal.
Psicrystal Containment (ExP): your psicrystal can store a psionic focus for you.
Psycarnum Crystal (MoI): +1 essentia if your psicrystal is near you.

Astral Construct
Infused Construction (3.0): +2 effective level for manifesting astral constructs.
Augment Construction (3.0): construct gains +1hp per die & +1 comp to attack.
Advanced Construction (3.0): adds a bunch of selectable abilities.
Extended Construction (3.0): atrial construct is 1min/pl instead of 1rnd/pl.
Enhanced Construction (3.0): -2 to the level for 1d3 created constructs.
Ecto Manipulation (3.0): combine the choice of two lesser abilities for one greater one.
Empower Construction (3.0): +1 selected power.
Boost Construct (ExP): +1 selected power.

Psychic Warrior
Mantled Warrior (Online): Lose 2nd bonus feat, gain a mantle.
Soulbound Weapon (Online): Lose 1st & 2nd bonus feats, gain a soulbound weapon from weaponry power

Bonus Feats (Online): Lose psychic strike, gain bonus feats.
Hidden Talent (Online): Lose wild talent, gain hidden talent and you can take it multiple times.
Kalashtar Soulknife Substitution Levels (RoE 124): add Disguise, Knowledge (the planes), and Perform to class skills
1st level: Align Mindblade (can spend a powerpoint to make mindblade good aligned. At 10th level can imbue it with the holy ability); lose wild talent feat.
3rd level: Purifying Strike (spend 3 power points to attempt to dispel mind affecting influences); lose one level of psychic strike.
6th level: Stand Fast (+2 AC while psionicly focused and not moving more than 5' per round); lose speed of thought.

Mind Blade
Adamantine Mind Blade (Dragon 341): as the name implies.
Align Mind Blade (Dragon 341): ditto.
Dire Fail Mindblade (CPsi): ditto.
Dwarven Urgosh Mindblade (CPsi): ditto.
Monk's Spade Mind Blade (EB:SoS): ditto.
Orc Doubleaxe Mindblade (CPsi): ditto.
Silver Mind Blade (Dragon 341): ditto.
Two-Bladed MindBlade (CPsi): ditto.
Mind Daggers (Dragon 341): you can form multiple daggers, each one after the first loses an enhancement bonus.
Mind Shield (Dragon 341): -1 enhancement bonus to your blade to form a light shield.
Greater Mind Shield (Dragon 341): the shield can be heavy and comes with a choice of named enhancements.
Practiced Mind Blade (Dragon 341): +4 to effective soulknife level (limited to HD) for mind blade effects.
Reshape Mind Blade (Dragon 341): choose one melee weapon you're proficient with, your mind blade becomes that.
Strategic Reassignment (Dragon 341): you can reassign a mind blade's special abilities within 10mins.
Tactical Reassignment (Dragon 341): mind blade reassignment can be done as a full-round action with a DC 25 concentration check.

Mind Strike, Swift (CPsi): imbue mindstrike as a swift action.
Mind Strike, Focused (CPsi): +1d8 to mind strike damage.
Mind Cleave (CPsi): imbues mindstrike if you kill a creature.
Mind Empowerment (CPsi): mind cleave lasts for 3 rounds or until expended.
Psycarnum Blade (MoI): +1d6 per invested essentia.

Educated Wilder (Online): Lose volatile mind, gain expanded knowledge.
Mantled Wilder (Online): Lose elude touch, gain a mantle.
Shifter Wilder Substitution Levels (RoE 129): add Survival to class skill list
1st level: Wild Psychometabolism (Can learn powers from the egotist list).
2nd level: Savage Renewal (when shifting ends; gain power points equal to the level of highest power).
6th level: Euphoric Shifting (rounds under the effect of surging euphoria don't count against shifting duration).

Enervation Endurance (CPsi): halves pp loss for enervation.
Post Pone Enervation (CPsi): delay enervation for 3 rounds, in case you'd run out I suppose.

Power Augmentation
Psychic Focus (online): adds +1~+5 dmg, @lv18 take open greater chakra to add save vs daze on all damaging powers.

Power Point Tricks
Power Point Recovery (via cost-reduced Bestow Power)
By reducing Bestow Power's cost such as Metapower(linked power), the Torc of Preservation (beware the MiC nerfed it), Earth Power, or pretty any of the like you can gain more PP than you spent.  You initiate for the lowest possible cost, typically 1pp, then use the granted amount to remanifest Bestow Power and Augment it and repeat this cycle until you have a large temporary pool of PP to Manifest higher level powers from.

Power Point Recovery (via Mindfeeder)
The original Mindfeeder(SRD) is broken as hell and the MiC's version didn't hit it with the nerf bat hard enough. When you score a critical hit you gain 1PP per 15 damage dealt. So what you do is Manifest Larval Flayers (CPsi), giving you 1d3 creatures you can easily Grapple and nonlethally beat into submission. Then you Coup Degrace with with an x4 Mindfeeder weapon, anything over 19 damage is is PP gain. So this is a second way to basically spend a tiny amount of PP to set up a infinite out-of-combat pool but unlike Bestow Power it doesn't require Feats, just one item.

Dweomer Of Transference (more like lots of pp for little gp)
UMD a Wand of Dweomer Of Transference and not only do you gain one hell of spell immunity, but for 420 gold you could pump seven rounds worth of SLAs into this thing to charge your PP pool, works great with a Legacy Item's At-Wills :D

Trigger Power
Less of a trick and more of an intended trait, through it's unupdated 3.0 material. You take Inner Strength for +1pp per day to meet the prerequisite of Trigger Power. Then this Feat lets you choose any Power up to the 3rd level and attempt to Manifest it, optionally fully Augmented, for free with a successful Ability Check. This allows you to spam your favorite power over and over again, including Bestow Power to just grant your self infinite power points all day.

Mental Pinnacle
After the last few, this one will seem pretty weak. But you can trade a 6th level Spell Slot for (CL*3)PP. So for 26,400gp you can own a Minor Scheme that grants +33PP. It's cost efficiency is the same if you wish to pay 48,000gp for the CL20 version.
// Psionics

Ascetic Hunter (CAd): monk & ranger, unarmed damage stacks, 1/2 favored foe to stunning DC.
Ascetic Knight (CAd): monk & paladin, unarmed damage & smite stacks.
Ascetic Mage (CAd): monk & sorcerer, ac bonus stacks and uses cha, spend spells to increase unarmed damage.
Ascetic Rogue (CAd): monk & rogue, unarmed damage stacks, +2 stunning DC when SAing.
Ascetic Stalker (CS): monk & ninja, unarmed damage & ki pool stacks.
Daring Outlaw (CS): swashbuckler & rogue, grace, dodge & SA stack.
Daring Warrior (CS): swashbuckler & fighter, grace, dodge, and fighter level for feats.
Devoted Inquisitor (CAd): paladin & rogue, smite & SA together to daze a foe.
Devoted Performer (CAd): paladin & bard, smite & music stacks.
Devoted Tracker (CAd): paladin & ranger, smite & wild empathy stack, give your mount animal companion bonuses.
Divine Inspiration (Dragon 333): bard & cleric, levels stack to determine bardic music ability access.
Elemental Stalker (Dragon 357): ninja & shugenja, level stack for sense elements, AC, and ki pool.
From Smite to Song (CoV): smite evil to inspire courage, paladin level = bard level.
Holy Mount (Dragon 325): paladin & any divine, levels stack to determine special mount.
Initiate of Bahamut (DM): cleric & any other class, smite evil.
Initiate of Milil (FR:CoV): bard & cleric/paladin, bardic music song types.
Master Spellthief (CS): spelltheif & any arcane, caster level & Steal Spell stacks (stealing only), can cast in light armor.
Martial Stalker(CS): ninja & fighter, ki pool, ac bonus, and Fighter level for feats.
Sacred Outlaw (Dragon 357): cleric & rogue, levels stack to determine SA & turn undead.
Sacred Performer (Dragon 357): bard & cleric, levels stack to determine turn undead and bardic music uses.
Swift Ambusher (CS): scout & rogue, skirmish stacks.
Swift Avenger (Dragon 357): druid & scout, levels stack to determine skirmish and uses of wild shape.
Swift Hunter (CS): scout & ranger, skirmish & favored enemy stacks.
Tashalatora(EB:SoS): monk & psion,  ac bonus, furry, and unarmed damage.
Theurgic Bond (Dragon 325): animal companion & animal companion, levels stack to determine pet's bonuses.
Theurgic Creationist (Dragon 325): spellcasting, add all spellcasting levels together to determine crafting CL.
Theurgic Empathy (Dragon ): bard & druid/ranger, add bard level to wil empathy checks.
Theurgic Mount (Dragon ): arcane & paladin, add arcane levels to determine special mount abilities.
Theurgic Specialist (Dragon ): specialist wizard & any, combine all spellcasting levels to determine spcialist CL.
Favored of the Moons (DL:RoA): gain the moon magic class ability of a wizard of high sorcery.

(Greater) Anyspell (SpC): cleric, prepare wizard spells as domain spells.
Protege (SpC): grants bardic music equal to one half the caster's bard level, even gives virtual perform ranks equal to half the caster's.
Communal Channel (DL:HOotS): transfer your turn undead uses to another.
Olidammara's Bard Spell (Dragon 342): initiate of Olidammara spell, allows you to prepare three spell levels of bard spells.

Mantle of Rage (Online): Grants 1/day Rage (as barbarian).
Minor Schemas (Eb:MoE): umd'able item casts a 6th level of lower spell or infusion 1/day, price is spell_lvl*cl*400.
Shroudcrown (PGtF): Gain Turn Undead as a 10th level Cleric.
Bone Talismen (Online): 2nd Druid Spell Slot to Turn Undead.

Specific Weapons
Serpent's Tooth (OA): Gives Furry of Blows as a 1st level Monk.
Lethe's Lash (PlH): Drains the highest level spell the caster can cast per hit, replaces spell thieves.

Epic Content
WotC's Epic Compilation

Epic-Extended Classes/PrCs
Expanded Base Classes
CPsi: Ardent, Divine Mind, Erudite, Lurk.
CAr: Warlock, Warmage, Wu Jen.
Epic Compilation: Shamurai, Shamen, Shugenja, Sohei, Wu Jen.
Online: Favored Soul, Healer, Marshal, Warlock, Warmage.

Expended PrCs
CW: Frenzy Berserker.
CAr: Mage of the Arcane Order.
FR-PGtF: Eye of Horus-Re, Hammer of Moradin, Hathran, Incantatrix, Monk of the Long Death, Morninglord of Lathander, Runecaster, Shaaryan Hunter, Arcanist.
Epic Compilation: Cavalier, Devoted Defender, Duelist, Master Samurai, Ninja of the Crescent Moon, Weapon Master, Holy Liberator, Hospitaler, Templar, Warpriest, Acolyte of the Skin, Arcane Trickster, Bladesinger, Dragon Disciple, Elemental Savant, Spellsword, Dungeon Delver, Spymaster, Temple Raider of Olidammara, Thief-Acrobat, Animal Lord, Bloodhound, Deepwood Sniper, Frenzied Berserker, Tempest, Divine Agent, Gatecrasher, Planar Champion, Planeshifter, Hathran, Red Wizard, Runecaster, Shadow Adept, Guild Wizard of Waterdeep, Incantatrix, Mage-Killer, Dreadmaster, Dweomerkeeper, Stormlord, Berserk, Diabolist, Illithid Savant.
Online: Iaijutsu Master, Shifter, Sword Dancer, Verdant Lord.
Online (psionic): Constructor, Crystal Master, Crystalsinger.

Epic PrCs
Arcane Artisan (ecomp): imagine crafting like an artficer but as a 5/10 advancing prc.
Celestial Paragon (ecomp): good aligned divine caster themed.
Netherese Arcanist (FR-PGtF): generic epic+, -5 to spellcraft dcs, cheaper crafting, -5 backlash damage, etc.
Spellfire Hierophant (FR-PGtF): spellfire channeler++, higher caps, better training, more charge buffs.
Void Incarnate (ecomp): defensive nihilist, nondetection++, fom, ignore force effects and gives improved evasion/mettle too.
Warlord of the Utterdark (ecomp): imagine an evil paladin without any spells and no turn/mount and then nerf it some more.
World Waker (Online): gains a couple slas and favored plane.

Epic Feats
Automatic Quicken Spell (CAr): 0~1 level spells, taking the feat multiple times stacks levels.
Automatic Silent Spell (CAr): 0~3 level spells, taking the feat multiple times stacks levels.
Automatic Still Spell (CAr): 0~3 level spells, taking the feat multiple times stacks levels.
Automatic Vile Spell (ecomp): 0~3 level spells, taking the feat multiple times stacks levels.
Enhance Spell (CAr): +10 for full cl, +5 for half, dice to damage cap, +4 metamagic.

Divine Spell Penetration (FR-PGtF): +4 to cl to overcome sr and such.
Enhance Effect (FR-PGtF): incantatrix, enhanced spells are treated as if you cast them.
Epic Counterspell (FR-PGtF): unlimited counterspelling without ready actions.
Epic Devotion (FR-PGtF): +4 on saves vs an alignment descriptor.
Epic Spellfire Wielder (FR-PGtF): stored levels are conx4.
Epic Spell Focus (CAr): +1 to save DCs.
Epic Spell Penetration (CAr): +2 to cl to overcome sr and such.
Epic Combat Casting (CAr): +1/2 cl to casting defensively.
Improved Cooperative Metamagic (FR-PGtF): +2 uses and can use silent/still/quicken.
Master Staff (CAr): you can expend slots instead of charges.
Master Wand (CAr): you can expend slots instead of charges.
Staff Expertise (ecomp): full-attack to activate a staff multiple times.

Automatic Quicken Power (CPsi): you don't have to expend your focus, still have to spend pp through.
Epic Power Penetration (CPsi): +2 to ml to overcome sr and such.
Epic Psionic Endowment (CPsi): expend your focus for +1 to save DCs.
Improved Combat Manifestation (CPsi): +1/2 ml to manifesting defensively or pinned.
Epic Overchannel (CPsi): up to *2ml cap on overchanneling.

Axiomatic Strike (FR-PGtF): any weapon you have is axiomatic.
Armed Deflection (ecomp): reflex negs ranged weapon attacks.
Armor Skin (CW): +1 to natural armor, stacks.
Chosen Weapon Specialization (FR-PGtF): +2 damage with deity's weapon.
Combat Archery (CW): you don't provoke aoos for using a bow.
Combat Insight (CW): int to melee damage instead of str.
Damage Reduction (CW): +3/-.
Epic Combat Expertise (CW): the ac bonus is also applied to adjacent allies.
Epic Evil Brand (ecomp): evil brand's bonus is increased to +6.
Epic Poison Crafter (ecomp): you can make epic poisons.
Epic Prowess (CW): +1 to attack rolls, stacks.
Epic Toughness (CW): +30hp.
Epic Weapon Focus (CW): +2 to selected weapon attack rolls.
Epic Sunder (CW): *x2 str damage or +4 to str checks for breaking items. ecomp lists this as mighty sunder.
Legendary Rider (CW): no -5 penalty to ride checks in combat.
Vile Deathstrike (ecomp): slain opponents cannot come back to life unless the spell is cast in a consecrated area.
Wield Oversized Weapon (CW): treat weapons as one size smaller for wielding.

Class-Specific (but still short enough not to make a new entry)
Improved Snatch Spell (FR-PGtF): incantatrix, snatched spells are treated as if you cast them.
Improved Spellpool Access (FR-PGtF): chance of desired spell is 90%-(5*lvl), min 5% for 17th+.
Inscribe Epic Rune (FR-PGtF): remove spell level and cl cap on runes.
Epic Ancestral Weapon (ecomp): epic progression for the samurai's ancestral weapon .
Epic Ki Frenzy (ecomp): ki frenzy gives a +4 str/dex bonus & +20 to speed.
Epic Spell Secret (ecomp): choose one metamagic & spell, now that metamagic is free on that spell.
Vile Smight (ecomp): your smite good damage is vile typed which is actually pretty nice.

Divine-Type Feats (link)
Divine Infusion: gain the half-celestial/fiend template.
Enhance Turning: turn undead using a full-round action to double the damage dice.
Epic Divine Might: chamodx2 to damage.
Epic Divine Resistance: sr 30 & resistance to fire/electricity 30.
Epic Divine Vengeance: like haste but undead & the bonus attack only.
Epic Divine Vigor: mass buff that gives +30 to land speed & +6 sacred to con.
Ignore Turn Resistance: reduce turn resistance by chamod (min +0).
Intensify Turning: your turn check's max hd limit is increased.
Invoke Divine Wrath: deal (lvl/2)d6 divine damage to a target.
Multiturning: extra turn undead after using a quicken turning, so try to fail for a third time I guess?
Spellchanneling: make a turn check when you take the feat, you can use that value for your cl with spells.
Spell Siphoning: spontaneous cast a spell even if it's not prepared based on your turning check. Hatren in a single feat.

Aura-Specific (link)
Gloom Aura: aura provides concealment & +4 turn resistance.
Lasting Aura: aura benefits last one minute after leaving the area.
Multiaura: can have two minor auras up.
Radiant Aura: dazzle creatures with an attempt to daze & -4 turn resistance.
Widen Aura: aura extends to 120ft instead of 60ft.

Warlock-Specific (link)
Dark Transient: gain teleport/planeshift as at-will, improves fell flight's speed.
Eldritch Sculptor: buffs eldritch blast, including firing it twice per use or no aoos when using hideous blow.
Epic Eldritch Blast: +1d6 to eb.
Epic Extra Invocation: learn an extra invocation, can select dark-level.
Epic Fiendish Resilience: resilience's fast healing is increased to 25.
Lord of All Essences: you can apply two essences at once and +2 to their dcs.
Master of the Elements:  +10 resists & at-will summon monster 1~9 & dominate monster but limited to elemental subtypes.
Morpheme Savant: at-will power words, gain tongues, warlock's call as demand, plus beguiling influence's bonus is chamodx2.
Paragon Visionary: true/arcane sight, wismodx2 to listen/sense/spot, voidsense's range is increased to 60ft.
Shadowmaster: at-will displacement & shades (awesome), plus immunity to the shadow effects.
Souleater Incarnate: +2 souldmeld dcs, telepathy 100ft, +3 essentia, dying creatures provide a stacking buff to att/saves.
Verminlord: at-will creeping doom with your chamod to poison dcs, plus dominate vermins.
// Feats

Epic Spells
Son of Enevhar (FR-PGtF): dc 39, singing gives +3 moral to will saves, -2 att/check/saves to foes.
Starshine upon the People (FR-PGtF): dc 44, pretty much 40ft mass heal without the hp gain.
Animus Blast (FB): dc 50, 10d6 cold-fireball that animates zombies.
Volcano (SS): dc 56, summons a 500x500ft volcano.
Seas of Blood (SW): dc 64, 200ft emanation of water deals 1d4 nonlethal/rnd & summons 3 dire sharks.
Part The Waters (SW): dc 68, reshapable 300x300 cylinder of no water.
Tolodine's Killing Wind (FR-PGtF): dc 70, 40d6 acid damage, so not what it sounded like huh?
Animus Blizzard (FB): dc 78, 20d6 cold-fireball that animates wights.
River Dragon (SW): dc 78, summons a black/bronze wyrm for 20 rounds.
Gift of Alliance (FR-PGtF): dc 80, every ten minutes dump 6,600xp to summon any 12hd creature.
Glorious Light of Renewal (FR-PGtF): dc 80, restores five dead people to life.
Coldfire Blast (FB): dc 93, 40d6 frostburn to a 40ft area.
Horrible Army of the Dead (FR-PGtF): dc 112, 300ft save-or-die up to 80hd that animates <11hd as skeletons.
Beast of a Thousand Legs (SS): dc 132, 20hr 2 mile wide storm with ten tornadoes.
Global Warming (SS): dc 150, temperature in 100 mile radius increases one band (max warm).
Proctiv's Move Mountain (FR-PGtF): dc 280, cuts off a mountaintop, flips it upside down, and turns it into a floating island.
Dire Drought (SS): dc 319, 1,000ft 2d6 dessication aura for 20 hours.
Dire Winter (FB): dc 319, 1,000ft 2d6 cold aura for 20 hours.
Ice Age (FB): dc 323, -100 degrees (min 0 degrees) in 20 mile radius, permanent.
// Spells
// Epic Content

Epic FAQ
Quote from: Jaerom Darkwind
Okay, this is the first draft of an FAQ for the epic boards. It’s by no means complete, but I think it is useful even as is. I’ll add more answers as people bring up questions I may have missed.

The 3.0 Epic FAQ

When is my character considered epic?
Okay, this is a complicated question. Being epic comes in stages, like so:
When your ECL reaches 21, you begin using epic experience tables and epic wealth guidelines.
When you have 21 total HD, you may begin gaining epic feats.
When you have 21 character levels, you begin using the epic base attack bonus and save progressions. Note that racial HD are not included in this calculation--they do not use epic attack and save progressions.
When you have 21 levels in a particular class, you begin using the appropriate epic class progression.
When you have 20 total HD, including 10 levels in a prestige class, you may begin gaining epic levels in that prestige class.
When the Epic Level Handbook makes statements like "[class] does not [class ability] after 20th level," they are referring to your 20th class level, not your 20th character level. Specific examples of this are spells per day for spellcasters, and unarmed damage for monks.

When is my weapon considered epic?
A weapon is considered epic for the purpose of defeating damage reduction X/epic only if it has a +6 enhancement bonus or higher. A weapon with an effective enhancement bonus of +6 against certain monsters (such as a +4 aberration bane longsword against aberrations) also defeats this type of damage reduction. However, any weapon with more than a +10 total bonus, or an ability with an effective bonus of more than +5, uses epic pricing charts.

Where can I find the epic progression for the ____________?
Check the Compendium of Official Epic Material, in the Important Epic Threads Index at the top of the forum. If it’s not listed there, it hasn’t been published anywhere by WotC. In that case, you’ll have to make one yourself, though many members here would be more than happy to help you. Work that's already been done can be found in the Compendium of Unofficial Epic Material.

Since the most common question deals with classes that advance two spellcasting progressions at once, such as the mystic theurge, true necromancer, and so forth, I'll deal with them specifically here. There are two schools of thought on these classes.

The official progression from Wizards of the Coast for the mystic theurge grants increases to a single caster level per level, alternating back and forth, and one bonus feat every six levels. Most agree, however, that this is vastly underpowered. Were you to use this caster level progression, bonus feats should be granted every two or three levels.

The progression that is generally favored by the epic community grants caster level increases to both classes every level, and bonus feats every 6 levels.

Where can I find epic progressions for classes with less than 10 levels, like the Archmage?
[quote-Epic Level Handbook]
    These rules allow you to go beyond the normal level limit in a prestige class, but only if it is a ten-level class. Why can't you add levels to a prestige class with fewer than ten levels?

    It's Too Easy: Maxing out a ten-level prestige class takes a lot of time and effort, detracting significantly from your pursuit of the Player's Handbook classes. When you max out a five level class, on the other hand, you haven't taken more than a short detour from your main class or classes.

    It's Not Significant Enough: Characters with ten levels in the blackguard prestige class undoubtedly think of themselves as blackguards, regardless of the fact that they also have ten levels in one or more other classes. If you've taken fewer than ten levels in a prestige class, those levels represent a smaller fraction of your character's identity.

    It's Hard to Build an Epic Progression: With only a few levels to guide you, it's hard to determine what an appropriate progression of class features would be for the class. The rate of improvement of a special ability might be too fast to extrapolate over an infinite number of levels, or there might simply be too few class features to build a unique epic progression.

    That said, if your DM wants to allow a character to gain epic levels in a prestige class with fewer than ten levels in its progression, that's okay. Work together with your DM to create an epic progression for the class.

I’m sitting here looking at my books, and I can’t help noticing that the Epic Spellcasting system seems very flawed and abusable. How broken is it, really?
At first glance, pretty darn broken. The number of possible abuses are infinite, especially with the newest seeds (mythal and shadow). However, the system includes a failsafe that makes it perfectly balanced--requiring DM approval for every spell. As long as the DM is an intelligent, reasonable person, there shouldn’t be any problems with abusing the epic spellcasting system.

That said, many members have taken it upon themselves to make the system more idiot-proof. Their work is scattered around the boards, so you'll have to do some searching.

Is there a minimum DC for epic spells? Can I research a spell with a DC of 0? Or even a negative DC?
No, the rules list no minimum. DC 0 spells are certainly possible for those willing to pay the price in mitigating factors, and require 4,500 gp, 1 day, and 180 XP to research. Negative DCs, while theoretically possible, are definitely a bad idea. But due to the absence of an explicit rule, the DM is the final judge.

Why doesn’t Mystra’s Ban prevent me from casting epic spells?
Quote from: Eric Boyd, in Lost Empires of Faerûn
    All those who live by magic know that in ages long past, mages had access to spells of great power. In the aftermath of Netheril’s fall, however, Mystra banned certain high-level spells that she deemed too powerful for mortals to wield responsibly. Thus, current-day spellcasters no longer have access to true spells of 10th-level and higher. Instead, access to epic magic comes via two feats—Improved Spell Capacity and Epic Spellcasting—that function in very different ways.

    The Improved Spell Capacity feat grants spell slots above 9th, theoretically without limit. Before Mystra’s ban, powerful mages could fill these spell slots either with true spells of 10th level or higher, or with 9th-level or lower spells fortified by various metamagic feats. After Mystra’s ban, only the latter option remained available.

    The Epic Spellcasting feat allows the development and casting of epic spells (spells requiring the use of the epic spell system presented in the Epic Level Handbook, cast through superior mastery of the Spellcraft skill). Mystra’s ban has never applied to epic spells, even those that duplicate the effects of 10th-level and higher spells developed before the fall of Netheril.

     Epic spells did exist during the days of Netheril, but the Netherese largely abandoned their development after the discovery of the nether scrolls. During the age of Netheril, epic spells were largely the province of the Fair Folk and were thus almost exclusively associated with high magic. The Netherese, for their part, preferred to develop and use 10th-level and higher spells.

    The fact that spells such as Ioulaum’s longevity, Mythanthor’s create mythal, Proctiv’s move mountain, and Tolodine’s killing wind have existed as both high-level spells and epic spells invariably leads to some confusion among scholars of the Art. In the case of Ioulaum’s longevity, the famed archwizard Ioulaum created a 10th-level version before the fall of Netheril and an epic spell version after Karsus’ Folly. The latter was the version cast by his apprentice Tabra, who then destroyed all records she could find of it.

Can a character with the Improved Metamagic and the Heighten Spell (and/or Improved Heighten Spell) feats use them to gain free increases to the DCs of her spells?
No. Improved Metamagic specifically reduces the spell slot increase of metamagic feats. Heighten Spell and Improved Heighten Spell, however, do not possess spell slot modifiers. They are described as actually increasing a spell’s level, rather than the slot it occupies. As such, the two feats do not interact at all.

However, were a DM to decide that they do interact, it probably would not be overpowered.

What’s the Level Adjustment for the paragon template? How about the quasi-deity template (Divine Rank 0)?
These are pretty tough. For the paragon template, +16 and +18 are popular numbers. The problem is that the power of the template is much less significant at lower levels than at higher. You should think twice about giving it to characters with less than 15 or 20 Hit Dice.

DvR 0 is easier. The general consensus is +6, though adding extraneous elements like ability score bonuses can boost it significantly.

My character took a Vow of Poverty, but now she’s reached level 21 and there aren’t any new abilities listed for her. All of the other characters are buying epic gear and leaving her in the dust. Where can I find an epic progression for the Vow?
There is no official progression for the Vow of Poverty beyond level 20. Perhaps if the Epic Insights column had still existed when the Book of Exalted Deeds was printed one would have been released, but that’s not the case. There are very many unofficial progressions that have been devised on the boards here. The one that I believe to be the best was devised by WizO Negathael, and requires an Epic Vow of Poverty feat. It can be found here.

Why are my epic characters more powerful than the deities from Deities & Demigods?
Because WotC kind of dropped the ball on deity stats. Their policy at the time was to make each book they released a stand-alone work, and so they were bound by their own rules to build deities without using rules from the Epic Level Handbook. Obviously, in retrospect this was a very bad idea. Many people have tried their hands at rebuilding deities using epic rules. Most of this work happens at Dicefreaks.

Why are my epic characters more powerful than the archfiends from the Book of Vile Darkness, the archangels from the Book of Exalted Deeds, and the Elder Evils from Champions of Ruin?
If you’re playing epic, pause for a moment to laugh at WotC’s farcical cosmic entity stats and move on. They aren’t there to be taken seriously. Trust me. They aren’t even suitable for use as avatars.

For a slightly longer answer, the reason these entities are so weak is that they were designed to exist in a world in which no character can advance beyond 20th level (IE, the world of the core rulebooks). Thus, no mortal could challenge them, no magic weapon could damage them (except artifacts), etc. If any sort of epic rules are used, their stats become meaningless. The fact that you’re here suggests that epic rules are being used in your campaign--therefore, those stats shouldn’t be.

My party just killed a deity. Does this make us gods?!
No. Merely killing a deity does not allow one to ascend to godhood in any official campaign setting. The process is always more complex than that, and completely under the control of the DM. Talk to her for details.

I have Epic Leadership, and a ton of followers. If I make them worship me, do I become a god?
No. Merely possessing a number of worshippers does not allow one to ascend to godhood in any official campaign setting (though it may in your DM’s world--ask her).

No, not even the Forgotten Realms. According to the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, "by Ao’s decree, a deity’s power is in part derived from the number and fervor of his worshippers..." Note that it says "in part"--that means that deities do not die from losing worship, and they do not ascend by gaining it. There are other requisites for divine power, which your DM must determine (they probably include sponsorship by another deity).

When can we expect an Expanded Epic Level Handbook?
// Epic FAQ
// Epic
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Re: One Stop Shop
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Sometimes the trait you want isn't really class based. Well this is my miscellaneous catch all that develops primarily off stuff I've repost on the forums several times. It doesn't quite follow the consistency of the first post as my personal Rule of Cool trumps.

Additional Attacks
Snap Kick (ToB): +1 attack, -2 to attack rolls, not full-attack dependent.
Planar Touchstone[Oxyrhynchus](PlH): +1 attack, -5 to attack rolls, works anytime you deliver more than one attack (see snap kick).
Two-Weapon Fighting (Core): +1 attack, -X to attack rolls, full-attack dependent.
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting (Core): +1 attack (total +2), -X to attack rolls, full-attack dependent.
Greater Two-Weapon Fighting (Core): +1 attack (total +3), -X to attack rolls, full-attack dependent.

Speed (Core): +1 attack, full-attack dependent, doesn't stack with haste.

Flashing Sun (ToB): +1 attack, -2 to attack rolls, only works on a full-round action.
Dancing Mongoose (ToB): +1 attack, +2 if twf, uses a swift action, not full-attack dependent, once per round.
Raging Mongoose (ToB): +2 attacks, +4 if twf, uses a swift action, not full-attack dependent, once per round.

Haste (Core): +1 attack, +1 dodge to attack rolls, full-attack dependent.

Frostrager (FB): +1 attack, -2 to attack rolls, once per round and not full-attack dependent.
Whiling Frenzy Barbarian (UA): +1 attack, -2 to attack rolls, full-attack dependent.
Monk (Core): +1/+2 attacks, -2/-0 to attack rolls, full-attack dependent.

Will do later, afk.

Armbands of Might (MiC, pg72): +2 to all str related checks, also +2 to damage if using pa.
Brutal Surge (MiC, pg30): +2 if thf, free as-part-of-attack, don't follow them.
Brute Gauntlets (MiC, pg 83): a multicharge per day item, moral to str checks.
Helm of Battle (MiC, pg111): +2 untyped to str checks, swift action, 3/day.
Third Eye Surge (MiC, pg143): another multicharge style item, insight based.
Torc of the Titans (MiC, pg143): +5 moral to str checks and damage, swift action, 3/day

Belt of the Champion (MiC, pg73): +5 competence to str checks.

Specific Weapons
Battleaxe of the Bull (A&E): grants the improved bullrush feat and +2 to checks.

Goring Horn graft (FF): grants improved bull rush and allows the character to make a gore attack with the horn.

Try stunning them instead?

This isn't the section you're looking for. Move along.

Why would you break your loot?

Hyena Tribe Hunter (FR:SS): +2 to trip, allows you to bypass combat expertise for improved trip too.
Improved Trip (Core): +4 to trip, also free attack if successful.
Perfect Clarity of Mind and Body (ToB): +4 for 1 round if you spend another feat and win dual of wills.
Wolf Berserker (UE): +4 to trip, requires access to rage but you don't have to be in raged.
Battle Jump (UE): +4 via effective size increase while charging.
Jotunbrud (FR:RoF): +4 via effective size increase.

Sweeping (MiC): +1 enhancement, grants +2 to trip.
Grasping (A&EG): +2 enhancement, grants +2 to trip & disarm.
Tentacle Hide Armor (UD): don't ask and it's +2 to trip.
Armbands of Might Magic Item (MiC 72): +2 to strength checks.
Belt of Priestly Might Magic Item (MiC 74): +2 enhancement on strength checks.
Brute Gauntlets Magic Item (MiC 83) fancy charge item, +2/+3/+4 moral to strength checks.
Third Eye Surge Magic Item (MiC 143) as above but insight based.
Torc of the Titans Magic Item (MiC 143) swift action +5 moral to strength checks 5/day.
Luckstone Magic Item (DMG): +1 luck to strength checks.
Belt of the Champion Relic (MiC 73): relic, +5 competence on strength checks.
Strongarm Capsule(CAd): +1 alchemical bonus on strength checks for two rounds.

Mauling Gauntlets (MoI): +2 moral to str checks, invest essentia for more.
Sphinx Claw (MoI): +1 competence to str checks, invest essentia for more.

Dragonborn (RotD): at 6+ HD you can dive for x2 damage while charging, does work with battle jump (see below).
[Half-]Orc (FR:RoF): via the Headlong Rush feat you can deal x2 damage by letting your opponent AoO you.

Specific Weapons
Lance of Faerun(MoF): gain the spirited charge feat, and it's a lance.
Claws of the Leopard(CAd): gain the benefit of pounce if using these gauntlets, tip buy them as a large weapon for THF.
Halberd of Vaulting(A&E): +30 to Jump, if you jump while charging you get an x2 modifier.
Lance of the Unending Charge(A&E): no cap on cleave's move before bonus attack, get a mount capable of turning while charging...
Knight's Sword(A&E): x2 damage while charging with this and while mounted, a lance is better.

Lance(Core): Weapon, x2 damage while charging with it.
Riding Boots(DMGII): if you have spirited charge and are using a lance, add another multiplier.
Sandals of the Tiger's Leap(S&F): x2 damage while charging if using unarmed attacks.

Abyss-Bound Soul(baphomet): x2 damage while charging.
Battle Jump (UE): fall from 5ft. above your opponent to charge them and gain an x2 modifier.
Spirited Charge (Core): x2 damage while charging.
Leap Attack (CAd): jump at least 10ft to double your power attack bonus.
Mantis Leap (S&F): charge using a move action if you can jump to them before moving, also +(strmod*2) to the damage.
Power Lunge (GW): provoke an AoO while charging to double your strength modifier, doesn't stack with THF.

Rhino's Rush (SpC): swift action to cast and paladins have access, x2 damage on your next charge.
Zealot's Pact (CD): hit an opposite alignment creature and deal x2 damage for the rest of the encounter against anyone else.
Psionic Lion's Charge (EPH/SRD): gain pounce for one charge.

Valorous (CoV): +1 enhancement, x2 damage while charging with the enchanted weapon.
Gloryborn (DMGII): weapon template, +1 damage while charging.
Twisted Charge (CS): skill trick, change directions once while charging. About the only movement related thing that will make this list...

Shadow Pounce Granting PrCs
Sun School (CW): honorable mention, +1 attack after you teleport, requires bab +4 and furry of blows so ECL 5 is multiclassed.
Crinti Shadow Marauder (SS): obtains shadow pounce at the 5th level, requires 8 skill ranks to enter so ECL 10.
Telflammar Shadowlord (UA): obtains shadow pounce at the 4th level, requires 10 skill ranks to enter so ECL 11.

Don't forget how multipliers stack. An Abyss-Bound Dragonborn Aquatic Orc using a Valorous Halberd of Vaulting through a Battle Jump powered Headlong Rush Dive while under Rhino's Charge deals x8 damage, not x128.
// Combat

Ability Scores
Note, this is not intended to be a complete list of all Classes & Feats that give Untyped Bonuses. Generic access such as spellcasting and items are the intended materials allowing you to improve an existing character. Additionally, many Spell's may offer the same valued bonus as another, I simply picked one among them.

Alchemical: +2 form luhix (BoED).
Inherent: +5 from tomes/manuals, wish (Core).
Unnamed: +5 from leveling (Core).
Unnamed: +2/+4 from greater visage of the deity (CD).
Unnamed: +2 from psionic meditation (online).
Unnamed: +1 from a faustian pact (FCII).
Unnamed: +1 from the worm of minauros (FCII).

Alchemical: +4 from battlewine (BoED).
Circumstance: +4 from clockwork armor (online).
Deformity: +2 from warp touch (BoVD).
Enhancement: +16 from bite of the werebear (SpC).
Moral: +4 from valiant fury (CW).
Profane: +4 from infernal transformation (SpC).
Racial: +8 from ring of the white wyrm (FB).
Sacred: +4 from righteous fury (SpC) or holy transformation (SpC).
Size: +8 from righteous might (Core).
Unnamed: +32 from giant size (CA). Note it doesn't say the modifications are a size bonus.
Unnamed: +4 from spider curse (FR:CS).
Unnamed: +4 from rage zyme (SS).
Unnamed: +2 from silthilar muscles (LoM).
Unnamed: +2 from horseshoes of flame (SS).
Unnamed: +2 from arm of nyr (DoF).
Unnamed: +2 from death kneel (Core).
Unnamed: +2 from horn of gorgon (CC).

Circumstance: +4 from clockwork armor (online).
Deformity: +2 from deformity[gaunt] or warp touch (BoVD).
Enhancement: +10 from divine agility (SpC).
Moral: +4 from aura of vitality (SpC).
Sacred: +4 from inner beauty (FCI).
Size: +8 from minute form (CA).
Unnamed: +4 from silthilar tendons (FF).
Unnamed: +4 from spider curse (FR:CS).
Unnamed: +2 from horseshoes of flame (SS).

Deformity: +2 from deformity[obesity] or warp touch (BoVD).
Enhancement: +10 from city's might (RoD), also +(X) from cruse of the brute ().
Moral: +4 from valiant fury (CW).
Profane: +4 from infernal transformation (SpC).
Racial: +2 from ring of the white wyrm (FB).
Sacred: +4 from holy transformation (SpC).
Size: +4 from righteous might (Core).
Unnamed: +12 from giant size (CA). Note it doesn't say the modifications are a size bonus.
Unnamed: +4 from spider curse (FR:CS).
Unnamed: +4 from rage zyme (SS).
Unnamed: +2 from silthilar bones (LoM).

Deformity: +4 from warp touch (BoVD).
Enhancement: +8 from necromantic empowerment (LM).
Racial: +2 from ring of the white wyrm (FB).
Unnamed: +10 from horseshoes of flame (SS).
Unnamed: +3 from aging (Core).

Enhancement: +8 from necromantic empowerment (LM).
Insight: +(1/2 caster level) from owl's insight (FR:MoF).
Unnamed: +3 from aging (Core).

Competence: +4 from Command (DoF). Note "command" has been reprinted a half dozen times. Your DM may not allow it.
Enhancement: +8 from nixie's grace (SpC), also +(cleric level) from lust domain (SpC).
Moral: +4 from snowsong (FB).
Profane: +4 from devil's ego (FCII).
Racial: +2 from ring of the white wyrm (FB).
Sacred: +4 from righteous aura (Mini).
Unnamed: +6 from horseshoes of flame (SS).
Unnamed: +4 from charm domain (SpC).
Unnamed: +3 from aging (Core).

Feats (without using feat slots!)
Specific Armor
Silverhelm of the Guardian (Online): improved initiative.
Serpent Armor (Savage): combat reflexes.
Scorpion Carapace Armor (SS): scorpion's resolve & scorpion's sense.

Specific Weapons
Aquatic Shot (SW): aquatic shot.
Singing Sword (SaS): blind-fight.
Rankbreaker Glaive (A&E): cleave.
Sylvan Scimitar (Core): cleave if outdoors and in a temperate environment.
Arrowdeath Flail (A&E): deflect arrows.
Sword of the Glorious Pearl (SW): extra turning.
Battleaxe of the Bull (A&E): improved bullrush.
Disarming Flail (A&E): improved disarm.
Staff of Mighty Sweeping (FR:MoF): improved trip.
Lance of Faerun (FR-MoF): spirited charge.
Spear of the Hunt (A&E): track.

Ioun Stone-Dark Blue Rhomboid (Core): alertness.
Forge of Thautam (RoS): craft magic arms and armor.
Arrow Deflection (Core): deflect arrows.
Greater Holy Symbol (DotF): empower turning.
Mark of Apostasy (DotF): empower turning.
Horizon Goggles (CM): far shot.
Belt of Endurance (A&E): great fortitude.
Rod of Reversal (CD): improved counterspell.
Keen (Core): Basically improved critical.
Bracers of the Blinding Strike (FR:MoF): improved initiative.
Dragonfly Medallion (A&E): improved initiative.
Silverhelm of the Guardian (Online): Improved Initiative.
Sundering (MiC): improved sunder.
Necklace of the Marauding Beast (A&E): improved sunder.
Bracers of Striking (FR:MoF): improved unarmed strike.
Ring of Might (FR:MoF): improved unarmed strike and you start out at 1d8 damage.
Fanged Ring (DM): improved unarmed strike & improved natural attack(unarmed strike) & 1 con damage on crits.
Bracers of Archery (Core): martial weapon proficiency(bow).
Mobility (Core): mobility.
Battle Bridle (MiC, pg151): mounted combat or ride-by attack.
Boots of Charging (MH): powerful charge.
Precise (Core): precise shot.
Rod of Magical Precision (CM): precise shot for spells only.
Riding Boots (MiC): ride-by attack.
Cape of the Wastes (SS): sand camouflage.
Ring of Sandstriding (SS): sandskimmer.
Gloves of the Balanced Hand (MiC): two-weapon fighting or improved two-weapon fighting if you already have it.

Bite of the Wereboar (SpC): blind-fight.
Bite of the Werewolf (SpC): blind-fight.
Bite of the Weretiger (SpC): blind-fight and power attack.
Bite of the Werebear (SpC): blind-fight and power attack.
Heroics (SpC): any fighter bonus feat.
Master’s Touch (SpC): weapon proficiency with a single weapon.
Mirror Move (SpC?): copy any feat if you see someone else use it.

Metamagic Storm (CM): any metamagic feat.
Otyugh Hole (CS): iron will.
Court of Thieves (CS): any luck feat.
Shriver (FCII): diehard.
Pact Insidious (FCII): any.
Elder Evil (EE): worship an elder evil and gain up to six vile feats from a limited list, some are quite good.

Note: Bite of the Wearbear, Battleaxe Of The Bull, and Heroics(shock trooper) let any Arcane Caster become an uber charger.

Eager (MiC): +1 weapon, +2 unnamed to initiative while welding it to your double weapon for split initiative. j/k, just hold it alright?
Warning (MiC): +1 weapon, +5 insight to initiative while it is held.
Initiative (OA): +20,000gp weapon, +2 luck to initiative while carrying it.
Belt of Battle (MiC): 12,000gp, +2 competence to initiative while worn.
Bracers of Blinding Strike (MiC): 5,000gp, +2 competence to initiative while worn.
Bracers of the Hunter (EB:SoX): 8,500gp, +2 competence to initiative while worn.
Chainmail Glove of Taarnahm the Vigilant (Online): 10,000gp, +1 unnamed to initiative & auto-detect harmful within 120ft.
Ring of Anticipation (DotU): 6,000gp, roll initiative twice and take the higher number.

Flexible Spine (LoM): 91,000gp, +4 racial bonus to initiative. Ouch, grafts are supposed to be cheaper than normal items.
Silthilar Tendons (LOM): 110,000gp, +2 unnamed to dexterity. Just buy a tome and w/e else.

Soul Melds
Bluesteel Bracers (MoI): +2 insight to initiative, arm bind to share it with your party.

Combat Readiness (DotU): bard/sor/wiz 1, precast <1min*cl>, +<cl/3, max 6> insight to initiative.
Neverskitter (SpC): sor/wiz 1, immediate action during init rolls, +5 unnamed to initiative.
Primal Instinct (DM): druid 3/sor 3, ran 2, +5 competence bonus to initiative checks for 24 hours, hells yeah.
Sign (SpC): cleric 1, precast <10min*cl>, +4 unnamed to your next initiative check.
Improviser (SpC): persist it at CL20 for a +10 bonus for all four daily encounters.

Blooded (PGtF): +2 unnamed.
Danger Sense (CAd): grants a 1/day initiative reroll, requires Improved Initiative.
Draconic Aura (DM): Up to +4 unnamed to initiative.
Gestalt Anchor (RoE:): +2 insight.
Guerrilla Scout (HoB, pg97): +1 competence.
Insightful Divination(CM): +(level of last divination spell cast).
Improved Initiative (core): +4 unnamed to initiative.
Fire Heritage (PH): +1 unnamed.
Lucky Start (CS): you can use luck to reroll initiative.
Lunatic Insight (HoH): +2 morale.
Nimble Bones (LM): Undead you create gain +4 unnamed to initiative. One word: Necropolition.
Quick Reconnoiter (CAr): +2 unnamed to initiative.
Shifter Instincts (RoE): +2 unnamed.
Thug (PGtF): +2 unnamed.
Yondalla's Sense (RoW): Wisdom to Initiative (halfing only).

Aggressive (trait, UA): +2 unnamed to initiative.
Dexterity Boosters (core): up to +6 enchantment & +4 inherent for what could be another +5 to initiative.
Humming Bird Familiar (Dragon #323, pg98): +4 <unnamed?> to initiative, elven wizard sub (RotW) may double this.
Lunatic Insight (HoH): Taint up a +1 moral bonus to initiative.
Moment of Alacrity (ToB): diamond mind 6th, +20 unnamed to initiative as a swift action.
Time Domain (SpC): grants Improved Initiative.
White Raven Tactics (ToB): white raven 3rd, set an ally's initiative to one lower than your own.

Saves (highest all save items of each type)
+5 Robe of the Vagabond of Resistance (CC/MiC, 26k): +5 resistance and +1 luck to saves.
+6 Empyreal Bracers of Armor (BoED, 64k): +6 sacred to saves, see A&E page 130 for rules on exchanging bonus types.
+5 Parry Spellstrike Gauntlet (SRD/MiC, 72k): +5 to saves vs spells and su/sp abilities & +1 insight to all saves.
Ioun Stone[Pale Green Prism](Core, 30k): +1 competence to saves.
Admiral's Bicorne (SW): +2 moral to saves, all nearby allies gain this benefit as well.
=+16 to saves or +21 to saves vs magical stuff.

Skills (very generic short list)
Apprentice(DMGII): add two certain skills to your skill list, +2 skill points to invest into them.
Cosmopolitan (FR): add any one skill to your skill list, +2 to checks with it.

Masterwork Tools (DMG): +2 circumstantial for 50gp, it's a must.

Guidance of the Avatar (online): +20 to your skill check, put one rank in UMD and use multiple partially charged wands of this to effectively meet nearly any UMD DC outside of combat with only a few ranks.
Improvisation (SpC): up to +(cl/2) luck to any skill or ability check and up to four such bonuses per casting.
Sadism (BoVD): +1 luck per 10 damage dealt last round, so op illiterate savages with 1 rank in knowledge & autohypnoisis could learn about instantly memorize dna patterns.
Masochism (BoVD): sadism's weaker cousin, +1 luck per 10 damage you took last round.


Spell Augmentation (excluding most metamagic & cl increases)
Empower Spell (Core): noted because per PBH the entire range is Empowered (ie 1d6+15 is 16~21+50%).
Fiery Spell (Sand): any spell with the fire descriptor deals +1 damage per die.
Pyro(S&S): spells that light stuff on fire +1 damage per die
Reserves of Strength (DL): +3 to caster level and break cl caps, like wiz 9 can use this to shoot 12d6 fireballs.

Acid Sheath (SpC): any spell with the acid descriptor deals +1 damage per die.
Caustic Mire (CM): if an effect deals fire damage it does +1 damage per die.
Raging Flame (SpC): fire damage -only- is done with +1 damage per die.
Assay Spell Resistance (SpC): +10 to spell resistance check on the next spell cast.
Spell Enhancer (SpC): +2 to caster level on the next spell cast.
Sonorous Hum (SpC): removes the need to concentrate on the next spell cast.

Ring of Mystic Fire (MiC): 3 charges/day, +[2/3/4]d6 to any fire spell. *Several variants of this exist*

Feats - [Cold]
Snowcast (FB): adds the [Cold] descriptor to all spells you cast if you have snow.
Frozen Magic (FB): up +2 to caster level with all cold spells if it's cold outside.
Cold Spell Specialization (FB): up to +2 damage per die with all cold spells if it's cold outside.
Draconic Aura (DM): up to +4 to the save DC of any elemental spell type chosen (scales by level).
Draconic Power (CAr): +1 to the save DC of any elemental spell type chosen you cast.
Cold Focus (FB): +1 to the save DC of any cold spell you cast, stacks with all the other focuses.
Greater Cold Focus (FB): +1 to the save DC of any cold spell you cast, stacks with all the other focuses.

Items - Cold
Icemail Armor (Online): +2 to the save DC of cold spells you cast.

Spells - Cold
Cold Snap (FB): lowers the temperature by up to 50 degrees, +1 damage per die with cold spells.
Control Temperature (FB): reduce or raise the temperature by one temperature band per five caster levels.

Other - Classes
Warmage (DL:AoM): +3 damage per die.
Stormcaster (SW): +1 sonic damage per spell level if the spell deals electricity damage and adds a save vs stun.
Suggested Adaptation of Hellfire Warlock (FCII): +1d6 per class level with evocation spells that deal damage.

Examples of use
"Elemental Blast"
Warmage/Stormcaster casts a Snowcast + Energy Admixture(electricity) + (Energy Substitution(acid) + (Blistering Spell + Fireball)) under Cold Snap, Caustic Mire, and Cold Spell Specialization. The spell has the [Acid, Cold, Electricity] descriptor, deals electricity & acid damage plus 2 fire damage per spell level. Via Reserves of Strength @cl21 the Fireball deals 23d6+161 electricity, 23d6+161 acid, +3 sonic, +6 fire, and stuns. 494 avg, 733.5 empowered.
"Simple Fire Shield"
Spellcaster X / Warmage 3 / Hellfire 3 / Uncanny_Trickster 3 / Legacy Champion 4 casts Persisted Acid Sheath & Persist + Energy Admixture(acid) + Fiery Spell + Fire Shield using a Mystic Ring of Fire. The spell has the [Acid, Fire] descriptor and deals fire & acid damage. @CL15 Attackers take 13d6+65 fire, 13d6+65 acid, and 30 acid damage. 251 avg, 361.5 empowered.

Holy Fire Shield is like Fire Shield but is a spell level higher, it has some BoED fluff but as a separate Spell you can tack on it's Fire-Shield-ness for even more damage. And if you *really* wanted to go down this road. Radiant Shield & Cacophonic Shield can be used as well. Deal 800ish damage each and everyone time someone hits you. Who needs Roiler's Gambit?

Optional Components
Angel Down {CM, 100gp}: extends an abjuration spell.
Ashes of Power {CC, 1,250gp}: roll twice and take highest for dispel & break enchantment.
Devil's Eye {CM, 150gp}: +1 heighten to a divination spell.
Dragon's Tear {CM, 200gp}: +1 heighten to a fire or mind-affecting spell.
Fairy Button {CM, 200gp}: widens an illusion spell.
Fairy Dust {CM, 100gp}: extends a transmutation spell.
Golden Desert Honey {CM, 300gp}: applies the rapid spell feat to a summoning spell.
Possibility Dust {CM, 100gp}: extends a creation spell.
Primal Essence {CM, 150gp}: replaces any 100gp or less material component.
Serpents Tongue {CM, 120gp}: extends an enchantment spell.
Singing Shell {CM, 200gp}: widen or enlarges a sonic spell.

Ambrosia / Distilled Joy {BoED, 200gp}: +2 cl with a good spell.
Angel Radiance {BoED, 20gp}: +1 cl & dc to any spell that sends a fiend back to it's home plane.
Blink Dog Tooth {BoED, 30gp}: 50% chance to apply ghost touch and ignore miss chances from blur, displace, entropy, & phasing.
Celestial Blood {BoED, 20gp}: 30% to deal +2d6 vs evil.
Couatl Feather {BoED, 10gp}: 35% for +2 cl.
Couatl Scale {BoED, 16gp}: 30% for +1 dc.
Lammasu Claw {BoED, 30gp}: 25% chance to increase all damage by +10%.
Lillend Scale {BoED, 15gp}: 40% to increase a will save's dc by +1 (60% if a bard uses it).
Pegasus Feather {BoED, 11gp}: speed up detect good/evil.
Phoenix Feather {BoED, 40gp}: 10% chance the spell remains prepared after casting.
Unicorn Blood {BoED, 500gp}: 405 to increase a fort save by +1.
Unicorn Horn (sliver) {BoED, 55gp}: 40% chance of providing a +1 sacred bonus to the attack roll.
Unicorn Tail Hair {BoED, 25gp}: 20% to double duration.

Agony / Liquid Pain {BoVD, 200gp}: +2 to cl.
Chromatic Dragon Heart {BoVD, 6gp}: 30% to deal +2d6 vs good.
Demon's Heart {BoVD, 18gp}: 25% to increase all damage by +10%.
Devil's Heart {BoVD, 20gp}: 10% chance the spell remained prepared after casting.
Humanoid Heart {BoVD, 1sp}: 25% for +2 to cl.
Humanoid Brain {BoVD, 4cp}: 50% to double range.
Humanoid Child's Eye {BoVD, 2cp}: 20% to double duration.
Humanoid Finger {BoVD, 1cp}: 40% chance of providing a +1 profane bonus to the attack roll.
Metallic Dragon Heart {BoVD, 7gp}: 30% for +1 dc.
Soul in Larval Form {BoVD, 250gp}: +2 to dc.
Soul in Receptacle {BoVD, 200gp}: +10 profane to cl checks to overcome sr.
Yugoloth's Brain {BoVD, 5gp}: 10% to offer no save & 10% the spell affects the user.

Angel's Blood {CC, 1,705gp}:+1 dc to an evil spell.
Aurial Sapphire {CC, 215gp}: quickens an air spell.
Crypt Powder {CC, 150gp}: +1 cl & dc against targeted undead.
Doppelganger Bile {CC, 95gp}: doubles the duration of any invisibility or disguise spell.
Dragon Ruby {CC, 175gp}: doubles the area of a fire spell.
Essence of Order {CC, 300gp}: +1 dc with a law spell.
Feather of the Far Reaches {CC, 95gp}: +10ft to spd or +1 to cl with any travel domain spell.
Game of Fate {CC, 550gp}: roll d%, 01~45 +1 cl, 46~90 x2 duration, 91+ the spell remains prepared after casting.
Guardinal Feather {CC, 600gp}: increases ac or resist granted by +2.
Hero's Tears {CC, 675gp}: +2 cl with a good spell.
Horn of Gorgon {CC, 575gp}: increases strength granted by +2.
Kiss of Discord {CC, 310gp}: +2 cl to a chaos spell.
Obaddis Leaf {CC, 130gp}: x2 duration with a plant domain spell or a spell that targets plants.
Pearl of the Waves {CC, 225gp}: quickens a water spell.
Scholar's Dreams {CC, 175gp}: x2 range & duration with any knowledge domain spell.
Soil of Stone {CC, 65gp}: x2 duration with an earth spell.
Sunflower of Pelor {CC, 100gp}: x2 area for a sun domain spell or a light spell.
Talon of Ehlonna {CC, 370gp}: +2 cl with an animal domain spell or a spell that targets animals.
True Warrior's Blade {CC, 650gp}: divine spell deals an extra +2 damage per spell level.
Twilight Green {CC, 250gp}: negative energy damage is increased by +1 per spell level.
Unicorn Horn {CC, 190gp}: healing touch spell becomes a 30ft ray.

Cathier Spleen {EB:ECS, 125gp}: 60% of x2 duration to an illusion spell.
Covadish Leaves {EB:ECS, 750gp}: 30% of +2 cl to necromancy spell.
Dragonseye Acorn {EB:ECS, 60gp}: 10% of empowering a spell with an energy descriptor.
Hathil Root {EB:ECS, 90gp}: 35% of +1 dc to a transmutation spell.
Irian Crystal {EB:ECS, 115gp}: 15% maximize a healing spell.
Kieros Leaves {EB:ECS, 150gp}: 30% of +2 dc with a death spell.
Laskin Horn {EB:ECS, 55gp}: 40% of a +1 unnamed bonus to melee or ranged touch attack roll.
Mabar Crystal {EB:ECS, 50gp}: 40% of x2 radius of an evocation darkness spell.
Masthin Shoots {EB:ECS, 60gp}: 40% of x2 duration with an enchantment spell that targets an animal or magical beast.
Narstone {EB:ECS, 500gp}: 20% called or summoned creature has a +1 luck bonus to ac.
Reath Leaves {EB:ECS, 120gp}: 45% +2 dc if it targets plants (including plant creatures).

Extending Classes
*In no way do I condone arguing if a PrC can or cannot be extended beyond it's normal means in this thread.*

Legacy Champion (WoL): can be taken by level 9, gives eight levels of progression to any class you have.
Uncanny Trickster (CS): can be taken by level 5, gives two levels of progression to any class you have.

Bloodlines (UA): they consume a level kind of like LA, but grant increases to stuff scaled by level or your maximum skill ranks.

Example of Abuse
Warlock 4 / Binder 1 / Major Bloodline 3 / Uncanny Trickster 1 / Hellfire Warlock 3 / Uncanny Trickster(hellfire) +2 / Legacy Champion(trickster) 6
Counts as an 18th level hellfire warlock for +36d6 damage.

Awesome Class Variants
Bonus Feats
Battle Trickster (CS): 2 extra fighter feats, making it 3 for 3, instead of skill tricks.
Uncanny Trickster (CS): 3 bonus movement or defense improving feats instead of skill tricks.

Adds SLAs or Spellcasting
Swordsage (ToB): trade maneuvers for personal/touch abj/evo/trans spellcasting, potential abuse via recasting.
Eye of Lolth (DotU): trade out teamwork benefits for disguise self, alter self, and polymorph.

Modifies Spellcasting
Ultimate Magus (CM): combine two spontaneous casters together, example is even warmage and sorcerer so yeah your idea works.
Dragon Descendant (DM): you can in fact extend this class infinity, up to 15 levels pre-epic for 7d6 +8d6 sa rays or dr 15/cold iron.
Pact-Bound Adapt (DM): any spellcaster can use this class, free sorcerer spell-list access to divines woot.
Hellfire Warlock (FCII): +1d6 per class level to evocations, see spell augmentation.

Dread Commando (FR:HoB): stacking +5% concealment per level, combine with uncanny trickster & legacy champion for more.

Magical Locations
All listed effects last one year unless noted otherwise.
Such as lawful/30 means do a lawful act ever 30 days.

Boneyard (CM): 1/day enlarge/empower/extend spell to any necromancy spell, expensive 12k.
The Cave of Gems(Moonsea): location, flat rate flaming/frost/shock for 2k.
Court of Thieves (CS): any one luck feat for 6k.
Dragonheart Tomb(DMGII): +1 caster level with necromancy spells for 1k, CM contains several variants of this.
Dragonsblood Pool (CM): gain an extra 3rd level spell slot for 2k.
Eternal Vortex (CM): repeat a 6th level evocation spell 1/day for 10k, only listed because wings of flurry is 4th.
Everflame (DMGII): resist fire 5 for 2k.
Iron Wyrm Vault (CS): gain skill focus(varies) in rogue-ish skill for 3k.
Metamagic Storm (DMGII): any one metamagic feat for 5k.
Necropolis of Dread (DMGII): +1 to fear DCs, also +4 to saves vs fear for 3k.
Otyugh Hole (CS): loved for it's abiltiy to grant iron will for PrCs, 3k.
Pillar of Greyon (FCII): +1d4 to unarmed damage, 1/round unarmed is a touch attack, evil or lawful/30 but can't be of that alignment.
Pool of Frozen souls (DMGII): resist cold 5 for 2k.
Rainbow Falls (CM): 1/day triple duration for a transmutation spell for 2k, you've got to be kidding right?
Shrine of the Weapons Master (DMGII): +2 to damage with any weapon for 2k, only lasts 30 days though.
Tabjari (FCII): +2d6 damage to chaotic outsiders for 10k, lawful/30.
The Frog God's Fane (CS): skill focus(knowledge[any]) for 2k.
Terrible Cyst (DMGII): smite good 1/day for 2.5k.
Timeless Fountain (EB:SoX): you don't age for a year, 5k.
Vale of smoke and Fog (CM): +50% to duration and +1 to save DCs with all illusion spells for 18k, shadowcraft mages live here.
Worldmeet Glade (CM): all summons gain +2 hp per HD and +2 to saves/skills/checks/attack/damage for 18k.
Worm of Minauros (FCII): +1 to highest ability score, evil or lawful/30 but can't be of that alignment.
Shriver (FCII): gain immunity to fear, sickened/nauseated, confusion, fatigue/exhaustion, +2 to will saves, regeneration 5/good & chaotic, 1/day cl 5 barkskin as a free action, gain diehard, and you can try redirect any cure spell in 100ft to you. All for 30k and evil or lawful/30 can be done with any alignment.

Ritual Honorable Mentions
Ritual of Dark Flame (FR:LoD): take 2 temp wis damage to shoot a (hd)d6 ray of negative energy.
Ritual of Shadow Walking(FR:LoD): take 2 temp con damage and 1d4 hp damage to teleport 100ft using shadows.
Binder 1 (ToM): single level dip into this class lets you bind Naberius to heal 1 point of ability damage per round.
Sacred Vitality (LM): this feat lets you expend a turn use to become immune to ability damage.
Wand of Lesser Restoration (Core): 750gp for 50 charges, heals 1d4 ability damage per charge.

Touchstone Honorable Mentions
Monastery of Zerth’Ad’lun (PH, 163): +1 dodge to AC, or +2 if they full attack, the real gem is 6/visit auto ready anything vs any melee.
Catalogues of Enlightenment (PH, 166): gain the granted power of a cleric domain, even if you're a dumb barbarian.
Oxyrhynchus (PH, 172): wording suggests that with snap kick you can attack three times per AoO with a -7 penalty to attack.
The Peak of Continuation (PH, 184): super dr 1/- and 1/visit component free resurrection cast on you when you die.
Healing Waters of Abu-Ima (PH, ?): a 5th level location that gives you a component-free raise dead, perfect for E6 games.

Dread Necromancer (HoH): 8th lvl dread necros give +2 hp/hd & +4 enhance to str/dex to undead they make, perfect hired crafter.
Wizard[Enhanced Undead] (UA): 1st lvl wizards give +2 hp/hd & +4 enhance to str/dex to undead they make, anything you can do the wizard can do better...

Improved Turn Resistance (LM): +4 turn resistance.
Necromantic Presence (LM): nearby undead gain +4 to turn resistance.
Lifebond (LM): +4 turn resistance and +2 to saves if bonded creature is nearby. You can rebond as often as you want (free action?).

Feats - Corpsecrafting
Corpsecrafter (LM): undead you create gain +4 enhancement to str, +2 HP per HD.
Bolster Resistance (LM): undead you create gain +4 to turn resistance.
Deadly Chill (LM): undead you create gain +1d6 Cold damage with natural weapons.
Destructive Retribution (LM): undead you create blows up when the redie dealing <HD/2+1>d6 negative energy damage in a 10ft area.
Hardened Flesh (LM): undead you create gain +2 stacking bonus to natural ac.
Nimble Bones (LM): undead you create gain +4 to initiative checks, +10ft to base land speed.
Undead Battery (DL:AoM 209): drain HD from undead to power metamagic feats.

Feats - Undead Crafting
Bolster Power (Dragon 312): +1 to turn resistance.
Death Curse (Dragon 312): 1 day, +2hd, +25gp, on death it explodes dealing 1d3/hd dc 1 reflex halves.
Graveborn Expert (Dragon 312): +1hd, +4 to a single str or dex skill.
Graveborn Warrior (Dragon 312): +1hd, +25gp, gain a bonus feat.
Hightened Agility (Dragon 312): +1 day, +1hd, +25gp, +4 to dex.
Hightened Strength (Dragon 312): +1 day, +1hd, +25gp, +4 to str.
Uncanny Speed (Dragon 312): +1 day, +2hd, +50gp, +2 to intiative & +10ft to spd.
Vicious Claws (Dragon 312): +5gp, +1hd, +1 to damage.

Cloak of Turn Resistance (Online): +4 turn resistance.

Wiggling Maggot Familiar (Online): +2 turn resistance.

Desecrate (SRD Spell): undead created within have +2 hp/hd.
Animate Dread Warrior (UE): the necropoliton argument alternative, no level loss, unrefutable for feat gain, but best for mundanes or divines due to -6 int & -4 cha.

Honorable Mention
Effects like Wild Shape and many Polymorph-like effects alter your Type regranting a Con score allowing you to obtain even more HP than non-undead casters as you can once again use Con enhancing Items (at the cost of undead immunities, but not the above feats). For example, a normal wizard uses a d4 and even 20 base con is +7.5/lvl, Undead+Corpsecrafter/Desecrate is 10.5/lvl and could have started with 8~10 Con.

Veil of Allure (SS): +2 to the save DC of any Su/Sp Cha based ability.
// Statistics
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Teamwork Benefits
NameSourceLeader RequirementsMember RequirementsBenefit
AwarenessPHBIIListen 12 and Spot 12Listen 2 or Spot 2Every member of the team gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Listen and Spot checks if any other team member is within 30 feet.
Camp RoutinePHBIISurvival 8 or Self-SufficientSurvival 1Your team can set up and break camp with an eye toward defensibility and efficiency. The team member on watch gains a +2 bonus on Spot and Listen checks, and each sleeping team member gains a +4 bonus on Listen checks to hear any sounds within 30 feet.
Circle of BladesPHBIIWeapon Specialization and BAB +6Sneak attack +1d6Any team member who readies an action to attack when the task leader does gains a +2 bonus on damage rolls against the same target.
Climbing SquadDSClimb 8Climb 1When encountering a surface to be scaled, the task leader must climb it first. Upon reaching the top (or another safe point along the climb), the leader can use the aid another action to grant a +4 bonus (instead of the usual +2) to each other member who attempts the climb. In addition, each member after the task leader can attempt accelerated climbing and take a -2 penalty to the Climb check.
Crowded ChargePHBIIJump 8Jump 1Other team members do not block movement for the purpose of determining whether a team member can charge. However, a charging team member must still end her movement in an unoccupied space.
Cunning AmbushPHBIIHide 8 and Listen 8Hide 1If the team members allow the task leader to prepare their hiding positions, he can make a special Hide check to camouflage them. This check is modified by each team member's armor check penalty and Dexterity rather than the task leader's, and the camouflage effect lasts until the team member moves. Hiding a team member in this manner requires 10 minutes of work.
Cunning Ambush, ImprovedPHBIIHide 12 and Listen 12Hide 3 and cunning ambushDuring the surprise round, each team member who is not surprised and has been camouflaged (see Cunning Ambush) can take a full round's worth of actions.
Door ProceduresDMGIIListen 8 and Search 8Listen 1 or Search 1When listening at or searching a door or similar portal, the task leader gains a +1 circumstance bonus on his Listen and Search checks for each team member within 10 feet of the door. If the task leader chooses to take 20 on a Listen or Search check made at a door, he can do so in half the normal time (as if he had made ten attempts, rather than twenty).
Expert MountaineersPHBIIClimb 8 and Use Rope 8Climb 1 or Use Rope 1If a team member succeeds on a Climb check, every other team member adjacent to him gains a +2 circumstance bonus on Climb checks made to ascend the same surface. Furthermore, each team member can make an accelerated climb with only a -2 penalty on the Climb check. Finally, a team member can catch a falling comrade by succeeding on a Climb check against the wall's DC (not against the wall's DC + 10).
Fearsome RosterHoBIntimidate 8Cha 13 or Intimidate 1Enemies who can see at least two members of your team take a penalty on morale checks equal to 1 + one quarter of the Hit Dice of the lowest level member of the team.
Field Medic TrainingDMGIIHeal 8Heal 1If two team members each attempt to stabilize the same dying creature in the same round, the second attempt automatically succeeds.
Foe HuntingPHBIIFavored enemy (any one) +4Survival 1 and BAB +4Each team member who assumes a flanking position with the task leader against his favored enemy gains a +2 bonus on damage rolls against that creature.
Friendly Fire EvasionHoBSpellcraft 4 and evasionRef +2 and Spellcraft 1You gain the evasion ability (see page 41 of the Player's Handbook), but only concerning spells cast by your team members.
Friendly Fire Evasion, ImprovedHoBSpellcraft 6 and improved evasionFriendly fire evasion, Ref +3, and Spellcraft 1You gain the improved evasion ability (see page 42 of the Player's Handbook), but only concerning spells cast by your team members.
Gaze AversionDMGIISpot 8Spot 1As long as at least one team member is looking directly at the gaze attack monster, any team member averting his eyes need not make a save against the gaze attack.
Group TrancePHBIIElf bloodConcentration 1When team members join hands, the task leader can create a trance link that allows each of them, regardless of race, to meditate in the same manner as elves do. Every team member gains the benefit of 8 hours of sleep after just 4 hours of meditation.
Heavy CavalryHoBHandle Animal 4, Ride 8, Mounted Combat and TrampleRide 1To close their formation, the team members and their mounts first line up in adjacent squares, then move closer together so that each takes up a square half as wide as usual. For example, a Medium character mounted on a horse or other Large creature normally takes up a 10 foot square, and a team of four such characters would occupy a rectangle 40 feet wide and 10 feet deep. By contrast, if the same team had trained together and acquired this teamwork benefit, they could compress their line into a unit only 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep, making it harder for anyone they overrun to doge between the horses' hooves. All team members must act on the same initiative count, so some members must delay to match the initiative count of the slowest member in the team. As long as the characters remain in a cohesive set of squares and move at least their speed every round, they gain the following benefits:
* They don't take the -4 penalty on attack rolls and to AC for squeezing (described on page 29 of the Dungeon Master's Guide).
* Opponents can't avoid overruns from team members; they must attempt to block.
* The team members' mounts count as one size category larger for purposes of resolving overruns. For example, a horse counts as a Huge creature (+8 bonus to overrun) rather than a Large creature (+4).
For the purposes of area spells and determining position on the battlefield, each Medium character on a Large mount is considered to be occupying a space 5 feet wide and 10 feet long.
Indirect FirePHBIIPrecise Shot and BAB +6Spot 3This benefit denies opponents some of the protection normally granted by cover or concealment. If the spotter has an unobstructed line of sight to the covered or concealed target, she can, as a move action, use hand gestures, spoken directions, and body language to alert allies wielding ranged weapons to the target's position. If the target has covers, it gains only half the normal cover bonus to Armor Class against the team's ranged attacks. If the target has concealment, the attacker rolls the miss chance twice to determine whether his attack hits. A spotter who can see invisible targets can use this ability to allow a reroll on the miss chance to strike an invisible creature.
InfiltrationHoBHide 8 and Move Silently 8Hide 1 or Move Silently 1Your team can move at full speed without taking a -5 penalty on Hide and Move Silently checks. Other penalties (such as from difficult terrain) still apply, and you take the normal penalties on Hide or Move Silently checks while attacking, running, or charging. Team members are always visible to each other despite their Hide check results and the presence of anything less than total concealment (although cover might still block line of sight between team members). If you move to a position where none of your comrades can see or contact you, you lose the teamwork benefit at the start of your next turn and don't count as part of the team until you reestablish contact with at least one member.
Invisibility SweepHoBBlind-Fight-Each team member can check for the presence of an invisible enemy by groping into four adjacent 5 foot squares within reach, making touch attacks into those squares as described on page 295 of the Dungeon Master's Guide. Doing so is a standard action. If one team member pinpoints the location of an invisible enemy (whether through groping, Spot and Listen checks, or other means), every other team member within earshot also has that enemy pinpointed until that enemy moves into a different square. (Pinpointed invisible enemies still gain the benefits of total concealment; see page 152 of the Player's Handbook).
Joint GrappleHoBBAB +4 or Improved Grapple-If you successfully use the aid another action to assist an adjacent team member's next grapple check or Escape Artist check to escape from a grapple, you provide your teammate with a bonus on that check equal to +4 or your Strength modifier, whichever is higher.
Joint Bull RushHoBImproved Bull Rush-To perform a joint bull rush, all the team members involved must ready the bull rush action until the turn of the member with the slowest initiative. Then all the bull rushing team members move to their target at the same time and make a single bull rush attempt using the Strength bonus of the strongest team member. Each additional team member involved in the joint bull rush applies his or her Strength bonus (minimum +1). The team members must end their movement adjacent to one another, and they all provoke attacks of opportunity from the defender (although the defender can only make a single attack unless he has the Combat Reflexes feat).
Joint RamHoBImproved Sunder-When your team is employing a ram to knock down a barrier or destroy another object, the ram deals an extra 2 points of damage for each team member wielding the ram. In addition, if a team member is trying to break down a door or perform a feat of strength similar to ramming, she gains a +4 bonus on the aid another action. The DM should set limits for how many team members can usefully help break down a particular door (typically two Medium creatures for every 5 feet of the door's width).
Like a RockPHBIIStabilityBalance 1The task leader's stability bonus against bull rush or trip attempts extends to all team members adjacent to her. This bonus stacks with that provided by stability.
Long Range ArcheryHoBFar ShotBAB +1When a team member misses with a ranged attack made against a target farther away then one range increment, subsequent ranged attacks any team member makes against that foe take only half the penalty for range (-1 per range increment). If the foe moves more than 20 feet, this benefit does not apply until a team member shoots at and misses the foe again.
Massed ChargePHBIIBalance 5Balance 1The team can make a special charge attack. All team members move on the same initiative count, and each must charge and attack the same target. Each team member gains a bonus on his attack roll after the charge equal to the number of teammates participating.
Missile VolleyPHBIIFar Shot and Precise ShotPoint Blank ShotEvery member of the team who readies an action to fire a missile weapon when the task leader does gains a bonus on the attack roll equal to the number of team members firing. The task leader also qualifies for the bonus, even though she did not ready an action. All these attacks must be made against the same target.
Ranged PrecisionHoBBAB +4 and Precise ShotBAB +2The penalty for firing a ranged weapon into a melee is cut in half (from -4 to -2) if every ally in the melee is on your team. The AC benefit your foe gets from cover is likewise cut in half (from +4 to +2) if that cover consists solely of team members.
ScoutingHoBListen 8 and Spot 8Listen 1 and Spot 1; or AlertnessThe team as a whole can make a free Spot check and a free Listen check at the end of each round, regardless of whether any members of the team have already made such checks that round. Use the lowest check modifier of any member of the team present, with a +1 bonus for every team member beyond the first. In the middle of a combat when actions are precious, this teamwork benefit gives the members detailed information about their immediate environment that they otherwise wouldn't have.
Search TeamDSSearch 5, trap sense +1Search 1As a full-round action, the task leader can apply his Search check result to every square searched by a member of the ream (excluding the task leader).
Snap Out of ItDMGIIConcentration 8 or Iron WillConcentration 1If a team member is known to be under the sway of a compulsion effect, an adjacent team member can spend a full-round action to grant that team member a new save against the compulsion effect (as the rogue's slippery mind class feature, except that the second save need not happen in the second round of the effect). No character can grant another team member more than one extra save against any one compulsion effect. However, multiple team members can all attempt to help the same character.
Spell BarrageDMGIISpellcraft 8Spellcraft 2This benefit is triggered when a team member first casts a spell requiring a Reflex save. Whether they succeed or fail on the save, all enemies within its area take a -2 penalty on Reflex saves for each subsequent Reflex save attempted that round against an effect created by another member of the same team.
Spellcaster GuardianHoBCombat Reflexes and Spellcraft 4Dex 13 or Spellcraft 1If a spellcaster on your team provokes attacks of opportunity by casting a spell, a team member adjacent to the spellcaster can interpose herself between the spellcaster and one or more attackers at the last moment, taking upon herself attacks of opportunity meant for the spellcaster. The team member can intercept a number of attacks of opportunity equal to 1 + her Dexterity bonus. Resole each attack as normal, using the interposing team member's Armor Class. If the attacks hits, it damages the interposing character but doesn't distract the spellcaster.
Steadfast ResolvePHBIIConcentration 8 and Iron WillWill +2Any team member who must make a saving throw against a fear spell or effect gains a +2 circumstance bonus on the save if he can see or hear at lest one team member.
Superior FlankHoBSneak attack +4d6BAB +3Whenever two members of your team flank the same enemy, all members of the team can make melee attacks against that enemy as if they also flanked her. Creatures that can't be flanked are unaffected. Furthermore, if at least two members of your team are flanking a foe who has the improved uncanny dodge ability, add together the rogue levels of all the team members engaged in melee with that foe to determine whether she can be flanked. If the sum of your teammates' rogue levels is four more than the foe has Hit Dice, all members of your team can flank that foe.
Superior Team EffortPHBIIAny skill 8 and Skill Focus [chosen skill]Team leader's chosen skill 1Any team member who attempts to aid another member's check with the relevant skill must make a DC 5 check to succeed rather than a DC 10 check.
Team Melee TacticsPHBIICombat Expertise and DodgeBAB +6Whenever a team member uses the aid another action to grant another member a bonus on attack rolls, that bonus increases by 1.
Team RallyHoBCha 13, commander rating 2Commander rating 1Whenever a team member makes a rally check (see Heroes of Battle, page 73), she gains a +1 bonus on the rally check for each other team member the demoralized troops can see or hear. If a team member is successfully rallied by another team member's rally check, the morale of the rallied teammate improves by two categories (such as from shaken to heartened).
Team RushPHBIISurvival 8 and EnduranceSurvival 1When the entire team is traveling overland on foot, each team member moves at the task leader's speed. This benefit does not extend to combat and similar shortterm movement situations, or to mounted characters.
Team Shield ManeuverPHBIIShield SpecializationShield ProficiencyWhen a team member's hit point drop to -1 or lower, any teammate adjacent to him who carries a shield can use an immediate action to push him out of harm's way. The injured team member moves 10 feet before falling prone.
Wall of SteelPHBIITower Shield Proficiency and BAB +8Shield Proficiency and BAB +2As a swift action, any member of the team can lose his shield bonus to AC and grant it to a single adjacent team member instead. This bonus stacks with the recipient's existing shield bonus, if any.

Organization Benefits
Church Organization Benefits
Moradin's Anvil of Creation (CC)
--- 1/day +5ft to land speed for 1min.
--- +1 saves vs chaotic spells & effects.
--- Readying a shield is a free action instead of move.
--- 1/day +2 attack & damage for enemy of the church for 1min.
Ehlonna's Assembly of Balance (CC)
--- +2 K-nature checks relating to plants & animals.
--- 1/day endure elements as an SLA.
--- 1/day dominated or SNA animal gains temp hp equal to your level for 1min.
--- +1 attack vs evil undead.
--- +4 survival when tracking & 1/day smite tracked target.
Yondalla's Blessed Bounty (CC)
--- +2 Diplomacy to avoid combat.
--- +1 saves vs chaotic spells & effects.
--- +1 attack & damage vs opponents larger than you.
--- 1/day immediate action grants 1/2 lvl as a dodge bonus to you or adjacent ally.
Dallah Thaun's Blessed Bounty (CC)
--- +2 bluff when feinting.
--- +1 to CL checks to overcome SR.
--- +1 saves vs lawful spells & effects.
--- 1/day swift action invisibility, swift ends, usable for 1rnd per lvl per day.
Obad-Hai's Brotherhood of Equals (CC)
--- +1 saves vs elemental descriptors.
--- +4 vs bull rush, trip, & overrun.
--- 1/day SNA of a level available to you, animals only.
--- 1/day immediate action immunity to critical hits for 1 minute.
Boccob's Eternal Library (CC)
--- +2 to a single knowledge skill.
--- 1/day 1/2 your level bonus to bluuf, disguise, or hide.
--- 1/day identify a magic item with a DC 15+CL spellcraft check.
--- 1/day counterspell without an action, provided you IDed it.
Fharlanghn's Way (CC)
--- +2 sense motive.
--- +2 vs grapple, trip, and bull rush.
--- 1/day +1 per three levels on a single saving throw.
--- 1/day SLA that makes you ethereal for 1rnd per three levels.
Olidammara's Laughing Rogue (CC)
--- +2 bluff when feinting.
--- +2 perform & tumble.
--- +1 saves vs lawful spells & effects.
--- +1 CL with illusion or trickery spells.
--- 1/day force an opponent to reroll an attack, check, or save after knowing the result.
Heironeous's Fist of Valor (CC)
--- +2 diplomacy while enforcing the law.
--- 1/day ignore difficult terrain for 1 rnd.
--- +1 attack vs evil opponents.
--- 1/day buff adds +1d6 electricity damage to any melee weapon or damaging spell, lasts 1rnd per level.
Kord's Mighty Arms (CC)
--- +2 Intimidate
--- +level to saves against fear effects.
--- 1/day add your strength modifier to a fort or will save.
--- 1/day force an opponent to reroll an attack, check, or save after knowing the result.
Wee Jas's Ruby Temple (CC)
--- +2 K-religion checks relating to undead.
--- +1 saves vs death spells & effects.
--- +1 CL to a single school of magic.
--- 1/day counterspell without an action, provided you IDed it.
St. Cuthbert's Scales of Balance (CC)
--- +1 Climb & jump.
--- +1 savs vs chaotic spells & effects.
--- +1 CL with inflict spells and harm.
--- 1/day bludgeoning weapon can stun for 1rnd then daze for 1d4rnds on a failed save.
Pelor's Shining Light (CC)
--- +2 heal to stabilize dying creatures.
--- +2 turning checks.
--- +1 saves vs evil spells & effects.
--- 1/day add your strength modifier to a single save.
--- 1/day fire shield SLA.
Corellon Larethian's True Aim (CC)
--- +2 sense motive.
--- +1 attack vs evil opponents.
--- 1/day double combat expertise or power attack's bonus (x3 thf).
--- 1/day add 1/2 your level to the save DC of a 3rd level or lower spell or as a bonus to attack & damage.
Garl Glittergold's Temple of the Twinkling Eye (CC)
--- +2 diplomacy to avoid combat.
--- +1 to any one save.
--- 1/day bluff or diplomacy check as a move action.
--- 1/day full-round action bluff check to make people think you're not a threat.
Domain Organization Benefits
--- +1 saves vs earth spells & effects, +1 AC vs earth creatures.
--- 1/day +5ft bonus to speed for 1min.
--- Fly (as spell) up to 10 rounds per day (nonconsecutive).
--- 1/day overland flight SLA.
--- +2 handle animal.
--- 1/day dominated or SNA animal gains temp hp equal to your level for 1min.
--- +4 vs bull rush, trip, & overrun.
--- 1/day SNA of a level available to you, animals only.
--- 1/day bull's strength, bear's endurance, or cat's grace SLA.
--- +2 diplomacy to uprisings against lawful authority.
--- +1 saves vs lawful spells & effects.
--- 1/day randomly redirect a spell targeting you to another target.
--- +2 K-religion checks relating to undead.
--- +2 to turn undead checks.
--- (nonevil) +1 saves vs undead / (evil) 1/day allied undead gains +1 attack & damage for 1min.
--- +1 CL with death spells.
--- (nonevil) 1/day +4 turn undead check / (evil) successful check destroys.
--- If undead, +4 to turn resistance.
--- +2 sunder vs objects.
--- +1 sacred to fort saves.
--- 1/day +level to damage with one melee attack.
--- +1 CL with inflict and harm.
--- 1/day earthquake SLA with a 10ft radius (you are immune).
--- +1 saves vs air spells & effects, +1 AC vs air creatures.
--- +4 vs bull rush, trip, overrun.
--- 1/day +2 str & con for 1 min if on the ground.
--- Gain a 20ft burrow speed for 10 mins (nonconsecutive).
--- +2 intimidate against lower level creatures.
--- +1 saves vs good spells & effects.
--- +1 attack vs good.
--- 1/day 5ft fear aura affects good-aligned opponents (as fear spell).
--- +1 saves vs water spells & effects, +1 AC vs water.
--- +1 initiative.
--- +10 fire resist for 2 mins per day (nonconsecutive).
--- 1/day weapons deal +1d6 fire for 1rnd per level (nonconsecutive).
--- +2 diplomacy to avoid combat.
--- +1 saves vs evil spells & effects.
--- +1 attack vs evil.
--- 1/day prevent attack or spellcasting from evil foe within 5ft, will negs.
--- +2 heal to stabilize dying creatures.
--- +2 turning checks.
--- +1 saves vs undead.
--- +1 CL with healing spells.
--- 1day cast any cure spell as a 30ft ranged touch.
--- +2 to a single knowledge skill.
--- 1/day +2 insight to any single attack, save, or check.
--- +1 CL with divination.
--- 1/day negate a single ability a creature has for 1 min (fort negs).
--- +2 (good:diplomacy) / (evil:intimidate) while enforcing the law.
--- +1 saves vs chaotic spells & effects.
--- 1/day touch attack forces truth for 1 min (will negs).
--- +2 K-any to prepare for a challenge of adventure.
--- +1 CL checks to overcome SR.
--- 1/day +1 per 3 levels to a single save.
--- 1/day force an opponent to reroll an attack, check, or save after knowing the result.
--- +2 UMD to emulate a class feature.
--- +2 spellcraft to ID spells.
--- +1 CL to a single school of magic.
--- 1/day counterspell without an action, provided you IDed it.
--- +2 k-nature related to plants.
--- +2 saves vs poison.
--- +2 saves vs mind-affecting spells & effects.
--- No longer have to eat or drink if you touch dirt for 10mins.
--- 1/day immediate action immunity to critical hits for 1 minute.
---- +2 sense motive.
--- +1 to any save.
--- Readying a shield is a free action instead of move.
--- 1/day immediate action grants 1/2 lvl as a dodge bonus to you or adjacent ally.
--- +1 climb & jump.
--- +2 to strength checks (but not skills).
--- 1/day add your strength modifier to a fort or will save.
--- +1 strength.
--- +2 K-religion checks relating to undead.
--- 1/day endure elements SLA.
--- 1/day swift action ass flaming to any weapon for 1rnd per 3 levels.
--- 1/day fire shield SLA.
--- +2 K-geography.
--- +2 vs grapple, trip, & bull rush.
--- 1/day clairaudience/clairvoyance SLA.
--- 1/day automatically escape a grapple or bond as a swift action.
--- +2 bluff when feinting.
--- 1/day 1/2 your level bonus to bluff, disguise, or hide.
--- +1 CL with illusion or trickery spells.
--- 1/day swift action invisibility, swift ends, usable for 1rnd per lvl per day.
--- 1day ignore armor check penalty on a skill check.
--- 1/day ignore difficult terrain for 1 rnd.
--- 1/day double combat expertise or power attack's bonus (x3 thf).
--- A feat that applies to a single weapon applies to several.
--- +2 diplomacy while negotiating peace.
--- +1 saves vs fire spells & effects.
--- 1/day water walking or water breathing SLA.
--- Gain a 20ft swim speed or +20ft to existing.
Other Organizations
Bloodfist Tribe (PHBII)
--- +4 survival.
--- +2 to influence membership, +1 rage duration.
--- +2 inherent to cha or int.
--- +4 influence & +2 fort.
--- Survival/influence is +8, +2 inherent to the other choice.
--- Resist cold 10 & free +2 weapon.
Brightmantle Consortium (PHBII)
--- +1 diplomacy with business matters.
--- Gain five 4th level experts.
--- 30k loan.
Caravan of Shadows (PHBII)
--- +2 bluff, gather info, & sleight of hand.
--- +2 influence membership & +10% sell rate.
--- +2 saves, skills/influence is +4.
--- +20% sell rate (70% total).
--- Skills is +6, influence is +8.

Castle Mairo (PHBII)
--- Citizenship.
--- +2 diplomacy vs citizens.
--- +4 diplomacy & gather info in the barony.
--- Personal honorguard (includes 5th lvl wizard).
The Chalice (PHBII)
--- 1/week potion of protection from evil.
--- Chalice priests cure you for free.
--- Chalice priests cast any 4ths for you.
--- Access to raise dead, but -5 affiliation per use and fiends gain +2 damage vs you.
--- 1/year 18k loan.
Darkspire College (PHBII)
--- 25% chance to have any item at 150% market price.
--- Library research for +2 to knowledge checks.
--- -10% crafting costs, 5%/month EL12 mercenaries steal your stuff.
--- 3/month 750gp scroll loan.

Dragon Island (PHBII)
--- +2 influence, x2 length of age categories.
--- +4 vs frightful presence, +2 k-arcana & k-history.
--- +4 ride with dragons.
--- Gain a dragon cohort (if you have leadership).
--- +8 ride/influence, x4 age categories.
Elves of the High Forest (PHBII)
--- +2 influence.
--- +4 listen, search, & spot.
--- +4 influence, hide & move outdoors.
--- Woodland stride, sense skills are +8.
--- +2 CL with druid & ranger spells.
Golden Helm Guild (PHBII)
--- +2 appraise relating to stone or metal, +4 to a single craft.
--- Appraise/craft is +6, +4 to a second craft.
--- Gain craft magic arms & armor, CL is 1/2 your level.
--- CL is now your level.

Land of Honor (PHBII)
--- +2 influence, free mwk katana.
--- +2 intimidate, k-nobility is a class skill.
--- +4 intimidate/influence, gain quick draw with katanas.
--- +6 intimidate, +8 influence, +4 to crit confirm with katanas.
--- DR 1/- when using a katana.
Merata Kon (PHBII)
--- Citizens hold less contempt for you.
--- +2 diplomacy/survival with clanmates.
--- Gain a 3rd level adept assistant.
--- Gain a 6th lvl barbarian, & 4th level cleric & bard assistants.
One and the Five (PHBII)
--- They watch you.
--- Wizards learn 3, instead of 2, spells per level.
--- -10% magic item crafting costs.
--- 3/year 10k loan.

Guild of Insurers, Solicitors, & Beggars (PHBII)
--- You're not penalized for out of guild jobs.
--- +200gp/month income, limited to equipment from the guild (1k limit)
--- +4 hide & move, +2 slight of hand, city watch has +2 spot & attacks on sight.
--- Limited sell at 90%, 400gp income.
--- +6 gather info, wand loan, city watch doesn't attack if bribed, assassins hunt you.
Sewerworkers Guild (PHBII)
--- You are allowed squat in a sewer, best benefit ever amiright?
--- +2 gather info in the tunnels.
--- +2 hide & move in the tunnels.
--- 3/day reroll a failed spot/listen, +1 resistance to saves.
Sharulhensa (PHBII)
--- +2 influence.
--- +1 enchantment save DCs.
--- +8 influance.
--- At-will detect magic SLA.

Sun Fane (PHBII)
--- You are welcome.
--- Library research gives +2 k-religion.
--- +1 diplomacy.
--- +2 turning checks.
Thunder Sail Argosy (PHBII)
--- You are welcome.
--- +2 profession(sailor), balance, & climb on ships.
--- +200gp/month income.
--- You gain a ship crew (includes 7th lvl druid).
Wintervein Dwarves (PHBII)
--- +2 attack vs orcs & goblins.
--- Gain weapon focus for dwarven waraxe & urgrosh, attack is +4, and dodge vs giants is +6.
--- Attack is +6, and dodge vs giants is +8.
--- Gain improved critical with the dwarven waraxe & urgrosh.

Disciples of Legend (CC)
--- -25% scroll/potion cost.
--- Library research can grant +8 k-history or +3 k-other to a single check.
--- Once per five levels per year you gain leadership vs an evil group (lasts until group is defeated).
--- Members within 60ft gain a +1 moral bonus to attack & saves vs mind-affecting.
Guardians of the Green (CC)
--- +2 survival in natural areas.
--- +2 hide & move silently in natural areas.
--- 1/day +1 per 3 lvls bonus to a single attack or damage roll while in a natural area.
--- 1/day control plants or transport via plants as an SLA.
Paragnostic Assembly (CC)
--- Library research can grant +5 appraise/decipher/k-any/psicraft/spellcraft/truespeak to a single check.
--- +2 diplomacy with guilds, governments, and clerics of knowledge.
--- Appraise, decipher, k-any, psicraft, or spellcraft is now a class skill.
--- Library research can grant up to +10 now.
--- You can take 10 on knowledge checks.
Shadow Guard (CC)
--- +2 intimidate vs evil & +2 bluff/diplo with clerics & paladins of Heironeous & Pelor.
--- You can request church hirelings (determined by DM).
--- +1 CL with good, healing, law, strength, sun, & war domain spells.
--- 1/day greater invisibility SLA.

Dragon 354 has an organization
Dragon 352 has an organization that grants evasion or mettle
Dragon 350 has an organization
Dragon 348 has an organization
// Organizations
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Re: One Stop Shop
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Re: One Stop Shop
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"Yessir, step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Cedric P. Bunko, at your service. Welcome to Bunko's Bargain Basement. The old storefront was getting a little rickety, but SorO_Lost crafted some golems to keep things patched up when less intelligent customers use the wrong item in the wrong wway if you get what I'm saying.

"What, you may ask, is a Bunko's Bargain Basement?  Why, only the finest clearinghouse for magical bargains in seventeen dimensions!

"You see, my friends, every adventurer worth his or her iron rations knows that the right tools make all the difference between life and death. But the problem is, adventurers are a busy lot, and they don't always have time to shop around for bargains...And, strictly between you and me, friends, there are a lot of overpriced magical gadgets out there, and people willing to sell them for far more than they're worth. But not so here at Bunko's!  Here, we stock only the items which really give you bang for the buck...Either those items that are dirt cheap but effective, or the items that may cost a bit more but give you more than you pay for! Satisfaction is guaranteed at Bunko's!

"For your shopping convenience, items are organized in departments. Please enjoy our selection and don't forget to ask about our buy twenty and get one free deal. And now, without further ado, on to the departments..."

First Floor: Hats, Headbands, and Helmets
"We all know adventurers who never seem to use their head as anything but a hatrack. That being the case, they might as well at least have a nice hat to put on it! The bargains here will not only hide how pointy Grog the Barbarian's head is, but they just might keep him alive when he has one of his "moments!".

Headband of Conscious Effort (MIC 109, 2000gp): Make a Concentration check in place of a Fortitude save once per day.  For an arcane caster, it's pretty much an auto-success on a Fort save once per day, and that's more than worth the price.


Admiral's Bicorne (SW, 51,000gp): +5 unnamed bonus to Charisma rolls, +5 leadership, +5 Profession (sailor), +2 morale bonus to attacks, saves and skill checks, amplify your voice 100’.

Hat of Anonymity (MiC 109, 12,500gp): Gives continuous non-detection and +5 to Hide checks.

Hat of Disguise (DMG 258, 1,800gp): Continuous Disguise Self spell.

Psicrown of Astral Legion (ExP, 47,250 gp): 9th level Astral Constructs at ML 18

Class Specific
Circlet of Mages (MiC86, 5,000gp): Allows the caster to retain up to 3 levels of spells per day.  As powerful as a level 3 Pearl of Power, more versatile, and with a +2 Concentration bonus, all for slightly more than half the price.

Second Floor: Goggles, Masks, and Blindfolds
"I know some adventurers who dislike the idea of wearing goggles. "They'll make me look like an idiot, Bunko!" they tell me.  "Paladins don't wear glasses, Bunko," they say. Hogwash! The field of battle is not a fashion show. So what if your enemies laugh?  Pick the right pair of goggles, and you'll be the one laughing last!"

Blindfold of True Darkness (MiC 75, 9,000gp): 30’ blindsight and immunity to gaze attacks.

Raptor's Mask (MiC 210, 3500gp): +5 unnamed bonus to spot, plus immunity to being blinded and dazzled.

Sundark Goggles (Races of the Dragon, 10gp): immunity to light blindness, -1 spot, +2 against gazes.

Horizon Goggles (Complete Mage 133, 8,000gp): Grant the benefits of the Far Shot feat, which is nice. Also increase the range of spells that require a ranged attack roll by 50%, which is even nicer.

Artificer's Monocle (MIC, pg 72, 1500gp): Use artificer knowledges to read magical item auras, but the real bargain is if you can cast detect magic and have 5 ranks of Knowledge: Arcana, you can spend one minute to study an item and get the description as if you cast Identify, unlimited uses.

Eyes of the Eagle (2,500gp): +5 spot.

Goggles of Minute Seeing (1,250gp): +5 search.

Mask of Lies (MiC 115, 4,500gp): Provides continuous Undetectable Alignment, a +5 to Bluff checks, and the ability to use Disguise Self three times per day.

Class Specific
Lens of Ray Widening (LoM, 32,000gp): turns any eye ray, like an ocular spell, into a 60ft cone. Imagine firing a mass greater magic weapon at the party as a 4th level spell that imbues everyone's weapons with the value of a 50,000gp weapon enhancement.

Third Floor: Necklaces, Collars, and Amulets
"Let's face it, adventurers...You can't afford to overlook your neck. After all, you risk it on a daily basis! What you need is a little neckwear, and I'm not talking about that ugly tie the Baron got you for your birthday! The necklaces, amulets, and collars at Bunko's are just what you need to keep neck, body, and head attached!"

Amulet of Fortune Prevailing (MM, 8k): Cheaper than a mantle of second chances, and you almost always use the mantle on blown saving throws anyway.

Amulet of Second Chances (MiC 70, 40,000 gp): Allows the wearer to "rewind" to the beginning of a round and choose a different course of action once per day. 40,000 gp is fairly expensive, but considering that we're talking about reversing time, it's a steal.

Amulet of Tears (MiC 70, 2,300 gp): Capable of providing up to 36 temporary hit points per day. How much is "Not dead" worth?  A lot more than 2,300 gp.

Catseye Brooch (Races of Faerun 172, 9,000 gp): +1 luck bonus to all saves and resistance to disease.  Luck bonuses are few and far between, and this is a fairly cheap one.

Deathglance Locket (Dragon Compendium 134, 3,860gp):  If you are being scryed on, you can hit the pesky voyeur for 10d6 damage 1/day.


Antimagic Torc (Und 73, 25,000gp): Does pretty much what it sounds like. Casts AMF at 11th CL once per day. Great for trained mounts.

Collar of Umbral Metamorphosis (ToM, 10,800gp): gain the Dark Creature template for 10 min a day; +8 hide, +6 move silently, +10 ft move speed, cold resistance 10, superior low light vision and darkvision 60 ft. Greater version bestows the template 24/7.

Hand of Glory (DMG 258, 8,000gp): In addition to casting Daylight and See Invisibility, allows the wearer to wear and benefit from an extra ring.  How often can you buy an Epic feat for 8,000 gp?

Hand of the Mage (DMG 258, 900gp): Unlimited Mage Hand for 900gp, not bad at all.

Phylactery of Change (A&E, 11,200gp): Allows you to Polymorph Self with unlimited duration. Note that with the many, many changes to Polymorph since 3.0, and the fact that "Polymorph Self" doesn't actually exist anymore, many DMs will ban this item outright.

Class Specific
Reliquary Holy Symbol (MiC 120, 1000gp): Provides up to 3 extra turn undead attempts per day. Particularly helpful for fueling Divine Metamagic in a campaign that doesn't worship Mystra.

Fourth Floor: Capes, Cloaks, and Mantles
"A cloak is the single most useful item in the multiverse, next to a towel. You can sleep under it, you can use it for shade, you can weight the hem and use it as a weapon. And, let's be honest, a nicely-tailored cloak just looks good!"

Cloak of Elemental Protection (MiC 87, 1,000gp): Resist energy 10 as an immediate action.

Mantle of Second Chances (MiC 115, 12,000gp): 1/day reroll of any die roll you have made.

Starmantle Cloak (BoED, 132,000gp): Protects from non-magical weapons and provides a DC 15 reflex save vs attacks made by magic weapons

Cloak of Weaponry (MiC, 2,300gp): Store 25 lbs of nonliving material that can fit under a cloak. Will not rupture if sharp objects are placed within.

Shadow Cloak (DotU, 5,500gp): +1 deflection to AC (worth 2k) means you're paying out 3,500gp for a 3/day immediate action 10ft teleport. Because Bunko's strongly believes the best way to avoid being eaten is to not get bit at all.

Class Specific
Mantle of the Beast (CC, 18,000gp): Allows you to Wildshape as a swift action no limit on times per day. Further, you get +1 enhancement to attack and damage when Wildshaped, so it makes the "all-weapons" version of Greater Magic Fang unnecessary.

Fifth Floor: Shirts, Vests, and Barechested
"Shirts are often forgotten about at your local brothel but here at Bunkos we pride our selves on remembering all the magic slots.

Shirt of Wraith Staking (MiC, 6000gp): it makes you completely invisible to unintelligent undead. Since it's based on hide from undead, the effect should end it you attack them, but otherwise this can skip entire fights with necromancers.

Vest of Resistance (CAr, 1,000gp~25,000gp): An alternative slotted resistance bonus to saving throws in case you need your shoulder's slot for another item.



Class Specific

Sixth Floor: Belts and Girdles
"Belts keep you from being caught with your pants down...In more senses than one! A good belt is more than just a place to hang your sword.  In fact, it can be hard to choose between all of the excellent bargains magical belts offer! Maybe that's why Lulu the black mage likes to wear a skirt made out of them."


Belt of Battle (MiC, 12,000gp): Provides 3 charges per day which may be spent for extra actions: 1 charge for a move action, 2 for a standard action, 3 for a full action.

Belt of Magnificence (Mini, 25,000gp-200,000gp): +2-+6 to all stats.  The 200,000 gp variant is expensive, but less expensive than six +6 items and it only takes up one slot.

Belt of Many Pockets (Complete Arcane, p. 147, 11,000gp): Provides 64 miniature bags of holding around your waist, each able to store 1 cubic foot of material that weighs up to 10 pounds. It can store your familiar indefinitely, and retrieving objects doesn't provoke AoOs.

Monk's Belt (DMG 248, 13000gp): Wear gains the AC bonus and unarmed attack of a monk of fifth level.  Monks treat these bonuses as five levels higher. Belt allows one additional stunning attack per day (must have stunning fist feat to get additional attack).

Healing Belt (MiC 750gp): Deals 6d8 HP per day, less effective than a Wand but no UMD check. Great fall back to heal if the Cleric and/or UMDers are down.

Class Specific
Belt of the Dread Emperor (BoVD, 120,000gp): Sure it seems expensive but imagine taking 36 damage to regain a 6th level spell called heal which can replenish up to 150 damage as well as cure various aliments. Is unlimited spellcasting worth anything less than 120,000gp?

Seventh Floor: Boots, Shoes, and Sandals
"We've all heard the phrase "Die with your boots on." I think that's needlessly fatalistic. Pick the right set of boots, and you can make the other guy die instead."

Boots of Agile Leaping (MiC, 76,600gp): These boots allow the wearer to use his Agility(?) modifier instead of his Strength modifier on Jump checks. If the wearer has 5 or more ranks in Balance, he can stand from prone as a swift action that doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity.

Boots of Mountaineering (Online, 26,000gp): These wonderful boots provide a +10 competence bonus on Climb checks, a +5 competence bonus on Balance, Jump, and Survival checks, and a +2 insight bonus on all saving throws allowing you to tackle the mundane mountains and the supernatural inhabitants.

Boots of Big Stepping (MiC, 76, 6,000gp): Greater Teleport with a 60' range three times per day, as well as a +2 caster level for Teleport spells.  A fine deal for the wizard who wants some insurance against being grappled.

Steadfast Boots (MiC, 1400gp): +4 bonus to avoid bull rush, trip, or overrun attacks.  Any two-handed weapon you carry is treated as if readied against any creature that charges you.

Boots of Temporal Acceleration (MiC, 79, 43,000gp): Effectively creates a two-round Time Stop once per day.

Riding Boots (MiC, 121, 12,000gp): Provide a +5 bonus to Ride checks and the Ride-By Attack feat.  Those with Spirited Charge deal x4 damage on a critical hit with a lance charge.

Boots of Battle Charger (MiC, 2000gp): Two times per day, you can charge as a Standard Action as opposed to a full action (only moving up to your speed though). For any character with Pounce, it's a no-brainer. Oh yeah, and once you have any Dex-boosting items on, you can ignore difficult terrain and allies while Charging with these.

Sandals of the Vagabond (CC, 4k): +2 Luck bonus to Initiative and automatic downgrading of exhaustion to fatigue.

Class Specific

Eighth & Ninth Floor: Arms, Braces, Gauntlets, and Gloves
"Dungeons are nasty places.  There are things down there that nobody in their right mind would want to touch with bare skin! You're going to need a good pair of gloves. And as long as you're going to need gloves anyway, they might as well be high-quality, affordable magical gloves from Bunko's!"


Bracers of the Hunter (Eb:SoX, 8,500gp): +5 competence bonus on Hide checks, +2 competence bonus on initiative checks and +1d6 damage to sneak attack or sudden strike.

Gal-Ren (FF, 625gp~15,600gp): These special bracers provide a resistance bonus to all saves like a cloak/vest of resistance does, but costs almost half the price! What's the catch? You take one point of consitution damage while wearing them, but hey at least you also get an extra +2 bonus against death effects.

Gauntlets of War (CC 139, 4,000gp): +1 damage to melee attacks, +3 if you worship a deity with access to the War domain.  +1 damage for 4,000 gp is so-so; +3 is fantastic.

Gloves of Endless Javelins (MiC 194, 7,000gp): Most thrown-weapon experts get powerfully sick of carting around a wagonload of ammunition.  These gloves allow a javelineer (javeliner? javelinist?) to generate an unlimited quantity of ammunition, which is good.  The ammunition generated is +1, which is better, and made of pure force, which is just plain nifty if you need to pincushion a specter.

Gloves of the Master Strategist (Ghostwalk, 3,600gp): True Strike 1/day and functions like gloves of storing.

Gloves of Taarnahm the Vigilant (FR:PGtF, 10,000gp): Gives any weapon you are holding throwing and returning weapon qualities.

Gloves Of The Balanced Hand (MiC, 8,000gp): Gives TWF or ITWF, buy and merge two for ITWF for 20k.

Gauntlets of Ghost Fighting (MiC, 4,000 gp): Ignore the 50% incorporeal miss chance with weapons and Spells, damaging effects deal +1d6 more, and it's 1,000gp cheaper than even an Augment Crystal. Best of all, combined with Shirt of Wraith Stalking, another Bunko favorite, you can Detect Undead at will.

Bracers of Murder (DotU, 8,000gp): +2 profane to attack/damage vs flat-footed foes, reroll SA's 1s, +2 to Death Attack save DCs too.

Glove of Storing (DMG 257, 10,000 gp): A handy way to conceal that lance or magic staff until you need it.

Chainmail Glove of Taarnahm the Vigilant (Online, 10,000 gp): It says and I quote, "The chainmail glove of Taarnahm the Vigilant also senses any creature within 120 feet who intends harm to the possessor, mentally alerting him or her of the danger from an unfriendly creature. (It does not however give any other clue to the identity of the threat.)" It's like Detect Harmful, if there was such a cheater spell.

Class Specific

Tenth Floor: Rings and Things
"Rings are where the real power is.  Just ask that halfling fella who was in the other day.  Had a Ring of Invisibility he wanted to sell, but he kept looking over his shoulder like someone was following him. Cedric P. Bunko does not buy stolen goods! I told him to take his ring and go throw it in a volcano or something."

Ring of Counterspells (DMG 230, 4,000gp): Almost a must-have for those who rely heavily on buff spells.  Automatically counters a preselected spell of 1st-6th level (usually Greater Dispel).

Ring of Freedom of Movement (DMG 232, 40,000gp): Gives continuous protection from paralysis, Solid Fog, Slow, and Web to name but a few effects. It also makes you immune to grappling, which can be the difference between life and death for a spellcaster.

Ring of Greater Counterspells (MiC 124, 16,000gp): Less effective than the original version, but still gives you the opportunity to immediately attempt to counter a spell you truly do not want to go off--like, say, Mordenkainen's Disjunction.

Ring of Nine Lives (MIC 126, 45,000gp): Any item that allows you to automatically make a saving throw, regardless of DC, is worth having.

Spellguard Rings (CM 127, 4,000gp for 2): Caster wears one and ally the other. Ally is immune to caster's spell 3/day.  The possibilities are almost endless.

Ring of Darkhidden (MiC, 2,000gp): Makes you invisible to Darkvision as a constant ability. It's insanely cheap for what it does, especially if you're in an underdark/dungeon-crawling campaign, etc.

Ring of the Diamond Mind (ToB, 3,000gp): Concentration to your choice in Save. Cures the nasty auto-failure when you roll a natural 1. Limited to once per encounter, buy four at Bunko's and get your next Raise Dead half off.

Fanged Ring (DM 101, 10,000gp): Improved Unarmed Strike and Improved Natural Attack (unarmed strike) for 10,000 gold pieces would make this a great bargain for a monk or unarmed swordsage. That PLUS a point of Con damage on a critical hit just makes this ring amazing.

Flesh Ring of Scorn (MiC 100, 8,000gp): 3 charges per day. Automatically confirms a critical threat against an opponent, but also deals damage to the wearer.

Ring of Mighty Summons (CM 127, 14,000gp): Max HP on summoned creatures, but reduced duration.

Ring of the Beast (CC 141, 8,000gp): Your Summon Nature's Ally spells count as the next highest level SNA, assuming you can cast a spell of that level.  Cast SNA, use a spell slot one level lower.

Ring of Arming (MiC 122, 5,000gp): Costs half as much as a Glove of Storing.  The glove allows you to store one weapon; the ring allows you to store all your weapons AND armor.  You do the math.

Ring of Sustenance (DMG 233, 2,500gp): No need for food or drink is nice, but the real payoff is only needing two hours of sleep per day. That's six less hours of potential ambush time and six more hours of adventuring.

Translator’s Ring ("a dark and stormy knight"(?), 400gp): Learn two new languages while worn.

Ring of Anticipation (DotU, 6,000gp): +2 Competence to Spot and Listen which is ok. The real gem is you roll your initiative twice which stacks with the technique called "Oops, I threw it off the table."

Class Specific
Ring of Enduring Arcana (CM, 6000gp): your spells gain a +4 to CL against dispel checks against them.

Ring of Mystic Fire (or lightning) (MiC, 7,500gp): a seemingly expensive item however when it' not functionoing like a 1/day +4cl boost to fireball it can be combined with long duration spells or otherwise damage capped spells and it's ability to increase your spell's damage by +4d6 once per day becomes highly useful.
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Re: One Stop Shop
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Eleventh Floor: Armor and Shields
"Skin is soft. Weapons are sharp. This is bad. Armor is tough. This is good."

Numbered Enhancement
Energy Drain (DotF, +2 bonus): your shield bash, or touch attack if imbued on armor, deals a 7th level enervation spell on contact which is worth +d4 negative levels per hit.

Empyreal (BoED, +2 bonus): this enhancement allows you to move the numbered bonus from your AC to your saves. This is particularly useful when combined with page 130 of A&E which allows you to enhance bracers of armor with it. A empyreal bracers of armor +6 for example costs 64,000gp but provides a +6 unnamed bonus to saves, who can put a price tag on not being dead?

Soulfire (BoED 112, +4 bonus): provides immunity to death spells, magical death effects, energy drain, and any negative energy effects.  Expensive, but the protection is priceless.

Twilight (BoED/PHB2, +1 bonus): combined with a Mithril Chain Shirt, results in armor that virtually anyone can wear: No ASF, no skill check penalty, no movement penalty.

Vengeful (Eb:SoS, +1 bonus): this psionic enhancement gives you a +1 moral bonus to saves against harmful effects. In addition, if an opponent damaged or targeted you with a harmful effect last turn, you gain a +2 moral bonus to attack & damage rolls against them.

Flat Rate Enhancement
Fearsome (DotU, +5,000gp): it autoamtically adds armor spikes, gives you a +5 enhancement bonus to intimidate checks, and you can demoralize opponents as a move action instead of a standard allowing you to attack them on the same turn.

Specific Armors
Armor of Mobility (Draconomicon, 16,160gp): Grants the Mobility feat.

Class Specific

Thaalud Stone Armor (anauroach empires at shade pg180, 2,800gp): it grants the highest armor bonus in the game. Heavy armor, +12 armor bonus, +0 MDB, ACP -8, ASF 40%, reduces speed, 180lbs.

Feycraft (DMGII, +500gp): light/medium armor template, -10% weight, -1 hardness, -5 HP, but reduces ASF by -5%. Unlike most of the DMG's templates it isn't tied to race, rather a fey can magically another creature to craft them, allowing it to be added to other racially-based item templates.

Githcraft (DMGII, +600gp): any armor template, -5% ASF & +1 to concentration checks.

Oerthblood {Dragon 351, +10,000~30,000gp): material gives DR X/- & +X luck on saves vs magic, the 1/2/3 depends on armor type.

Twelfth Floor: Weapons And Pointy Things
"What's to be said? The pointy end goes into the other guy, and the bigger, the better right? Well there is more to it than that, some weapon grant some really nice benefits if held and sometimes a shiny melee weapon just won't cut it if your opponent keeps flying out of range."

Numbered Enhancement
+1 Eager (MiC34, +1 bonus) Warning (MiC46, +1 bonus) Gauntlet or Dagger (combined value 4,303gp): warning grants a +5 insight bonus to initiative as long as it is held and eager gives you a +2 unamed bonus to initiative as long as it's wielded (as well as a +2 bonus to damage during the surprise round). Together you get a +7 bonus to initiative.

Blurstrike (RotW170, +2 bonus): treats your opponent as flat-footed for the first attack each round for up to 10 rounds per day.

Holy (DMG225, +2 bonus) & Holy Surge (MiC, +1 bonus): given that most campaigns are centered around good vs evil you'll find holy's +2d6 damage & holy surge's (+1chamod)/day +3d6 damage bonuses fairly useful compared to other damage additions.

Impaling (MiC, +1 bonus): Did the DM ban Wands of Wraithful Strike? Well lucky for you we have a work around, 3/day 'next attack is a touch attack' right here. Expensive as hell to the Wand, but no UMD needed.

Magebane (CAr143, +1 bonus): When wielded against a spellcaster or invocation user, +2 extra enhancement and +2d6 dmg.

Parrying (MiC, +2 bonus): it gives a +1 insight bonus to AC and all saving throws.

Smoking (LoD180, +1 bonus): grants the wielder concealment, which also negates precision damage, that doesn’t affect the user's vision and a localized stinking cloud effect to discourage grapplers.

Spell Storing (+1 bonus): magical hypodermics: 50 tiny arrows +1 of storing can hold buffs or healing spells of third level or below. 160gp per arrow.

Souldrinking (BoVD 12, +4 bonus): weapon bestows a negative level when it does damage. Extra goodies when you critical hit.

Splitting (FR:CoR42, +3 bonus): doubles your number of attacks with a ranged weapon.

Torturous (GW, +1~+2 bonus): adds a DC 12 fort vs stunning on every hit, can be applied twice to increase the DC to 17. It doesn't matter if 17 seems kind of low, chances are someone will roll low and fail their save at some point and stunned creatures drop their favorite weapons and lose a turn letting you snatch them up and run.

Flat Rate Enhancement
Initiative (OA, 10,000 gp): +2 luck bonus on initiative.

Least Weapon Crystal of Revelation (400 gp): any invisible creature struck by this is surrounded by glowing aura for 1 round. Give one to the guy in your party with special senses and let him tag creatures for you.

Luck Blade (DMG227, 22,060gp): it's a +2 short sword that for an extra 14,000gp gives a +1 luck bonus to saves and lets you reroll one failed save per day. Useful for high level adventurers that don't want to die due to a poor roll.

Stun Slingshot (MiC, 7,800gp): 3/day it can prompt a save vs stunning, and the DC is your attack roll so no one will ever be successful.

Sudden Stunning Weapon (DMGII261, 2000 gp): I bet you're getting tied of stunning at this point but it's just that good. This one adds a save vs stunning to any successful hit, usable (chamod)/day

Sun Sword (Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, 3000gp): The no-frills version of this weapon is a +1 bastard sword that can be wielded as a short sword, making it an excellent and affordable off-hand weapon.

Targath (Ebberon CS, p127): arrow gives you a +2 resistance bonus to fort saves against disease for a measly three gp.

Specific Weapons
Manyfanged Dagger (FR:SK, 32,302gp): this +1 dagger deals quadruple damage with each hit. Add morphing (MiC, +2 bonus) to turn it into your favorite weapon, like a crescent knife (dragon 275).

Hank's Energy Bow (Online): Pretty much the best specific ranged weapon of ever. Automatically adjusts to strength modifier, shoots arrows made out of force so they ignore damage reduction and incorperal miss chances, and it effectively allows you to use power attack with arrows.

Class Specific
Furious (OA125, +2 Bonus): Increases stat bonuses while raging as if you had greater rage.

Rod of Defiance (MiC56, 7,312gp): A +1 heavy mace that causes undead to be treated as if they had four fewer Hit Dice for purposes of turning.  Bunko's gets bulk orders on this from the Church of Pelor!

Greatcleaver (Dragon 352, 40gp): two handed exotic deals 2d8 damage.

Executioner’s Mace (Dungeon 135, 75gp): two handed martial, deals 2d6 bludgeoning, or slashing, or piercing/slashing.

Oerthblood {Dragon 351, +6,000gp): material gives +1 luck to att & dmg, hits deal a stacking -1 penalty to saves for one round.

Thirteenth Floor: Wands, Staves, and Rods
"Why should wizards and clerics have all the fun? A little practice with using magic devices can give any adventurer some much, needed spellpower. Today's Special: 20% off on a case of Wands of Lesser Vigor."

Eternal Wand (MIC159, 460-10,900gp): this command activation magic item isn't really a want, but it does cast a 0~3rd level spell for you twice per day. They are a little more expensive than normal wands and without the spell trigger shenanigans, but it's self replenishing usage saves a lot of money and spells you plan to cast a lot.

Drow House Insignia (DotU 99, 360gp~8,200gp): are a slightly cheaper command activation magic item than the eternal wands. CL5 and limited to 1/day, fluffed to be unique enough their creator can always cast a divination on it, and while the entry gives common spells anything can be loaded into it.

Minor Schema of Metamagic Item (EB:MoE 122 & ECS 113~114, 6,400gp): allows someone to attach their persist spell feat to any spell trigger item (like a wand or staff). The item doesn't expend any more charges than normal and you can pass the item around to everyone in the party can benefit from high level persisted personal buffs.

Wand of Lesser Vigor (SpC229, 750gp): grants fast healing 1 for eleven rounds, healing 11hp per casting, making it one of the most efficient healing items in the game.

Rod of Magical Precision (CM128, 12,000 gp): negates the penalty for firing a spell into melee and 3/day allows a caster to ignore miss chances generated by (total) concealment.

Wand of Flame Blade (PHB, 4,500gp): it's a poor man's lightsaber, a flaming scimitar that uses touch attacks to hit.

Lesser Rod of Metamagic[Extend] (DMG236, 3,000 gp): inexpensive and consistently useful. There are any number of low-level buff spells that benefit from being Extended.

Metamagic Wandgrip (CM133, 6,000gp): allows the wearer to apply metamagic to a wand spell three times per day, at the cost of extra charges.

Rod of Many Wands (CM128, 27,000gp): allows the firing of up to three wands simultaneously as a full round action, at the cost of extra charges.

Rod of Ropes (CS116, 4,000gp): It's a highly-compact source of up to 600 feet of rope. It's a grapple gun. It's a fishing line capable of reeling in something weighing up to a thousand pounds. It's a ranged weapon that can bull rush opponents. It's a Legend of Zelda Hookshot. What's not to like?

Wand of Guidance of the Avatar (Online, 4,500gp): +20 to your next skill check, makes you an instant professional in everything ever.

Wand of Improvisational (SpC, 15,000gp): gives up to 40 floating points which can be spent as up to four times as a +10 bonus to a skill check.

Class Specific

Fourteenth Floor: Grafts
"Sometimes the best bargain isn't stealing a naked demon's boots, but his feet."
Note - Old style can be found in 3.0/3.5 rule books like A&E, FF, LM, and such and you are allowed to freely use them. Eberron's supplements and Dragon Magic use a new style and you cannot mix those types, you may only own/use five of these type of grafts at a time, and all newer style grafts consume HP. Newer style's graft rules explicitly note their rules do not apply to the older types.

Strong Leg (FF:fiendish, 8,000gp): gives you a +2 inherent bonus to constitution which has the monetary value of 55,000gp so it's basically 85% off in exchange for a daily DC 15 will save vs 1d3 wisdom damage (and a suggested evil alignment).

Clawed Arm (FF:fiendish, 50,000gp): gives you a +4 unnamed bonus to strength. About 45% cheaper than a manual of gainful exercise +4 and stacks with it, same downsides as the strong leg.

Frightful Crest (RoTD:dragon, 28,000 & 6HP): when make an attack roll creatures within 30 feet make a will save vs panicked / shakened for one round (DC 10+1/2HD+chamod). It's great for paladins, hexblades, and even ray using sorcerers as backup. Downside is it effects the party too.

Long Arm (FF:fiendish, 5,000): Gives reach.

Weakening Arm (LM:undead, 40,000gp): gives a +4 inherent bonus to strength (valued at 110k) with no real downsides other than having a nasty looking arm. It can also deal 1d6 str damage as a touch attack twice per day. Save 70k and pick up a way to damage the low str scores of casters & small animals.

Weapon Graft (FF:illthid, 1,000gp): grafts a manufactured melee weapon to your arm turning it into a natural weapon. The creature doesn't need proficiency, but if they are they gain an extra +1 circumstantial bonus to attack and damage rolls. Illthid grafts give a (nonstacking) -4 penalty on saves against mind-affecting abilities, however this is a wonderful way to transform magical exotic melee weapons made out of special materials into natural weapons.

Fast Leg (FF:fiendish, 4,000gp): +10 unnamed to all forms of speed when your not wearing heavy armor or carrying a heavy load and a +5 competence bonus on climb & jump checks. For everyone not decked out in full-plate this is a much better alternative to boots of striding and springing but watch your will saves.

Feathered Wings (FF:fiendish, 10,000gp): gives a fly speed equal to twice your land speed with average maneuverability. Not only is it the cheapest method of obtaining flight (that works in antimagic), but as part of attacking you can make a free action bluff vs sense motive check to gain a +2 circumstantial bonus to your attack rolls.

Class Specific
Poison Fangs (FF:yuan-ti, 8,000gp): adds poison (1d6/1d6 con, DC 17 negs) to your bite attack, if you don't have a bite you can still use the graft with a successful grapple check. Since grafts are not magical items and you now biologically create your own poison using another creature's natural method of producing poison. Ask your DM about venomfire today, I bet you he'll say no and that's OK.


Basement: Miscellany
"Watch your step,'s a little cluttered down here.  I really need to get my shop goblins to give this place a good cleaning.  If you're looking for...well, stuff...this is the place.  Magic items come in all shapes and sizes, and most of them can be found down here...somewhere...if you're willing to dig deep enough!"

Anklet of Translocation (MiC 71, 1,400 gp): Allows two 10' teleports per day.  Excellent for breaking grapples.

Cube of Force (DMG 253, 62,000 gp): Not cheap, but it can protect you against everything.  That's worth the big bucks.

Bead of Force (DMG 248, 3,000 gp): 5d6 damage plus Otiluke's Resilient Sphere.

Crystal of Return (least) (MiC 65. 300 gp): Feats are expensive.  Effectively buying the Quick Draw feat for 300gp--that's a bargain.  The lesser version is a good buy, too, at 1,000...the ability to call your weapon to hand from up to 30 feet away is worth much more.

Dust of Sneezing and Choking (DMG 275, 2,500 gp): The fact that Dust of Sneezing and Choking will stun the opponent even if they make their saving throw makes it deadly--so deadly that it's likely to be banned in many campaigns.  If not, take advantage!

Scabbard of Keen Edges (DMG 266, 16000 gp): Gives Keen to any weapon it holds.

Truedeath Crystal (lesser) (MiC 66, 5,000 gp): Gives the weapon the Ghost Touch ability for much less than it would cost to add the ability to a high-powered weapon.  The greater variant, at 10,000 gp, allows sneak attacks on undead--also highly valuable.

Candle of Invocation (DMG 251, 8,400 gp): Somebody seems to have forgotten about the 1,000 XP price tag on the "calling creatures" usage of the Gate spell. Since this item is at CL 17, you can call a 34 HD monster and control it for 17 rounds.

Decanter of Endless Water (DMG 254, 9,000 gp): The Decanter has a thousand uses beyond just providing drinking water.  Put out fires with it.  Use it as a jet propulsion system for a small boat.  Create sophisticated hydraulic technologies using it as a power source.  Combine it with Water Walking to produce an instant bridge.

Enveloping Pit (MiC 159, 3,600 gp): If you're Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil, or Neutral Evil, this is a Portable Hole--only with more than five times the normal volume, at about a fifth of the normal cost.  Just make sure you stick a ladder in so you can get to the bottom easily.

Heward's Fortifying Bedroll (Complete Mage 132, 3,000 gp): Allows casters to regain spells with only one hour of sleep, rather than the usual 8.

Heward's Handy Haversack (DMG 259, 2,000 gp): Holds less than a Bag of Holding, but also costs less, and the retrieval function is very valuable.

Ioun Stone, Gray (DMG 260, 25 gp): With continual flame, becomes a hands-free perpetual light source.

Ioun Stone, Orange (DMG 260, 30000 gp): +1 caster level.

Aspect Mirror (Complete Scoundrel 113,  4000 gp/Mirror): Provides a reliable means of communication between party members.  Can also be used as a highly effective "closed circuit" camera system.

Quaal’s Feather Token – Tree (DMG 264, 400gp): If you can't think of uses for an instant tree, you're not trying very hard.

Quiver of Ehlonna (DMG 265, 1800 gp): Nice for arrows, nicer for wands and staves.  The Artificer's best friend!  It's not a bad idea to create it in a non-standard form, if permissible, to prevent smart enemies from sundering every quiver they see.

Silent Portal Disk (350gp, Magic of Faerun p165): Any door you put the disk on makes no sound, no creaking when you open it, no cracking if you smash the lock. Your DM will hate your rogue. If you cast "animate object" on the door, you will have the first door ninja ever. You could also whack people with the door and the hit wouldn't make a noise.

Survival Pouch (Races of the Wild 173, 5,000 gp): Provides you transportation, hauling capability, food, instant campfire and/or torches, shelter, water, rope, shovel, bow & arrows.

Tooth of Savnok (Tome of Magic, 2000 gp): Move at your normal speed even when wearing medium or heavy armor or when carrying a medium or heavy load.

Class Specific
Badge of Valor (MiC 208, 1,400 gp): Allows a bard to increase the bonus granted by his Inspire Courage ability 3 times per day.

Boccob's Blessed Book (DMG 249, 12,500 gp): Contains 1,000 pages.  Does not require the user to spend the usual 25gp per page materials costs.  You pay 12,500gp for 25,000gp worth of spellbook.  The portability is a bonus.

Demolition Crystal, greater (MiC, 6,000 gp): The sneak attacker's bane is creatures immune to sneak attacks.  The Demolition Crystal allows sneak attacks on constructs, gives a damage bonus, and causes the weapon to be treated as adamantite for purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Robe of Mysterious Conjuration (MiC, 10,000): Sacrifice a spell slot to cast an equal level Summon Monster spell, kind of like a Runestaff loaded with the summon line only it comes with free Rapid Spell built in.

Basement below the Basement: Non-Magical Bargains
"Here's a little truth that too many high-level adventurers forget: it doesn't have to be magic to be effective.  Keep that in mind, and you'll have an edge...particularly when someone drops an Anti-Magic Field."

Doppelganger Bile (CC, 132, 95 gp): Double duration for any spell that grants invisibility or a bonus to Disguise checks.  That includes Shapechange.

Eggshell Grenade (OA, 10gp): blind your target (no save) and area around him (DC < 15)

Ehlonna's Brooch (CC 134, 350gp): +1 hit point per hit die for summoned animals or monsters.

Keepcool Salve (Sandstorm 102, 50 gp): Increases your level of heat protection by one and grants a +1 circumstance bonus to Fort saves against damage from hot environs.

Liquid Sunlight (Complete Scoundrel 110, 20 gp): Now, this thing is pretty bad. It's supposed to be thrown or used as a sling bullet against stuff that's vulnerable to light. What it does to said stuff is nowhere near worth mentioning. The easily overlooked first seven words of the entry, however, are. According to these seven words, it gives off light as a torch at all times. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this little trinket is essentially a smaller, lighter Everburning Torch, for 18% of the price. Also, an item that is better when you don't use it. Beautiful.

Torch Bug Paste(CSc 120, 25gp): A no-save, splash attack, non-magical, non-dispellable faerie fire that lasts for an hour.

Trollbane (Dungeonscape, 90gp): Used to coat a weapon.  Makes weapon ignore any regeneration for one strike.  (Half Black Dragon War Troll, meet flight of Trollbaned arrows.  Buh-bye.)

Masterwork Tools (PHB, 50gp): These are frequently overlooked, and they shouldn't be.  Buy a book to aid you in a Knowledge skill, or a snappy outfit to aid your Diplomacy check.

Marbles (A&E, 5cp): It's effectively Grease, but so cheap you can afford dozens of uses per day.

Targath (ECS, +3gp): +2 Resistance to Saves vs Disease for less than four gold and can be freely passed around the party indefinitely. A must for any low level medic's toolbox.

Kind of Magical
Nugget of Garl Glittergold (CC 134, 350gp): +1 caster level to illusion spells and Trickery domain spells.  What gnome illusionist wouldn't want one of these?

Ruby Skull of Wee Jas (CC 134, 350 gp): +1 CL for all necromancy spells, and +1 to the damage roll when rebuking undead.

Scholar's Dreams  (CC 132, 175gp): A little more expensive than some of the other components, but doubling the duration of your Foresight or Find the Path can be downright handy.

Soil of Stone (CC, 132, 60gp): Double the duration of Earth spells for 60 gp.  Not bad when you're summoning an Earth Elemental monolith or casting an Earthquake.

Stone Socket of Grummsh (CC 134, 350gp): +1 damage per die for War domain spells or spells with the evil descriptor.  However, this damage cannot take the spell beyond the normal maximum damage.  Note that this one really pays off in conjunction with one of the various feats that add the evil descriptor to spells.

Unicorn Horn (CC 133, 190gp): Turn a Heal spell into a Mass Heal with a 30' cone area of effect for 190 GP.  Figure out how many party members you can fit into the cone, then figure out how many scrolls of Heal you would have had to buy to get the same effect.   Keep in mind that Bunko's maintains the highest ethical standards; all of our horns come from unicorns that died of natural causes.

War Cross of St. Cuthbert (CC 135, 350 gp): Increases divine CL by 1 for mind-affecting spells and turning undead.

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Reserved - Changelog & Notes

04/XX/20: New OSS post! Thumbnail images & finished/indexed ACFs, fixed links/SMF smiley, more dragon content, favored soul & swashbuckler are now listed, CC/PHB2 organization benefits, various other additions.
Temp 04/04/20: Original post fits all class-focused & all ACFs into two posts, already had to spin off at paladin due to 60k text limit.
Temp 04/05/50: Hit the limit again at rogue, there really isn't a lot of character in table/spoilers, it's just extra dragon content.
Temp 04/10/20: Threw up the original copies of the cool/team/epic content.
Temp 04/12/20: Threw up a mostly original copy of Bunkos. Currently only an addition or two, but re-categorizing before adding new stuff.
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