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Walking new year tree of occasional doom - 1.0
« on: May 01, 2012, 11:17:33 PM »
EDIT: Added missing [Energy drained] in No restoration bloat.

It's more of an idea that a guide but I though I might as well post it with more info. Specifically this is about Shaman with Shaman spellcasting/Tactician spellcasting/Bastion.

The more characters you can buff at the same time - the better. Therefore you need Paladin's Bastion. And you need spells to power it. You might do fine with Shaman spellcasting only but you'll miss a good deal of buffs and utility.

Very good, interesting, bad. Although this will mostly cover good options. Maybe I missed something (probably more spells) but I should be asleep long ago… :|

= Psion am I =
This really starts to shine if you have Manyspell Magus feat, but it has a prerequisite of level 9 and Glyphweave Adept feat (which is mostly "meh"). But it almost doubles your spells per scene (at least at later levels) and makes you into pseudo-Psion. Just keep in mind that you cannot cast spells this way of a higher circle than what you could have have cast 5 character levels ago.

You aren't going to use this feat in battle as effects lasts for a scene and spells are refreshed each scene. Dump all your spell slots other than those you couldn't cast 5 levels ago into this. This allows for things like 4 Endure Elements without exhausting your slots like water. Plus you have 2 spellcasting tracks and the feat does not limit your spell points to only one of them. The higher your Wisdom/Intelligence the more bonus spells slots you have which will allow you to cast even more spells through this trick.
Appears to be fine, although you don't need 3 Nature Powers now.

= Reality marble =
What that all means you'll be radiating the following spells all the time. Seriously, learn them all. They last for a scene and spells refresh each scene. It's like the world around you is different from everywhere else.

1. Comprehend Languages, Endure Elements (you might not really need this, but it might prove at least somewhat useful with Bastion along with some RP opportunity), World-Mind (has nothing to do with Bastion but might be pretty useful and targets all allies in close range anyway).
2. Resist Elements, Nature's Power, Status (if you have something to remove conditions with), See Invisibility, Darkvision.
3. Death Ward, Fly.
4. Stoneskin, Detect Scrying.
5. Fist of the Earth.

In adddition the following spells also last for the whole scene:

2. Invisibility
3. Arcane Sight, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Dimensional Anchor (or circle 4 for Shaman)
4. Wind Walk (depending on how exactly that works you might want to have it always on too)
5. Wall of Force (potentially)
6. Scrying (Greater)
7. Foresight (nothing to do with Bastion but AC/saving throws boost and never surprised/[Flat-footed] are welcomed)

Battle spells:

1st circle:
  • Bless. You really want this if you have Incantation track. Will saves and attacks rolls into stratosphere. Will probably be the first thing you'll cast unless Sanctuary would be more useful. Otherwise not quite interesting.
  • Sanctuary. Will save or you cannot be attacked. When later on you'll have Foresight you might cast this in the first round if the rest of your party is surprised. But then again your initiative might not be that good to get real benefit. Regardless, that still allows you to buff your party for the rest of the battle somewhat more safely. Now, the bad part is the fact that any damage you ignore this way potentially will be added to someone else in your party. Last part appears to be irrelevant now.
3rd circle:
  • Haste. Bonus attack. Unless everyone can do that by themselves. Then red.
  • Repelling Ward. No close combat here, son. Unless saved, which will happen eventually, but enemies risk to become [Nauseated]. Later on some will be immune to [Nauseated] (Damascus Shield) or will be able to remove it (Virtue, Fortune's Friend) but it could still be usefull if a group of mooks want to reward you with 1000 papercuts.
4th circle:
  • Blindsight. Ignore ways of becoming [Concealed] that rely on eliminating visual cues. Just another buff. Add more.
  • Freedom of Movement. [Slowed] and dimensional locks are [Binding] effects. You do not want them to stop you.
  • Greater Invisibility. Yes. Just don't forget your See Invisibility otherwise hilarity might ensue.
  • Hold Monster. Paralyze is strong. This one is will based. Plus, you don't always want to kill others.
  • Regenerative Aura. If you don't have Incantation this will allow infinite healing outside of battle and minor healing in battle itself. If you do, you don't really need it but still adds useful amount (+Wisdom).
5th circle:
  • Fist of the Earth. Needs no bastion. Additional damage + a chance to slow opponent. It is now an [Arming] effect which means you can't combine it with Flame Blade and Call Lightning incantation. Pros: cast once and forget, untyped bonus to damage. Cons: adds somewhat less damage than those other spells (although those are elemental spells).
  • Ring of Blades. Technically speaking you might not need this, but having a wall isn't bad as a backup option. It doesn't autofail saves of those who refuse to leave the area anymore, though. It also a [Force] effect which means it blocks teleports (unless they are also warps).
  • True Seeing. [Figment], [Glamers] and darkness of less than 6th Circle are suddenly irrelevant. Not that there are many of them after 5th Circle but even then a Will save will help you (Foresight also helps).
6th circle:
  • Adamant Skin. [Resistance] to all damage is nice, but it cannot be affected by Bastion which makes it tough to restore mid battle for the whole party. It'll also eats alot of spell points/slots if you want to cast it often.
  • Heart of Oak. [Immunity] to [Dazed], [Stunned]. While Bastion cannot radiate this it is already an aura.
  • Tactical Deployment. Call those who somehow where moved out of your range back.
7th circle:
  • Firestorm. Cool but it cannot be moved and is only 20 ft. radius and in the following rounds only damages at the end of the round. You can't spam it either as you cannot cast this using Manyspell Magus. Not really your job to do, IMO.
  • Mass Heal. Good in a pinch. Take it if you have enough space for it.
  • Miracle. Raise, transport, dispel, duplicate another spell. Yes, of course.
  • Control Winds. Dial tornado, destroy nonfortified buildings. Laugh optional.
  • Spell Turning. While this sounds nice on paper you are going to cast quite some targeted spells either on yourself or your party memebers. You can use it as an active protection though. Although if you have Incantation you might need your immediate actions somewhere else.
Utility and other thins to do:

Cure spells: You might do buffing, but sometimes removing those conditions that pile up is a really good thing to do. Ok, cures and greater restoration got nerfbatted, so if you allow homebrew take White Mage iconic feat instead. Otherwise limit yourself to 2 Cure spells max. Restoration line is meh. Well, not really, it removes more effects but it can't heal at all (somewhat painful, if you ask me). Only thing you can't remove with cure line is [Petrified].

Personally, I'm all for this houserule:
No restoration bloat. Whenever you cast certain spells you can forgo healing hit points and increase the number of conditions you remove by specified amount. Cure Moderate Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds: +1. Cure Critical Wounds, Heal: +2. Heal spell cast as a 6th circle or higher: +4. In addition Heal spell can remove [Petrified] condition, and Cure Moderate Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds, and Cure Critical Wounds spells can remove [Energy drained] condition.

Flame Blade: Arming! Adds more damage than Fist of the Earth but is elemental. Just make sure you have dispel with you unless you really feel like healing elemental absorbing enemies which might pop up.

Direct damage: you probably do not want one off spells like these at all. Call Lightning and Lightning Storm are fine as backup options and you only need to cast them only once per Encounter. Call Lightning doubles as a buff (which is now Arming spell that targets a weapon - conflicts with other spells). So, you might skip Call Lightning, or just unlearn it later.

Dispels: learn all 3 of those spells - Dispel Magic, Greater Dispel Magic and Miracle. The other side might have buffers too, after all. First 2 should probably go from your Tactician spellcasting list unless you can squeeze some space in Shaman's which is hard. If you don't want to Miracle is still a very useful with other effects it can provide.

Movement: as your Bastion aura is not that large you'll better have some options to reposition yourself fast. Teleportations, fast movements, something - Dimensional Swap, Dimension Door, Shadow Blink, Athletics. Unfinished Cathedral relic place of power might be of interest too as you really don't want to be moved from the place you stand in otherwise your party might lose your buffs. As a bonus you get a cool ability to not die when you are killed not fall when you actually should. Current version does not seem to allow you to move through the air/on water. So, I guess, you can still fall. Sad day is today. Wait, can you choose earth, water, planet, gravity as your opponent? :}

Ideally, you shouldn't need to move at all, but the world around you might be not quite ideal.

= In the end =

In general, if you run out of interesting buffing options take utility to the max. Find the Path, Discern Location, Hallow, illusions, etc. Teleport is now good too, that waste of space “you suck”-table was removed.

You might consider full buy-in with Incantation. It gives you some good options both for buffs and other "backup" plans, allows for infinite healing, fast healing aura and gives some uses for your immediate/swift action. True Mage might work as well for more buffs but you lose some good spell effects.

Characters in your group that can attack at a distance are your friends. However even if some are strictly melee they can still attack at a distance in Legend.
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Re: Walking new year tree of occasional doom
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2012, 09:15:59 AM »
I like Reality Marble. So many passives...
BTW, is "Reality Marble" a reference to Type-Moon's Fate/Stay Night?
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Re: Walking new year tree of occasional doom
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2012, 09:18:05 AM »
BTW, is "Reality Marble" a reference to Type-Moon's Fate/Stay Night?

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Re: Walking new year tree of occasional doom - 1.0
« Reply #3 on: June 18, 2013, 04:39:53 PM »
1.0 updating in progress…