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東方英雄伝説 ~ Legend of Touhou
« on: May 22, 2012, 06:48:04 PM »
Gratuitious kanji are gratuitous and obligatory.

I wrote up Legend stats for a bunch of Touhou characters over on Min/Max, but I figured it might be better to post them here (hey, we've got an Avengers thread...). If you can think of any new/alternate builds or improvements to the existing ones, post them.

On a similar note, grayswx has written a Touhou class.
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Re: 東方英雄伝説 ~ Legend of Touhou
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2012, 06:48:20 PM »
Player Characters
Reimu Hakurei, Shrine Maiden of Paradise
Rogue (Ref/Will): Esoterica Radica (Playing It Right: Acrobatics, Perception)/Shaman spells (multiclass)/Acrobatic Adept/Path of the Ancestors (Barbarian full buy-in; Hard to Break: Will)
KOM: Wis; KDM: Con
Feats:(?), Shadow Blink, Floating Feat, Esoteric Adept (magic missile), Wings of War, Danger Sense, Troubleshooter, Damage Specialization, The Bitter Dregs
Legendary: Chameleon, Full Sanction, Debts Reckoned, Seeker
Weapon Properties: (Ranged), Deft, Guardian, Parrying

"Normally, if I just randomly go and fight, the culprit will show themselves in no time!"
Graze graze. Reimu can cast spells and is good at dodging. Floating Feat + Chameleon represents her ability to channel gods. Path of the Ancestors' capstone is sort of like Fantasy Heaven (Discipline of the Crane is Reimu-ish, but not quite right). She has Full Buy-in because she doesn't get enough donations to afford magic items. ;)
Marisa Kirisame, Ordinary Magician
Sage (Ref/Will): Just Blade/Elementalist (multiclass; Electricity)/Shaman spells (Guild Initiation)
KOM: Cha; KDM: Con
Feats: (Guild Initiation), Multiclass Flexibility (Shaman spells -> Cha), Breakneck Pace, Something of a Traditionalist (Iconic), Wake, Confusion, Flyby Attack, Arcane Recitation
Equipment: Pistolcaster (Greater)
Weapon Properties: (Ranged), Brutal x2, Elemental (Fire)

"Danmaku's all about power!"
Pistolcaster = Mini-Hakkero. Devastating Barrage = Love Sign "Master Spark". Charging with something packed into Grim Heritor = Comet "Blazing Star". Alternately you could use the Simply Smashing feat (or even My Name is War) to represent her Third-Time Embellisher ability from Hopeless Masquerade.
Sakuya Izayoi, Perfect and Elegant Maid
Rogue (Ref/Will): Esoterica Radica (Playing It Right: ?, ?)/A Reign of Arrows (Ranger multiclass)/Discipline of the Serpent (Monk Guild Initiation; Weapon Master, After-Image)
KOM: Dex; KDM: Con
Feats: (Guild Initiation), I Am Not Left-Handed (Iconic), To Iron Married, Shadow Blink, Swift-hand Throw, Daggerstorm, This Is A Knife, Exit Stage Left, ?
Weapon Properties: (Melee), Hold-out, Scything, Thrown

"Your time is mine..."
Knives. SO MANY KNIVES. Shadow Blink + After-Image represent her ability to briefly stop time.
Youmu Konpaku, Half-Human Half-Ghost and Half-Baked
Rogue (Ref/Will): Iron Magi (Ranger multiclass)/Swashbuckler/Knight (Guild Initiation)
KOM: Str; KDM: Con
Feats: (Guild Initiation), Summon Mote, Ghost Hunter, Reckless Strike, To Iron Married, By Steel Beholden, In Mithril Reborn, The Right Hand of Creation
Equipment: Will-O'-Wisp Lantern (Lesser), ? (Lesser) x5, ? (Greater) x4, Simple Knife (Relic), Immaculate Hilt (Artifact)
Weapon Properties: (Melee), Magnum, Reacting, Scything

"The things that cannot be cut by my Roukanken, forged by youkai, are close to none!"
Myon is either her summoned mote or her lantern.

Before DotS's revision, was Monk (Ref/Will): Discipline of the Serpent (Weapon Master, After-Image)/Swashbuckler (Rogue multiclass)/Knight (Guild Initiation)
Sanae Kochiya, Deified Human of the Wind
Shaman (Fort/Will): Incantation/Earth Elemental (shaman path)/Shaman spells/Air Elemental (full buy-in)
KOM: Wis; KDM: Cha
Feats:(?), And My Axe!, Earthshaper Warden, Earthen Liege, Esoteric Adept (Glitterdust), Terror, Arcane Recitation, ?
Weapon Properties: (Melee), Brutal, Deft, Tripping

"Oh! So this is youkai hunting! ... ...This is kind of fun."
Sanae is known for relying on incantations to cast her most powerful spells; add in Arcane Recitation and she can pump all her actions for a round into casting. And My Axe! represents her ability to get a little carried away.
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Re: 東方英雄伝説 ~ Legend of Touhou
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2012, 06:48:28 PM »
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Hong Meiling, Chinese Girl
Monk (Fort/Will): Discipline of the Serpent (Stunning Fist, Twin Deadly Venoms)/Iron Magi (Ranger multiclass)/Discipline of the Dragon (Careful Sun)
KOM: Str; KDM: Con
Feats: (?), Martial Magister (?, Acrobatics), Meteor Crush, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Weapon Properties: (Melee), Brutal, Disarming, Guardian, Tripping, Unbalancing

Meteor Crush... lets her kill rocs.
Patchouli Knowledge, The Unmoving Great Library
Tactician (Ref/Will): Tactical Insight/Shaman spells (multiclass)/Tactician spells
KOM: Int; KDM: Con
Feats: (Multiclass Flexibility (Shaman spells -> Int)), Troubleshooter, Elemental Specialisation, By Will Sustained, Rune Magic, Arcane Engineer, ?, ?
Weapon Properties (Book): (Melee), Brutal x2, Quick-draw
Weapon Properties (Spells 1-4): (Ranged), Brutal, Elemental (Acid/Cold/Electricity/Fire), Quick-draw

All the spellcasting. By Will Sustained represents her status as a youkai magician. Dump your KDM. Optionally, add True Mage or Combat Alchemist.
Remilia Scarlet, The Eternally Young Scarlet Moon
Rogue (Fort/Will): Esoterica Radica (Playing It Right: Diplomacy, Intimidate)/Fortune's Friend/Undead (racial; Vampire, Necrotic Aura, Entrancing Gaze: Terror)/Runner (full buy-in)
KOM: Dex; KDM: Cha
Feats: (Breakneck Pace), True Names, You Will Falter, Wings of War, You Will Falter, Did The Math (Iconic), The Left Hand of Death, You Will Fail
Legendary Abilities: Indestructible, Awesome Presence, Debts Reckoned, Maniacal Laughter
Weapon Properties: (Ranged), Brutal, Elemental (Acid), Magnum

"The moon tonight is red. You will know death."
Build is based mostly around her manipulation of fate; she's also pretty fast and has CHARISMA. One of her "You Will Falter"s could be replaced with Baptized in Rage, to represent her Miserable Fate spell (aka "NOT THE CHAINS!")
Flandre Scarlet, Sister of the Devil
Barbarian (Fort/Will): Elementalist (multiclass; Fire, Forced Vulnerability, Elemental Wave, Elemental Wall)/Path of Destruction/Utter Brute (racial; Attacker, Striker, Flesh+Flexibility)/Discipline of the Crane (Monk full buy-in)
KOM: Con; KDM: Str
Feats: (Weaponised), Sinister Sinews, On A Pale Horse (Iconic), A Hell of A Thing, Flyby Attack, The Left Hand of Death, ?, ?
Legendary Abilities: Indestructible, The World Twists, Scourge, Maniacal Laughter
Weapon Properties: (Melee), Brutal, Elemental (Fire), Magnum

"The power to destroy anything" is rather hard to stat, so it's represented by Scourge + Maniacal Laughter. Between Utter Brute and Path of Destruction, she's got a ginormous flaming sword that can strike multiple targets with each swing. Empty Body represents And Then There Were None. Her speed is comparable to her sister's.

Perfect Cherry Blossom
Alice Margatroid, The Seven-Colored Puppeteer
Tactician (Ref/Will): Demo Man (Rogue multiclass)/Mechanist Savant (Guild Initiation)/Tactician spells
KOM: Int; KDM: Con
Feats: (Guild Initiation), Summon Mote, By Will Sustained, Explosives Expert, ?, ?, ?, ?
Weapon Properties: (Melee), Parrying, Reacting, Thrown

"Your two-colored powers are a mere twenty-eight-point-five-seven-one-four percent as powerful as mine."
Alice's thing is dolls. Dolls that shoot lasers and are often filled with gunpowder. She's usually depicted as having two following her around at all times (what's that you say? Spellcasters can't use Summon Mote? Well lalalalala *sticks fingers in ears*). Like Patchouli she's a youkai magician, so By Will Sustained.
Yukari Yakumo, Border of Phantasm
Tactician (Ref/Will): Tactical Insight/Arcane Lore (multiclass; Red Hymn, Life Fades)/Tactician spells
KOM: Int; KDM: Con
Feats: (?), Shadow Blink, Into the Breach, My Name is War, The Scattering Wind, Create Teleportation Circle, Safekeeper Adept, Safekeeper Magus
Magic Items: Black Ankh (Lesser), Broken Steele (Lesser), Oakstone Shard (Lesser), Obsidian Ring (Lesser), Grim Fragment (Lesser), Crystal Ball (Greater), Ironmountain Plate (Greater), Ironshod Staff (Greater), Vanguard (Greater), Magister's Staff (Relic), True Symbol (Relic), Lamellar Gauntlet (Artifact)
Legendary Abilities: Collateral Damage, Awesome Presence, Puppetmaster, Arrangements
Weapon Properties: (Ranged), Guardian, Parrying, Unbalancing

"The edges of my barriers cannot be found!"
Use Lamellar Gauntlet to activate Create Teleportation Circle as an immediate action - now you're thinking with portals! Into the Breach lets her throw Ran.
Optionally switch Awesome Presence for Wayfarer.

Immaterial and Missing Power
Suika Ibuki, Tiny Pandemonium
Monk (Fort/Will): Discipline of the Serpent (Stunning Fist, After-Image)/Water Elemental (multiclass)/Utter Brute (racial; Attacker, Soldier, Flight+Flesh)
KOM: Con; KDM: Str
Feats: (Weaponised), Livers Need Not Apply, Spirited Strength, The Sun Grows Dim, Juggernaut (Iconic), The Smell of Napalm, Ruinous Charge, Spectacular Beats
Weapon Properties: (Melee), Brutal x3, Devastating, Thrown

Suika has the Livers Need Not Apply feat chain for obvious reasons. Water Elemental lets her turn into mist and The Sun Grows Dim lets her create mini-Suikas. I can't find any way to let her change size though.

Imperishable Night
Wriggle Nightbug, A Bug of Light Wriggling in the Dark
Sage (Fort/Will): Vigilante (multiclassing)/Arcane Secrets/Mechanist Savant (Guild Initiation)
KOM: Wis; KDM: Con
Feats: (Guild Initiation), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Fujiwara no Mokou, Hourai Incarnate
Barbarian (Ref/Will): Path of Rage/Elementalist (multiclass; Fire, Elemental Resistance, Elemental Wave, Elemental Shield)/Undead (Skeletal Champion, Fire, Necrotic Aura)
KOM: Str; KDM: Dex
Feats: (?), A Light Against Shadow, ?, Tell Them Still Angry, Wings of War, ?, ?, ?
Legendary: ?, ?, Plot Armor, Hero Rising
Items: An Old Thread (Artifact)
Weapon Properties: (Melee), Brutal, Reacting, Unbalancing

"I, who knows not death, have surpassed the darkness. See this beautiful danmaku, unchained from the dark samsara!"
The undead hunger of a Skeletal Champion can only be sated by battle. In other words, Mokou is mechanically compelled to fight Kaguya. Also she respawns explosively if killed.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Yuuka Kazami, Flower Master of the Four Seasons
Shaman (Fort/Will): Utter Brute (racial; Defender, Striker, Flight+Flesh)/Path of Rage (shaman path; Hurling Charge)/Shaman spells/A Reign of Arrows (full buy-in)
KOM: Con; KDM: Str
Feats: (Multiclass Flexibility: Shaman spells -> Cha), Slow and Steady, Elemental Specialisation, Terror, My Name is War, Runic Gunknight, This is a Knife, Esoteric Adept (wall of thorns)
Legendary Abilities: Indestructible, Bigger, No! Bigger!, Maniacal Laughter
Magic Items: Black Ankh (Lesser), Coldfire Ingot: Fire (Greater), Umbrella (Relic point-buy; Longbow, Spellstoring, Sophisticated:Brutal+Magnum)

"Genocide is just another game."
Master Spark = Spellstoring + Runic Gunknight + A Crashing of Heaven + Storm Bolt, expanded to 8x size by your Legendary abilities. Combine it with My Name is War for Double Spark.
Thanks to doorhandle for his Black Rock Shooter build, which this borrows from.
Aya Shameimaru, Humble Tengu Newspaper Reporter
Rogue (Fort/Ref): Esoterica Radica (Playing It Right: ?, History)/Air Elemental (multiclass)/Runner (Guild Initiation)
KOM: Dex; KDM: Con
Feats: (Guild Initiation), Breakneck Pace, Flyby Attack, Dread Secret, ?, ?, ?, ?
Weapon Properties: (Melee), Devastating, Distant, Thrown

Self-proclaimed fastest in Gensokyo. Intrepid reporter. Aya's usage of Dread Secret is "pull out an embarassing photo she took while you weren't looking."

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
Tenshi Hinanawi, Young Mistress of Bhava-Agra
Shaman (Fort/Will): Earth Elemental (multiclassing)/Celestial (Shaman Path; Prophetic Visions, Strength of Faith, Purifying Flame, That Hideous Strength)/Utter Brute (racial; Defender, Striker, Flesh+Flight)
KOM: Con; KDM: Str
Feats: (?), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Weapon Properties: (Melee), Brutal x2, Magnum

Subterranean Animism
Yuugi Hoshiguma, Ruinous Super Strength
Monk (Fort/Will): Discipline of the Serpent (Stunning Fist, After-Image)/Earth Elemental (multiclass)/Utter Brute (racial; Attacker, Striker, Flight+Flesh)
KOM: Con; KDM: Str
Feats: (Weaponised), Livers Need Not Apply, Optimistic Viscera, Cheerful Hemoglobin, Spirited Strength, Juggernaut (Iconic), Simply Smashing, Three Body Collision
Weapon Properties: (Melee), Brutal x3, Devastating, Unbalancing

Similar build to Suika. Replaced Ruinous Charge with Simply Smashing to represent Knockout in Three Steps.
Satori Komeiji, The Girl Even the Evil Spirits Fear
Shaman (Fort/Will): Tactical Insight (multiclass)/Judgment (shaman path)/??? (Guild Initiation)
KOM: Wis KDM: Cha
Feats: (Guild Initiation), Savvy Librarian (History), Floating Feat, Chatty Bugger, Confusion, Dread Secret, Terror, ?

Floating Feat: Guild Initiation for copying abilities. The rest of the build is centred around "I CAN READ YOUR MIIIIIIND".
Utsuho Reiuji, The Scorching Troublesome Divine Flame
Shaman (Fort/Will): Elementalist (multiclassing; Fire, Forced Vulnerability, Elemental Ball, Elemental Wall)/Fire Elemental (Shaman Path)/Demon (racial; Intimidate, See Invisibility, Fell Flight)/Just Blade (Sage full buy-in)
KOM: Cha KDM: Con
Feats: (?), A Light Against Shadow (Iconic), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Weapon Properties: (Melee), Brutal, Elemental (Fire), Thrown

Sudden Inferno = Septentrion
Koishi Komeiji, The Closed Eyes of Love
Sage (Ref/Will): Arcane Lore (Grey Hymn, Glimpse of Madness)/Arcane Secrets/I Am Ten Ninjas (multiclass)/Battle's Tempering (full buy-in)
KOM: Cha KDM: Dex
Feats: (?), Deft Strike, Recon, Confusion, Retcon, Damage Specialisation, Troubleshooter, True Names
Weapon Properties: (Melee), ?, ?, ?

Just try finding her.

Undefined Fantastic Object
Ichirin Kumoi, The Big Wheel That Guards and is Guarded
Sage (Fort/Will): Just Blade/Utter Brute (racial; Striker, Flexibility+Flesh)/Water Elemental (multiclass)/Smiting
KOM: Con; KDM: Str
Feats: (Weaponised), Strike Down (Iconic), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Magic Items: ? (Lesser), ? (Greater), ? (Relic)
Weapon Properties: (Melee), Brutal x3

"My word, to think that there were humans who wouldn't run away at the sight of this fist..."

Build includes Unzan. Smiting might have to be substituted with Unicorn for 1.0.
Byakuren Hijiri, The Sealed Great Magician
Paladin (Fort/Will): Pegasus (racial)/Virtue/Knight (Guild Initiation)/Shaman spells (full buy-in)
KOM: Str; KDM: Cha
Feats: (Guild Initiation), By Will Sustained, Glyphweave Adept, Multiclass Flexibility (Shaman spells -> Cha), Manyspell Magus, A Light Against Shadow, Wake, Simply Smashing
Magic Items: Grim Fragment (Lesser), Pistolcaster (Greater), Magister's Staff (Relic)
Weapon Properties: (Melee), Brutal x3

"The world of dharma is filled with light!"
"Youkai Jesus" proves that wizards don't have to be squishy. Her Sorcerer's Picture Scroll consists of the Pistolcaster and Magister's Staff combined.

Ten Desires
Yoshika Miyako, Loyal Undead
Paladin (Ref/Will): Undead (racial; Ghoul, Lord of the Damned)/Heroica/Necromancer (multiclass; Chill Touch, False Life, Vampiric Touch, Enervation, Retributive Armor)/Knight (Guild Initiation)
KOM: Str; KDM: Con
Feats: (Ghoulish Enthusiasm), Guild Initiation, Feign Death, This is a Knife, Daggerstorm, To Pierce the Heavens, Ghost Hunter, Big Damn Hero, ?

Seiga's cohort, who designates her as the target of Heroica. With Retributive Armor you don't want to attack her, but with Knight and Heroica you don't have much of a choice.
Seiga Kaku, The Wicked Hermit of Passing through Walls
Shaman (Ref/Will): Undead (racial; Lich, Lord of the Damned)/Necromancer (shaman path; Chill Touch, Speak With Dead, Blindness, Enervation, Slay Living)/Shaman spells/Chirurgic Poet (full buy-in)
KOM: Int; KDM: Wis
Feats: (Lich's Wrath: Life Fades), ?, ?, Earthshaper Journeyman, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Chirurgic Poet lets her heal Yoshika easily. Earthshaper Journeyman lets her pass through walls (could also use Forgotten Song, Relic item).
Toyosatomimi no Miko, Shotoku Taoist
Shaman (Ref/Will): Tactical Insight (multiclassing)/Judgment (shaman path)/Shaman spells/Lich (full buy-in; Necrotic Aura)
KOM: Wis; KDM: Cha
Feats: (?), Small Concessions, Truly Bad People, Charm, Savvy Librarian (History), ?, ?, ?
Weapon Properties: (Melee), ?, ?, ?

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Re: 東方英雄伝説 ~ Legend of Touhou
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2012, 06:48:38 PM »
Reserved just in case
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