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Pvt. Prinny (EL4)
« on: August 16, 2012, 04:09:57 PM »
EDIT: changed HP, speed and initiative as per latest changes.

Here is a Disgaea's Prinny. Or something that is loosely looks like them anyway. Although this one is a bit more competent that he should be, but then again mook prinnies can be done with elite mooks and Demo Man alone. Not sure they should be small, but they seem smaller to me.

In case you missed those lovely critters they look like blue penguins with very small wings, weird legs, a bag where they store money that they are paid and they explode when thrown (well, I don't have this part here, too bad).

Pvt. Prinny (EL4)


Rogue with Esoterica Radica/Demo Man/Path of the Ancestors (multiclassed).

KOM: Intelligence, KDM: Charisma.

Abilities: Str 10, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 16.

+5 initiative, 35 ft speed, small size (+1 ac, +1 attack rolls, -2 on saves vs combat maneuvers).

55 HP, 19 AC, Fort +7 (racial), Ref +8, Will +5, Awareness 14.

[Melee] 5 ft, [Close] 35 ft, [Medium] 140 ft, [Long] 560 ft, [Extreme] 1400 ft.

Base attack bonus +3.

Skills: Athletics +4, Bluff +8 (racial), Engineering +8, Larceny +7, Nature +8, Perception +4, Stealth +5.
Feats: "Exit, Stage Left", Feign Death, Recon.

Activated abilities
Attack action: +9 attack, 1d6+4 damage, Pair of knives. [Melee] or [Medium] range.

Exit, Stage LeftEX: Once per [Encounter], Prinny may trade a swift action for a move action.

Feign DeathEX: As an immediate action, Prinny may attempt to convince all observers that he is [Dead]. Prinny enters a state where it is very difficult to establish his life-signs, but he remain conscious. This effect has a duration of 8 minutes, and it also fool divination effects of 4th circle or lower. When this state is ended, Prinny cannot attempt it again for 5 minutes.

Flash-bangEX: Once per [Round], as part of a move action, Prinny can add a fuse to a powerful firecracker, which lasts for one [Round] before its volatile chemicals become useless. Prinny can use the firecracker in either of the following ways:
  • Flash Grenade: As a ranged attack, which can be made as part of an attack action, Prinny can throw the firecracker at a target square within [Close] range, which creates a 10 ft radius spread originating from that square. All creatures within a 10 ft radius burst are [Blinded] and [Deafened] for two [Rounds]. A successful DC 16 Reflex save negates the [Blinded] and [Deafened] conditions.
  • Flash Missile: Prinny can affix the firecracker to a single ranged weapon in his possession or a vial prepared with his Prillin Bomb ability. The next time he hits a creature with an attack using either that weapon or vial, that creature is [Blinded] and [Deafened] for one [Round]. A successful DC 16 Fortitude save negates the [Blinded] and [Deafened] conditions.

Prillin BombEX (Smells Like Victory): As a move action or a swift action, Prinny can mix noxious chemicals into a vial, which lasts for one [Round], at which point it becomes useless.

These vials can be thrown as attacks in an attack action, and Prinny can throw as many vials per [Round] as he have vials to throw, as a ranged attack ([Close] range), with a +2 item bonus to the attack roll. A target hit by the vial takes 4d4+4 [Fire] damage, and starts [Burning]. A successful DC 16 Reflex save negates the [Burning] condition.

When to HoldEX: Once per [Encounter], as an immediate action, Prinny may gain a bonus of +2 to his Armor Class, Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saves until the beginning of his next turn.

Passive abilities
First!EX (Lineage: Guidance): Prinny gain +2 bonus on initiative rolls.

Heal GainEX (Lineage): Any effect that would heal Prinny but does not originate from him heals 4 extra points of damage.

Playing it RightEX: Prinny can take 10 on Bluff and Larceny skills regardless of circumstances.

ReconEX: Each party member can take a 5 ft step at the beginning of an [Encounter], before the first [Round] of combat, even if they are surprised.

Pair of knives. Lesser magic item (weapon), +1 to attack rolls. [Melee]; [Deft], [Thrown], [Distant]; [Extradimensional]. Deft weapons increase the initiative results of their wielders by 2.

Prinny may call or dismiss this weapon at any time for no action cost, be it after being disarmed, during an attack action, or at any other point. When called, the weapon appears immediately in his hand, regardless of distance or planar boundaries. When dismissed, this weapon functionally ceases to exist until it is next called. As long as this weapon remains attuned to Prinny, the Extradimensional enchantment functions as if he was wielding it.

Prinny belt. Lesser magic item (armor), [Adept: Larceny]. +2 AC, +2 item bonus to Larceny skill.
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