Author Topic: Weapon Scion: Soulbond track  (Read 1492 times)


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Weapon Scion: Soulbond track
« on: October 28, 2012, 05:05:20 PM »
Here's a Weapon Scion Track that offers a little more flexibility by letting the player determine the Legendary Weapon associated with it. Oddly enough, this is also the first Item Scion Track that is completely normal, because it only gives enchantments (which aren't modified in any way) at the circles appropriate to the Legendary Weapon's item tier.

The Magebane Soulbinding Ritual
An old saying suggests that enchanters put a splinter of their soul into every item they enchant. Regardless of its truth, a number of mages once gathered years ago to examine the potential of that concept. Through their combined efforts, they managed to create a ritual that permanently transfers a portion of someone's soul into an item that only they can use effectively. The result of this Soulbinding Ritual was always an item that would grow to far surpass conventional enchanted items, and each mage developed their own variants. The youngest mage of the group, wary of how the rituals might be abused, produced a variant called the Magebane Soulbinding Ritual. This variant was specifically targeted toward fighting against mages, which the other mages did not look favorably upon. This youngest mage escaped their wrath and managed to leak the details of the Magebane Soulbinding Ritual to others. Shortly thereafter, this mage was assassinated. The other mages, seeking to erase the revelation of their secret development, have reduced knowledge of this ritual to a rumor that only the most curious and daring of mages would dare.

Weapon Scion: Soulbond track
Choose/Create a mundane weapon; this weapon becomes your Soulbound weapon for this track.
Since every soul in unique, you can choose to further enchant your Soulbound weapon. If you do so, you are allotted extra enchantment points equal to what an item of your Soulbound weapon's current item tier would receive. These may be re-assigned when your Soulbound weapon's item tier rises. Also, your Soulbound weapon will take up the appropriate magical item slot if you enchant it.
Unlike most tracks, Soulbond is only available to characters through the Guild Initiation feat. Many guilds have a mage looking for a test subject, and the GM is free to play this up as much or as little as they want.

1st Circle
Spiritual Awareness: Since it bears a portion of your soul, your weapon displays some interesting behaviors. Having been freed from its mortal coil, the bound splinter of your soul is always watching out for you. Also, your soul's shard, seeking to become whole once again, is always with you when you need it. Your Soulbound weapon gains the [Detecting] and [Extradimensional] enchantments.

2nd Circle
Perfect Attacks: Achieving synchronization with this literal extension of yourself, you display uncanny accuracy and power on the battlefield. Your Soulbound weapon gains the [Masterwork] and [Seeking] enchantments.

3rd Circle
Magic Capacity: The fragment of your soul can cast the same spells you can. Your Soulbound weapon gains the [Spellstoring] enchantment.

4th Circle
Spatial Bond: Your ghost can create a temporary but unbreakable link with the ethereal being of an opponent, preventing unorthodox means of movement. Your Soulbound weapon gains the [Warpeater] enchantment.

5th Circle
Shadows of Offense: Your spirit can project duplicates of your attacks to all before you. Your Soulbound weapon gains the [Shockwave] enchantment.

6th Circle
Ethereal Vitality: Your soul can withstand some of the punishment you undergo. Your Soulbound weapon gains the [Vital] enchantment.

7th Circle
Battle of Souls: When you strike, you can begin a spiritual conflict against a magic effect. Your Soulbound weapon gains the [Spelleater] enchantment.

16: soulbond
   2: C1: x
      1: [detecting]
      1: [extradimensional]
   2: C2: x
      1: [masterwork]
      1: [seeking]
   2: C3: : [spellstoring]
   2: C4: : [warpeater]
   3: C5: : [shockwave]
   2: C6: : [vital]
   3: C7: : [spelleater]
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