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Title: Skill bonuses by level
Post by: Zaq on September 21, 2013, 03:36:19 AM
This is, in large part, for my own benefit, hoping to help me to get a good idea of what kind of skill bonuses you can expect to be available at what levels. They're kinda hard to come by. As with my fury/precision topic, this isn't really intended to be a very well-organized guide or anything, but if anyone gets use out of it, then so much the better. I expect I'll miss things or screw them up, but let's get started.

As a note, I'll be using the term "baseline bonus" to refer to your ranks and your ability modifier, no bonuses from anything else. It's not a guideline or a judgment call; rather, it's there to help me have a quick reference for what we're looking at for skill bonuses before we actually devote any build resources (feats/tracks/items/racial bonuses) to it, assuming a skill is tied to either your highest or second-highest stat. It's not a profound calculation, just a super rough cheat-sheet for where we're starting.

Levels 1-2: First Circle

Primary ability scores will be somewhere in the 16-20 range, depending on whether you spend your item on a stat boost and whether you get a perfect stat boost from your race. Secondary ability scores will be around 14-16. Accordingly, baseline bonus at the end of the level range will be roughly 4-7.

Levels 3-5: Second Circle

By the end of this level range, characters will have a +2 to each of their primary and secondary stats, and non-FBI characters will have two Lesser items and one Greater. Baseline bonus by level 5 will be roughly in the range of 8-11.

Levels 6-8: Third Circle

By the end of this level range, non-FBI characters will have 3 Lesser and 2 Greater items, so most (certainly not all) will have an item bonus to their primary, though maybe not their secondary. Baseline bonus at level 8 is roughly 11-15.

Levels 9-11: Fourth Circle

Stats keep ticking upward. Nearly every non-FBI will have item bonuses to both primary and secondary stats. Baseline bonus at level 11 is roughly in the range of 16-18.

Levels 12-14: Fifth Circle

Even tertiary stats will probably be 18 by this point, thanks to that +4 kicking in. For skills on primary or secondary stats, baseline bonus at 14 is roughly in the range of 19-21.

Levels 15-17: Sixth Circle

Nothing new or surprising to add, but the numbers keep adding up. Baseline bonus by 17 is roughly in the range of 22-25.

Levels 18-20: Seventh Circle

This is, of course, as big as we go. Baseline bonus at level 20 is roughly in the range of 27-29.

Some not-entirely-organized thoughts and observations:

That's probably enough for now. Like I said in the beginning, this is primarily for my own benefit (writing in this style helps me organize my thoughts, sometimes) and makes no claim at being authoritative advice, but I'm sure someone else can use at least part of it. Comments and discussion are welcome.
Title: Re: Skill bonuses by level
Post by: Draz on September 21, 2013, 02:37:31 PM

I believe standard racial bonuses are intended to increase at Levels 8 / 16, not 9 / 17.

Nature is specifically boosted by Elves' racial bonus.  Not super noteworthy, since Humans can boost any skill with theirs.

As I understand it, the Knowledge checks made (as partial move actions) for Tactical Insight are supposed to grant you their usual information about opponents' abilities, in addition to granting the track's specific bonuses.  (Otherwise, Savvy Librarian wouldn't fix non-Tactician Insight'ers like it's supposed to.)  Therefore, taking Tactical Insight can fix the action conflict that you mention for Fortune's Friend and Knowledge skills.  This is also an interesting way to make a non-aggressive Rogue character.

The redundancy you mention for Book of Seven Lies has really bothered me for a long time.
Title: Re: Skill bonuses by level
Post by: Exelixi on September 22, 2013, 09:20:54 AM
"Honestly, I don't know if Earth Pony is 1.0-ready"

No, it isn't. It may be updated at some point (my money is Monster Guide) but it isn't 1.0-ready, which is why it isn't in 1.0. Anything that isn't in the 1.0 core rulebook should be treated as not being 1.0 compliant and used with caution if at all.

Also: I have always, always treated Book of Seven Lies as if it says this: While this item is attuned, you count as trained in any one Knowledge skill and any one Interaction skill, and gain a +5 untyped bonus to any two Knowledge or Interaction skills." It works much better.