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Title: Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary (Full of Spoilers)
Post by: afroakuma on November 23, 2013, 02:26:13 PM
This is the thread for discussing the 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who, the Day of the Doctor. This thread specifically does allow spoilers, so if you enter at all, you have no protections. Please note that this is the only place for such spoilers until further notice, as many fans will not have the opportunity to watch the episode on the date of airing.
Title: Re: Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary (Full of Spoilers)
Post by: Mystify on November 25, 2013, 10:48:58 PM
Just got back from seeing it in the theater.

I found it very suitable for the 50th anniversary. it spends time making references and callbacks to favorite moments in the series, while also addressing a very suitable point in the doctor's timeline.

At first I thought that undoing the destruction of gallifrey would lessen the significance that event has had, but the way they handled it made it so it didn't. He was still faced with that choice, he was still willing to do it, and he stood by that decision, and still had to live with making it.  But he still got to be the doctor and come in and save things, and in a very suitable manner for the anniversary episode. While they did have a monster of the week to deal with, it wasn't really the focus of the episode, it was something they handled while addressing the real issue of the time war.

for the theater version, I had some misgivings about it being in 3d, but I found it didn't really detract from it, and when they were dealing with the 3d paintings it was a very nice effect to have.

I especially liked the prison cell sequence. It had a lot of interesting character development going on, and their solutions to it where great- I love that kind of time muckery. Then having it all be pointless just made it hilarious, but it still forshadowed the solution to the larger problem.

It isn't my favorite episode, it was a bit too self-congratulatory for that, but that is very fitting for the 50th anniversary, and so was the rest of the episode.
Title: Re: Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary (Full of Spoilers)
Post by: DragoonWraith on December 01, 2013, 01:29:37 AM
I liked it very much, but am now confused about what this means for the sequence in which The President et al. use The Master to return: doesn’t that mess with (or get messed with by) this?
Title: Re: Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary (Full of Spoilers)
Post by: Mystify on December 01, 2013, 02:12:48 AM
I may be remembering things slightly wrong because its been a while since I watched it, but this is my understanding of that sequence of events.

The time war happens. It is put into a time lock, so you can't time travel into or out of it (without plot powers).  During this time, the time lords do their whole master loophole to pull themselves out of the time lock and move Galifrey to where earth is. The doctor broke that connection, which sent Galifrey back into the time lock. There, it is "destroyed" - or so everyone thought, it was really put into temporal stasis by all of the doctors.

So, Galifry was escaping the time lock prior to this incident, and when the doctor stopped it, he only restored it to where it used to be, thereby allowing things to continue as they did.