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Title: The Psion
Post by: Koeh on February 19, 2017, 12:15:09 AM
As a long time lurker of the forum, and huge fan of the system.  I wanted to to first say thanks to everyone who's contributed here.  I'm finally able to start my own Legend campaign, but one thing I needed for mine: Psionics.  I researched the abandoned laboratory, with some luck.  I took the basis I found there to create this.  Probably too ambitious for my first Legend Homebrew, and I'm sure I've made mistakes, but I hope someone else out there will enjoy and possibly use it.

The Psion: Base Class -

The Kinetisit  - (

The Telepath- (

The Shaper - (

The Nomad -

The Psychic Warrior - (

General Powers - (

It took me years to finally get my Legend campaign going, I'm so sad that we won't likely ever see the Monster or Magic Book.  I hope to still see some stuff coming out of the forum, I absolutely love this system still.
My group is only at level 7 so far, and our Psion in the group is a pure class, so I'm not sure if I accidentally added anything game breaking, or too strong or too weak.  Keeping the class abilities compact and not too confusing was a pretty big priority when writing it up.  I know there's a few powers that raise some red flags for me already (Time Distortion, Reality Revision, Dominate, etc.) so any suggestions you may have is greatly appreciated.   I'm also not the best editor, nor very good with google docs, So I hope you'll forgive me for that  :-[.   But all comments or criticism is welcome, I hope to hear your opinions.  Thanks for reading.   

Title: Re: The Psion
Post by: Koeh on March 17, 2017, 06:44:58 PM
Ok, campaign was short, but it's over now.  Had to make quite a bit of edits to the psion class to make it legible, balanced and functional.  But I'm pretty done with all the edits.  I've been making edits as we've played the game.  Here is the final version in a printable format with some quick google images added in for flavor.

Thanks again to Anzyr and Nohwl for creating the psionic rules for me to base mine on.  Below is the main bit that I felt needed to be added to make sense of the class in the larger Legend System. 
    Powers and Psi-Like Abilities
A psionic power is a one-time effect. Like spell casting, psionic powers do not need to be prepared ahead of time. A psionic creature either has enough power points and the available action to spend in order to manifest a power or they do not.

A psi-like ability functions like a spell like ability, except it follows the rules for psionic powers if there is a difference between the two.

Powers and psi-like abilities do [Magic] damage by default.

Transparency Between Other Systems
Powers and psi-like abilities interact with spells in the same way that spells interact with other spells or spell like abilities. If a [Dispelling] effect would normally dispel a spell, it may dispel a power and vice versa. If any vision mode allows a creature to detect or see magic or magic auras, it can also detect or see psionics and psionic auras and vice versa.

However, if an ability requires spells or spell like abilities to function, like the spell storing property, the track Bastion: The Seven Circles of Protection, or Just Blades’ Mystic Focus circle, powers and psi-like abilities may not be used in their place. Similarly, spells and spell like abilities may not be used in place of an ability that requires powers or a psi-like ability.

As usual, bonuses of the same type do not stack. Follow the normal stacking rules to determine what applies.   

Also we didn't come up with too many feats for our campaign, but here's some that we used. 
Prerequisites: Psionics track
-Every time you would gain a new discipline power, you may instead choose to gain a new Psionic general power instead.

Hidden Mind
Prerequisites: Psionics track, Larceny as a trained skill. 
Benefit: When casting a power, you can make a Larceny check as a free action to conceal your work. Opponents whose  Awareness defenses are equal to or less than your check result are unaware that you are the caster of the power. In addition,
you may make a Larceny check in place of a Perception check for the in-combat use of the Perception skill. You gain a +2 feat bonus to Larceny checks.  Does not stack with Cloaked Casting

Meta Power'
Prerequisites: Psionics Track, Level 6
Benefit: At the end of each [Scene] you gain a pool of augmentation points equal to your level.  Whenever you cast a power that allows for augmentation you may pay for the augmentation with this pool of points rather than your base power points.  You must still have enough points to pay the base cost of the power and you still may not exceed your highest circle in total points you can spend on an individual power. 

I still would love some feedback on this.  so if anyone has any comments questions or changes they could suggest, I'd love to hear them. 
Title: Re: The Psion
Post by: Djtooth on May 03, 2017, 12:45:17 PM
Can you enable comments on the documents?
Mental Juggernauts capstone pretty much says "You succeed one roll, once per scene" Which although potent, is lacking for a cap stone. Because of its limited use, and it isn't all that game changing. Sure it can stop you from failing a "Save or Die" but, there are capstones that grant you a slew of immunity's against save or dies.
Overall everything looks fun and well put together.
Title: Re: The Psion
Post by: Koeh on May 09, 2017, 12:27:04 PM
Thank you!  Comments now enabled , I'd love to have feedback.

Any suggestions for mental juggernaut specifically?  Maybe make it once per encounter instead?   I think I made it a bit underwhelming so as not to take away from the impact of the 7th circle discipline powers.  But thinking back you're right, it really should stand on its own. 

EDIT:  Had some time to re-read whole class,  added a bunch of comments to areas I was concerned about, and made some minor changes wording related.  Only really using the "Printable version" at this time, individual tracks will be updated at a later time. 
Title: Re: The Psion
Post by: Mondovanut on February 12, 2018, 03:50:17 AM
Thank you very much for the link. It's very useful to me. It helped me a lot.