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Title: Monster Manual 2018
Post by: Koeh on January 02, 2018, 12:36:30 PM
Just basically starting this thread to announce that my large project for this year is a monster manual.  I've got what I call version 0.1 here: 

Its not exactly clean or edited properly.  the main questions I have, do the stat blocks look ok?  are they legible and usable?    The monster list on page 2 came from,1448.0.html  I was using that as a base list for creatures as I transferred things to the stat blocks, but if you have any monsters, suggestions or anything post them here.  I also have a template made up that should be editable if you'd like to submit anything.

I've only got 10 monsters created so far (7 if counting the dragon as 1).  my intention is to create 1-3 new monsters per week (to account for real life and wax and wane of interest), add monstrous feats as needed, Make a few alternate rules and clarifications.  At the end I want to have at minimum 2-3 monsters per CR.  This is going to be a book for both new and experienced DM's, the players shouldn't need it as much. 

Thanks for all your support. 

Title: Re: Monster Manual 2018
Post by: Tim4488 on January 03, 2018, 04:45:53 PM
I would advise organizing the stat blocks more based on the function of different pieces of the monster. "Defenses" are all things that are usually relevant on turns OTHER than the creature's: AC, HP, Saving Throws, Resistances, Immunities, Interaction DCs. As it is, if a character attacks a monster (AC) with an ability that also forces a Save, and does damage (HP), I'm looking above the attack block, then below the attack block, then above the attack block again.

Similarly, the attack block and skills should be near each other. Also, the passive abilities down below, I'd prefer if it was called out what was coming from where, what feat, etc. - makes it easier to do substitutions and check for interactions, etc.

That said, HUGE kudos to you for taking on this project, this is awesome. I have several monsters I've made for my games that are outside of perhaps traditional D&D - are you trying to stick to a 3.X-looking MM, or would homebrew stuff be useful too?
Title: Re: Monster Manual 2018
Post by: Koeh on January 03, 2018, 06:16:33 PM
Thank you. I didnt even think about the looking up and down bit of the statblock. I'm still very unhappy with how the dragon looks.  Between all of its passive and active abilities it got so super complex. After that I knew I needed some advice on this one. I'll be working on a new stat block with your advice in mind and probably posting it by next week.

I was initially torn on listing all sources for every ability simply because I did want things to be a little concise but you're right I think the pros for that outweigh the cons. I'm probably going to stop my base monster creation until I have a good organizing system up

The only stuff at the moment that I'm currently avoiding is anything without a monsterous race . I feel as though humanoid characters like that can be up to the purview of the DM. BUT! if you do have anything Homebrew pre made even something like a suggestion for Feats and tracks for a specific iconic monster it would help me out a lot.

The only thing I ask is please make sure it follows the stat array on page one of the monster manual. 16, 14, 14, 12, 10, 10. None of the monsters that I've seen posted on here eem to follow that and it really screws up the calculations and balance of the monsters between each other.  Unless you think maybe I should change the stat array?  Its the one listed in the 1.1 book.

Again thanks for your support and advice. I can't wait to see this project through to completion
Title: Re: Monster Manual 2018
Post by: Tim4488 on January 03, 2018, 08:04:26 PM
I do tend to use a lot of humanoid enemies/NPCs, but I've got a few monsters I'm happy to share. Let me know if you decide you do want humanoid enemy stat blocks as well. Everything I've made follows 16 14 14 12 10 10 before racial, level, and item adjustments. Sorry the stat blocks are kind of sloppy, I made these for different campaigns years apart from each other.

Desert Elemental, CR 5

Desert Elemental 5 (appears as a swirling sandstorm, can be any size, these are [Medium])
Desert elementals primarily want privacy. They are difficult to bargain with because their primary demand is most often that any mortals leave.
Fire Elemental/Air Elemental/Discipline of the Crane
10 HP, 5 Skills, Good BAB, good Fortitude and Reflex, KOM Dex, KDM Con

Resistance Fire, Vulnerability Cold

+2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Int

Str 14, Dex 22, Con 18, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 10

HP 84 (DR 2) ([Resistance] to all damage in the first round of combat)
Fort +9, Ref +11, Will +3

AC 21 (+2 Crane, +4 KDM, +5 level)
Movement 65 ft (+10 Crane)

Gust: 16 damage [Medium] range, reduces movement speed by 5 ft (up to 10 ft), movement penalty lasts 2 [rounds] (+4 [Fire]) (+[Burning])
Pressure: [Melee] range, deals 6 damage to anyone within, removes Stealth check from them
Flame Kiss: Move action, 11 [Fire] damage to one target within [Medium] and they are [Burning]. (+4 [Fire]) Healed up to half damage from [Fire] attacks.
Persistent Inferno: heal 2 HP per creature [Burning] within [Close].

Quicksilver Brooch, Black Ankh, 2nd level +2 Dex

Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Vigor, Geography, Nature

Feats: Earthshaper Warden, Breakneck Pace, Slow and Steady

Greater Item: Greater Dustcloud (Flesheater Energized [Arcane] [Brutal 3] weapon)

Spends most of its Standards on Gust, Moves on Flame Kiss

I came up with a bit for a demon hunting game I'm running where various demons are named after the various rivers of Hell. The Styx demon is a giant vaguely humanoid lobster beast, a little like a Chuul in D&D.

Styx Demon, CR 10
Demon fast/Utter Brute Medium/Smiting slow 10
Str 18, Dex 10, Con 22, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 22
AC 30, HP 242, DR 11, Fort +17, Ref +5, Will +14

Feat: Weaponized, Optimistic Viscera (technically should have two more - Reaver chain would make sense, Mighty Smash, Simply Smashing, Reckless Strike could all make sense)
Utter Brute C1: +4 attack rolls
Utter Brute C2: 10 [HP reduction] on first attack each round
Utter Brute C3: At the beginning of your turn, you may move 5 ft. At the end of your turn, you may move 5 ft. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity
Utter Brute C4: +3 attack rolls, +3 fortitude, +3 HP/level, +5 [Melee] range
Demon C3: Swift for +3 attack or +3 AC
Demon C4: +4 AC [Lesser resistance] to Physical
Masterwork Relic for +4 to hit on smash, sophisticated

Hulking Smash (Brutal 3, Reach)
Hulking Smash +27/+22 (26) (32 on 2nd hit), 10 [HP reduction] on first attack each round

The Phlegethon Demon was a flying imp that threw fire.

Phlegethon Demon, CR 9
Fire Elementalist/Fire Elemental (fast)/Demon 9
Str 10, Dex 14, Con 20, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 24
130 HP, DR 2, Movement 60 ft, Fly

Flame Kiss: As part of a move action, you may deal 7 energy damage with the [Fire] descriptor to target creature within [Medium] range, and cause the creature to begin [Burning]. As a standard action, fire two separate Flame Kiss at two different targets.
Persistent Inferno: At the beginning of your turn, you are healed 4 hp for each creature [Burning] within [Close] range, up to 18 HP. Additionally, you may activate Flame Kiss as a move action.
[Burning] opponents within your [Melee] range cannot extinguish the flames as a move action. Furthermore, once per move action you take, you may transport yourself adjacent to any creature within [Close] range that is [Burning]. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity, and is not a [Teleport] effect.
Additionally, if you would take energy damage with the [Fire] descriptor, you are instead healed for the damage you would have taken. This counts as a form of [Immunity], so you take damage as normal and are not healed by any effects that specifically ignore [Immunity] to [Fire]. Any [Resistance] or [Vulnerability] you have against the [Fire] descriptor is ignored if you would be healed by that damage with the [Fire] descriptor.

Elemental Burst: At will as a Standard or Swift action, you may deal 9d6+7 fire damage to each creature in target square within [Close] range. Reflex (DC 21) halves.
Forced Vulnerability: You can hurl a bolt of energy at an opponent in [Medium] range, leaving it vulnerable to further attacks. This bolt deals 9d6 energy damage, and inflicts [Vulnerability] to your element of choice on the opponent until the end of your next turn. Reflex (DC 21) half and negates the [Vulnerability] condition.
Elemental Wave: You may create a wedge with a length of 60 ft originating from you that deals 9d6, and pushes them up to 45 ft, up to the outside edge of the wedge. A successful Reflex save (DC 21) halves the damage and negates the pushing effect.
Title: Re: Monster Manual 2018
Post by: Koeh on January 04, 2018, 10:58:12 AM
Oh yeah,  these are defiantly going in!

It does make me think though. I'll be honest I've never really paid too much attention to the Lore of Legend or it's Hallow setting.  Now that there's a devil stat block through PHB2 (which I'm using as a "core book" if it's not obvious) Should we put them both in Hell?  Make an Abyss for them like D&D?  I didn't really think about it, but going to have to put some effort into building the multiverse as well.  Or at least read up on Hallow more. 

Oh well, that's the fun of an ongoing project.  Thanks again for the stat blocks and advice!  I'll be posting revamped stat block ASAP for review :)
Title: Re: Monster Manual 2018
Post by: Tim4488 on January 05, 2018, 03:08:15 AM
Glad you like them!

My impression was always that Hallow had a really cool initial idea and never went anywhere. Maybe there's some drafts floating around I haven't seen, but the plans to expand on it never really seemed to go anywhere. I run all of my stuff in homebrew worlds - the desert elemental from a dieselpunk/pulp game set in an alternate 1930s Earth (with a LOT stolen from Crimson Skies, plus magic and such), the two demons from a more like, late Renaissance demon hunters game also set on alternate Earth now that I think about it.

Glad to help. Let me know if there's anything else I can do!
Title: Re: Monster Manual 2018
Post by: Koeh on January 05, 2018, 01:16:42 PM
Well, here's the first thing.  Judge my 2 new attempts at stat blocks.

I'm leaning toward page 2 where I split a lot off the book keeping information to the bottom of the page, as it should only be useful if you're changing the creature.  All the base stats and combat stuff on the top block where it's needed. 

I took your advice on both blocks, moved all defensive abilities to the right side and offensive to the left, hope that makes it read better.

I'm debating changing the bullet point or text color for active abilities based on the action needed, and passives based on what it effects (Defense, Utility or Offensive?).  I dunno if that would help or be more clutter.  From the dragon, creatures can get tons of passive abilities quickly and I do worry about the readability and accessibility of them.  That may just be something I have to feel out as I'm creating though, And you checking in on this from time to time will help a ton, especially if I keep to my 1-3 monsters per week plan. 

As well I'm debating moving the track selections back near the top of the block, I think it may be important to get the "Feel" of the monster, but I dunno, it didn't look great when I tried it. 
Title: Re: Monster Manual 2018
Post by: Tim4488 on January 05, 2018, 08:34:31 PM
I prefer the one on page 2. Did you try aligning offense/defense as top/bottom instead of left/right? The saves in particular look kind of goofy as is.

I'd also encourage more formatting inside the block, like you did for Trained Skills and Interaction DCs, to distinguish the attack block from the other stuff.

Definitely moving in a good direction!
Title: Re: Monster Manual 2018
Post by: Koeh on January 07, 2018, 02:03:01 AM
Next test version is up.  Again 2 versions, one on page 1 (Blocked categories) and another on page 3 (top/bottom orientation).  This time with a handy dandy giant spider to aide us.

I'm partial to the 1st page myself.  When trying the top/bottom approach on page 3 I took one of my group mates advice and also tried to add color, red for offense and blue defense.  I'm not sure if that worked out though?  I noticed google upload messed up the borders on the top/bottom version, have to work on that

Thanks again for all the constructive criticism. 
Title: Re: Monster Manual 2018
Post by: Tim4488 on January 07, 2018, 02:55:50 AM
The red/blue as it stands are a bit intense, but I like the concept. I'm not sure what program you're using - would it be hard to make the borders for offense red, and the borders for defense blue?
Title: Re: Monster Manual 2018
Post by: Koeh on January 07, 2018, 05:25:12 PM

Currently just using Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat and Excel.   

Color changed to border, added a Doppleganger for a more complex creature to compare. 
I still prefer page 1 version, but that's mainly because having effectively 4 tables makes things waaaaay more finicky.  I've been pulling my hair out from Tables will suddenly combine, change pages, format and spacing as I'm writing up abilities.  Also I felt like I lacked room for all the info needed on the offensive table. 

If you still prefer the colored version I'll have to find a way to combine the 3 colored tables into 1 table and keep the borders distinct.
Title: Re: Monster Manual 2018
Post by: bioa10 on January 07, 2018, 08:57:55 PM
Hey, I may be able to help with the Monster Manual if you are willing to let me. Also maybe try pastel colors for the colored version? It may make it a bit easier to look at.
Title: Re: Monster Manual 2018
Post by: Koeh on August 05, 2018, 10:36:33 PM
Despite everything I'm not quite dead, nor have I given up on the project.  I just wanted to show a progress update.  I have 23 monsters completed of 95 planned.  The biggest hurdles was the formatting as usual.  The spreadsheet shows what I have planned, and I hope since I have formatting issues mostly fixed, I can be faster with the next set of monsters.  I'll get on discord in a few days to post as well if that hasn't been disbanded yet. 

pdf -

document - can comment

monster spreadsheet -