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Title: New PHB and MM Updates
Post by: Koeh on November 20, 2019, 08:40:17 PM
Just wanted to be sure this was out there.  I've made quite a few more edits, added items feats and tracks to PHB 2 (For now dubbed 2.5)  And applied those edits to the Monster Manual as well as added a few more monsters. 

Links are here:
PHB 2.5:

MM 1.1:

I've made it so anyone can comment, so comments are welcome and encouraged.  The main thing I think I'm missing is flavor text and a few names from some extra stuff I added.  So any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  But I feel like the document is usable enough for everyone.   If anyone would like it uploaded anywhere besides on the google drive, just tell me and I'll do so. 
My next big job is making a campaign setting book for Hallow, and with a 1-20 adventure path.  I have a what i think is a pretty solid idea, and I've worked on it with a few friends who have given me some good feedback.  I'll be aiming to have something on here by Feb/March or so next year.   

I also want to apologize to anyone checking this that I can't be on the Discord.  I Don't need to go into much detail, but everytime I've tried to get on there, my anxiety gets the best of me and I shut down.  I think I just work best on forums and through comments so I can work on my own pace.   
Title: Re: New PHB and MM Updates
Post by: InkLikeUrine on November 21, 2019, 12:19:52 PM
Good work. Looking forward to the adventure path.
Title: Re: New PHB and MM Updates
Post by: Koeh on June 08, 2020, 10:56:16 AM
Wanted to announce a big Monster Manuel update. Newly alphabetized, around 25 new monsters since my last post and 75 more pages of content.  Same google drive link as always.  Some updates to PHB 2 as well (notable is the Battlemage and Boombox).  The good thing about creating monsters is that it gets me a pretty good snapshot when things are unbalanced or poorly written on my end.

I hope everyone is well.  Im still working IRL during the outbreak, so not as much free time as I'd like.  And no face to face gaming killed a lot of my motivation for creating adventure paths or campaign setting.  here's the link to my settings notes if anyone wants to comment or contribute.