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Dungeons & Dragons / Re: Thank you for roosting here!
« on: January 29, 2013, 08:33:07 PM »
Big THX to ruleofcool for putting up with 3.1416 Wise Men.

And as thanks, you can have some of ADMG's Pi[e].

Dungeons & Dragons / Re: The Lost of Arcana Lost
« on: January 29, 2013, 12:20:54 PM »
For those who missed it, over at RoC forums I announced that I was going to prep a second campaign storyline. This will feature those whom are currently listed as "reserves": VennDiagram; Pimpforged; GeniusSavant; PhaedrusXY; Risada, Scout89. Your campaign will be starting in a Human countries capitol city.

More to come. Need to Sleep today and there is so much to do here and elsewhere.


I have my stuff back!
[Hugs boards]

What it says on ze tin.

Dungeons & Dragons / Re: Play By Post: Withdrawal Edition
« on: January 29, 2013, 11:29:52 AM »
I'm in the same boat as Sir P on this as far as it being somewhat troublesome to maintain myself on two sites at once. It eats enough time just on one or the other.

Dungeons & Dragons / Re: BG/Minmaxboards gathering point (updated)
« on: January 29, 2013, 11:25:13 AM »
Good luck (^. ^)

Luck and lessons learned. Treat this stuff like its legal work. Keep it in triplicate.

Profuse Prodigious Personal Platitudes Professed Plentifully!

(All Alliteration is Always Awesome)

Dungeons & Dragons / Re: Play By Post: Withdrawal Edition
« on: January 28, 2013, 09:32:56 PM »
Re: Feats...

When in doubt, I resort to:

Martial Study, Martial Stance, and Shape Soulmeld.  They are simply the most versatile feats out there besides, like, Leadership.

Three questions in here for the general public:

Sooo... I have 1400GP and a 1st level feat after the minor re-build. Now, one thought for the $ is to have two sets of the material component for Revivify. Since TM has a Cleric / Bone knight to cast it (in theory, though, since he'd have to prep it).

Question #1: But I don't really have any thoughts for what to do with the 1st level feat. Can't think of what manouver / soulmeld would even be worth it for me. Or anything else for that matter. Thoughts?

Question #2: And, I'm kind of curious what ya'll think I should do with the $. Thoughts?

Also, just realized: I need to choose two other weapons to have as my preferred. Since I'll only ever be using one weapon... IDK. Unarmed, just in case?
Question #3: So what do you guys think I should have as my other two preferred weapons?

And... Apparently I must have closed out the window on Saturday without having actually posted the backstory. Now I have to re-write it. /sigh

@ SirP: Part 1
@Arias: Shadow Creature

That's nice. I think I might use that. (I'd have better Fast Healing, and another maneuver, to say nothing of changing stance as a free action with Improved Hylian Bladestyle.)

Also, SirP, can Improved Bladestyle be used without changing weapons? Can changing gear just be switching between two bucklers?
Absolutely to which one? Or both?
To rephrase:
Question #A, Does IHB actually have to change some piece of gear, or can it be used to just change stance as a free action?
Question #B, Can it be used to just change stance by claiming something so stupid as "I change out my bow... for my bow. Putting it away, then pulling it out, and changing my stance in the process".
Question #C, If neither of the above, could I just buy another Buckler, and use changing it out as the 'gear switch' required in order to change my stance w/o eating my swift action?

@ SirP, Part 2, Trollbane Edition

Trollbane, this block is all about it. Dungeonscape, page 37.
X) Is this a poison, or is this an alchemical item that behaves like poison? i.e. Does immunity to poison provide immunity to this? I've seen this ruled both ways, and I'd like to know your ruling here.
Y) What kind of action is it to apply a dose? Both Trollbane and Poisons mention applying before combat, but not what action it would be in combat.
Z) How many arrows / bolts / other ammo can one dose of trollbane cover?

Dungeons & Dragons / Re: Play By Post: Withdrawal Edition
« on: January 28, 2013, 11:31:18 AM »
I think, when I revise my build to account for Osle's Shadow Creature instead of the LoM template, I should replace Collision with Seeking and Force. Then just take Seeking off of the arrows. Also, taking something other than Garryl's Precise Shot as a feat. Since my damage when I go all out is... a lot.

(Currently, when using Called Shot + Weak Point + Rapid Shot + Aim + Focused Target + Garryl's Precise Shot (for full) for a full attack my routine would be +21+21+19 against the targets flat-footed & touch AC, termed "hosed AC" in the Optimization Showcase. Damage being 88-140, with a mean of 114... per arrow. All three hit, that's 264-420, mean of 342. Collision is 20 per arrow, so 60 on total, and GPS'ing is 32 per arrow, so 96 on total. Taking them both out makes it 36-88, mean of 62 per arrow. Total for three would average 186. Though that does raise my to-hit by a lot, I'm already not missing peoples hosed AC at this point.)

I can think of a few other ways of taking down my total damage, if that's still to much.

Dungeons & Dragons / Re: Play By Post: Withdrawal Edition
« on: January 26, 2013, 08:45:04 PM »
@Arias: Shadow Creature

That's nice. I think I might use that. (I'd have better Fast Healing, and another maneuver, to say nothing of changing stance as a free action with Improved Hylian Bladestyle.)

Also, SirP, can Improved Bladestyle be used without changing weapons? Can changing gear just be switching between two bucklers?

Dungeons & Dragons / Re: Play By Post: Withdrawal Edition
« on: January 26, 2013, 02:26:46 PM »
I'm currently operating under the assumption that team 3 will not be silly. gparali would prefer serious, and I'm perfectly happy with it also. So that's not a problem if you want to come be a 3rd wheel with us.
ASS. U. ME. We. Shall. See. (My favorite retort when people use that work IC around one of my bards.)

... though I'm using Oslecamo's class version rather than the template.
I never noticed Osle's. Link?

I think there's room for two shadowy arrowy deathy characters in a team, if you're ok with it.
I have two main shticks. One for mook-bashing, one for "bosses".
Mook-bashing I pop Heavy Impact, and full attack with Rapid Shot. I hit three different enemies, and they have to make saves vs both my fear effect and knockdown. Though I probably wouldn't ususally use a full-attack, actually, since that has such a penalty to my Hide.
For bosses, I use [redacted: decided I didn't want everyone to know my numbers just yet]. Bosses F***ing Die.

At higher levels, I'll be getting more along the lines of one shot that deals about 160 damage. Trying for that full on sniper feel. Just can't do that now without the ability to blend Aim and Maneuvers.

Your shtick seems like it would be more like a one-man volley-shot. Which is good for both clearing out the mooks and taking down the bosses.

EDIT: Actually, forget the part where I'm not playing a darkness generating character. My new character also generates darkness (from an Invocation rather than a racial ability, but darkness at will is the important thing), and will be happy to help out a fellow shadow being.
I don't think I see through magical darkness. So it is kind of important to me. But I have my wand, so I'm not that worried about it, the only reason I mentioned it was because you were the only one who responded to my query back then, and it was in that context.

... how do you manage to squeeze lightheartedness out of the first two? XD
Malkavians and Ragabash, mostly. That's actually the Ragabash's job as an auspice to bring in the levity. Heck, in my (I'm ST) Vampire: Victorian Age, the Malkavian is Edgar Allen Poe, and he uses Dark Thaumaturgy, and his familiar is a Raven, and the player pulls off all of this so absolutely beautifully. Okay, so no-one laughs In Character, but OOC, we all find his stuff hilarious.

Dungeons & Dragons / Re: Bard
« on: January 26, 2013, 01:58:20 PM »
What book is Dragonsong from?
Draconomicon, also, here's the link for Dragonsong and Song of the Heart feats. You'll notice that both feats have a pre-req of *dudududuh!* 6 ranks in perform ;)

Whirling Blade is a good idea, thanks for pointing it out.  I'll see if I can swap that for Tongues (maybe get a wand of Tongues if I have the cash, especially if I do Savage Bard and lose Speak Language as a class skill).  Ooh, a Whirling Bladeweave would be fun...  8)
Actually, a melee bard I made had a wand chamber with a Whirling Blade wand in his Crystal Echoblade. Also, about PA, remember you can two-hand a longsword, which the Echoblade is.

I wasn't sure about Glitterdust because it's a 2nd level Will save or Die, same as Bladeweave.  But it's more useful for AoE's and pointing out invisible creatures to the party, which we've had trouble with in the past.  We've got a Telepath with Mindsight and the Minotaur and Animal Companion both have scent, but that's not helpful when none of them can pinpoint the location for other people  ::).
For just the reveal part, your druid has Faery Fire, which is similar in that aspect, and you can always toss alchemical items that do that, much less a bag of flour. Glitterdust is great because it catches such a huge area, and has additional effects, but those other methods work well enough if you have a more narrowed-down area to target already.

is Dragon Magazine allowed in your game?
What, for Heartfire Fanner?  I could ask.
Not just that. For Focused Performer + Focused Performance feats.

Dungeons & Dragons / Re: Play By Post: Withdrawal Edition
« on: January 26, 2013, 01:48:07 PM »
I'm... not seeing the incentive to start a new thread for OOC stuff. @_@
Two reasons, really. The first is to make communication between team members easier by cutting back on the unrelated noise - this thread moves extremely fast. The second, and I'm not sure if this holds here, is that threads of 50+ pages put too much strain on the boards. On the older forums we'd lock them at 50 pages and start new threads, and since this is also SMF, it seems reasonable to assume that's the case here.

To be fair though, 50 pages = 1000 posts on MMX, and we are only at 900 here, it's just tat on this site a page is 15 posts, not 20.

So we need 1 or 2 people from team monster depending on whether AriasDerros is officially on that team at the moment.

I'm not officially on any team, that's the problem.
When we first started getting a lot of people, Klick-Klack was pitched. I commented that I wanted to be on his team. Then, when teams started to be formed, it was based on monstrosity / appearance. By the time I joined the conversation I was asking if I, as a Shadow-Creature, was monstrous enough, the team was filled before I got an answer.
Conversely, I asked if that meant I was on team hero, and never got a response from anybody except CNC, who pointed out that his light-eating character would benefit me. But I've never officially been on Team Hero.
Now team three keeps going back and forth as to whether it will be silly or not. I could make a new character for a silly game, but I'd rather not. I like my role-playing to have lighthearted moments, but not just be silly. To whit, my current IRL playgroups no longer include any D&D, it's Werewolf: the Apocalypse, Vampire: the Masquerade, and Warhammer: Dark Heresy... not silly at all.

I AM the Main Gauche.

Dungeons & Dragons / Re: Play By Post: Withdrawal Edition
« on: January 26, 2013, 12:59:43 PM »
I wonder how many posts long this can get to.

Should we be thinking of starting a new thread?

Dungeons & Dragons / Re: The Lost of Arcana Lost
« on: January 26, 2013, 12:37:19 PM »
I have Joseph Spades on my computer.

YAY!... and hello!

I really hope MMX comes back up soon.

This, just sucks. I thought I had more on my computer, but I realized that I didn't save several files on my computer when I reinstalled everything (including the OS). Including a few files wherein I told myself "It's already online".  :'(

Dungeons & Dragons / Re: Play By Post: Withdrawal Edition
« on: January 26, 2013, 12:33:52 PM »
Any thoughts?
+ 1 to what R_D said.

It'll be a more fun character, and FWIW IMHO, you'll be able to pull your weight in the party with either of them.

Dungeons & Dragons / Re: Play By Post: Withdrawal Edition
« on: January 26, 2013, 10:48:14 AM »
I wish I wasn't so bad with feats.

Trying to think of something to replace skill focus. Any suggestions? XD

Looking over Eternal Royal, I can see the value of raising your perform check.

Unfortunately, I can't pull up anything for the God maneuvers.

Some of the other feats from BoL look like they might be useful to you, but IDK.

As far as boosting your Perform checks though:
Skill focus +3
Versatile Performer +2
Dragonsong +2, and any save DC's for mind-affecting that comes from your song or poetics get +2.
So... Yeah, I'd actually take skill focus.

But then again, you don't have things like Uncanny Dodge, Evasion, or Mettle, and while your AC & Saves are quite good, and while you do have Fast Healing, you don't have much HP, so SirP's Toughness might be an option. Conversely, SirP's houserules for Iron Will and the other two for not failing a save on a nat 1, makes them powerful choices too. If you want better defenses, these are all good feats.
And let's face it, you don't want your god to need to undergo her own funerary rites, do you? Because that would be embarrassing ;)

Dungeons & Dragons / Re: Bard
« on: January 26, 2013, 09:54:01 AM »
Bard 1 - Melodic Casting, Dragonfire Inspiration (Bardic Knack, possibly Savage)
Bard 5 - Melodic Casting
So I'm looking for advice mainly on spells (I get one 1st level Sorc spell that I haven't picked), feats I may have missed, etc.
Since you took this feat twice, you can actually already get another feat in.

Can you get Song of the Heart? Because that's pretty staple to us bards.

Also worth mentioning, even though you are a battle-bard, is Dragonsong. It grants a +2 to your perform checks, and a +2 to save DC's that involve the use of your voice. Which total up to a +4 to your Fascinate DC, and a +2 to your Suggestion DC. Remember, Suggestion doesn't use up a Bardic Music use, and doesn't break the Facinate, so you can keep trying so long as you have them mesmerized.

I'm holding off on gear because the party is currently rather under-WBL'd, so I'm not sure what equipment will be available.
Is melee bard still viable?  Is dipping Marshal 1 worth it?  Is there something better than Power Attack for me to take at 12 (or swap something else in for it now)?  Savage Bard - yay/nay?  Is glitterdust still worthwhile with Bladeweave?

Yes, melee bard is still viable. It just depends more on buffing in advance, since you can't start your singing as a swift action. Fortunately, you don't have a duration limit on how long you can maintain a performance. To that end, I always like Subsonics for when I had a feat to spare. Lets me keep up the same song all day without attracting attention, which also means I only used one charge off the Badge of Valor, and only one casting of IB.

Marshal can be worth-while depending on party composition. Having played many Bards though, I have never dipped Marshal.

Ask your DM if the slippers can stack with Whirling Blade.

Savage Bard is always good for one reason alone, Fort > Ref. Ask your DM about keeping some of the non-core spells on the spell list though, like Inspirational Boost.

Glitterdust nukes an area with the ability to see your enemies, and forces saves vs blind.
Bladeweave requires you to be attacking an enemy, but then adds in the chance to Daze them. Note, this is a Will save vs Daze, which means it is just as good against Undead and the like.
Both are very good to have.

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