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Gaming Discussion / Pathfinder Psionics and Sharks
« on: October 29, 2014, 06:12:21 PM »
I'm about to start a high seas pathfinder campaign and am looking into the Shark Incarnate prestige class for Psychic Warrior. Only problem is this is so obscure I have no idea what to think of it; anyone have any experience with Shark-Fighters here or have advice for an aspiring shark dude?

If nothing else gets accomplished with this post, I can humor you by sharing that the character is going to be a half-giant shark person... basically gonna end up like Jaws from 007. It'll be super fun. Probably.

I don't really get psionics yet...

Legend Mechanics & Balance / Vigilante Cocoon?
« on: April 11, 2014, 10:48:22 AM »
Vigilante's 3rd Circle - Signature Ride
"This is a special mount that will allow no rider other than you... It has a movement speed 15 ft greater than yours, the Fly movement mode, and a space equal in size and shape to your own... and it may benefit from magic items that apply to mounts"
(Emphasis was placed by me, not the book)


Mechanized Armor [Mount] - Benefit: Your mount is heavily armored, which prevents creatures from boarding, and blocks line of effect between its passengers and all other creatures...


An impenetrable cocoon? Useful if you have fast healing, but aside from that it makes you a Vigilante shaped soccer ball.

could be useful, thoughts?

Legend Mechanics & Balance / Blood thirst and Vigor
« on: April 11, 2014, 10:32:04 AM »
Hey all, just thought I'd share something a little awesome I found out. Correct me if it's wrong, but in practice it's really helpful.
I've got a character who's a Vampire, and invested in Blood Thirst as a racial feat and has Vigor trained with at least 13 ranks in it. He's also [small] so that's a blast.

After a certain number of ranks in vigor, you add 5 to all healing abilities other than [fast healing], which the Vampire Bite counts as with it's 1/2 damage dealt capping at KOM. I'm reading that as KOM + 5 if you get enough damage in, so that's a fair  bit of healing if you roll well.

However, throw in Blood Thirst, which gives you temp HP equal to what you heal with Vampire Bite, and you've got a surprisingly sustainable fighter. You take some damage, bite them to heal it back, but then also gain a sort of over-shield with your temp HP and each attack adds to the temp HP while healing your actual health. Yeah?

Also on the same character, if you took Justice, Blind as an Iconic feat, would the Ancient Reliquary give you some sort of eyesight back or what? My GM insists that it doesn't because you become "irrevocably" blind by taking that feat, but you know how the GM is always right. I'm not seeing it his way since the hand isn't you, but we're compromising on extending [Tremorsense] from the hand. What do you guys think?

Legend Homebrew / Wormholer - A sort of Portal Gun track
« on: November 13, 2013, 08:45:58 AM »
I'm in need of a leadership track that is good at both troop mobilization and giving a team a couple of extra vantage points; a way for someone to be at multiple places at once and help usher his team and their abilities through these pocket folds in space. Since the homebrew forum didn't seem to have something waiting for me to discover (or I just missed it), I thought I'd make one my own; so lemme know what seems too much or what could get a bit better. I'm really only focused on up to 3rd to 4th circle for this, but I'll take a crack at higher levels. This is also my first crack at a homebrew track, so it might be disgusting, sorry if it is.

Wormholer: Sometimes you just need to be in two places at once, or maybe four. The Wormholer recognizes that instead of making more of yourself, you just need a shortcut to make far places closer at hand, and a clever Wormholer also realizes the utility of making holes in spacetime when it comes to surprise attacks and emergency getaways for the team. Wormholers make effective leaders and tacticians for their spectacular control of a small squad in the field as well as excellent spotters in the field, but they can also be crafty thieves and escape artists thanks to their quick-walking abilities. All abilities granted by this track come with the [Teleportation] descriptor, if that wasn't obvious.

1st Circle
WrinkleSU - By bending the fabrics of space and time, you can create a small wormhole that allows fast mobility between Point A and Point B. As a move action, you can place one portal in an unoccupied square in your [Melee] range and a second portal anywhere within [Close] range that you have line of sight with. All creatures and abilities can make use of the Wrinkle to travel between the two points, and creatures on either side of the Wrinkle can draw line of sight from one side to the other. These wormholes can distort to allow creatures of your size category (give or take one up or down) to instantaneously travel the distance between the two as if one square became the other. You can sustain as many pairs of Wrinkles as you have circles in this track. The creator of the Wrinkle may end a connection as an Immediate action, and creatures getting caught in a closing Wrinkle are harmlessly placed on whichever side they entered from.

2nd Circle
Growing DistortionSU - You can now place either Wrinkle anywhere within [Close] range that you have line of sight with, and Wrinkles may now be ended as a Free action for quick getaways.

3rd Circle
Portal UnderstandingSU - You no longer need line of sight to place a Wrinkle, but the square must still be unoccupied. Wrinkles may now be disguised or hidden using the Larceny skill or illusion spells with the [Figment] or [Glamour] descriptor. Creatures other than the Wrinkle's creator can disguise the Wrinkle

4th Circle
Quantum TunnelingSU - Wrinkles you create may now be placed anywhere within [Medium] range. In addition, you can also place Wrinkles in squares occupied by creatures to force a teleportation effect, but a Will save (DC 10 + your KDM + 1/2 your level) will allow non-willing creatures to resist the teleportation effect, prematurely ending the Wrinkle.

5th Circle -
Strike Like LightningSU - Wrinkles now can be placed anywhere within [Long] range, and can be placed with a Swift action. Once per Encounter, you may also cast Teleport as the spell.

6th Circle
Exclusionary PrincipleSU - Your Wrinkles now posses the ability to distinguish between foe and friend, and will not allow certain creatures to pass through. A Will save (DC 10 + your KDM + 1/2 your level) will allow creatures to over-ride the placement limitations. Wrinkles excluding any type of creature or ability can be destroyed by effects other than their creator, and these Wrinkles have HP equal to an Arcana check made by the caster at the time of the Wrinkle being assaulted.

7th Circle
Reality SnapsSU - When you close a Wrinkle, you may release vortex of raw portal energy. Creatures within a 15 ft spread of a closing Wrinkle take damage equal to KoM + Level and are [Blown Away]. A successful Reflex save (DC 10 + your KDM + 1/2 your level) halves the damage and negates the [Blown Away] Condition

Legend Mechanics & Balance / Ironshod staff - Minmaxers delight
« on: October 24, 2013, 02:51:43 AM »
Ironshod Staff
There’s a bit of a static charge on this old staff, and a
wielder can unleash it at a moment’s notice.

Benefit: As a standard action, you may deal damage
equal to twice your character level to a number
of target opponents equal to your KOM within
[Medium] range. This is a supernatural ability/

I realize much of this is just me complaining, feel free to spend your time elsewhere. Or join in on the fun.

does this feel absolutely broken to anyone else? A very KOM focused lvl 7 character toting one of these Greater items can do 14 dmg to 8 different targets at Medium range that requires no attack roll, it also seems to lack a use per encounter cap... And God forbid a Rage Barbarian gets one of these, but my biggest problem with it is that it completely breaks Legend's philosophy of "characters doing the work, not their items".

Has this overpowered item just been overlooked because of all the other interesting options? One of my players grabbed it and he turned from "Wildborn Vigilante Werewolf Acrobat" into "The Guy Holding Our Most Reliable Source of Damage to Large Groups." It can turn a versatile and interesting group of adventurers into a walking magic spewing death machine for just one Greater item slot per person.

I realize I just came here to bitch about an item but has anyone else had to encounter one of these things? It feels really out of place with all the other interesting options that support different play-styles, seeing as it's practically a missile launcher on crack.

Legend Mechanics & Balance / A few Mechanical Questions
« on: August 18, 2013, 08:09:12 AM »
So, in no specific order, I have a few things that could use clearing up, if someone on this forum would be so inclined to help me.

1) Just Blade - Grim Heritor: text says that forming the blade is "...a swift action, or part of another swift action...", does this mean that I can summon the sword AND charge it using 3rd circle Mystic Focus with the same Swift action? meaning the moment my turn starts, I could draw the sword and charge it up with a spell (or spell like ability)?

2) Attacks of Opportunity and Expanding Melee Range - attack of opportunists can be made against any creature performing one of the mentioned actions, like Moving out of a threatened square. It makes sense that someone shooting you from 10 feet away would get smacked in the face if their target's threat range was 15 ft, but my problem shows up in moving out of threatened spaces.

Say one character is a Unicorn, with 20 ft melee range, which is crazy but still plausible by level 3, and the Unicorn was standing next to a low level Tactician holding a knife with only a 5 ft melee range. If a monster moved right past both of them, the low level Tactician would get his AoO because his threat range is smaller, but the higher level Unicorn would not, because the monster is not leaving the Unicorn's threatened squares, because he threatens more squares. See my problem?

Would it be TOO broken to reduce AoOs from moving so that they would only be triggered by moving away from adjacent to an opponent, but ranged attacks, spells, ect, would still trigger AoO in any threatened melee range?

I'll be back if I remember any problems I had, if anyone else wants to leave questions here, it might be a good place to do it.

Legend Homebrew / New Weapon Properties
« on: June 10, 2012, 08:39:55 AM »
So everyone is getting to like the new weapon properties, has anyone gotten cool ideas for new ones, or am I just missing the thread?

Anyway, here are some ideas I got, love to hear more:
[Cumbersome] - Your weapon takes a move action to draw and a standard action to pick up if knocked from your hand, both provoking attacks of opportunity but the upshot is that this weapon gains 5 slots (with [Cumbersome] taking one].

[Clingy] - weapons with this property may be warped into your hands and ready to use with a swift action if it is within [Medium] range, a move action if it is within [Long] range, and your full turn if it is further than [Long] range. Unsure if it should require knowledge of where the item is placed, or if it just beckons to your every whim no matter where you think it is. If so, probably only activates if it is where you last left it and not somewhere else, following [Teleport] rules or some other thing.

These two probably can't be taken together.

So the new weapon system is pretty cool, but there don't seem to be any penalties on improvised weapons that I saw, so the feat Spectacular Beats feels kinda weak since it takes away these penalties that don't exist, it even adds a breaking point where one didn't exist before.

How should we remedy this? Either add a penalty other than "not as versatile as a real weapon" to improvs or make Spectacular Beats stronger for it's improvisation skills, like allow them to have all 3 weapon properties.

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