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Forum Business / How to delete or extend polls?
« on: June 10, 2012, 07:07:44 AM »
I opened a poll on my topic. I had set a nearby end date expecting to be able to extend or remove the poll and open a new one.
Now I see that neither option is available.
Am I missing something or am I stick with this poll, as it ended, until the options are added or some change is made to polls?

I've made a post on my blog about this precise topic - Grimrock as a setting - and decided to make the non-human races to the best of my knowledge of them for Legend. This is what I came up with. The Minotaur have the same ability available (Head Hunter) in the game, so it got translated.

Minotaurs, in the Grimrock setting, are second class citizens at best. They are large, strong and durable, though their size makes them have less than quick reflexes, and are more often low ranking mercenaries or simply hard labor workers. As a rule, they aren’t ones to be associated with from below and viewed as crass and simple.

    Stat Bonuses:+4 STR, +2 CON, -2 DEX, -2 INT
    Size: Large
        Head Hunter (Special Minotaur feat, see below.)
        Livers Need Not Apply (Minotaurs are known drinkers.)
        Towering (Minotaurs are large. Really large.)
    Ability 1: +1 to Fortitude Saves (Did I mention they are large and known drinkers?)
    Ability 2: Intimidate Skill Bonus (Large. Drinkers. Angry.)

New Feat – Head Hunter:
Minotaurs are mighty warriors with a rich history of violence and trophy keeping.
Requirements: Must be Minotaur,1st level only.
Benefits: For the first level and every 4th level thereafter (4, 8, 12, 16 and 20), the character may show off a skull on their body. Each skull provides a +1 damage bonus to the character’s KOM damage bonus. This means that if the KOM is +6, and an ability calls for KOM damage, it would be +12 if the character is level 20 and has all 6 skulls possible on display.
Whenever a character is hit by an attack that passes their AC by 4 or more, one of the skulls is hit and broken.
Replacing skulls requires a skull. This would take a day of careful work with a head, if no ready skulls are available. Replacing the skull, once one is available, takes a full minute.

The lizardmen rank even lower than minotaurs in Grimrock. They are usually rogues and thieves. They are nimble, light on their feet and very stealthy. They are viewed with greater disdain than Minotaurs and in general aren’t being treated well.

    Stat Bonuses: -2 STR, +2 DEX, +2 INT
    Size: Medium
        Exit, Stage Left (They are quick and can make a fast esacpe.)
        Feign Death (A key survival skill when others are after your hide for one crime or another.)
        This Is A Knife (Keen on surviving, they make lethal blows.)
    Ability 1: Fast Movement [+5 ft.] (They are very fast.)
    Ability2: +1 to Reflex Saves (Quick on their feet and all that.)

The Insectoids are the prime xeno-race of Grimrock. So alien to the other races, with their underground cities and their peculiar physique, that they are more often treated with confusion than hate. Insectoids aren’t prone to the same spectrum of emotions and thoughts as the other races and as such they are often awkward and complex. They are also amazing mages.

    Stat Bonuses: -2 STR, -2 CON, +4 INT, +2 WIS
    Size: Medium
        Elemental Specialization (What with their grand magical abilities.)
        Glyphweave Adept (See previous Feat.)
        Rune Magic (See first Feat. Substitute Insectoid for Dwarves.)
    Ability 1: Ghost-wise Sight (They all function fundamentally different than the other races, and this is one way.)
    Ability 2: Arcane Skill Bonus (This is painfully obvious.)

Realms of Adventure / RoC Community Forums Civilization Builders!
« on: May 17, 2012, 02:55:52 AM »
So, this is pretty much a replica of a game I took part in on another forum board.

While in passing near an Earth-like planet, the SS Doodleydoo has a malfunction and ejects 30 of its clones to the planet, still in their PJs. 15 adult males and 15 adult females, with basic elementary school education, are stranded on a planet with no way to be rescued.
They will die without your help.

The Game
You are all somewhat of guiding forces. You are able to teach and impress upon the clones all kinds of things.
Your main goal is to have them survive.
Your main tool is providing them with progress and inventions: how to make weapons, how to collect food, how to refine and so on.
Your other tool are directives: methods on doing things, interacting with their environment and dealing with problems when they first arise.

The Rules
1) Anyone may join and may discuss with relevance to the game.
2a) You may only post a single invention and may not post another before 2 other players have.
2b) Linking to a Wikipedia article does not constitute an invention. You must phrase them yourselves.
2c) Inventions must include instructions and may not assume to use things that aren't decidedly available (i.e. you can't sharpen a wooden stick without cutting tools or methods).
3) You may not assume success or failure on any invention or directive. You are only to instruct. I review what is instructed and provide according reaction.

With that, let's start with the first status report:

Status: It is the beginning of Autumn. We are hungry. We have PJs but they will not last too long.
Technology: None.
Current Events: None.

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