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General Legend Discussion / Fantasy Grounds ruleset pak
« on: February 04, 2014, 09:27:41 AM »
Quite some time ago, I had been researching VTT clients because a Map Tool game had gone south. It happened largely because things had been moving so slowly. The GM had been trying to use vision and getting it to automatically show a set range. Constant tinkering with that and other technical issues just caused the group to fall apart.

Fantasy Grounds came up as being one of the most streamlined and robust programs(for D&D play anyways)
I'm considering getting a license soon, after all this time. Does anyone else have any experience? Has anyone tried to implement a Legend ruleset?

General Legend Discussion / Running Legend Characters in DnD adventure?
« on: September 07, 2013, 12:54:31 PM »
 I have no concept of power comparisons, which is partly why I'm asking.
How tough would it be to directly use Legend characters with Legend rules to run around someplace like World's Largest Dungeon? Both rule sets side by side for characters abilities vs monsters ect.

Use Larceny instead of Search/Disable device.
Recovering damage from traps/enounters ends up simply being a function of time.
Use the original stats for monsters traps spells existing in the dungeon, including abilities, against Legend characters.
Assume that alignment restraints are removed.
(Smite Good for example for against all the characters)
Minimal modification to original content.
Ignore loot, except for potions, assume that characters have miraculously found the Legend loot they would naturally acquire along the way.

What kind of issues would there be with scaling?
What other factors have I just overlooked. I imagine there's a lot of little things

General Discussion / Would you play it? (d20 the card game)
« on: August 11, 2013, 12:42:23 PM »
If D&D + MTG had a lovechild, would you play it?

How would it look:

Draw 2 cards per rounds from your decks
Resource cards: Taverns, Libraries, Blacksmith, Magic Shops, Dungeons

Resource phase: Play up to 2 Resource cards
Summon Phase: Summon Traps, heroes, monsters ect
Attack Phase: Attack, ect
Closing Phase:

Attack Phase details
Trap Finding: At the start your attack Phase, if you have any heroes with Trap Finding, make a d20 roll, add this modifier to your roll. For each hero beyond your first you have with trapfinding, add +2 to your original roll. Reveal any traps whose DC's you meet.

Attack: At the start of your attack Phase, if any of your heroes are attacking, roll a d20, use this as the base roll when determining whether your heroes overcome AC.

Krom, Barbarian 5, Resource cost: Tavern 3
HP 24
Attack: +2
TAC: +2, medium
When Krom comes into play, you may also play equipment cards costing up to 2 Blacksmith tokens to play on Krom
2 handed weapon specialty: add 4 to Krom's attack & 9 to Krom's damage if he wields a 2 handed weapon
Cleave: 1/attack phase, if krom kills an opponent allow him to attack again.
Trap Sense: If there are unrevealed traps when Krom attacks, allow any heroe you own with trapfinding to make another search check.

Mar'j Wizard 5, Resource cost: Tavern 3
Arcane caster
HP 7
TAC: +2, no armor
When Mar'j comes into play, if you have less than 3 Libraries in play, you may play one from your hand.
Spells require 1 less arcane caster to play,  if using Mar'j to cast.

Resource cost: 2 Arcane casters, 3 libraries
Deal 5d6 damage to enemy creatures, reflex for half.

Kobold lure
Resource cost: 2 Dungeons, 1 Arcane caster
Search your deck for 3 kobold creature cards, costing 1 Dungeon or less, and put them into play.

Bear trap:
Resource cost: 2 Blacksmith
Search DC 15, 3d6, reflex save half
If revealed, this does not trigger on hero attacks.
If this card deals damage, put it in your graveyard.
Sacrifice this card at any time for 1 Blacksmith token.

I understand this could use some streamlining, but I like the general concept and think it might be workable., let me know what you think?

Some decks would be more evil minion/dungeon lord, some would be caster/spell heavy, and yet others would try to be more balanced party/dungeoneering decks.

I haven't played MTG in eons, but in a lot of ways this makes more sense to me than many abilities I've seen.

In the interest of minimizing rolls, my suggestions would have you rolling 1 attack roll per round, 1-2 search checks, ect.

General Legend Discussion / Favorite WTF moments in your compaign
« on: July 19, 2013, 01:21:39 PM »
Got any? Share them, Legend or otherwise.

Most of the ones I have are second hand and I am a poor describer but personally, I remember one of my first few characters, my DM in 3.5 had been unprepared for.
It was a basic warlock using a simple acid modify to ignore DR & SR, eldritch glaive to get my BAB in eldritch attacks, and maximize spell like ability. Indefinite flying/invisibility.
A simple AMF would have nerfed me, but for what it was worth, I managed one hit one of his big boss dragons.

I had some time travel shenagins planned for a group of mine that never got used, but I'd love to hear any of your guys' stories

Legend Homebrew / Arena ideas
« on: June 29, 2013, 01:14:34 AM »
So I'm not something like this really fits, so here's as good place as any for general game/campaign ideas.
Straight 1.0 rules.

The Pit
Scenario: Modified Last man standing.
Although it's names the pit, the shape of the arena is more like a rather large mushroom, with players starting at the bottom of the stalking, ie the pit. It's 21 across, circular in shape, with twin spiraling stairs along the edge, leading to the top.  The pit, or stalk portion of the arena is approximately 3 stories deep, with small rest stops along the 2nd story. At the rest stop accessible by each set of stairs, is a chest with a random assortment of consumables.
At the top/3rd story are 4 waterball guns fixed inwards, that launch midly acid water based fireballs, that do little damage, but slow or stop opponents, and they fill the pit.
Mooks spawn 2 at a time from each summon point at the bottom. When the water level gets too high, they instead summon at the rest stops on the 2nd story.
When the pit is filled, or close to it, stronger enemies are summoned to the edge of the arena, (head of the mushroom).

Winner is decided by number of kills. Filling the summon point counts for 10 each level (1st & 2nd) as fill as filling it to the top. Each player kill, provides a 10% bonus, and being the last person standing provides a 50% bonus.

Winner gets 2 lesser consumables and half a level, and losers get 1 lesser consumable and a quarter of a level.

The island
Scenario: Modified survival.

An island about 500x500, where the goal is to survive for 3 days. Players are given maps, random weapons and provisions for 1 day. Each day sectors of the island will be announced off limits and players failing to leave my nightfall will die. Although there are a few rare hidden caches, most supplies will need to be found from NPC camps. Small camps of creatures, or stronger solitary ones will contain supplies, weapons, consumables, ect. For each missed meal, 3/day, players will recieve a penalty of -1 to d20 rolls.

Winners are decided by who has the most kills by the end. Players who are tied (eg no one gets kills) are still declared the winners. Dying before the end, may get a penalty against your kill count of -1 for each full day early you've died.

Winners get 2 lesser consumables and half a level, and losers get 1 lesser consumable and a quarter of a level.

Inspired by Battle Royale, I hope these modified rules may be fun.

To the Top

More to come, these were just by two favorites from some of the campaign

Forum Business / Sticky Request
« on: June 24, 2013, 05:23:25 PM »
Provided  that there's enough interest generated, Can the Looking for group thread, from Legend General Discussion, be stickied?

Games and Recruiting / Looking For Group and other things
« on: June 24, 2013, 02:33:33 PM »
For all game types, virtual tabletops, play by post, play by email, or whatever else works.

Please put your requests in the following format:

Looking for: Players/Group/GM
Preffered Medium: Klooge, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, PbP ect
Available Time + Frequency: M, Tue, Wed, ect X:00 PM - Y:00 PM EST
Contact info: PM, myemail[a]
Still Available: Y, N, X slots open, ect

General Legend Discussion / D20 Group tools
« on: June 18, 2013, 12:54:22 AM »
This list was compiled by DFW Roleplayers, but I felt it useful for anyone looking for a group.

Great Primers for Finding Players

Online Game Finders
    Pen And Paper Games
    RPGConnect Player Finder
    RPGLoop Player Finder
    TheTangledWeb Forums campaign
    Google Results for RPG Gamer Locator
    RPG Game Find    I've had better luck with this one oddly enough Gaming Gatherings
    Enworld Gamers Seeking Gamers
    Obsidian Portal player locator and game resources
    Nearby Gamers
    RPG Registry
    RPG Gateway
    Long list of other player finders

Games Using Virtual Table Tops (VTTs)

    Tabletop Forge (Google+ App)
    Fantasy Grounds
    Infrno Player Finder


Of course, post your favorites and if I happen to be missing any important ones, which I'm sure I am.

General Legend Discussion / Can we make Legend explode?
« on: June 08, 2013, 01:06:51 AM »
So of course we can advert in some friendly d20 boards, and we get a few join, but any tips and how to really get numbers of players?

Toss me some of yours, but one of mine is run a contest.
Post on some of your afore said friendly boards that the most popular group to run a campaign from 5 up to level 10 and document it on youtube, would win $250 to split. 2 month running period.
Rules: Same person can GM multiple groups, but Players need to be unique to each group. (alt version requires 3 new players per group)
Players need to sign up in groups and post in advance, 2 week sign up period.
10 group minimum, with 4 player minimum per group.

I'll help contribute some of the $$ just bec I want to try to help.

Legend Homebrew / The Dark One (class) [In progress]
« on: February 21, 2013, 01:01:40 AM »
I'm hoping to try to get a series of tracks that can be themed as simply 'Dark', and call it a class.
As always I encourage other to contribute their own variations, fixes, new ideas, ect.
I've noticed that I've already started with the Dark Trader and Dark swordsman one previous.
Here's a few more ideas I've got bouncing around. As always they're only rough drafts until you can help me polish them.

Did I mention I like choices within tracks?

As you gain circles, you can choose any two, for which you gain the Upgrade effect. The Upgrade effect becomes activate 2 circles after you first acquire the original circle.

1st Circle: Eldritch Techniques:
Gain Eldritch Blast: Ranged, range (Close), Natural
Choose five weapon properties other than [Arcane], [Barbed], [Distant], [Holdout] or [Quick-draw]. At 3rd, 5th and 7th circles, you may choose an additional weapon property. Your Eldritch Blast gains those properties. These choices are permanent.

   Upgrade: Choose 1 of the following secondary effects at 3rd circle, and another at 5th circle. The target must first make a Fortitude Save, and on fail, these effects may apply.
   Chain:  Another opponent within 15' of the target is also hit/dealt equal damage.
   Splash: All opponents within 5' of the target(s) are effected by [HP Reduction] equal to your KDM.
   Icky: Opponent(s) hit are [Sickened] for 2 Rounds
   Sticky: Opponent(s) hit are [Slowed] for 1 Round.

2st: Shadow Imitation: 1/Encounter, as a standard action, conjure a shadowy  figure  the size of a man, at a square withing [Melee] range.. This figure has no combat statistics, but occupies a square. This figure last until the end of the Encounter.
Any damage to your shadow is reduce by your KDM. Any damage dealt to your shadow is instead dealt to you. You can make actions as you were at that location. If your shadow exceeds [Medium] range from you for more than one Round, it ceases to exist. You can also choose to dismiss your shadow as a free action.

   Upgrade: Your shadow becomes indistinguishable from yourself and instead starts at the same square as yourself and seperates itself in such a way to make onlookers unsure of who'se the original. Damage is dealt to your shadow is further reduced by half.

3rd Circle Eldritch shield: 1/Encounter, Summon floating Will'o'Wisp balls one per circle of Warlock to squares within [Melee] range. These have no combat statistics and are unable to be targeted. These always maintain relative position to the Warlock (when he moves, they move) As a free action, explode them, dealing 1d6 per character level to opponents within 5'. If another ball is within range, it explodes too, dealing half damage. As part of a move action, you can re-arrange where these Will'o'Wisps are, but they must stay within [Melee] range.

   Upgrade: Secondary Explosions trigger for full damage and apply [Hp Reduction] equal to your KDM.

4th Corruption's Breath: As a standard action, or as part of a move action, you may place down a Blower to a square within [Close] range, and choose a direction/orientation for it. These have no combat statistics and are unable to be targeted. There is a 2 Round delay before this can be used again. These Blowers activate 1d4 Rounds after being placed and expire 1d4 Rounds after that. While active Blowers fire a cone effect for a range of 15' each Round, in the direction previously designated. This cone effect causes 10' forced movement away from the Blower and is Entangled for 2 Rounds.

   Upgrade: Blower's cone effect are extended to 20', and cause opponents to begin [Burning] and gain [Checked]. Instead of a 2 Round delay, Blowers can be place 1/Round.

5th Circle Abyssal Recess: 1/Round, as a standard action, you can designate a square as an [Abyss]. Every Round, each square adjacent to [Abyss] also gains [Abyss]. After 3 Rounds, all [Abyss] squares stemming from this expire. Any creatures that move through or start their turn in a square with [Abyss] are [Slowed] and gain [HP Reduction] equal to your KDM for 1 Round. They also must make a Will  save, or suffer [Shaken] for 1 rounds. You cannot start another [Abyss], while one currently exists.

   Upgrade: [Abyss] groups expires after 5 Rounds instead of 3. Creatures also gain [Fatigued] when they move or start in a square with [Abyss]

6th Circle Self Empowerment: Gain one of the following:
Invisible: As a free action gain [Invisible].
Recover:[Fast Healing] 10

7th Circle Ignorance: Choose one of the following
Selfish: 2/Scene Remove any condition from your person, become immune to it or similar effects for 1 rounds. For conditions like [Death], this does not heal you, simply potentially delays it.
Semi Selfish: 1/SceneRemove any condition from your person or one of your allies, become immune to it or similar effects for 1 rounds
Blood of a Slavic Witch

1st Evil Eye: Per circle gain 1 use per Encounter of Evil eye
Evil Eye[Mind-Affecting]:  Force an opponent within [Close] range to make will save. For 1 Round, they believe you have completed any actions you could have otherwise made. (movement, ect) This does not directly force them to do anything, rather encourages to act different, such as attack a spot they believe you to be in, follow you down one corridor, when you instead went down another. Every additional use on the same creatures gives them a +1 bonus to Will saves against this. Any actions that may cause them to disbelieve such as attacks from a different trajectory, allow them an additional Will save to disbelieve, up to 1/Round. Any modifiers to Evil Eye must be declared prior to using it. Targets are considered flat footed, if they are not aware of you.

2nd Circle More: Choose one of the following
Longer: Evil Eye lasts for 1 additional Round. You can choose to consume additional uses of Evil Eye, when you use it. For each use consumed in this way, Evil Eye last for 2 additional Rounds.
Larger: Evil Eye now effects opponent in [Melee] range from your primary target. You can choose to consume additional uses of Evil Eye, when you use it. For each use consumed in this way, Evil Eye affects opponents in an area a category larger.

3nd Circle More: Choose one of the follow or previous choices
With Friends: Evil Eye now allows to create an illusion for allies within [Melee] range of you. You can choose to consume additional uses of Evil Eye, when you use it. For each use consumed in this way, Evil Eye encompasses allies in an area a category larger.
More than Before: Your illusions are no longer restricted by the number of times you can use certain abilities. Your DC for Evil Eye is reduced by 1.
Change of Scenery: You can target Evil Eye at opponents at [Medium] range. Your illusions extend to manipulating objects adjacent to them.

4th Circle More: Choose one of the follow or previous choices
Almost Real:Your illusions attacks  now are more potent and apply [HP reduction] for half of any damage of an illusionary attack
Manipulative: Once per use of Evil Eye and each additional use consumed by any modifiers, you can reroll rolls by your illusions. You can choose to consume additional uses of Evil Eye, when you use it. For each use consumed in this way, you can force opponent to make an additional roll, and choose the worse of these results.

5th Circle More: Choose one of the follow or previous choices
Really?: You gain an additional use of Evil Eye and another for each additional circle.
Potent: For use of Evil Eye consumed when you cast it, you gain a +1 bonus to your DC.

6th Circle More: Choose one of the follow or previous choices
Clones: You can spend a swift action to create an illusionary clone of one of your existing illusions, (another ally, ect)
Superhuman: You can spend a swift action, to have one of your clones learn an ability another one knows.

7th Circle Finale: Choose one of the follow or previous choices
Big Bang: 1/Encounter, one of your illusion's abilities appear to be the most powerful it could ever be, and it's effects automatically succeed; or so your opponents believe.
Adder Strike: This consumes any uses of Evil Eye you have left; at least one is required. Target must make a Reflex save, or else be inflicted with [HP Reduction] equal to half of its maximum HP. For each use of Evil Eye consumed in this manner, you gain a +1 bonus to this DC.

Flesh Eater
1st Circle Hunger: Gain ability Eat.
Eat: As a standard action. Consume a corpse that you occupies same space as you. Recover up to twice your character's level in HP. Gain up to your KDM in temporary HP. If you already have temporary HP from this ability, you instead gain only half your KDM in temporary HP. Eat cannot be used on the same corpse more than once,
You also gain +1 damage to all physical abilities and [Damage Reduction] 1. You cannot have more than your KDM per Flesh Eater circles in temporary HP, nor more bonuses for damage or [Damage Reduction] than circles of Flesh Eater.
The temporary HP and bonuses last until the end of the Encounter.

2nd Circle Accumulation: Choose one of the following
Bloated: Up to your KDM in Temporary HP, does not expire at the end of the Encounter. At Circle 4, this increases to double your KDM, at Circle 6, this increases to triple.
Muscley: Your first damage/[Damage Reduction] bonus does not expire at the end of the Encounter, At Circle 4, this is increase to your first two, at Circle 6, this is increased to your first three.

3rd Circle 3 Corpse Lust: Choose one of the following
Gorge: Using Eat consume all corpses within [Melee] range.
Tentacles: As part of move action, you can drag a corpse from [Medium] range to the square you occupy. At 6th circle, you can instead choose to move to the location of that corpse.

4th Circle Tissue Flexibility: All weapons you wield gain [Reach].
Gain a 10' bonus to movement speed.

5th Circle Virophage: Choose one of the following
Noxious Fumes: Any enemy that starts its turn within [Melee] range of you, must make a Fort save, or be [Sickened] for 1 Round.
Infected Scratch: As a standard action, make a single melee attack. The attack does normal damage. In addition, if your attack hits, your opponent must make a Fort save (DC 10 + ½ your level + the higher of your Con modifiers) for each turn, for the next 3 Rounds or become [Nauseated]

Legend Homebrew / Deductive Reasoning (track)
« on: February 17, 2013, 06:09:01 PM »
Deductive Reasoning, ie the Sherlock Holmes track

Choose Intelligence or Wisdom. Unless otherwise mentioned, DC is (10 + half character level + stat modifier).

1st Circle Foresight: Choose one.
   - Limited Movements: When you succeed in damaging an opponent, they must make a Fortitude Save, or else their movement speed is halved. This effect lasts for 1 Rounds. This is a [Binding] effect.
   - Knowledge: Whenever you succeed in applying an effect, or dealing damage to an enemy or enemies, you gain a +2 AC bonus and [Damage Reduction] 1 against that opponent. This effect does not stack with itself against the same enemy. This effect last 1 Rounds.

2nd Circle Anticipate Movement: As part of a movement action, choose an opponent within [Close] range. At either the start or end of this opponents next turn, allies within [Medium] range can choose to move 5'. Weapons are treated as if they have [Reach] in relation to an Attacks of Opportunity against this opponent. If your allies succeed in an Attack of Opportunity against this opponent, they can move another 5'.

old version
As part of a movement action, choose an opponent within [Close] range. Also choose a number of square you expect that opponent to move. If on that opponent's next turn, it moves a number of squares, within 10' of your estimate, then all allies within [Close] range gain 10' +5' per additional circle movement bonus. If that opponent didn't move during it's during, any bonuses you would otherwise gain from this are halved, (assuming you even gained any).

3rd Circle Anticipate Attacks: As part of a standard action, choose an opponent within [Close] range. For each circle of Deductive Reasoning you possess, you may apply one [Warning] to an ally, split between allies within [Medium] range of yourself. Each [Warning] grants a +1 AC bonus against the chosen opponent. [Warning] lasts for 1 Round.

4th Circle Re-arrangement: Increase your range for choosing opponents to [Medium] range for Anticipate Movements and Anticipate attacks. The duration for Foresight effects are doubled. If you use Anticipate Movement, your chosen opponent must also make a Will save, or else be subject to 10' forced movement, of your choice.

5th Circle Advance Thought Mechanics:  Increase your range for choosing opponents to [Long] range for Anticipate Movements and Anticipate attacks. Your first attack of opportunity against opponents you have selected with Anticipate Movement, does not count towards your per Round limit. Increase the range of your allies you can choose with Anticipate Attacks to [Long] range.  Choose one of your allies, who has at least 2 [Warning]. That ally can additionally make a Reflex save, and if so, recieves only half damage from your chosen enemy. The DC for this is (10 + half opponent's level + opponent's KOM)

6th Circle Redirect:   Increase your range for choosing opponents to [Extreme] range for Anticipate Movements and Anticipate attacks. 3/Encounter, as a immediate action, you can force an opponent to make a Will save. If they fail and it is their turn, then you can force them to use their move action to move in the direction you specify.

7th Circle Deny: 3/Encounter, as an immediate action, you can force an opponent to make a Will save. If they fail, and it is their turn, choose one of their unused actions. They forfeit it this turn.

Legend Homebrew / Focus Enchantments
« on: February 05, 2013, 10:36:40 PM »
Spell Focus 2-Point Enchantment

At the end of each turn that the character maintains the same position as the start of his turn, that character, 1/Round, as a free action, can gain a [Mental Focus], holding up to a maximum of 3. If at any point the character ceases to stay in that position, he loses any [Mental Focus] he has accrued.
For each [Mental Focus], the DC on effects is increased by 1, up to a maximum of 3. This does not change, even if additional [Mental Focus] is gained.
As a free action, if you have at least 3 [Mental Focus], you can choose to consume them. For each 3 [Mental Focus] consumed this way, your next Spell effect deals additional damage equal to your character level.  If the spells fails, then half damage from this effect is still dealt to the target(s). This effect only last for 1 Round.

Rate of [Mental Focus] gain and maximum charges increase only, as this items is advanced.

Enchantments[1st turn][2nd turn][3rd and maximum]

So basically rate of accrual is, 1, 1.5, 2.


Defender's Focus 1-Point Enchantment
Unable to be used with Spell Focus

Lesser: Gain +1 bonus to Vigor for each Round spent in the same location/position. This caps at 3 Rounds. Movement causes bonuses to disappear.
Greater: Gain +2 bonus to Vigor for each Round spent in the same location/position. This caps at 3 Rounds. Movement causes bonuses to disappear.
Relic: Gain +3 bonus to Vigor for each Round spent in the same location/position. This caps at 3 Rounds. Movement causes bonuses to disappear.
Artifact: Gains +4 bonus to Vigor for each Round spent in the same location/position. This caps at 3 Rounds. Movement causes bonuses to disappear.

General Legend Discussion / How to you get 10 [Imbalances]?
« on: February 04, 2013, 05:44:59 PM »
How do we best optimize to getting 10 imbalances (in a single round)?
Consistently, if possible.

5 attacks + [Bonus attack], gives us 6. Are we thinking of using Once More! ?

Forum Business / Archives?
« on: January 30, 2013, 05:12:56 PM »
When 1.0 comes out, will it be possible to archive all the exisiting legend system boards and restart them from scratch?

Dungeons & Dragons / Spell optimization within party
« on: January 29, 2013, 05:29:54 PM »
I know that 3.5 doesnt have the kind of spell synergies that say 4e does, but it's still worth asking,
If  we're playing casters, (in my case my cleric is playing with a bard and wizard), are there certain spell thats that we should start off with that to help each other out?

That isn't a section that seems to be covered much in most handbooks I've come across, except treantmonk's wizard handbook

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