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General Legend Discussion / Combat Alchemist Track Released!
« on: September 15, 2012, 02:20:26 PM »
Hey folks! As we march towards 1.0, we're releasing content here and there which will be part of the final book. The most recent of those pieces of content is the long-awaited Combat Alchemist track, written by our very own DragoonWraith.


For those you who aren't still checking our main website every other hour, shame on you. Also! I'm pleased to announce the release of the Wildborn track, our first Reddit contest winner!

Wildborn is a racial track allows you to approximate everything from bounty hunters who are a little more than natural to terrible predatory beasts. Since a bit of 1.0 content is integral to its current design, it includes a sneak-peek: an in-combat use for the Perception skill. Wildborn use this to great effect, figuring out their prey before tearing into whatever unfortunate happens to fit that category. Hopefully you'll like the track as much as I do.


General Legend Discussion / MOVED: Level 0
« on: July 04, 2012, 05:08:15 PM »

General Legend Discussion / Grapple!
« on: June 27, 2012, 03:11:27 PM »
So hey, it seems like not everyone has noticed this, but Legend now officially has Grapple rules! We worked very hard to make them short, sweet, and easy to use. Expect to see them included in the core doc for 1.0, along with some track revisions that interact extensively with them!

General Legend Discussion / LEGEND BETA MAY 11, 2012 CHANGELOG
« on: June 12, 2012, 03:27:14 PM »
Legend BETA Changelog
May 11 Update Edition

This update included two major system changes, reviewed below.


  • pg 121 The [Resistance] condition has been expanded significantly, and may now apply to any specified type of damage, as opposed to just energy damage.
  • pgs 119-21 The [Lesser resistance] and [Greater resistance] conditions have been added, which function as [Resistance] but prevent Level/2 or Level*2 damage of the specified type, respectively. These three conditions do not stack, but rather function as a ladder: two instances of [Lesser resistance] against the same damage type become [Resistance] to that damage type, while [Resistance] combined with either [Lesser resistance] or [Resistance] to the same damage type is [Greater resistance] to that damage type.
  • pg 116 As a secondary component of this change, further damage typing definitions have been added, dividing damage into three supercategories: physical, energy, and magic.


  • Please reference pgs 163-4.
  • The entire weapon system has been revised. [Main] and [Special] weapons are gone entirely. Weapons now possess a base damage of 1d6, and are designed using 3 weapon properties that provide them with various bonuses and effects.
  • The list of weapon properties has been significantly expanded.
  • Natural attacks and improvised weapons have been further defined as part of this system.
  • Please note that the following sentence on pg 164 is erroneous: “Mundane shields provide a +1 deflection bonus to AC.” Mundane shields have been folded into the conceptual space of the revised weapon system.
  • pg 166-7 The list of sample weapons has been revised for the new system.

The following entries deal with specific changes to content. Minor textual changes and typos that had little to no mechanical impact have not been included.


  • pg 37 Discipline of the Serpent 1, Improved Unarmed Strike now allows you to choose three weapon properties for your unarmed strike, which may be changed every morning.
  • pg 39 Discipline of the Dragon 4, Diamond Soul now grants [Resistance] to magic and energy damage.
  • pg 52 Rogues now choose both their offensive and defensive tracks at 1st level (previously one’s defensive track was chosen at 2nd level).
  • pg 53 Assassin 6, Sweeping Scythe, has been weakened from an extra attack every 10 feet to an extra attack every 30 feet to prevent abuse.
  • pg 60 Just Blade 6, Indestructible Focus, now grants [Lesser resistance] to all damage.
  • pg 69 Elementalist 2, Elemental Resistance, now grants [Lesser resistance], followed by [Resistance] at 4th circle, and [Immunity] at 6th.
  • pg 70 Elementalist 4, Elemental Shield, has been rewritten significantly, and is beyond the scope of this list to explain in brief.


  • pg 78 The Demon race now grants [Lesser resistance] to [Electricity], rather than [Resistance].
  • pg 78 Demon 1, Demonic Traits now grants Demonic Claws — a [Brutal], [Unbalancing], [Traumatizing] natural attack.
  • pg 79 Dragon 1, Agility now grants Dragon Claws — a [Brutal 3] natural attack.
  • pg 83 The Ghoul race now grants Ghoul Bite — a [Brutal], [Barbed], [Traumatizing] natural attack.
  • pg 84 The Vampire race now grants Vampire Bite — a [Brutal], [Barbed], [Unbalancing] natural attack.


  • The Master of Swordplay feat has been cut.
  • pg 95 Elemental Specialization was reworded slightly for greater clarity.
  • pg 100 My Name Is War can no longer copy Extraordinary abilities.
  • pg 103 The following feats have been converted into [Weapon] feats, and revised: A Song of Arrows, And My Axe, Epic Flail, Meteor Crush, Mighty Smash, Musketeer, Pistolero, Simply Smashing, Swift-Hand Throw, The Scattering Wind, the Terrible Swift Lash, This Is A Knife, To Pierce the Heavens.
  • pg 105 Deft Strike now effects Resistance as well as Damage Reduction.
  • pg 105 Earthshaper Warden now grants [Lesser resistance] to all damage on the first round of combat.


  • pgs 65, 68 Spellcasting tracks now grants 3 spells known per circle, rather than 1 per level.
  • pgs 139, 153, 156 The following spells have been modified extensively in light of the changes to [Resistance]: Adamant Skin, Resist Elements, Resist Energy, and Stoneskin.
  • pg 140-141 Call Lightning’s Incantation effect has been weakened from 1d6 damage per level to 1d6 damage per circle.
  • pg 146 Flame Blade was reworded slightly for greater consistency.
  • pg 150 Magic Missile now has an Effect entry.


  • pg 165 The text indicating magic item bonuses has been moved to an appropriate area (previously it was under mundane items).
  • pg 168 Earthsmasher Pickaxe is a [Brutal], [Magnum], [Traumatizing] weapon.
  • pg 168 Knuckleduster adds the [Brutal], [Devastating] and [Traumatizing] properties to unarmed strikes.
  • pg 171 Abandoned Arsenal now grants the [Magnum] and [Reach] properties.
  • pg 171 Vera is a [Brutal 2], [Distant 2], [Magnum] weapon.
  • pg 172 Ghostly Rifle is a [Brutal 2], [Distant], [Magnum] weapon.
  • pg 172 Rolling Thunder is a [Brutal 2], [Scything] weapon.
  • pg 173 Simple Knife is a [Guardian], [Hold-out] and [Thrown] weapon.
  • pg 173 Winged Armor has been extensively revised.

If you believe an item is missing from the changelog, please notify me through PM.

Games and Recruiting / PvP - Edorm Resaik vs. the Pistolwhipper
« on: March 29, 2012, 04:57:58 PM »
A pony robticist and a psychopath who holds the wrong end of his guns face off on a windswept plain! Who will be victorious?

Fighters start 135 feet apart.

Games and Recruiting / PvP Character Archives
« on: March 28, 2012, 03:55:36 PM »
This thread is for people to post their PvP character sheets or links to said sheets in. By keeping them a single post, we'll have everything nicely indexed. This will help with cross-referencing for the devs as well as anyone who want to get into Legend PvP.

I'll start:

The Pistolwhipper - Level 12
Human Monk
Human: +2 Wisdom, +1 Attack, +1(+1/8 levels) Acrobatics
Str 10, Dex 18, Con 24 (KDM), Int 10, Wis 26, Cha 16
Fort: +18 / Ref: +18 / Will: +18 / Initiative: +4
Armor Class: 35 / HP: 195 / Speed: 40 / Fly: 40 / Tremorsense: 40
Melee Range 15 / Close Range 55 / Medium Range 220
Awareness: 30 / Bluff: 30 / Diplomacy: 22 / Intimidate: 25 / Perception: 25

  • Unarmed Flurry (standard): +23/+23/+18/+18 (1d8+8+4d8 [Precision]+10 [Cold]), [Melee]
  • Improvised Weapon Flurry - Pistolwhip (standard): +23/+23/+18/+18 (1d8+8+4d8 [Precision]+10 [Cold]), [Melee]
  • Pistol (standard): +23/+23/+18/+18 (1d6+8+10 [Cold]), [Close], [Single-shot]
  • Trained: Acrobatics +19 /  Athletics +13 / Bluff +16 / Diplomacy +16 / Intimidate +16 / Perception +21
  • Physical: Larceny +5 / Ride + 5 / Stealth +5
  • Knowledge: Arcana +1 / Engineering +1 / Geography +1 / History +1 / Medicine +1 / Nature +1
  • Guild Initiation: Fortune's Friend
  • The Earth Cracks: You gain Tremorsense out to 40 feet.
  • Spectacular Beats: You deal Discipline of the Serpent unarmed damage with improvised weapons, and suffer no penalties for using them. An improvised weapon breaks after eight attacks - when it does, you gain a [Bonus attack].
  • Fancy Footwork: For each attack you don't make in an attack action, you gain a five-foot step.
  • The Bitter Dregs: You gain a +1 to all d20 rolls.
  • Blacksmith: You gain a +4 to Constitution and increase your item bonuses from armor and weapons and your deflection bonus from shields by 1.
Discipline of the Serpent (gained at levels 1, 3, 6, etc.)
  • Unarmed Strike: Your unarmed strikes deal 1d8 damage + 4d8 (Circles-1*d8) [Precision] damage. You may Flurry without penalty, with ranged or melee weapons.
  • Stunning Fist: 6/[Encounter] (Levels/2), once per turn, after resolving attack and damage on a melee attack, your opponent must make a DC 24 Fortitude save or be [Stunned] for 1 [Round].
  • After-image: As a swift action after striking an opponent twice in the same round, you gain a 50% miss chance, which lasts until an opponent misses due to it.
  • Deftly Striking: You may make a full attack in the middle of a move action.
  • Touch of Death: 1/[Encounter] as a swift action, you may cause an attack to inflict [Staggered] until the beginning of your next turn and deal 72 extra damage, with a DC 24 Fortitude save for halving this damage. If your opponent succeeds on this save, the attack cannot reduce them to below 1 hit point. This is a [Death] effect.
Swashbuckler (gained at levels 1, 4, 7, etc.)
  • Once More!: After making a single melee attack, every time you move 10 feet, you can make a Once More! attack when you complete the movement. You can make up to 4 (circles) Once More! attacks each round.
  • With Feeling: You gain a +2 to Will saves, and an additional +1 for every successful Once More! attack made this [Encounter].
  • Dirty Fighting: Any successful Once More! attack inflicts [Battered] on its target for 3 [Rounds], and you do +12 (levels) damage to [Battered] creatures.
  • Kick Him While He's Down: If you make a successful [Once More!] attack, you can make a [Bonus attack] against the same target.
Fortune's Friend (gained at levels 2, 5, 8, etc.)
  • A Little to the Left: Once per [Encounter], if you would be reduced to negative hit points, you are instead reduced to 1 and gain an immediate move action.
  • Improvisation: As a swift action, you gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls, skill checks, saving throws and ability checks until the beginning of your next turn.
  • Gift of Gab: You gain a +3 bonus to Reflex saves and a +3 deflection bonus to AC.
  • Better Lucky and Good: Once per round without an action, you may remove one of the following conditions from yourself: [Battered], [Bleeding], [Blinded], [Confused], [Cowering], [Dazed], [Dazzled], [Deafened], [Entangled], [Exhausted], [Fatigued], [Frightened], [Nauseated], [Panicked], [Paralyzed], [Petrified], [Shaken], [Sickened] or [Stunned].
  • Heavy Armor: +2 AC, -1 Reflex
  • Pistols x2: One-handed hold-out weapon, [Close] range, [Single-shot] — Stowed in Gunslinger's Sash
  • Black Ankh: +2 Constitution
  • Quicksilver Ring: +2 Dexterity
  • Grim Fragment: +2 Charisma
  • Oakstone Shard: +2 Wisdom
  • Coldfire Ingots: Your attacks deal an extra 10 [Cold] damage.
  • Wings of Faith: You gain a fly speed equal to your land speed.
  • Gunslinger's Sash: You may draw infinite loaded pistols or crossbows, though you may only have on at a time. When you hit with a weapon drawn this way, you gain a 5-foot step.
  • Rusted Ring: Teleport 350 feet

Ruishi the Stone Lion - Level 7
Elemental Shaman
Elemental: +2 Charisma, [Magical Beast] type
Str 14, Dex 14, Con 22 (KDM), Int 8, Wis 8, Cha 24 (KOM)
Fort: +12 / Ref: +5 / Will: +13 / Initiative: +2
Armor Class: 26 / HP: 149 / Speed: 40 / DR: 6
Tremorsense 30 / Melee Range 15 / Close Range 40 / Medium Range 160
Awareness: 16 / Bluff: 16 / Diplomacy: 16 / Intimidate: 24 / Perception: 24

  • Claws (standard): +16/+11 (2d6+14), [Melee], recover 3 HP/hit
  • Earthspike (move): Adjacent enemies (14 damage), [Ground]
  • Earthen Pull (standard): +16 against a [Flying] creature (21 damage), [Medium]
  • Trained: Acrobatics +9 /  Athletics +9 / Intimidate +14 / Nature +6 / Perception +6
  • Physical: Larceny +2 / Ride + 2 / Stealth +2
  • Knowledge: Arcana -1 / Engineering -1 / Geography -1 / History -1 / Medicine -1
  • Social: Bluff +7 / Diplomacy +7
  • Juggernaut: Ruishi is large size with no penalties.
  • Towering: Ruishi can attack [Flying] targets with [Melee] attacks while grounded, and reduces damage from grounded creatures by 7 (level). 1/[Round], on a critical hit, he can choose to inflict [Blown Away].
  • Floating Feat: Ruishi has given up the Wings of War feat for a feat slot that it can change at the beginning of each week.
    • Heavenly Stamina (Livers Need Not Apply): Ruishi can expend a drink to regain 7d4 (level x d4) hit points, and can store 8 (2 + Con) drinks in his body.
  • The Earth Cracks: Ruishi has Tremorsense out to 30 feet.
Dragon (gained at levels 1, 4, 7, etc.)
  • Agility: Ruishi gains a set of claws doing 2d6 damage and the Wings of War feat (which has been traded out with Floating Feat).
  • Vitality: Ruishi gains a +21 (Circles x Level) fury bonus to hit points.
  • True Dragon: Ruishi has a +3 (Circles) item and deflection bonus to AC, and his claws now heal him for half the damage he deals with them up to 3 (Levels/2) hit points per hit.
Earth Elemental (gained at levels 1, 3, 6, etc.)
  • Earthspike: As a move action, Ruishi deals 14 (KOM+Level) damage to all adjacent enemies. This is a [Ground] effect.
  • Earth Affinity: Ruishi has 6 (Con) Damage Reduction, and ignores difficult terrain.
  • Earthen Pull: Ruishi may make a ranged attack against a [Flying] opponent within [Medium] range as a standard action. If the attack hits, the target loses [Flying] and the ability to fly for the [Encounter], taking 21 (level x 2 + KOM) damage.
Smiting (gained at levels 1, 4, 7, etc.)
  • Skirmish: Every time Ruishi misses an opponent with an attack roll, he gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls against that opponent for the [Encounter]'s duration. This stacks up to +7 (level).
  • Conflict: Ruishi adds 7 (Cha) to damage rolls with any weapon.
  • Struggle: If Ruishi hits twice in a row against an opponent, he adds 7 (Cha) damage against that opponent until the beginning of its next turn. If he strikes four times in a row, he adds 14 (Cha x 2) bonus to damage instead.
Shaman's Path: Utter Brute (gained at levels 2, 5, 8, etc.)
  • Uncivilized (Attacker): Ruishi gains a +2 (Circles) item and fury bonus to attack rolls.
  • Unforgiving: Ruishi may take a standard action or used triggered abilities with no action cost as it dies.
  • Black Ankh: +2 Constitution
  • Gloss Armor: Ruishi's DR improves by 6 for the [Encounter].

So, Swashbuckler: it hits a maximum of seven Once More! attacks per round at 7th circle. Unfortunately, actually getting there is tricky, and getting there consistently (see: every round, without expending per/[Encounter] abilities) is especially tricky. I've figured out two ways to do it.

#1 - The Azure Dragon of the North EDIT: Doesn't actually work, as Mystify points out.
This first one uses Knight, Swashbuckler, Pegasus, Water Elemental, Terrible Swift Lash, and Fancy Footwork. Watch this:

1. Charge, make an attack as normal.
2. Keep moving, as per Pegasus, make the first Once More! attack.
3. Use On Heroes to move. Sacrifice the bonus attack with Fancy Footwork. Make the second Once More! attack.
4. Use As the Six Hundred to Charge again, sacrifice the charge attack with Fancy Footwork.  Make the third Once More! attack. Make the 4th-circle bonus attack.
5. Use On Heroes to move. Sacrifice the bonus attack with Fancy Footwork. Make the fourth Once More! attack.
6. Make two five foot steps. Make the fifth Once More! attack.
7. Make two five foot steps. Make the sixth Once More! attack.
8. Make two five foot steps. Make the seventh Once More! attack.
9. Congratulations, you just made nine attacks with a standard action!
10. Drink some wine.
11. Use your move and swift actions on, I don't know Indefatigable and maintaining your Mist Aura? Just to make sure everyone's clear on the point that you're going to eat them alive.

Panache makes the goal a little easier to hit. You can drop Pegasus, in which case you'll need Panache + Indefatigable, turning two of your AoOs into Once More attacks. You can also drop Water Elemental and Terrible Swift Lash, in which case you'll only need Panache. Both of these builds get to seven if the opponent provokes AoOs, but fall short of it (at 5 and 6, respectively) otherwise.
#2 - Hey, Remember That Scene In Equilibrium?
This is much less resource-intensive, and is almost hilariously cheesy: a Gunslinger's Sash gives you an additional 5-foot step for every attack made with a weapon it produces. Using the guns as improvised melee weapons, you can use them for Once More! attacks. So, Gunslinger's Sash + Fancy Footwork nets you six Once More! attacks all alone - throw in the right standard-action attack, or the two more five-foot steps, and you've got the full seven. In pistol-whips. With 12-14 five-foot steps.

So - does anyone else have a hilarious method of hitting seven Once More! attacks with Swashbuckler?

General Discussion / MSPA and Homestuck Discussion (it was inevitable)
« on: March 07, 2012, 08:11:27 AM »
One way or another, this thread was going to happen. It's a necessity of the alpha timeline. Let's do this bros and brodettes. Let's make this happen.

Personally, I'm still starry-eyed over the WQ beating Jack Noir to a pulp. Cosmic justice!

In the harsh northern lands of the Continent, under bitter winters and the constant threat of barbarian incursion from the lowlands, the last democratic city-states of the world eke out a desperate existence. Here, in a land where terrors haunt the frozen tundra and new evil thaw out every spring, a people's constant struggle is not just for survival and progress but to maintain the common decency of politeness, tolerance and lawful civilization that shine out like a beacon of hope in a dark world. And hope is not without it's protectors, an order of warriors, explorers and scholars chosen to protect the warm havens of civilization. These are the Red Riders, the Diplomatic Guard, the Knights of the Tundra, and they will see the darkness driven back or fall into the white grave trying. These are the Mounted Police.

These are Mounties.

... and at this point, you may not have any idea what's going on - but hopefully, you think it's awesome. For those of you who don't frequent the Legend IRC, this is going to need some explanation. It all began with an innocuous comment about the Canadian Federal Mounted Police, which I assisted in spiraling rapidly out of control.

Flickerdart - Mounties are a federal police
Flickerdart - There are 30,000 mounties.
gkathellar - And they are all badasses.
Flickerdart - Their creative motto is "defending the law"
gkathellar - Oh god, Canadian mounted police mini-setting.
gkathellar - Grim, mustachioed mounties fight the legions of darkness.
gkathellar - You play as one of an elite squad of the Mounted Police, charged with the defense of the frozen north.

The Channel's hive-mind managed to spit out a fabulous collection of great ideas afterward - almost universally (suitably) equal parts hilarious and straightforwardly awesome. There's potential here for a legitimate setting defined by an order of crimson-clad adventuring policemen who riding everything from devil bears to rainbow rocket unicorns to the vicious and mighty dire elk, skiing across the Aurora while their compatriots on skeleton-skates below face down terrors legions of cannibals infected by the Wendigo virus.

That's not an idea I want to let vanish in the frozen mist (especially since Jake has given us a semi-official, said-in-passing rubberstamp for all this) - and I can only hope our community here feels the same way. So I'd like to put this forward on the forums and open the door to brainstorming for a community setting project set in the frozen tundra of fantasy-Canada, where the men are men and the snow demons are snow demons. What do you think?

TL;DR - Community project for a setting where you play a Mountie set against the forces of darkness.

Edit: We have even more things!

Some sweet concept work from Legend's Official Art-Queen, Jyn, depicts nonhuman mounties. Her ever-expanding tableau now depicts moosefolk, bearfolk and elven mounties readying themselves for action. Words don't exist for how cool this is.

We also have stats for crabfolk now, in addition to moosefolk stats and slightly updated bearfolk and owlfolk stats.

  • +2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Dex - Moosefolk are incredibly durable and intuitive, but their large frames and awkward upright gait compromise their agility.
  • Medium Size: 35 foot movement speed - Moosefolk have strong, darting legs and can even bear down on all four limbs for sustained periods of running.
  • +1 (+1/8 levels) to Acrobatics checks - Despite their lack of agility, Moosefolk are well-poised on their powerful hind limbs.
  • Bonus Feats: Recon, Wake, Reaver - Moosefolk are physically mobile, and some are prone to bad-tempers.
  • +2 Strength, +2 Charisma, -2 Intelligence - Bearfolk possess an almost supernatural strength that bleeds into an overbearing physical confidence, but can be brash to the point of stupidity.
  • Medium Size: +1 to Armor Class - Bearfolk are built like mountains, and trying to hurt one is like trying to hurt the other.
  • +1 (+1/8 levels) to Nature checks - Bearfolk have excellent noses and senses that are finely tuned for the natural world.
  • Bonus Feats: Terrifying Shout, TBC, TBC - (Just realized that racial feats can be taken even if they're not on the Bonus Feat list. D'oh.)

New Racial Feats: The vast majority of bearfolk belong to the lineage of one of three great warriors, foundational figures of their mythology. Some exemplify their traits above all else.
Black Coat Tribe [Racial]
You are descended from the great Obsidia, a legendary warrior among bearfolk that used her small size and unexpected power to outmaneuver and deceive her enemies.
Prerequisites: 1st level, Bearfolk, must not have the Grizzled Tribe feat or the Ice Tribe feat
Benefit: You are Small size, but your movement speed remains 30 feet and you do not suffer any penalty to saves against combat maneuvers. You gain a +2 bonus to Bluff checks and to the DC of Perception checks made against you.

Grizzled Tribe [Racial]
Like your ancestor Terrius, wisest and cruelest of all the bearfolk, you have never sheathed your claws and even today cultivate his legendary blood-fury in your heart.
Prerequisites: 1st level, Bearfolk, must not have the Black Coat Tribe feat or the Ice Tribe feat
Benefit: You have a set of claws. These are special melee weapons with the [Magnum] property that cannot be disarmed. You gain a +1 item bonus on attacks with your claws for every 5 levels you possess.

Ice Tribe [Racial]
From the blood of Polaros, a great bearfolk mystic of who learned to strike down the beasts of the tundra with stealth and great ferocity, you have gained the power to kill invisibly.
Prerequisites: 1st level, Bearfolk, must not have the Black Coat Tribe feat or the Grizzled Tribe feat
Benefit: You are always considered to be [Concealed] when making Stealth checks. You no longer suffer a -1 penalty for making Stealth checks within [Melee] range.
  • +2 Wisdom - Owlfolk have a great asset in their insight, and the emotional distance from which they view the world keeps them centered.
  • Medium Size: Darkvision - Owlfolk have sharp eyes that let them operate as well in darkness as others do in daylight.
  • +1 (+1/8 levels) to Intimidate checks - Between their uncanny insight and their swiveling heads, owlfolk can be frightening when they choose to be.
  • Bonus Feats: The Earth Cracks, The Sun Grows Dim, True Names - Owlfolk insight extends into the darker, supernatural reaches of the world.
  • +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Wis - Crabfolk are sharp-witted and lightning-fast, but their antediluvian minds can have trouble adjusting.
  • Medium: Breathe and swim freely in water - Hidden in the deep oceans, the fabled cities of the crabfolk only draw out the mystery of this people.
  • Ghostwise Sight 45 - Crabfolk have sharply tuned vibrational senses, equally functional in the water or on land.
  • +1 (+1/8 levels) Engineering - Crabfolk have a breathtaking natural ability to understand architecture and habitat construction.
  • Bonus Feats: TBC, TBC, TBC - (Just realized that racial feats can be taken even if they're not on the Bonus Feat list. D'oh.)

New Racial Feats: Many crabfolk possess a set of major physical variations, which others usually mistake for having cultural or genealogical significance.
Claws Like Hands [Racial]
Where most crabfolk possess more maneuverable three pronged grasping claws, at least one of your arms ends with a true implement of destruction.
Prerequisites: 1st level, Crabfolk
Benefit: You gain a Claw attack usable as a [Special] weapon that cannot be disarmed. Now and at every fifth level, your claw gains one of the following properties: [Guardian], [Reach], [Tripping], [Disarming], or [Magnum]. If you choose to use your claw as a [Main] weapon, it loses your choice of one of its properties for as long as you do so. If you choose the [Guardian] property, you do not need to use an actual shield, as your massive claw is a barricade all by itself.

A Noble Tail [Racial]
Irritating as it is when you're sometimes called lobsterfolk, being dramatically more stable on land and in water usually makes up for it.
Prerequisites: 1st level, Crabfolk
Benefit: TBC

Exoskeletal Armor [Racial]
Your outer shell is especially hard, which helps you pretend to be a rock or an island when you need to.
Prerequisites: 1st level, Crabfolk
Benefit: TBC

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