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General Legend Discussion / New system using Legend's mechanics?
« on: August 21, 2015, 03:20:09 PM »
What I'm curious about is, using the OGL, would it possible for someone to take the all the mechanical rules of Legend and create their own system with them?  Would there be some legal product identity issues that would prevent such a thing?  I'm only really asking for the sake of a thought exercise, as I'm certainly not volunteering for such a project.  I hardly have time to play games, let alone develop one.

For the sake of further discussion, if you were to develop your own Legend based fantasy heartbreaker system, what elements would you keep?  What would you eliminate or change?

Personally, I would certainly retain the tracks and tiers.  Without them I don't feel there would be any reason to repurpose this material.  Therefore I would retain a level-based character development, especially considering I feel Legend was one of the few systems that handled levelling mechanics well outside of class abilities.  I also really love the customizable equipment and magic items, so I would endeavor to retain those systems.

I would like to do away with races and classes.  The species of a character would largely be flavor and role playing based, with specific tracks or feats handling explicitly non-human capabilities.  Classes largely feel like an artificial restriction on track selection that's pretty easy to mostly work around within the rules as it is.  I would do away with Ability Scores. I would keep the modifiers in one form or another, although perhaps the specific abilities and their number could be different.  I would like to considerably pear down and simplify conditions in the game.  I would also consider changing the base die mechanic, perhaps to 2d6.  Not a huge fan of d20, as I prefer a bell curve and feel the wide range of 1d20 to be wildly random.

General Legend Discussion / Game idea: Power Rangers
« on: December 09, 2012, 07:06:36 PM »
I just recently discovered this forum through the IRC link, but had been following Legend since the charity drive.  I have been considering an idea for a game when the 1.0 release comes out, inspired by Brian Clevenger's review.  In the review, Brian jokingly lamented having his multiclass choice made for him by the presence of the Vigilante track.  That got me thinking what an entire group of similar compulsion would be like, and I imagine a team similar to Power Rangers.  (I realize Rangers and Kamen Rider are not the same thing, but I figure it's close enough for approximation.)

Mechanically, I would have the players stat two forms, civilian mode and hero mode.  The civilian mode would have the low ability score array, 8 hp/lvl, 5 skills, low BAB, and access to a single track to represent either normal training or civilian power granted by ranger powers.  Once they have been reduced beyond half their HP, they can then shift into their full Hero mode at full health, with high stat array, 10 or 12 HP /level, high BAB and full track progression, with vigilante acquired through full buy-in option.  I'm considering the transformation taking their full turn but they are unable to be affected in any way until the start of their next turn as their transformation completes.

I would still have to hammer out the setting details, specifics of the player group (do they belong to a particular organization?  Are their identities as rangers publicly known?) and the nature of the antagonists, not to mention some additional mechanical considerations, but the general idea is there.  It might also be a good idea to get some track selections put together within color themes.

Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions?

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