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Dungeons & Dragons / The Lost of Arcana Lost
« on: January 19, 2013, 11:21:16 AM »
Making my own thread, so I don't bog down the other one any more than I have.

found my planned build, though  ;D

Don't count on Subverted, or Taint at all for that matter. There are certain parts of the verse that you could pick up some taint (and no, not the Blight Lands), but you might have difficulty convincing anyone else to go there with you, and even more difficulty getting away. Not on the Material Plane, FWIW.

For your Ceremony feat, this link takes you right to the feat.

Also, if you brought it into AL, you would have to erase that last paragraph in the backstory (the one that references EE). The sentient god-killing weapon part is okay, and you can keep the name as-is. But I won't be using the Elder Evils at all in AL. Sentient god-killing weapons, but not EE  ::)

No problem on any of that. Maybe I can work with you to make his backstory match the campaign world. Basically, the idea was his dad was some kind of sick cultist, and sent his son through an inverted summoning circle as an offering to some kind of powerful (and evil) being to try to curry favor from it. This backfired in that for some reason, the evil sent the boy back, but he was... changed.

When he came back through the portal (just moments later), he was actually nearly full grown. Time progressed differently there. So he'd actually spend years in the demesne of this twisted, alien god-like being. The being had basically decided to use him to try to enter the world (by founding a cult, or something  ???  maybe you can help with the details of that). Anyway, he stabbed his dad and left.

His memories of his time "beyond" are not clear. It is all like some big nightmare, and he has strange powers now (he's an Unbodied instead of a human). I thought he could have gotten Tainted while there also, but I am fine not using the taint stuff. Mostly I thought it could be an interesting way of creating minions, and getting the flavor of "he was really warped". The Subverted Psion isn't that great of a class overall, though. So I could definitely consider going with something else. ;D (For that matter, neither is Shadow Mind...  :P  So yeah, the actual PrC(s) could change. Still got a couple of levels to decide, anyway).
Shadow Mind reminds me of old Shadowmancy. Like how it's portrayed in the novels at times. Kinda cool in that regard.

As far as the rest, that which happened on the material plane can full well be exactly what happened, that which happened elsewhere you are welcome to think that's how it happened  ;D .
But yeah, the only place that matches all of the rest of that is the demiplane that you could (and would) pick up taint. (which I refuse to elaborate on, except that it's main inhabitant definitely matches the description).
He can have aged while there, but I don't play with Time Traits other than what's in the DMG, or 99% of chronomancy in general. There are other means to have magically aged though... to say nothing of twisting your perceptions to think you spent years there. (I hope I'm not the only one familiar with Ellen's 'magic nose beep' in El Goonish Shive.)

... are you planning on actually being possessed, or just a failed attempt to be a vessel? Or do you mean you have some kind of subliminal directive to help the creature enter the Prime?

I should clarify... I liked the build. I liked the backstory. It was just the one element that needed changed, and the one part of your build I didn't think it likely for you to fulfill.

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