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General Legend Discussion / Track Categories
« on: July 10, 2015, 03:23:23 AM »
Since there are a few brave souls who like to build characters without using the classes, so is it possible to help said people by categorizing the tracks into offensive, defensive and support to ensure they have a balanced character?

The Abandoned Laboratory / Incorporeal
« on: July 03, 2015, 03:21:15 AM »
A design space the original alpha and beta did not endeavor to cover well, developers struggled with options for modeling Incorporeal. Unpolished and never settled, Incorporeal was one of the larger hurdles on the road to the Monster Guide, but it was ground we felt was worth covering.

Any thoughts on these two, more complete tracks? I reckon they're usable, but how balanced are they?)

Legend Homebrew / Homebrew Feats, PEACH.
« on: April 19, 2014, 02:01:01 PM »
Battle Hardened
Nothing really stacks up to seeing a raging ogre berserker charging you.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to initiative. If a [Fear] effect would inflict an condition higher than [Shaken], you instead gain the effect one step down the [Fear] ladder. (If an effect would cause you to become [Frightened], you become [Shaken] instead. If an effect would cause you to be [Panicked], you instead become [Frightened]. If an effect would cause you to become [Cowering], instead causes you to become [Panicked].)

Divine Destiny
The God of Fate has taken a partcular interest in you.
Benefit: Once per [Encounter], whenever you would make an attack roll, saving throw or skill check, you may roll two d20s instead and choose which roll to use.

You told them they wouldn't like you when you were angry.
Prerequisite: Powerful Rage ability
Benefit: When [Grappling] a [Medium] or smaller opponent, you may attempt to throw them as a standard action. As a standard action while [Grappling] and opponent. If you succeed in the check, you deal no damage and instead throw them 10ft in a direction of your choice, preferably into another opponent. Upon landing, both the thrown opponent and any in their way are knocked [Prone].

Aerial Superiority
You are a leaf on the wind, watch how you soar.
Benefit: If you are [Flying], you gain a +1 feat bonus to AC against opponents who are not [Flying]. In addition, opponents lose the [Fly] movement mode while in a square you threaten, suffering all consequences as appropriate.

(UNDER CONSIDERATION) Flick of the Wrist [Weapon]
*Click* Hello!
Benefit: When switching to a weapon with the [Hold-out] property, the first attack made against an enemy that [Round] is treated as if they were [flat-footed].

Legend Homebrew / Spells: Homebrew Guidelines?
« on: March 17, 2014, 09:27:13 AM »
We all know 3.5's wizards are the most powerful class, and part of the reason for this is the massive spell selection they have. And while I respect the dev's decision to cut the spells down to the bare minimum, I'd like to ask what spells in Legend are allowed to do, and what kinds of 3.5 spells it is safe to import into Legend without making the spellcasters too powerful.

Ability drain/damage is something I see that's been excluded from the spells, but is it safe to bring that kind of spell into a Legend System game?

I also notice that a lot of the 'utility' spells, like animal messenger, create undeador call dragon have gone. I would quite enjoy having the latter in my game, with the cost of losing an item depending on the power of the dragon you call, but I'd like to know what the guidelines, if any, there are for designing spells.

Legend Mechanics & Balance / Transformative Races: Unused Design Space?
« on: February 10, 2014, 09:40:32 AM »
Right, I have a number of questions as regards to the concept of Transformative Races. Firstly, are we expecting to see any more? Secondly, what would be the process.for.honebrewing one? How would we balance it? Finally, Can they be used in a manner similar to 3.5's templates?

Legend Homebrew / "Wands", or Spell-Mimicking Items
« on: February 03, 2014, 04:18:12 AM »
In 3.5, there are items called 'wands' which allow someone to cast a spell they normally would not be able to, up to a maximum of fifty times. Of course, there are more rules that govern these things, but that's a sufficient summary.

My question is: Could Legend support a similar concept? Say we add a new (or several new) item(s) with a description as follows:

Wand of ?
Lesser Consumable
This item appears to be just a thin wooden rod, but anyone can feel the power humming in it.
Skill Required: Arcana
Benefit: A wand allows you one use of a 1st or 2nd circle spell or spell-like ability. The effect expires naturally, or at the end of the [Encounter], whichever occurs first. [/ I]

A greater wand would allow the use of a 3rd circle ability, while a relic wand would allow a 5th circle ability to be used once. Artifact wands, if such a thing wouldn't be massively unbalanced, would be extremely rare and allow any 7th Circle ability to be used.

So, what do the more experienced home brewers think?

Legend Homebrew / Rabid - An Attack Track
« on: September 16, 2013, 02:00:43 AM »
Rabid - A track designed for up-close, melee attacking and never letting up...

Circle 1: Whenever you hit with your Harrow's Claws natural weapon, you may heal yourself by an amount equal to your KOM.
Harrow's Claws: melee, range [melee], [Brutal 2], [Traumatizing]

Circle 2: You gain [Blindsight] and [Tremorsense] out to your [close] range, along with [immunity] to effects with the [figment] descriptor. You gain an item bonus to AC equal to the circles you possess in this track.

Circle 3: As part of a move action, you may gain [burrowing] for one [round]. Whenever you make an attack action, you may make a [bonus attack]

Circle 4: You gain the [Fly] and [Swim] movement modes, as well as a +5ft bonus to your movement speed per circle you posess in the Harrow track.

Circle 5: You gain [immunity] to [binding].

Circle 6: You gain [Fast Healing] equal to your character level, as well as [immunity] to [Energy-Drained].

Circle 7: Once per [Encounter], as a move action, you deal damage equal to your KOM to all opponents in [Close] range, inflicting [Battered], [Stunned] and you may move those opponents any number of squares closer to you. A successful Fortitude save (DC10+1/2level+KOM) negates [Stunned].

So? Take it apart and help me reassemble this track into balance.

Legend Homebrew / Vehicle Combat - Boats, Airships and Space Fighters
« on: August 23, 2013, 04:16:12 AM »
A discussion begun in this topic about starship combat led me to wondering if there isn't some way us homebrewers of the Legend variety can put our heads together and create a simple, intuitive and robust (Legend-style) system for combat between two Vehicles. I capitalize Vehicles to differentiate large, crewed vehicles from Mount, which can be used for any form of 1-4 person vehicle.

In essence, a Mount is a jetpack, carriage, horse or car, something that could be easily mounted or gotten into in the middle of battle and controlled by a single person. A Vehicle, by contrast is not so easy to get into or out of, and generally needs more than one operator, say a tank, ship, war elephant or airship.

What this system needs:
  • Some way to track damage done to the Vehicle.
  • A way of targeting either the Vehicle or the Crew (meaning the individual characters)
  • Some method of manoeuvring the vehicle that makes it feel distinct from Mounts.
  • What conditions ([burning], [prone], etc) if any, apply and how do they apply?
  • Consequently, what Combat Manoeuvres can be used?
  • How do you use the Vehicle's weapons, if any?

Right, any takers? I think the rules from the 3.5 book Stormwrack is a good place to start. It has a (relatively) simple round progression:
  • Check for advantage. Basically, which Vehicle is in the superior position?
  • Vehicles announce their movement: Towards, Parallel or Away From the other Vehicle, and at what speed.
  • Vehicles move, opposing ship first, advantaged ship second.
  • Manoeuvres are resolved: Attacking, grappling, whatever we come up with above. This is resolved like movement, advantaged ship second.
  • Finally, the round ends.

Let's see if we can't improve on that.

Legend Homebrew / Blade Mage - No Longer Official - Please Remove
« on: July 28, 2013, 06:31:39 AM »
PEACH this idea, please!

Blade Mage:
10HP/level, 5 skills, KOM Dex, CON KDM
Tracks: Blade*, Mage* (placeholder names) and Dervish

*Blade: Just Blade or Iron Magi
*Mage: Arcane Secrets or Path of the Ancestors

I'm trying to mechanically bring across the idea that there are two kinds of Blade Mage: Those who wield their Grim Heritors to unleash spells on the enemy, and those who use more mundane swords to unleash Iron Magi techniques. When you choose this class, you pick either Iron Magi and Path of the Ancestors (sword-mage) or Just Blade and Arcane Secrets (mage-sword), hence this being two classes in one.

Any ideas how to make this more streamlined, fellow Legend Homebrewers?

A little background: This class started off as a simple Just Blade/PotA/Dervish combo until I decided to add Just Blade. I then realised that whichever track I replaced with Just Blade, Just Blade 3 was a dead circle as there were no SLAs for it to use. I then added in Arcane Secrets, and am now left with the problem of how to deal with 5 tracks in a single class...

Legend Homebrew / Sebrica - The House of Corners
« on: July 11, 2013, 01:25:17 PM »
And so begins my entry into the world of Legend homebrew, with my own setting. Sebrica is a universe that I've been slowly building for a number of years, and I hope dissecting this in such a way will help me understand it better, as well as learning to write it better. But that's enough of me talking. Here, I present, for your humble PEACH, the introduction to the world of Sebrica!

In the beginning, there was darkness. A shapeless void through which nothing but ash floated. Then, there was light.

The firstborn God awoke; Dyame of Fire. With him awoke his wife; Lilya of Shadow. Thus from the beginning both light and darkness, heat and cold were intertwined.

The secondborn God awoke; Yabsha of Earth. All the riches of the land are his, both above and below.

The thirdborn Goddess awoke; Shaya of Air. The clouds are her domain and pets, sending both rain and thunder

The fourthborn Goddess awoke; Yamea of Sea. The boundless seas are hers, yet she does not give without taking.

These Four are the Corners of our world: Fire and Night above, Earth below, Sea within and Air without. They created our world, and it is they who protect it by the strength of our bodies, the power of our minds, the speed of our limbs and the breath in our lungs.

On a broken world, the nations of Sebrica are kept alive by their devotion to the Four Corners; the Gods of Fire, Air, Water and Earth; as well as a mutual pact made centuries ago.  Each living race has been adopted by one of the Corners, a fact that shapes their philosophy, outlook and society.

The martial elves, children of the Twin Gods of Fire, dominate the inland plains, ruling from their capital city of Kalaston.

The mountain borders are home to the direrell philosophers, wolf-children of the Earth God and last guardians of the knowledge of the world gone before.

The tower-city of Veenay is home to the angels, fallen remnants of a once-great people, and the mysterious setasen of the Water Goddess.

The Air Goddess’ children are the carefree and catlike felis, who make their homes between the branches and leaves of the northern forests.

Outside the paradise that is Sebrica, terrible, twisted creatures cling to life in the Wasteland. These creatures are the adopted children of the Adversary. Twisted echoes of the Sebrican races, they envy and hate their counterparts, a sentiment cultivated by their God in its plans to destroy the Four Corners, and bring the House tumbling down.

Elemental servants of the Gods wage constant war against the Adverse Races. Embers, metharmae, kyt and spren are found throughout Sebrica and the Wasteland. Usually benign, the rare wild elemental is a terrifying force.

The proud and powerful dragons rule the food chain, a warrior race from a war ended long before the Ancients arose. However, the Ancients’ own soldiers still walk the world. Metallic and inhuman, the Guardians fight to be respected and search for traces of their Old Masters, hoping to find some clue as to their new purpose.

Legend Mechanics & Balance / [Distant]?
« on: June 29, 2013, 04:07:26 PM »
It's not in the CR. What does [distant] do?

Legend Mechanics & Balance / Mass Heal heals undead?
« on: June 28, 2013, 05:50:01 AM »
Not sure what RAI is, but the way I interpret RAW on the spells Mass Heal and Mass Harm is that they, unlike the other healing spells, affect undead and living the same way. Is this correct?

Legend Mechanics & Balance / CR for parties above 4
« on: June 27, 2013, 07:21:02 AM »
Do we follow the same rules, or is there a different calculation method to that in the CR?

Legend Homebrew / Homebrew Race Advice
« on: June 26, 2013, 03:10:10 AM »
I'm putting together a homebrew setting based in a univerze I've created, and would like some assistance translating the races from my imagination to game mechanics. There are a number of playable races, and I need help assigning racial feats, ability adjustments, etc.

  • Elf - Standard from the CR.
  • Direrell - A cross between a wolf and a neanderthal, philosophers and keepers of the world's knowledge. They're tough, strong and smart, but not particularly charismatic (So +2 Int & Con, -2 Cha?). One of their racial feats is Savvy Librarian.
  • Setasen - Seal-like humanoids who dwell in water. Not sure whether they'd get +2 or -2 to dexsince they're more used to living in the oceans than on land, but they definitely get -2 to Cha, as they have grey skin with all-black eyes.
  • Angel - Racial track from CR
  • Felis - Cat-like humanoids who live in the canopy of the Northern forests. Dextrous and upbeat, I'm not sure what attribute I should drop to compensate. They're hunters and artists.
  • Guardians - Basically robots. Sentient Construct Track


Legend Mechanics & Balance / Elf Feats
« on: June 25, 2013, 06:12:03 AM »
If I'm interpreting RAW correctly, I can start an elf with Arcantric Accuracy, normally a 6th-level feat?

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