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Games and Recruiting / Team Decimation OOC
« on: October 30, 2013, 10:44:50 AM »
You know what to do as well.

Games and Recruiting / Team Domination OOC
« on: October 30, 2013, 10:44:25 AM »
You know what to do.

Games and Recruiting / Of Scum and Villainy - Team Decimation
« on: October 28, 2013, 06:38:34 AM »
The designated time arrives and you find yourselves in the utter darkness of the Void. Moments pass and the darkness changes, leaving a system of black beams in odd geometries on a background of black nothingness. In spite of the lack of light you find yourselves able to sense the shape and color of things, a fashion of sight without sight. Among the structure, a great thing of grey appears. Vaguely spherical and made out of nothing but sharp edges, thorns, spikes and razors, the few cracks in its form reveals a nothingness that seems even deeper than the void, not just empty blackness but the dizzy feeling of staring into a blind spot. The thing lets out clanging sounds of metal upon metal and after a moment the clangs begin to form a pattern, then words as if the rythm of a battlefield or a great machine working through some freak coincidence formed words

"The time is nigh, this is the beginning of the end and you are its harbingers and its creators. Go forth and leave nothing but ruin and desolation in your wake. Many will rise to oppose you, mortal and divine alike. You must destroy them all. Of all your foes, the greatest will be d'Cardin. When you face him, strike with all your fury."

The darkness changes, the great sphere and the geometrical structure disappears, but you find yourselves in darkness all the same. A cavern of some sort or other. You are not exactly wanting for space, but it is fairly small all the same.

((Campaign link on Roll20))

Games and Recruiting / Of Scum and Villainy - Team Domination
« on: October 28, 2013, 06:27:29 AM »
The designated time has arrived and you find yourselves in what first seems like emptiness, but after a few moments, the nothingness seems to split in two, leaving empty blackness above and oily blackness below. In spite of the lack of light, you find yourselves able to somehow see, or at least sense the shapes and colors of things in some manner. Faint tremors spread across the oily black surface as a whispering voice seems to come from everywhere at once.

"It is time."

A stalk of the oily black stuff you are standing on rises out of the floor, the end of it pointing towards you and gaining just enough contour to be recognizeable as a face of some sort, without being possible to actually see clearly

"You must go forth and conquer. Cunning, strength, courage, ruthlessness... all those you will need, yessss"

The thing extends, moving about you, between you, leaving a trail of oily black as it speaks

"You should know, before you go, the gods of this world may be more active than you are used to. Be careful when you fight them."

The dark trains it left expand and envelop you in darkness, and as it does so you hear the last words of your benefactor

"But more than those, beware the Dragon's Heir."

With that, the darkness shifts, no longer the nothingness of the Void but simply the deep shadows of a moonless night. You find yourselves standing in an overgrown graveyard, brushes and trees rising out of pathways and graves alike and tombstones, some broken and some overturned, are scattered seemingly haphazardly. A little ways off, in front of you, stands an old, ruined chapel.

((Campaign link on Roll20))

Games and Recruiting / Of Scum and Villainy recruitment thread
« on: October 18, 2013, 05:07:00 AM »
It's time to get your Villany on folks. You've all been contacted by a benefactor who wants you to do something to this world, then you were brought to it. You're all formidable and possess a certain level of disregard for morals, for whatever reason, to get the job done even when you need to do nasty things to get there. You've been instructed not to kill eachother until the job is done, and you'll occasionally be given tasks by your benefactor that will reap you decent rewards. They are optional though, so if you wish you can ignore them, all except for the main task. You will be well rewarded for a job well done (in the dominate the world option with dominion over the world). You know fairly little about the world you are to conquer/destroy, so there'll be some exploring to do as well.

System: Legend
Level: 10
Ability Scores: Array
Class: either one of the regular ones or this:,1185.0.html
1.0 is ok'd, as is Wildborn. Homebrew is on a case by case basis, but Mystify's is likely to be ok'd as well.
Making monstrous characters is cool with me. You can't train in the History skill, as you don't know much about the world you've gone off to.
If you want a history-based feat, say so and we'll work something out.
Your characters can hail from whatever fictional universe you want it to, but try not to do ripoff characters and make it characters that can interact meaningfully with the other PCs and with NPCs.

PCs are Legendary and can have an Iconic feat. The following list of Legendary traits are banned:
Origin Story (due to bookkeeping headaches that I don't want to deal with)
Suave (as I don't use the standard Social Encounter rules)
Awesome Presence (see above)
Full Sanction (see above)
Minions (as I expect you to get a lot more minions than that via recruiting/creating/reanimating/cthulhu them)
Awesome Lair (as I expect you to get a shared one via recruiting/creating/reanimating/cthulhu it)
Arrangements (as I expect you to actually make and carry out such plans in character.)
Protean (see Origin Story)

Note that some of the ones on the ban list are 4th teir Legendary abilities and as such aren't relevant yet.

House rules:
You may rearrange the speeds of your tracks as you see fit. This includes escoterica radica for rogue and judgement for paladin.
I don't use the skill games and social encounters Legend rules. For social encounters I do it more RP heavy, so the arguments or threats or lies you bring up are the ones you bring, with the roll determining how well you represent it. That means there is a very real benefit to bringing up arguments/threats that are likely to affect the NPC in question as opposed to just random threats.
Due to the nature of PbP there are some changes to the usual gameplay. The players take their turn in combat in succession, their collective initiative count determined by the team average and individual actions happening in the order they are posted. Additionally, I won't be using a battlegrid for combat, I will handle it descriptively. That also means it's valid to tell me that you put down an AoE in the manner that hits the largest amount of foes possible without friendly fire and let me handle exactly who is hit and such.

We will play this as PbP here. I will use Roll20 as well to keep track of NPCs, area maps, resources and so on.

Note: Leadership decisions and NPC interactions will be as important as combat even if you decide gather an army and kill everything you see with it.

Depending on your choice of endgame, you get one of the following two benefactors:

Annihilation: Annihilation is an entity born from anguish, hatred and bloodlust. Wanting nothing more than vengeance upon the world for the misdeeds of some of its inhabitants, his power and agenda is wholly destructive, and the optional tasks he might give will naturally be so as well. This is the benefactor of a Destroy the World team.

Xenon'ach: Xenon'ach is a god from a dead world who still retain powers over dreams, madness and the mind. He is a schemer, obsessed with gaining more power himself. He is a subtle and cunnning god, but not one to shun the sledgehammer if that's the most effective approach. He is also involved in loads of obscure magical shenanigans. The optional tasks he gives will probably seem weird and may not make much sense to you at all. This is the benefactor of a World Domination team.

Given the amount of interest and so on and so forth, I've decided to run two groups of this. If both benefactors (and end goals) have enough interest, it'll be a Team Dominate and a Team Decimate. They will be parallel universe things, so no way for the team to interact.

Current players and team listings

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