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Those 3 things seem to be a relic from D&D times.

Why the variance in BAB? (1.1 changed the bonus ac from low BAB to become equal to level, correct?) Isn't it enough to have neither Str/Dex as key offensive/defensive attribute to "fix" the low martial aptitude?

Why there are still class chassis? Are they meant to balance each other in HP, saves, skills, KOM and KDM? I've seen some variant them entirely and that made me ponder.

Why do Judgment and Esoterica Radica require their specific class chassis? What cost or combo is this requirement offsetting? (is it the defensive passive bonus and mighty reroll d20?)

Legend Mechanics & Balance / 10 level reduction (characters grow faster)
« on: February 24, 2016, 09:58:23 PM »
I've been trying to condense the progression to half as much levels. // updated

It should be as much as regular progression with a twist on the levels without feat (you get extra gear) and Legendary tiers (if desired)
It also makes the player feel much more powerful with each level.

I was looking at pathfinder card game and thought of this:
What if Legend was a box boardgame with cards as skills, tracks as mini decks and campaign deck.

The system is pretty cool for balanced fights - So an online with arena mode would work very well on the other hand.

This came up:

[Close] range reaches up to 25 ft + 5 ft per 2 levels (up to 75 ft at level 20).
[Medium] range reaches up to 100 ft + 10 ft per level (up to 300 ft at level 20).
[Long] range reaches up to 400 ft + 40 ft per level (up to 1200 ft at level 20).

Lich – Hellfire Empowerment: Spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural abilities you possess that have one or more targets within a range category may be used as if the range category within which you can choose your target(s) is one range category higher, to a maximum of [Extreme] range.

Black Tidings
-The Dread Wave manifests as a wedge with a length of 20 ft + 10 ft per circle of Arcane Lore
--Hammerfall deals 1d6 energy damage with the [Fire] descriptor or physical damage, chosen each time you activate Hammerfall, per character level you possess to each creature in a target square within 100 ft plus 15 ft per character level

So DW maxes at 90 ft [Not-Short] and HF at 400ft [Long].
If Hellfire Empowerment increase the area it would be a powerful combo (not to mention Undying Magecraft helps avoiding friendly fire).

1 - Now, would Hellfire Empowerment not affect Black Tidings, because it doesn't target a specific target?
2 - Is this also true for Canto - Recto?
3 - Is Hellfire Empowerment intended to not work with spells/SUs/SLAs, without a range descriptor?

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