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General Discussion / Liam's Letters (Indiegogo campaign)
« on: January 20, 2013, 02:48:21 PM »
You are now being made aware of an Indiegogo (it's like Kickstarter but not US only) campaign presented by Fair Trade Toronto, an organization for, well, fair trade, that is based in Toronto. It's rather a self-explanatory name. If you don't know why fair trade is a big deal, then you should check this campaign out, because it's for a beautifully-illustrated children's book about fair trade. If you do know why fair trade is a big deal, still check it out, because it's important and socially responsible and all that jazz.

Personally, I don't care about fair trade, because I am a horrible person. But a couple of the rewards include a super sweet knitted hat, and like any TF2 player, I can't resist limited edition headwear.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm not involved with the campaign, but it's being run by one of my friends, who is doing it on a completely volunteer basis. Also, our very own Jyn is doing the art, so you know it's gonna be good.

Art of Legend / Artists Wanted
« on: June 05, 2012, 06:46:49 PM »
Are you artists? Do you know artists? Do the artists you know/are want a share of the Kickstarter's proceeds and/or to help out the Legend project?

Now that the text part of Legend's core book is nearing completion (spoiler alert: 1.0, guys, it's coming), it is time to kick the art side into high gear! If you're reasonably certain that the artist you have in mind can approximate the quality and range of styles that appears in the Legend book, give us a shout! By which I mean throw an email at with a portfolio link or something along those lines. Please don't send me files. I don't want your files. There are lots of places to host stuff on these great big Internets of ours.

The projects that need illustrations are fairly varied and quite plentiful, so if you know artists who only work in, say, grotesque and otherworldly horrors, or sprawling pastoral landscapes, then there's still stuff for them to do.

Well, perhaps not that last thing. Legend's "life is great and everything is exactly as it seems and you should really drop that silly adventuring nonsense and become a gardener" setting is not far enough along in development to need art yet.  :P

General Discussion / The Official Legend IRC Chatroom
« on: May 13, 2012, 04:24:54 PM »
#legend on

For those of you who don't understand what that means, read on.

What's an IRC and can I eat it?
IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is a chatting protocol that allows people to get together in channels and talk with one another. An IRC network such as GameSurge consists of a number of servers, which are all connected. Once you are connected to a network, you can go to a channel (indicated with a # before its name) and get chatting.

I want in. What do I need?
You'll need an IRC client. ChatZilla is a free Firefox extension IRC client, and mIRC is a standalone client. Additionally, Android phones have a number of IRC clients on them, so if you're awesome, you can connect with your smartphone too. If you don't want to download anything, you can just use the the GameSurge web chat.

I have a client. How do I connect?
Depending on your client, you'll have to do this slightly differently. First, you'll need to select the GameSurge network, and then join #legend. This can be done in a number of different ways:
  • If you have a dialog window pop up, then choose from the list of servers. If it isn't on the list, click "New" or "Add", add GameSurge (where it wants the address, put "", no quotes) and then connect to it. If a list comes up again, find #legend on it and click on it. If there's no new list, then type "/join #legend" (again, no quotes), and hit enter.
  • If you have no window, type "/server" and hit enter, then type "/join #legend" and hit enter. No quotes.
  • If you're using the GameSurge web chat, then type "/join #legend" after you put in your username, and hit enter.

My name is something stupid, how do I change it?
Type in "/nick " and then your desired name, and hit enter. Voila! If someone else on the network is using the name, you can't use it. You also can't use anything except alphanumeric characters and limited punctuation.

People are talking about Legend development. Is this the dev chat?
Yes, it is! While we openly discuss Legend development there, it's still open for people to come in and see what's up, ask the devs questions or just chat. In fact, it's a very good place to get sneak peeks of content that's still in the pipeline.

Some people have a different coloured icon/a symbol in front of their name. What's that?
This shows that the person has a special user mode. Regardless of your client, users in the user list will always be ordered like this:
  • Operators. These users have absolute power over a channel, and can change the topic and channel modes, kick and ban other users, and promote people. The channel service (ChanServ) is always an operator.
  • Half-operators. They have all the powers of an operator, except they can't promote anyone to half-op or above, and can't set certain channel modes.
  • Voiced users. They have no special powers, but in the event of a channel mute (mode +m) only voiced users and higher ranks can talk.
A person will only show up as their rank if they are authorized with AuthServ and wish to be, so just because you don't see any operators around doesn't mean there aren't any.

Why does this stupid bot say "not a valid command" whenever I type in a dollar sign?
That's HermesBot. His primary function is to leave notes ($note username note-text) but he can also tell you when someone was around last ($seen username). As long as you don't start a line with $, he won't bother you.

Art of Legend / Legend Art Kickstarter Thread
« on: April 01, 2012, 09:18:37 PM »
So, now that the Kickstarter is finished, I figured it would be a good idea to start a thread for discussing it.

Did you pledge for the flair? Please tell us, so we can give you the interim Art Aficionado badge while I'm whipping up a Legend-themed set of icons to replace the default. Will you be submitting an ability or monster? Bounce ideas off of this thread if you haven't thought of something really cool yet. Do you have a dev-shouting card? Conspire with the other cardholders to find out the dev team's schedules and shout at them at the most inconvenient times! Just don't bank on waking them up, because Jake never sleeps.

$11,197, you guys. So awesome.

General Legend Discussion / Build Idea: The Blind Sniper
« on: March 25, 2012, 01:39:29 PM »
He might be blind, but when you have an army of robots to act as your eyes, who cares? This thread is dedicated to wringing every little bit out of the Iconic feat Justice, Blind. By default, the feat isn't terribly great, since at its maximum, you get up to +12 damage per shot in exchange for never being able to read the funnies in the morning paper. But with some extra work...

The obvious first step is extending the range of your pseudovision. While your normal Ghostwise Sight will eventually grow to 60ft, there are better alternatives. The Blindsight spell will give you [Close] range Blindsight, but even at 20th that's only 75 feet, and only +2 damage from Justice, Blind. The Blindsight from Judgment also caps at 60ft. Mechanist Savant beats out all of these, with a maximum assemblage range of 200ft, or +20 damage (because of the stupid cap). All you have to do is use a swift action to ping every round, but for that kind of damage, I think we can spare the action.

The key ability for the build triggers at 6th level, with the best benefit of Justice, Blind coming into play. If we take Mechanist Savant on a fast progression, we get Trust in Steam at this point, which gives us the Tremorsense, out to a 60ft range so far. A move action to spawn an Automaton will extend that range by 25 feet, which we can do twice. Then, a standard action fires three (naturally, we're flurrying) shots.

We will want two things. One, a good move rate (since this build wants enemies at the border of its Tremorsense). Second, extra move actions (to drop automatons). Disciple of the Crane is probably the best way to accomplish both at once, though we will also take Exit, Stage Left as our 1st level feat. Because gun-fu is awesome, we probably want to stick with Monk and take Serpent as our third track, trading out the fast-progression Dragon for Mechanist Savant using Guild Initiation. That leaves us with a free 3rd level feat. Summon Mote or The Sun Grows Dim are pretty good, since your limited visual range benefits from such scouts. The Bigger They Are further augments your bonus damage, so if you feel like you're just not deadly enough, take this instead and rely on allies to be spotters.

However, we're already an awesome blind monk, so let's leverage that. Crit-fishing with Pistolero is a good route because it blinds your enemies, which is awesome and thematic, or you could grab Swift-hand Throw and This is a Knife and set the blood of your enemies on fire. Just make sure to have a partner with Heroica to get the effect reliably. If one is unavailable, To Pierce the Heavens is good for keeping goons away from you, provided that you can wield a ranged weapon and a reach weapon simultaneously (so spear and pistol style which looks kind of goofy unless you can refluff it somehow). Anatomical Targeteer is pretty decent too. If you have a pistol, you'll want Sniper for the extra range.

If you're not married to a particular weapon type, then a Ghostly Rifle will be awesome for you. Also take Coldfire Ingot (obviously), True Symbol (obviously), Gunslinger's Sash (if you use a pistol) for added mobility. Immaculate Hilt is pretty good if you go critfishing pistol and spear style, since it makes you dangerous in melee too. If not, Lamellar Gauntlet can be used to play tag with people who think they can just teleport up to you and skip your 200+ foot zone of death. Strange Eyepatch is kind of weird, and doesn't play nice with your Justice, Blind bonuses, but is still nifty for possibly grazing people outside your sight range.

Granite Spikes can be used to move your opponents around, allowing you to keep yourself safe and hurt them for more. Meat Grenades lock enemies down. Spirit's Shielding helps you against people trying to shoot back. Rusted Ring is a good emergency escape option.

If the awesome radar monk becomes a legend, Magic Bullet is an obvious choice, since you can detect people behind cover. There are a bunch of Relics you like, so Ironmonger is a fine choice. Windblessed makes you the automatic winner of most duels, and Minions are useful as spotters and meat shields.

So, at the end of this nonsense, on the first round of combat (trade your extra swift for a move, use two moves to create two Automatons in a line, for a total range boost of 50 feet, then use your last swift to ping for tremorsense with a max range of 250 feet) you can shoot for 6d8+20 damage per hit before counting any bonuses from your weapon or feats. And you have five attacks, or six if a buddy hastes you or you're using White Lotus Palm, or ten if you're using Thousand Sudden Cuts. Yum yum damage! There's an easy +21 damage per shot in this for you if you take The Bigger They Are and Coldfire Ingot.

With Gnome, the build comes out to +34/+34/(+34)/+29/+29/+29 attack and 55 AC.

And then Nowhl points out that Justice, Blind's damage caps at character level, making me very sad indeed. Still, an average of 84 damage per shot is pretty nifty.

Art of Legend / Pocket Legend
« on: March 06, 2012, 11:57:32 AM »
Since the typesetting is closer to art than the system side of things, this thread goes here.

As you may be aware, we've started the Pocket Legend redesign of the main document, intended for view on e-readers and tablets. Since those devices tend to be very different, it's important for us to know how Pocket Legend displays on people's devices.

Have you tried it?

Gaming Discussion / Dharma 6
« on: March 03, 2012, 11:52:40 AM »
Dharma 6 is one of RoC's older games (though much more rules-light than Legend). I've also been told that Hallow was originally a setting for this, so the flagship game owes something to this humble ruleset.

Anyone try it out yet? How'd it go?

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