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Games full, entries closed.

General Legend Discussion / Re: New system using Legend's mechanics?
« on: July 01, 2016, 10:50:41 PM »
So this is going in it's own thread too, but it's worth mentioning here.

I'm running an alpha playtest for a legend-inspired spritual successor. Here's the thread link:,1498.0.html

What would you do with a second chance at life?

In the world of Ghostlight, no deities are more strict than the Sisters of Death, who guard the threshold between the mortal realms and the afterlife. Their mortal agents stalk the realms in search of those who would violate the sanctity of the grave, and only the most extraordinary people have found a way to escape their inevitable fate...

...Which is why you’re understandably surprised when you wake up, alive and whole, after a brush with the great beyond.

Welcome back to the world of the living! Let’s hope you can stick around this time.

Game Info

This is an alpha playtest for The Stuff of Legends; a modular roleplaying system of superheroic fantasy.

Your GM for this game will be srps (AKA HWHC), one of the developers for this system.

This is an Alpha Release, so everything is still subject to change as the dev team tinkers and refines things. The game’s chronological sequence may also be disrupted to test a specific thing, but the GM will do his best to keep everything working in the context of the campaign. Do keep in mind that everything from the system to the setting is a work in progress. Don’t be surprised if we run into a few bumps!

If this has piqued your interest, the full version is here :

Games and Recruiting / MMX-ish PVP thing interest check
« on: January 10, 2015, 01:33:00 AM »

So the link there says it neat and with rectangles instead of words.

Mega-man-X-ish thing with 2~4 PCs, 1~3 maverick hunters and 1 Maverick. NPCs, and stage mooks are the GM. Stage design is the GM and the Maverick if they want to collaborate on their fortress.

I always thought it was super neat (and totally hax) in Dark Souls how there was one boss who was player-controlled; and Mavericks are supposed to be a cut about regular bad guys. So lets make them bad-guy PCs!

If I get enough interest, I'll kick this off as a 'whenever' thing. Lots of details are still in flux, like when, who, what system, irc/skype/etc, but those are easy to fill in if people besides me think this is a neat idea.

PS: I don't check forums except to post something - use the link at the top to denote interest! It's editable!

Announcements / Re: Legend 1.1 Official Release Announcement
« on: May 26, 2014, 08:28:41 PM »
Damn. Now I have to read the book all over again... ;D

Or you could review the changelog and just re-read those parts, too! :3
(Legend 1.0 -> 1.1 Changelog: )

Announcements / Legend 1.1 Official Release Announcement
« on: May 19, 2014, 09:43:00 PM »
The Legend Dev Team would like the announce the Legend Gaming System 1.1 [Official Release].

Some of you have seen this already - this has been floating around on the IRC channel in a pre-release state.

This is also not the leatherbound edition - while 1.1 has quite a few fixes and edits, it's only the first pass. 1.2 is coming, which fixes quite a few more remaining issues. With as many new fixes already in the works for 1.2, it would be irresponsible (and a waste of good leather) to not include these fixes for the leatherbound release.

In the not-too-[Distant] meantime, have some links:

Legend 1.1 PDF:
Legend 1.0 -> 1.1 Changelog:
Legend 1.1 Interactive Character Sheet:

(OP disclaimer - I am not a dev, please direct any developer questions to the Legend Dev Team.)

Let the discussion commence!

Games and Recruiting / Eberron e6 - looking for players
« on: April 04, 2014, 12:53:52 PM »
Hey folks! I'm looking to start an Eberron game, using the e6 variant of d20.

The full blurb is here:

It'll be after may 3rd, and I'm serious about the five maximum - I've had too many games ruined in the past by getting too large.

If you're interested, please fill this out:

Once it's filled in enough I can get a maximum group of five, for a good timeslot, further details will be hashed out.

And yes, this is the Legend forums, but you guys are cool, and so is e6 - I'm not going near the PF boards or such with this, those guys are scary. =p

PS: I'm terrible at forum-fu, I'm not going to be watchign the thread more than every other day or so - thats why the linked documents are commentable or editable.

So games full, old post, but can't remove/delete it.

One other idea I had - capping [Elevation] at 5, with the linear range increases. So you can't ever get out of Distant range. Instead of an infinitely extended elevation counter, you have Elevation 0~5 to play with ranges more but never so far outstrip it that it becomes an 'I win' thing.

each range category in legend is 4x the size of the previous ones. So, with each layer representing a range category, and a constant time to move between them, then the amount you move varies wildly. This also makes hitting multiple levels weird, as an area effect large enough to grow out of close is still a drop in the long range category.
I'm still mastering the numbers part - would larger coverage seem about right? 'X amount of Move Actions to get to the next range category' seems like an action economy thing that can be formalized, here - Melee +/- 0, Close +/- 1, Medium +/- 3, Long +/- 9, Extreme +/- 27? Rule of three, and call that... 3 moves to get out of medium range, and so on? Is the 'moving multiple increments at once' of you've got multiple sources of fly really throwing that off?

Flight can easily become an insurmountable advantage now. it is only a feat and a item on top of your original flight to move to [Extreme] height in a single turn with a swift+move, at which point you are effectively immune to ground-based foes, and another move would make you literally immune. Kiting would not be a matter of having a bit more speed to hold off people closing, but having more flight capability so as to remain completely untouchable with relatively little investment.
Not sure how to tackle this one - suggestions? Would the above proposed progression leave this still an issue?

Earth elemental is screwy now. They are meant to be grounded, using their [Close] range attacks to hit fliers. But now its easy for fliers to exceed their reach. Same with towering- I presume it will let you attack 1 range category away now, which means you still need to get flight, rather than letting the ability replace the need for flight.
Earth Elemental C3 is a [medium] attack - I see your point about the straight linear still messing with that hard, tho.
Towering .... is screwy. I'm think about it and tackle it later. Thoughts on these?

What happens when you lose the ability to fly while at elevation +50? do you have to invoke falling damage, even if the ability doesn't normally involve it? Do you hit the ground in 1 round? I mean, in the first 6 seconds of falling, you only go 576 feet. that is more than  long rang at low levels, and less at high levels. Which leads to another wrinkle- range categories are not constant, they are about 3x as long at high levels than low. So basing each level on a range is very inconsistent, especially when dealing with how AoEs are interacting with it.
Offhand I'd say that falling is -1 Elevation per round. There's already rules for falling damage and dramatic plunges and stuff, too. (Maybe some rough elevations to tag to each of these falling damage categories as guidelines?)

This also makes AoEs less useful overall, as now people are scattered in 3 dimensions rather than 2. Even with fliers only at level 1, a lot of AoEs would no longer hit both fliers and ground-based opponents, as they are meant to.
AoEs is initially how this whole idea seed came about. And yes, that'd be a definite change - being able to more finely decide what elevations you're hitting for more control over your AoE placement? Basically, that behavior and option change is mainly 'as intended' for the moment. Which is why comments about such would be in any metagame analysis section.

It also makes the skill-based flights less useful. rather than hitting the DC and being able to fly, you will hit the DC, move up a level for 1 round, and still be outclassed by all the fliers who simply go up another level. The skills are supposed to be granting flight, and instead they end up being rather useless by themselves, though I suppose it is still useful to jump into the air before you fly.
So - leave as is, extend duration of skill-based things? And is it really that hard to maintain a DC25 check for Acro?

Basically, rather than flight being a useful thing that you are expected to have or know how to deal with, it becomes a mandatory thing that everyone absolutely must have, with an arms race as to who can do it better, and any level gaps that bridge between a flier and a non-flier will be insanely hard.
The general idea was actually to make range matter more, actually - does the expanded elevation categories and the range spread make this better? If not, how should it be adjusted?

Mystify, you've got critiques - got suggestions or solutions? Don't just say it's broke, come up with a fix. The gist of what I'm seeing from you is that the range categories should be less linear and more quadratic in their increases?

So Melee is +/- 0, [close] is +/- 1, Medium would be, say, +/- 4, Long would be +/- 10, and extreme would run at, say, 20 for ex?

Legend Homebrew / Re: Static saves and rolled magic and manoeuvres
« on: November 26, 2013, 09:35:34 PM »
SAGA does similar. <2cents>

Legend Homebrew / Re: Implementing FatePoints from Fate into Legend
« on: November 26, 2013, 09:23:53 PM »
The closest analogue I've seen to OPs idea is them replacing skills. instead of Variosu skills, you get your aspects as skills and roll those vs DC's. <2cents>

[Flying], generally, is an abstraction in Legend. The opposite of this is 3.5's per-feet measurement, which required algebra to figure exact distances reliably.

Legend itself handles somewhere between crunchy and abstract, so neither extreme feels right.

For those how feel [Flying] as a simple binary state is _too_ abstract, I present some ideas for relevant houserules.


[Flying] exists between [soaring] and ground-pounding. That won't change. However...

Flying is no longer a binary state - there would now be multiple levels of elevation abstraction, dubbed _Elevation_. Under this, not flying would be Elevation 0. Going up once would be Elevation 1, going up more would put you at Elevation 2, etc.

Rather than this being speeds - these are abstract measures of distance. How high up you are. Elevation 4 is abstractedly higher than Elevation 1.

To move between Elevations, a creature capable of [Flying] can go up or down one Elevation category per move. If they have two sources of [Flying] due to track overlap, instead of gaining +10 extra speed (or in addition to), they can instead increment two Elevation categories at a time. Alternatively, a character with one source of [Flying] who has the ability to take multiple move actions per turn can increment as many times as they have moves. (That bit is really playing hell with comparing action costs, so leave it as a theoretical to tackle for later?)

Actual flying speeds and movement rates are not factored in - if they are, then it becomes less abstract, and becomes an exercise in algebra again.

As far as AoEs, Melee attacks, and ranged attacks, how far they can affect differing Elevations would depend on their range.

Melee Attacks would only be able to affect the same Elevation.
[Close] range abilties would be able to affect +1/-1 Elevation. (For ex, a ground pounder could hit someone at Elevation 1.)
[Medium] range abilites would be able to affect +2/-2 Elevation.
[Long] range abilites would be able to affect +3/-3 Elevation.
[Extreme] range abilites would be able to affect +4/-4 Elevation.

The alternate, less swingy ranges are: Melee +/- 0, Close +/- 1, Medium +/- 3, Long +/- 9, Distant +/- 27.

The other alternate is the linear table - but cap Elevation at 4, so even at maximum abstract Elevation, you can't out-range Distant.

For effects that do not specifically have a range category (such as AoE size or non-standard progeression of some abilties) listed, their +/- range would be derived by taking the actual distance and comparing it to their personal range categories by level, matching the highest it can meet. (For ex, if you can get a 40 foot AoE, it would be considered a [close] range)

AoEs in this would affect one 'slice' of elevation unless the derived range of the effect allows it to hit other layers as per the above categories.

A 50 ft cones fired Up from elevation 0 would be treated as a circle going up up to the highest Elevation it could hit, and reversed, a Flyer firing Down with that same cone could hit a large circle on the ground.

This has several benefits - it makes the air-game more tactical, ranges matter more, and lastly, _this still works on a 2d map_ just like the original binary version of [Flight]. For a very minor increase in complexity.
It also adds more granularity for things like flying indoors in a high ceiling cathedral. A particularly high ceiling might go up to Elevation 2, but a tiny shack might stay at Elevation 0 even if your [flying], by hovering in place.

On the flip side - this could just as well work for [Burrow], too, or [Swimming].

Thoughts on this optional houserule?

Particularly, the range categories and how far the +/- works, or how 'better at flying' should be reflected are completely open - my above suggestions are just that, default suggestions.

Should there be a maximum Elevation range before you get to [Soaring]? I'm inclined to say no, as the different Elevation rating are things that can be traversed in mere Rounds, while Soaring takes _minutes_, but a good case can be made either way?

(Also, I'm not doing the rules legalese - if you want to I'll edit or paste it in, though.)

edits: Re-termed to Elevation, typos, AoE thoughts, Soaring, Faster Fly downgraded to theoretical

Gaming Discussion / Game over IRC, recruiting
« on: November 07, 2013, 10:26:13 AM »
Yo, all. I'm not a heavy forumite, and most of the info is here :

Basically I'm looking to start a game on monday or thursday, and seeing who's interested, and if theres any favor for any particular system.

If you are interested drop an entry at

I'm not picky at all about system or setting, I'm mainly in a GMing mood, and seeing what people are interested in. If I get enough I'll kick this off.

Dungeons & Dragons / Re: Planejammer
« on: September 09, 2013, 05:13:54 PM »
"The nice lady told me she'd give me 5 GP if I held this spot in line for her. Told me to hold up a sign that says 'Catfolk Alu-Fiend cleric who's bad at heal spells.'" The poor sap glances around. "She didn't say how long to hold the spot, though...."

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