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Legend Homebrew / Fire Elemental Redux
« on: July 08, 2015, 02:59:55 PM »
This redesign is meant to shift the character away from the Immunity/Healing effects and into a variable role as either a fireball-slinger or a melee support track.

1st Circle: Flame Kiss(Su)

At-Will as a standard action, you may deal energy damage with the [Fire] descriptor equal to (your KOM plus half your level) to target creature within [Medium] range, and cause the creature to begin [Burning].

2nd Circle: Persistent Inferno(Su)

You may now use Flame Kiss once per [Round] as a move action. Additionally, choose one of the following:

Firefighter(Su): At the start of your turn, you are healed 1 hit point per circle of Fire Elemental you possess for each opponent with the [Burning] condition within your [Close] range.


3rd Circle: Fire's Embrace(Su) - You gain the following abilities

Twinflame(Su): When you use Flame Kiss as a Standard or Move action, you may either have it deal KOM additional damage or have it target an additional opponent.


4th Circle: Firewalker(Su) - Choose 2 of the following

Burning Core(Su): Your Flame Kiss deals additional damage equal to half your level against opponents within [Close] range.

Sudden Spark(Su): Once per [Round], you may activate Flame Kiss as a Swift action.

Undying Flame(Su): Opponents within your [Close] Range cannot remove the [Burning] condition.

Drawn to Flame(Su): Once per [Round] when you use a move action, before you take your move action you may place yourself adjacent to an opponent with the [Burning] condition within your [Close] range.

Return Fire(Su): The healing effect from Firefighter now applies to opponents within [Medium] range and is doubled for opponents within [Close] range.

5th Circle: Burning Ring of Fire(Su) - Choose one

Scorch(Su): Opponents who being their turn in your [Melee] range are dealt energy damage equal to your level that cannot be mitigated or reduced, begin [Burning], and become [Fatigued] for 1 round. A Fortitude save halves the damage and negates the [Fatigued] condition.

White Hot(Su): Energy damage with the [Fire] descriptor dealt by abilities from this track ignores an amount of Resistance up to half your level.

Burning Bright(Su): Any opponent in your [Medium] range that is burning is also [Revealed] and [Dazzled].

6th Circle: Sudden Inferno(Su)

Once per [Encounter], as a standard action, you can raise an inferno from nothing, creating a Blaze marker in each of up to seven different target squares within [Medium] range, which last until the end of the [Encounter].  A Blaze marker has no HP or AC, does not impede sight or movement, and cannot be attacked or targeted.

Additionally, choose two of the following abilities:

Boundless Flame(Su): You may treat all spaces containing Blaze Markers as adjacent for movement purposes.

Fire's Eyes(Su): You may establish line of sight from Blaze Markers and you may target opponents withing [Close] range of one of your Blaze Markers with your Flame Kiss ability.

Flame Lash(Su): At the end of each opponent’s turn, if that opponent is within your [Melee] range of a square with a Blaze marker you created in it, Sudden Inferno deals energy damage with the [Fire] descriptor equal to your character level plus your Key Offensive Modifier to that opponent and inflicts the [Burning] condition on that opponent.

Fireworks(Su): As a Standard action, you may target each opponent within [Close] range of one of your Blaze Markers with Flame Kiss (this does not trigger the Twinflame ability)

7th Circle(Su): Sirocco - Choose Two

Flamewake(Su): After you move as part of a move action, you may deal damage equal to (your level plus your KOM) to each opponent who was within 10 feet of your path at any point.

Flame On(Su): When you use Flame Kiss as a Standard action, you may add your KOM to the damage or target an additional opponent (this ability stacks with Twinflame).

What in the Blazes(Su): You get a bonus to all damage equal to your KOM while you are within 10 feet of a Blaze Marker.

Dancing Flames(Su): Every time you activate your Flame Kiss ability, you may move a Blaze marker 10 feet.

Legend Homebrew / Re: Demon Redux
« on: July 08, 2015, 12:35:51 PM »
Updated to remove the fourth circle additional bonus and replace it with 3 SLA's that may be used 1/[Encounter].

Legend Homebrew / Re: Demon Redux
« on: July 08, 2015, 12:09:47 PM »
Re: Interaction Skill - Fair point. I changed it back to Interaction.

Re: Natural weapon - There were concerns that having a level 1 [Arcane] Natural weapon would potentially cause problems with defensive abilities on a wielded weapon and caster damage output. This was a mechanical solution to that issue. It may not be necessary.

Re: 4th Circle - This is made up for by the addition of a second skill bonus from 1st circle (there's lots of precedence for this, such as Just Blade getting Flight at 4th circle instead of 3rd).

Legend Homebrew / Demon Redux
« on: July 08, 2015, 11:47:49 AM »
This was a tweak I made for the existing Demon Racial track to give it a bit more early oomph and eliminate the boring circle 2 while maintaining the same general feel. Overall there aren't a lot of changes, but I think it provides some more options for players.

Circle 1: Demonic Talents

Select one Interaction skill (Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Perception). You gain a +3 bonus on all checks with that skill. A demon also has one of the following natural weapons:

» Demonic Touch – Melee, range [Melee], [Brutal 2], [Magnum].

» Demonic Blast – Ranged, range [Close], [Brutal 2], [Magnum].

» Demonic Orb – Melee, range [Melee], [Arcane], [Brutal 2], [Magnum].

Circle 2: Thick-Skinned

You get an Item Bonus to your AC equal to your circles of Demon.

Circle 3: Unchanged

Circle 4: Greater Demon(Su) - You gain the following abilities:

Tough Hide: You gain [Lesser Resistance] to physical damage.

Demon Magic(SLA): Once per [Encounter], as a standard action, you may use <Slow>, <Dispel Magic>, or <Arcane Sight>, as the spells.

Circles 5-7: Unchanged

General Legend Discussion / Re: Typo Reports
« on: August 29, 2013, 12:36:04 PM »
On page 337, the upper left hand diagram has 6's in the squares that should be 5's for the diagonal lines.

General Legend Discussion / Re: Questions from a new player
« on: August 28, 2013, 04:07:47 PM »
By definition of KOM and KDM, they can never be the same ability score, as page 21 states under Key Ability Modifiers. That said, your KAM will revert, probably.
Yeah, I was mostly wondering if the situation is even possible (thereby generating a rules conflict)... but thinking on it again, I believe you would need to have multiple guild initiations to do it, unless there's a racial track that changes modifiers. So I'm just going to assume it's presently a non-issue (though that could change with future expansions).

Mundane armor is whatever the hell you want it to be from a flavour perspective, but it provides a different type of bonus from a magic shield (which itself could be any number of things, like a magic ring or whatever you like).
I overlooked the item/deflection bonus clarification. Makes sense now. Am I correct in assuming that the lack of mundane deflection bonuses is a design choice?

Good to see a new player signed up on the forum! I suggest you check out the chat, as it's where the developers hang out.
Will do. Thanks.

@Dragonwraith: Yeah, there's a huge difference between "Shields are useless for fighters ???, Casters are Gods" and "This class may get an extra attack one level too early."

And a few more questions:

1) In item creation, is there a reason that items with range [Medium] cannot be created? Or is [Distant 1] effectively an unclarified "cost" for changing the range on the weapon from [Close] to [Medium]? Note: There isn't actually any rule I can find that explains what [Distant 1] does.

2) When leveling up and getting "Greater Item" slots and the like, are these in addition to previous slots or do they replace previous slots i.e. is level 5 Greater/Lesser/Lesser or Greater/Lesser?

3) Is there a fundraiser/kickstarter project coming up that will let newer people contribute to the project?

4) Should I be aware of any mechanical imbalance between stats, such as 3.5's issue of CHA being the worst stat unless you allowed crazy diplomancer shenanigans?

General Legend Discussion / Questions from a new player
« on: August 28, 2013, 01:21:20 PM »
Background: I started playing D&D 3.5 a few months ago with a group of friends. Due to all of us being variety gamers (boardgames, MtG, cards, video games, etc.), we did the practical thing and perused various forums. And so, of course, we rapidly figured out that we're now playing rocket tag. Fortunately, someone also mentioned this system over on gitp, so I read it. And so far I love it and want to convince the group to try it. Before I do that, however, I wanted to get some questions answered:

1) Is there any reason that we couldn't use a hex system? Most of us prefer it to squares for several reasons.

2) Is there an errata list somewhere?

3) What happens in a strange circumstance where someone uses guild initiation to transfer out of a kom/kdm provided by another track selection (such as demoman), which results in them having the same stat for kom/kdm? I'm not even sure this is possible, but it struck me that it might be.

4) Is mundane armor treated as armor + shield? Are magic shields separate from magic armor?

5) Is there a recommended starting level that gives a good spread of early abilities but maintains the feeling of a medium/low-magic world? My understanding is that most of the group prefers to start at between 3 and 5 in D&D (though Legend HP changes make this less important).

6) Are skills like vitality usable every round?

7) Are there any notable transition points where certain types of classes will be significantly stronger than others? The recent discussion on blasters, tanks, glass cannons, and what-not seems to indicate that we should watch out for level 4 (maybe).

Thanks in advance :).

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