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General Legend Discussion / Contest: You Name The Track!
« on: June 23, 2013, 09:56:55 AM »
Good day Legend fans! We here at Rule of Cool have hit upon a bit of a design snag, and rather than mull it over in private and come up with a solution that might not click with people, we've decided to delegate the creative duties over to you!

To preface this: the Legend Monster Guide will have a Fey track. It's confirmed, it's official. You may go ahead and celebrate.

Now to business: the Legend Monster Guide will not have a Fey track.

Confused? Let me help you out: One of our internal design rules is that to the maximum extent feasible, two things should not share a name. Fey is already a creature type; we do not want the track "Fey" to seem mandatory for creatures with the type "Fey." Since tracks are the more in-depth item, we've decided that the track needs a rename; something evocative and flavor-rich.

This is where you come in. Submit your ideas for the track name for the "Fey" track here. To any questions about what sort of flavor the track itself has, I will only say "don't think Tinkerbell." The rest is up to you to make an essay of.

• Each forum member may post a maximum of three different ideas. You can put them in separate posts if you need time to think, or pack them all into one if you're inspired with great ideas. If you end up with a "better" idea after you've already posted three, you're allowed to change a maximum of two submissions by editing your post, striking out your original idea and listing your new one alongside it.

• Use bold text to indicate your submission. It makes it easier for the judges to skim through.

• Commenting on your own submissions is allowed, but keep it to no more than a couple of paragraphs. Limited commenting on other posters' submissions is allowed provided you're not making submissions in the same post, but comprehensive review posts are not allowed.

• Judging will take place in two stages. The first stage will be public; the second stage will be judged by RoC staff.

The winner will receive the chance to propose a new consumable item, to be included in the Legend Monster Guide!

Let's see some creativity!

General Legend Discussion / A Legend player's glossary
« on: June 22, 2013, 10:47:07 PM »
So, I know that in the IRC channel and among the devs, there's a growing vernacular of shorthands and idioms for Legend that we're increasingly throwing around. While the official glossary in the book is fine for describing the game in rote, mechanical terms, it's this sort of neologism that enriches the fandom and provides a lexicon for casually discussing play preferences, game tips and character builds.

Here are the terms submitted so far; I encourage everyone to chime in with their own.

AA: The Acrobatic Adept track.

Aang: See Omnimental.

BWS: The By Will Sustained feat.

C#: Circle notation, referring to the #th circle of a track without having to give its name (C3, C6 etc.)

Crane: The Discipline of the Crane track.

Critbuckler: A build with the Swashbuckler track focused on scoring as many critical hits as possible.

DotD: The Discipline of the Dragon track.

DotS: The Discipline of the Serpent track.

(Elemental) Blade: A build with the Elementalist and Just Blade tracks (eg. Fire Blade).

Falcon Punch: Combining the Vigilante track's Finishing Move with a [Death] effect.

IaNLH: The I Am Not Left Handed Iconic feat.

MNiW: The My Name Is War Iconic feat.

on the four: refers to taking an FBI track/the selected FBI track.

Pancakes: can't tell you about the Pancakes yet.  8)

Pegaknight: A build with the Knight track and the old Pegasus track.

Omnimental: A build with all four Elemental tracks.

[REDACTED]: "We're developers and we like to tease upcoming content. Trollface!"

Serpent: The Discipline of the Serpent track.

Smiteadin: A Paladin with Smiting as its Dedication or Oath.

Smitebuckler: A build combining the Smiting track and the Swashbuckler track.

Winning Smile: a natural weapon carrying passive beneficial properties, not intended for actual use in attacks.

General Discussion / Man of Steel
« on: June 22, 2013, 04:01:45 PM »
Who's seen it? Opinions?

Personally, I liked the
childhood issues with X-ray vision - the implications of having a child with super strength have been done often enough, but that sort of disorienting and alienating experience was cool to see and well thought-out.

I did not like the
movie.  :P They traded out one kind of cheese ("KNEEL before ZOD!") for a stinkier kind ("Unleash the WORLD MACHINE!!!" and "WHERE IS THE CODEX?") while bringing in dull, dumb super-fistfights of the kind Nolan ridiculed in TDK and largely wasting a supporting cast that could have done fun things. It was a cold, drab film.

General Legend Discussion / Questions about the rules, thread #2!
« on: June 18, 2013, 01:23:56 AM »
Hello Legend fans! This is the second thread for anyone who has any questions about the rules of Legend. If anyone wants clarification on tricky wording, confirmation on whether a sneaky feat/ability/item combo is legit, or anything else related to the interpretation of the rules, feel free to ask here! This thread is dedicated to Legend 1.0, which has just been released on the main Rule of Cool website.

Please number your questions as Q1, Q2, etc. For those who provide answers, kindly number your answers like A1, A2, etc. to the corresponding questions. Please use the bolded version as indicated; it makes navigation much easier. If you need to comment on a question or answer, C1, C2 etc. can be used.

Also, please limit your questions to actual questions: Bug reports, typos and the like should be posted elsewhere, and appropriate threads exist to receive and document same.

Announcements / Legend 1.0: June 17th, 2013
« on: June 05, 2013, 11:12:00 PM »
The hour is near, the number is prime: 617

That's right, on 6/17 (June 17th, 2013), Legend version 1.0 will finally be released. There may be typos. There may be pending errata. There may be hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth. But it's official.

Let the discussion commence!

Realms of Adventure / Elemental Empires (Open Game)
« on: February 08, 2013, 07:49:18 PM »
The world is new, the mists have parted, and the lords of the cosmos go forth to create realms shaped and populated according to their own design. Each lord is the embodiment of a single concept, a concept he or she or it hopes to promote, refine and exalt through acts of power that are in accord with the concept they represent.

The lords are subject to the Demiurge, the grand cosmic design, an inscrutable master zairja replete with fundamental essences and predetermined roles for all things in creation. Once a thing is created, it exists forevermore in the manner in which it was so shaped. The first lord to create a thing ensures that no other lord can replicate it. The creations of each lord must, however, attempt to adhere to the unknown but fixed designs of the Demiurge; a creation spawned of a foreign nature will be weak and struggle, while a creation infused with too much or too little power might squander precious space in the final cosmic order.

An energy from the Demiurge known as Iliaster is provided to the lords in every Aeon, in a quantity reflective of their triumphs and failures. Iliaster is the essential breath of existence, the divine fire, the water of life. Iliaster can be spent to create or to undertake other acts of power after the third Aeon.

There are nine Aeons in total, in which creatures with a power value from one to seven can be created. In the final Aeon, each lord will present the sum of their works alongside the seven creatures they feel most exemplify the concept they embody. The lord with the greatest accomplishments will cast a Wonder into eternity to stand for all time.

To join the game, declare yourself lord of a concept not yet embodied, take up three flows of Iliaster (•••) and begin creating. Each flow represents one level of power when used for creation.

Acts of Power
Lords who have completed their third Aeon gain access to these Acts of Power. Each Act costs Iliaster and has an indirect effect on the power of your accomplishments or those of another Lord. Acts of Power may not be used by or against a Lord who has not yet completed a third Aeon.

Barrier ••
You create a mighty rift or towering mountain, some form of divide between the territories of yourself and another Lord you name. Neither you nor that Lord may affect one another with Acts of Power ever again.

Corrupt ••
Lashing out with your aspect against another Lord's creature, you permanently reduce that creature's rank by one. If this would push a creature's rank to 0, that creature is wiped from the cosmos.

Destruction •••
You destroy one of another Lord's Works. This act may fail against Works made with four or more Iliaster. Creatures are not Works.

Great Work ••
You institute one of your Works as a Great Work. Great Works are protected from Destruction and increase in value.

Drawing upon the power of a Work, you pass traits from that Work on to a new creature. As part of the creation of a being, you can tap the powers of one of your Works not yet tapped in order to increase the rank of the newly created creature. The new creature must have a thematic link to the tapped Work in some way, or Legacy will not succeed. Works can never be untapped once tapped.

You forge a link between two of your Works, both of which must be untapped. If they have sufficient fundamental relation as determined by the Demiurge, then the link will add some of the value of the more powerful Work to that of the lesser Work, the latter of which becomes tapped. A tapped Work can never become untapped.

Progress 0
Your creations develop and thrive by your design, resulting in dividends for your power. Tap one of your untapped Works and gain an additional flow of Iliaster. You may do this once per Aeon. Tapped Works may never be untapped again.

You dissolve one of your own creations, recovering the flows of Iliaster used in its making. The creative space it occupied is still filled unless Unraveled.

Temple ••
You establish a Temple to yourself, attended to by one of your creatures. While this Temple stands and is a place of worship, it provides you with one additional Iliaster each Aeon. If the creature assigned to the Temple is wiped from the cosmos, the Temple will stand vacant until the end of time. You must have a creature in order to erect a Temple.

Unravel ••
Choose a destroyed creature or destroyed Work; it does not have to be yours. You expunge the vestige of that creation from the cosmos, freeing any Lord to create that thing again.

War •••
Choose one of your creatures and one of another Lord's creatures. The two races battle to the death. Weaker creatures have a chance to destroy stronger creatures, although the strongest will never be defeated by the weakest. The losing creature is wiped from the cosmos; the winning creature is weakened for an Aeon and may be at risk of War in return.

World Without End •••••••
You extend great power to keep the world turning. There will be an additional Aeon.

General Legend Discussion / Updated Beta Release!
« on: January 26, 2013, 06:19:00 PM »
Ladies and gentlemen, we know you've been waiting patiently for Legend 1.0 to come out, and we've been diligently hammering away at the needed changes. While there's still material to cover, a great many things have been covered, to the point that we've updated the copy of the beta version available on the main site to include revisions slated for 1.0 itself.

You can find the new revision on the Get the Game page. We look forward to feedback on this stepping stone towards 1.0! An announcement will be posted shortly.


Your Evil Forum Administrator and the Rule of Cool Development Team

Dungeons & Dragons / MOVED: Heroes Reborn: Character Profiles
« on: January 21, 2013, 09:43:02 AM »

Announcements / BG/MinMax Boards Downtime
« on: January 01, 2013, 08:07:33 PM »
To all members of the Rule of Cool, Brilliant Gameologists and MinMax forums:

Brilliant Gameologists and MinMax are currently down due to server issues, and it could be a few days before we know the details. In the meantime, we here at Rule of Cool have volunteered this space so that everyone can stay in contact, and migrate threads if necessary.

This thread will be the primary source for any questions or updates on the situation.

We'd like to welcome our fellow gaming enthusiasts and hope our facilities suit your needs until such time as your own sites are once again up and running.

Legend Homebrew / Editor's Highlight Nominations - Recognition at Last!
« on: December 04, 2012, 05:12:00 PM »
Hello the Homebrew Board!

In recognition of how popular this section is and its contributions to the Legend community, we've created the Editor's Highlight award. This new forum flair recognizes those who have made a substantial effort to support and encourage homebrewers by giving them feedback on their work.

To prevent token gestures toward acquiring this award, we're keeping the requisite threshold a secret, but know this: your nominations will be taken into consideration when selecting recipients.

To nominate a commentator, submit in this thread their username and a link to multiple posts they've made in Homebrew which you feel reflect constructive and useful critique. You are not permitted to nominate yourself. A thorough nomination will be more helpful to us than a sparse one, but an ocean of links is not required to get the point across - just well-chosen samples of the contributions a commentator has made.

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