Author Topic: Friendly Forum Guidelines  (Read 2428 times)


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Friendly Forum Guidelines
« on: March 02, 2012, 12:52:34 AM »
The following are not hard-and-fast rules, but rather guidelines to be aware of when posting on the Rule of Cool Forums.

• Religion and politics are contentious topics, to say the least. While we do not ban discussion of these topics, we wish to stress that discussions of this nature are known for escalation and moderation will be extremely vigilant when such topics are active.

• While we recognize the difference between a bump and a minor (but legitimate) comment, the latter in general does add little to a given conversation and should be avoided when possible.

• Double posting is also generally not necessary - it has its place and function, no doubt, but used inappropriately it's considered rude.

• "Thread necromancy," or reviving an old and inactive thread, can become an irritant if done too often.

• Posting copyrighted content or links to same can bring unwanted attention to the board, and should be avoided.

• Lastly, please post threads in the correct subforum.

Happy forumgoing!